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When He Smiles

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George was about to confess his love to Recep.

He looked at Recep's eyes and smiled, "Recep, I always wanted to talk to you about my feelings for you.."

His smile widened. Recep looked at George and saw the reflection in his eyes. "Recep I.."


"I love you.."

Recep was in shock. He was about to say something but George stopped him. "Recep no, please dont talk. I know, I know we are from different worlds but please, give me a chance. A chance to love you."

And it happened.

Recep farted.

"Ya ne diyon amina koydugumun salagi lav mav bisiler diyo elimi tutmus bi de gotune soharim elini cek la gerizekali"

George started crying and he runned away from there. "BOHOHOHOYT" was Recep's last words..