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Villanelles toothbrush flushes over her teeth, the bristles scraping together. Her mouth is foamy, as she pulls it away, spitting out the contents. The day had been exhausting for them both having to work a difficult MI6 case. This is common nowadays, but it’s okay, because Villanelle gets to go to sleep each night with someone next to her, better yet her Eve. She’ll cook her dinner and they’ll watch movies, like she’s always wanted.

A slow evening is usual, no threat of danger. That is until she turns around.

Eves heart begins pummelling the second she hears the scream, her head is buzzing with fear of the unknown. Immediately she vaults into the bathroom, dreading the threat of the twelve. A foreboding shiver captivating her body, her stomach folding into itself.

She stops suddenly, not quite prepared for the scene that’s unfolded in front of her. Villanelle looks horrified to say the least, eyes wide in terror.

‘What is it, what’s wrong?’ Eve asks, confused.

‘Nothing.’ Villanelle gulps, eyes dashing from the corner of the small room to Eve and back again.

‘What do you mean nothing? You screamed?’

‘No I didn’t.’

‘Well did you murder someone with the same scream as you?’ Eve sighs, folding her arms with the scent of annoyance. Seriously, she scared the shit out of Eve, and she remains bemused. Her befuddled gaze piercing the room. The reason for Villanelles scream continues to leave an unclear residue.

‘No, I just..’ Villanelle sighs, trembling on her feet, her eyes still lazing to the other corner of the wall discretely.

Eve has the door open wider before the blonde could resist. She peers through the opening, looking straight at what Villanelles been gawking at. An abrupt realisation hits her, suddenly it makes sense.

‘Oh my god’ Eve laughs, ‘your scared of spiders?’

Seated against the corner of the wall, stands an eight legged creature. It’s perched on the corner, unmoving, unthreatening. Funnily enough, when Eve thought of people who could be scared of spiders the last person she would have thought was the assassin. Yet this scene is positioned before her, a scared girlfriend and a spider. A relatively small one at that. The intruder is entirely motionless, biding in its unchartered territory. It’s beading eyes stay leering at Villanelle, as they attempt to stare each other out.

‘Of course I’m not Eve don’t be ridiculous!’

‘Oh so you wouldn’t mind if I just.’ Eve picks up the creature by its leg. Facing it towards the blonde. She shrieks, flailing her arms around as she backs off into the corner.

Eve laughs, dropping the insect into the sink and flushing it down. Eve is evidently not afraid of spiders, never has been. She thinks it’s pretty strange how people can be scared of something so small and unharmful.

‘How can you be scared of spiders? You kill people for a living.’

‘I’m not!’ The blonde lies. The accusations burn inside her, threatening. After all, she has a reputation to uphold. The blonde catches a slight snicker from Eve, and anger sneers inside of her. She had a need to convince her. It’s a blow to her dignity, a stinging vulnerability. Now that’s something Villanelle won’t have. So she does the only thing that feels natural to her when she’s overwhelmed.


‘I’m not..’

‘YOU ARE!’ Eve is simply looking at her calmly. Villanelle hates when she does that, as if her screaming is ridiculous, as if she’s screaming at a brick wall. It only makes her more angry, more frustrated.

‘WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE FUN OF ME? I HATE YOU!’ She screams, slamming the door, heading into their bedroom. Eve takes the hit, understanding that it’s only because she can’t regulate her emotions. The blonde gets like this a lot, whenever she feels like she’s shared too much, or Eve gets even a glimpse of the girl underneath, Oxsana.

She gives her a few minutes, before following to where Villanelle is currently lying on their bed. Her head is covered by her hands, facing away from her. Eve takes it as a sign to sit next to her on the bed when she doesn’t protest.

‘I just don’t like them’ Villanelle speaks, her voice soft yet hoarse.

‘Okay.’ Eve Replies, lying down next to her. ‘It’s ok to be scared of things.’

‘I’m not scared of anything.’

‘Right, of course.’

Villanelle shuffles round, thumping her body into Eves, demanding contact. Eve complies, wrapping her arms around Villanelles back. They lay like that for a while, taking comfort in each other, before Villanelle speaks up.

‘There were a lot of spiders where i lived as a child. They always used to sneak into the mattress.. my dad used to get rid of them for us.’


‘But I’m not scared of them.’ She repeats defensively. Straining to keep up her representation as a badass.

Eve nods. ‘Well it’s gone now, so if anyone who is scared of spiders came in, there would be nothing to worry about.’

Villanelles teeth snake around her bottom lip, biting down. ‘So that person would be safe.’


Villanelle nods, exhaling a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding.

‘I’m sorry for what I said earlier, I don’t hate you. I shouldn’t be shouting at you like that.’

‘I know. We just gotta work on it okay?’

‘Yeah.’ Villanelle snuggles closer, Eve resting her head against her girlfriends. A comfortable silence surrounds them, both blissfully unaware of the many eggs that now populate the wall, left behind by the spider.