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Fandom smut requests

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Hello, all you horny fucks!!
This is how you make a request

-Who is in your relationship MxM MxG GxG MxMxM or whatever- example: LiamxTheo (teen wolf)

-The show or movie the characters are in- example: Sherlock, Avengers, etc.

-Ages- example: Alec is 22 and Magnus is 300 or whatever (shadow hunters)

-Who's POV you want it to be in or if you want a POV switch

-Who is top and who is bottom in MxM or GxG scenarios

-Kinks- example: bondage, chocking, etc.

-Setting- example: in public park, at home, etc.

-Will not do anime's only because I don't really watch any. I KNOW SHAME ON ME!!! And no real life people. Characters only!

If you want to be shouted out in the chapter please write so in the request

Remember this is a safe space. No matter what your kink or couple paring is, I will not judge and no one else will either

If you do...BITCH, THE DOOR!! 👉🚪

All smut, so if you don't want that.. ummm.. why you here??

Anything else you want that I haven't mentioned please put it in your request

See you soon my bitchesssss!!! 😈