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When the roof caved in and the truth came out

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“Dean... I love you.” Cas sobbed, gasping for air. His pug nose made it difficult to breathe, but he was desperate to choke out there last words.

“Cas, I...”, Dean stared at him, tears in his eyes, “I had no idea you were a [slur redacted]. Ew.”

Cas cried harder. He can’t believe he just wasted his last words on a homophobe.

He shoved him hard, but gravity worked against him and laws of physics were broken and somehow dean went flying in the opposite direction. Whatever, Cas thought, As long as he eats dirt.

Finally, as a tear slid from his ocean blue orbs, the sensual tendrils of The Empty grasped him from every angle, pulling and pushing. It almost felt.. nice.

With one last look at Dean, he could see the man’s grassy emerald Kermit-coloured eyes reflect his own disgust, and he was yanked away, plunging into darkness for eternity.