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When Life Took a Different Turn for One Mr. Dean Winchester

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Time seemed to both slow down and speed up around him. One second he was fighting the freaky vampire in a mask, the next he felt as if he was being pushed backwards in slow-motion. Then reality decided to crash into him the same time the thing in his back did.


Shit. Is this how he was destined to die? Impaled by a fucking nail in a barn fighting vampires? After everything they had done, wasn’t he allowed some happiness?

And okay, maybe it wasn’t the happiest happy moments he had ever had, but at least he had happy moments. Ever since Cas die- ever since Cas disappeared, nothing had seemed the same. He tried to be happy -dammit he tried so hard to continue with the life Cas would have wanted for him- but nothing seemed to work. He was still just going through the motions of a happy life with his brother and his dog, no clear goal in sight.


And Sam had clearly no idea that he was impaled on a wall while continuing to fight the giant of a vampire who had done it, and it seemed to be going as well for his brother as it did him, losing slowly but surely to the brute strength of something so big.

The cry for help from his brother rang inside the barn: “Dean, some help would be nice!”

But he could do nothing unless he wanted to die faster. Every little movement sent chocks of pain throughout his body, all the way to his toes (which he could barely feel when he thought about it). Even breathing hurt. If he would somehow make it out of here alive, he knew he would probably never be the same again. The thing in his back was too big, too rusty, too deep in him, too close to his spine.

Dean felt his eyes watering as he realized there was a real chance of his brother being killed by the vampire while he was helpless to do anything about it.


“I can’t.” Came his response with a wheezing breath.

He wondered if Sam had even heard him as his brother ducked under the vampire’s arm as it swung towards him.

“What do you mean you can’t!?”

“I can’t I- I’m stuck Sammy, son of a bitch impaled me to the wall.” Dammit, there was the wheezing again. He could feel how his lungs strained when he talked, wanting to keep all the air it could right now.

His brother probably heard the slight panic in his voice, since he was quick to land a heard enough punch to stun the vampire for a few seconds, long enough to come close enough to check the damage himself.

“Dean,” his brother breathed -and he knew, he knew how he probably looked, he could feel the sweat and the cold on him- “Oh god, we have to get you out of here, t-to a hospital.”

But Dean grunted in response, because he knew he wasn’t the most important thing in the room right now. There was the very much alive vampire, his brother fighting said vampire, and the children that had been kidnapped by said vampire.

“Just finish the job and we can talk about me later.”

He could see the hesitation clear on his brother’s face, how badly he wanted to get him to a hospital right this second, but they both knew the vampire had to be killed before the job could be finished.


But Sam didn’t even get a chance to respond before the vampire was on him hitting him on the side of his head.




That’s when all head broke loose.


Sam crashed to the ground, only barely catching himself against the floor while the vampire lifted its big hand to finish the job. But before the monster could do anything, the doors broke open in a huge crash.

But Dean couldn’t look away from his poor brother, the one struggling to get up from the floor, and even worse was the black spots that had started to creep in on the edges of his vision. Dammit, he couldn’t die now. Not when he wouldn’t know if Sam survived.


Time seemed to slip from him, because he saw Sam’s mouth move even though he couldn’t hear anything. And the next thing he saw was a flash of light before the vampire fell dead to the floor.

His brother seemed to be talking to someone, but fuck, he couldn’t hear who. The next time his vision returned he knew for sure he had died. Because he wouldn’t be seeing Cas if he was alive. Because Cas was -fuck- Cas was dead.

 But he couldn’t look away, or else it could disappear. And he didn’t want that, not after thinking he would never be able to see Cas again.

 His hearing seemed to return, but he was only able to hear pieces of the conversation.


“Sam- happen to hi- / Cas- Oh Go- been there for a whi- don’t even kno- still breathing/ -need to pull- ‘fore I- heal him.”


He could barely hear, but he heard enough, enough to answer at least.

“Jus’ do i’ fas’.”

He didn’t even care if his speech was slurred if they could just make the pain and the fog go away.

He didn’t know how long he waited, but soon enough four hands were on him -two on his shoulders and two on his waist- and they started pulling. The pain flashed bright and hot through his whole body, and for a moment he believed he was still in Hell, because nowhere else had he experienced so much pain all at once.

And then there was this noise, and it took him all too long to piece together it was his own screaming that made it and not some poor animal dying somewhere.

Once he was finally free from the nail, his body immediately started to crumble to the ground. And as he started falling, a thought saying “I can’t feel my legs” went through his mind before being blown away by the pain.

And he could feel it, all of it. And he started to believe even more that he was still in Hell. But the painful pulsing emitting from his back only lasted a few -what to him felt like- very long moments before a hand was placed against his face and he started to burn for a different reason.

He felt himself burn back together again; the only pain left was the echo from what he had felt only moments before.

The air was pulled in his lungs with a sharp gasp, and after a few -albeit more controlled- breaths, his eyes finally stopped being so blurry and he could see the face above him.

And when he still saw Cas, he could barely believe it.

A deep groan escaped his throat, “Am I dead?”

The relived laugh from his brother was something he never wished to hear again, no one should have a reason to sound so relieved about something -quite possibly- horrible as the near death of a brother.

“Afraid you’re not there yet.”

He groaned again and tried to move, but the hands placed on his shoulder and on his waist was enough to keep in- in the lap of the person above him.

“I would advise you to be still for a little longer, you suffered a great deal in a short amount of time.”

Dean could barely believe his own ears.

His hand slowly reached for the familiar face. “Cas, that really you?”

When his hand met the intended target the smile that formed on the lips were enough for his own to twitch in response.

“Hello Dean.” That was all he needed for it to be confirmed.