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Open your eyes

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In the morning, Buffy, Xander, Dean and Sam were in the garden of Summers' residence, combing the garden for hidden cameras.

"I can't believe you got outwitted by three geeks." Dean said.

"Hey, I'm a geek too." Sam said.

"And me and Willow too." Xander said.

"Well, two of those geeks are luckily in jail now. Warren can't do much alone." Buffy said.

"I'm not sure about that, Buffy, that dickhead might be human but revenge is a powerful motivator. You beat him and humiliated him. That anger is gonna bottle up inside him and boil until he explodes and then crap happens." Dean noted before he and Sam noticed the tense atmosphere between Buffy and Xander.

"Is everything alright, guys?" Sam asked.

"Don't worry about it." Xander assured.

"Look, guys, if there's anything we can help with—" Dean started, when they turned to notice a young man in black leather jacket approach, holding in his hand a gun.

"Guys!" Xander said as he and Buffy looked startled.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Dean asked.

"You think you can just do that to me? You think I'd let you get away with that?" Warren scoffed and laughed crazily. "Think again." He pulled out his gun and the Winchester brothers instantly sprang into action.

"Get down!" Sam yelled as he tackled Xander to the ground and Buffy and Dean dodged, while Warren fired before Dean pulled out his gun and fired one shot into Warren's shoulder and two into his legs as he fell down.

"That's him?" Dean asked and Buffy nodded. "Everyone OK?"

Sam helped Xander on his feet as they checked themselves for wounds.

"He just made a hole in my favorite jacket." Sam said.

"We're good." Buffy said before Dean approached Warren and kicked his gun away.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Warren sneered while crawling back before Dean stepped on the wound on Warren's leg as Warren screamed in pain.

Dean and Sam eyed Warren, noticing that they had seen the crazy look in his eyes before. Full of anger, revenge and hunger for power, not letting anyone or anything stop him.

"The guy who's gonna make sure you can't hurt anyone, ever again, asshat." Dean growled and Warren immediately paled, realizing he was done as he noticed Dean aiming the gun at him.

"Wait!" Buffy cried out, immediately realizing what was Dean about to do but next thing she knew, Dean fired two shots into Warren's chest as Warren jolted and slumped to the ground before he tilted his head, blood blooming on his shirt, while Buffy stared at Dean in shock. "You killed him." She whispered lowly in disbelief.

"Surely as he would have killed you." Dean said coldly.

"What's going on?" Willow demanded as she and Tara approached and Dean and Sam winced upon seeing Tara, but it wasn't like if they had not dealt with doppelganger stuff before, like with their vampire friend Lenore.

"We heard gunshots." Tara said before they stared in shock at Warren's bleeding corpse.

"You didn't have to kill him." Buffy said angrily.

"Don't tell me you're really bothered by his death after all the things he did over the past year." Dean snapped as he whirled on her.

"He could've gone to prison, just like Jonathan and Andrew, to pay for their crimes." Buffy said.

"If he was just an ordinary scumbag, fine. But he wasn't an ordinary scumbag, was he?" Dean pointed out and Buffy was silent.

"Buffy. You told us yourself. He built a sex bot that went haywire and wreaked havoc in Sunnydale. He tried to mess with your life and frame you for murder. And who how many innocent people has he, Jonathan and Andrew hurt as well?" Sam pointed out.

"Buffy. I get that you're uncomfortable with killing humans, but some of them, they're just as bad as Angelus, Mayor Wilkins, Glory, Crowley and even Lucifer himself. Not a long time ago, we had to deal with the Styne family." Dean said.

"The evil magic practictioners?" Tara asked and Dean and Sam nodded.

"The real Frankensteins. They had been wreaking havoc for over two centuries, spreading diseases, destabilizing markets, helping Nazis rise to power, only to profit from the chaos they wreak. They even harvested organs of innocent people and transplanted them to themselves to be faster, stronger and younger and they killed a good friend of ours, someone, who was like a little sister to us. What would you have done with them? Since they deserved to be put into the ground, for good." He suppressed the memory from giving into the Mark of Cain when he had massacred them and Buffy's eyes widened, her mind barely processing that an ordinary human would be capable of such monstrosities and wondering whether the law would have been able to deal with them. "You put them into prison, they wouldn't stay there for long. There was only one way to stop them and I'm not losing much sleep over their deaths. Would you have, if you had killed them?"

Buffy's mouth was open but she let out incoherent sounds, not sure how to answer them.

"Look, Buffy, we understand why you want to believe that the system will deal with human bad guys, but the system isn't perfect. It can be corrupted, and not by demons or witches, but by people, normal people, who are at their cores just as bad as every other supernatural SOB we have faced. And, look, me or Dean don't like it any more than you do, but there's only one way you can stop people like them." Sam pointed out.

"You saw the look in his eyes, didn't you?" Dean continued. "Sammy and I have seen that look before. Warren was crazy, he wasn't gonna care who else was gonna get hurt to kill you. What if he had shot Willow or Tara too?" He stepped up to Buffy, inches away from her. "And besides, you're hardly the one to talk about not killing humans." Buffy was about to open her mouth to protest, when Dean continued. "Faith. Knights of Byzantium. You were willing to kill Faith to save your boyfriend, have Angel drink her blood and don't tell me that those clowns could have survived getting thrown off a trailer. Things aren't as black-and-white as you might believe and if you can't accept that, then you're hardly the Slayer you should be and you certainly don't practice what you preach." He took a breath as he calmed down. He didn't want to rant on his friend like that but he needed to give her a reality check. "Look, Buffy, it's your job to protect others from vampires, demons and other monsters, but you need to see that humans aren't very different from them and they need to be dealt the same hand. I love you like a sister, Buffy, so as your family, I'm telling you, grow up and open your eyes."

They heard sirens nearing as someone had called 9-1-1 upon hearing the gunshots and Buffy stared with a contemplative look on her face, while Xander, Willow, Dawn, Dean and Sam were about to give their statements to the police officers, who were approaching.