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Engraved On His Skin

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He is sinful as he raises the whip, he strikes his slave, and his heart leaps with delight as Jared cry’s out in agony. He strikes again, and once more, tears dampening Jared's eyes when the flesh on his back slips open and he bleeds.

“Please!” Jared pleads. The skin around his hazel eyes are blotchy and red, and tears dampening his cheeks. “Please stop! God, please!” He thrashes on the bed, but the chains keep him in place. Another strike marks his spine, and he grits his teeth, whimpering “please, God, please, stop.”

Jensen doesn’t; he carries on. Jared wails brokenly and Jensen is unaffected. The whipping goes on and on until Jensen feels his cock throb hot and hard.

The slave screams and begs for mercy. Jared's throat dries as he pleading; rasping weak sobs as angry strikes rip open the skin of his back. He whimpers and whines, begging his Master to stop.

Master is cruel, perverted; sick with power, pleased to hear a gasp of pure pain flow from the lips of his broken slave.

Just when Jared thinks the worst is done, he is forcefully taken against his will.

He weeps, sobbing into the dirty bed sheets as the beast was pounding into him with a breakneck pace, ramming the probing thick cock deep inside his sore, slick hole. Jared whimpered, tears falling down his face as agonizing pain rushed through his body.

He prayed for a miracle to come swiftly but the angels did not hear him. Sold into slavery, and abused by the wicked Alpha, Jared continued to howl in pain as he was tormented. He was so aroused, his body reacting to the pleasure even as he didn’t want it, making him cry out in sorrow and heartache.

He hoped that if he vlosed his eyes it would be over soon.

Jared cries and presses his face into the sheets and sobs. His hole is dripping wet and he is hard, but it is all from the heat and not of pleasure. He does not want this.

Jensen roughly slides into him, and it takes several punishing thrusts before wails as his inner walls are ripped by the penetration.

Jensen grinds his hips and sets up a steady pace, twists his hips and drives deep inside his mate, snarling and forcing him in deeper, shoving his dick in all the way to sheathed his throbbing flesh in Jared’s heat.

The head of the Alpha's cock caught on Jared’s rim for a second before it shoved inside with a brutal thrust. A burn pulsed through his ass and he let out a broken cry, his feet kicking uselessly in an attempt to pull away from the beast assaulting him, but the Alpha was stronger than him, pinning him down, his cock ramming ruthlessly into his hole. His attempts at freedom were all in vain.

He thrusts harshly, penetrating him with one long, deep thrust, gradually getting faster as the pleasure builds. Despite being split in two by Jensen, Jared's body welcomes the pleasure, his hole clinging to Jensen's dick and contracting, frantically trying to accept the alpha's knot. He did not wasnt the pleasure, but his body did. His hips rut on their own, pushing back to take Jensen deeper inside him as hiccupping moans slips past his lips and his soft cock gives a tiny twitch.

Jared’s body craves the pleasure, even as he is sickened by it; his hips rise up higher in the air as Jensen mounts him, eager for a knot as he cries.

Jared was being fucked brutally, the Alpha shoving deep inside him, hitting his prostate with such force that the intensity was too much; it hurt greatly. Jared vaguely wondered if he had become torn inside sometime during his torment—he couldn’t feel blood seeping into his hole, only his natural slick, but the skin felt overstretched, raw and battered.

The beast kept going and pushed into him with a deep vicious thrust, the large flesh catching at the rim and pulling painfully on Jared’s flesh, before it rammed back in with a harsh thrust.

Jared’s own cock was hanging hard and red beneath his belly, begging for attention. He did not want the pleasure, but as an omega, his body craved the arousal of a Stud. His stomach twists, the wet tears fall down his face.

His whimpers diminish into gasping sobs as Jensen’s thrusts grow rougher. Jared wails with pain and his eyes glow golden bright as Jensen's long cock hits deep inside him several times, hitting that sweet spot that makes his cock throb, even if he dispute the pleasure. The Stud grinds in and out in long, deep motions, his frantic movements stretching his hole as his knot nudges his hole, and Jared’s dick twitches as he feels the knot blossoming bigger while pushing on the slick flesh.

His skin was too hot. His chest was tight; his hole was throbbing. Jared whimpered with sorrow, crying out for help, but his misery was prolonged with the beast knotting him, keeping them bound.

Once again, he prays for salvation, and tragically, the angels did not hear his calls for mercy. After the Alpha was able to slip out of him, Jared had a fleeting moment of hope that he would be set free.

But when the excruciating smoldering fire was set to his skin, a branding claim upon his bruised skin, Jared knew there was no absolution from the wicked Beast.

He would never see his home again, never free to live his life in bliss. Heartbreak was the only friend he would now, or ever, know.

♥ END ♥