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5 times onagawa flirted with masamune and one time masamune flirted back

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Masamune grunted, tightening his grip on the wrench. It kept slipping out of his hand, probably a sign to take a break and wipe off his sweat, but Masamune had never been great at picking up on signs.

"Having trouble there, boss?" Onagawa whistled at the sight, there were tools strewn about all over the kitchen floor, greasy handprints decorated the lower cabinets, and Masamune himself looked about five seconds away from overheating. Masamune grunted again.

"No," he said, tacking a "shut up, Onagawa," on for good measure. Onagawa laughed, hopping up onto the counter. One of his legs bumped against Masamune's head, making him grip the wrench tighter.

He wasn't good at picking up on signs, but he was pretty sure that Onagawa's been flirting with him. The past couple weeks have been the most confusing in his life, filled with playful touches and teasing banter. Apparently Masamune had done something to gain Onagawa's undivided attention, because he could barely go five minutes without his teammate popping up nearby. It would've been endearing if it wasn't so frustrating. Onagawa had never been once to mince his words. Masamune was used to his friend being an open book, not whatever this new, coy game was.

Onagawa was kicking his legs, hitting his heels on the cabinets below him. Masamune closed his eyes, calling upon his captain's patience.

"Is there something you wanted? I'm kinda busy here," he asked, finally backing out of the cabinet to give Onagawa the attention he craved. He was like a cat, in that way. Never outright demanding attention but making it very clear when he wanted it.

Onagawa hummed.

"Not really, just wanted to check on you," he bonked the side of his foot against Masamune's face, laughing when he grabbed his ankle.

"I could pull you down so easily," Masamune said, squeezing Onagawa's ankle for emphasis. His friend laughed again.

"Oh, you wouldn't dare," he said, leaning closer to Masamune, forcing him to tip back onto his heels, "you would feel so bad," Onagawa mused, faking a pout, "you'd be all, 'oh Occhan, I'm so sorry, Occhan are you okay, Occhan take all of my money-'"

"Alright, alright," Masamune cut him off, smiling despite himself, "'Occhan'? What's that all about?" Onagawa smiled, a sharp, toothy thing that made Masamune feel like he'd been outsmarted somehow.

"Just a nickname, it's funny how you still call me Onagawa, even after all these years" that was another thing Onagawa had taken to doing recently, reminiscing about what he called 'the good old days'. Whatever that meant.

"So, what? You want me to call you 'Occhan'?" Masamune asked, disbelief evident in his voice.

"No," Onagawa replied, grinning cheekily, "I want you to call me Nagayoshi," his voice had dropped into more of a purr, and Masamune could only stare at him.

"You- what?"

"I mean, we are childhood friends, it makes sense to be on a first name basis," Onagawa picked at his nails, giving Masamune the time he needed to recollect himself.

"But we've never..." He trailed off, unable to find a good excuse.

"You call Keisuke 'Kei-chan' sometimes, don’t think I haven't noticed," he teased, but something flickered behind his eyes. Masamune didn't want to think about it.

“I, I guess…if that’s what you want?” this was weird, right? Onagawa had never seemed to care about this sort of thing before, so why…

Onagaw-no, Nagayoshi smiled, clapping his hands.

“Good! I’ll leave you be then,” he drawled, pushing off the counter. There was something, some kind of hesitance in his voice, but Masamune let it slide. He nodded, raising a hand goodbye when Nagayoshi brushed past him.

He sighed. Looks like this wasn’t ending anytime soon.



Movie nights were a regular occurrence in the Ao high dorms. Every other week the boys would gather in the living room, dragging out their assortment of blankets, pillows, and sheets, tossing them together in one big nest.

It was a nice tradition, one that Masamune cherished as both a bonding exercise and a relaxing night in. He always looked forward to movie nights, which was why he was particularly annoyed when Onagawa suggested they ditch.

"C'mon Captain!! Live a little!!" Onagawa, no, Nagayoshi, was bouncing on the balls of his feet. He was grinning in that mischievous way of his, socked feet thumping against the freshly waxed floors.

"I said no, Nagayoshi," Masamune said, pinching the skin between his eyes, "as a captain-"

"You have a duty to your team, I know, but still!! It'll be fun~" Nagayoshi drawled, sidling up beside Masamune only to poke his hip, "besides, it's Keisuke's turn to pick, which means you'd have to sit through whatever artsy, Sundance-award-winning film he chose," he cocked an eyebrow, leaning closer until their faces were inches apart. "Is that really what you want, Captain?"

Masamune stared at him, eyes wide open and searching. He loved Keisuke, but he preferred films he didn't have to think about to enjoy…maybe Nagayoshi had a point...

"Theoretically," Masamune started, "if I said yes, where would we even go? It's late, everything's closed,"

Nagayoshi's smile grew almost maniacal in disposition, "Oh, don't you worry about that, Captain," he winked, "I'll take good care of you,"

A vague answer, one that paired well with the brain fog Masamune was currently experiencing. So, this was another one of Nagayoshi's propositions, interesting. It had been a few weeks, Masamune was beginning to wonder if Nagayoshi had given up, moved on to easier fish.

Masamune pretended to mull it over. The truth was, he knew his answer the second Nagayoshi appeared in his doorway, promising 'adventure' and 'fun'. He always had a soft spot for Nagayoshi, honestly, there was no version of this conversation that ended with anything other than a resounding 'yes'.

Maybe Nagayoshi knew that, because his smile was growing more and more excited with each passing second.

"Captain~" he stage-whispered, trailing his hands over Masamune's sleeves to tug lightly at the cuffs.

Masamune sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. Nagayoshi had too much power over him. This was going to be a problem.

"Fine, we can ditch," he said, quickly cutting off Nagayoshi's cheer with firm words, "but, we have to be back by curfew,"


"No exceptions. We're third years, we have to set a good example."

Nagayoshi sighed, but nodded his head anyway. Masamune wanted to linger a moment longer, to feel the subtle warmth of Nagayoshi's fingertips bumping against his wrist. Instead, Nagayoshi pulled away, turning back towards his room.

"I'll see you in ten! Oh, wear shoes you don't care about, we might get muddy!" Nagayoshi ducked into his room before Masamune could protest. He truly knew him too well.

Muddy? Dear god, what had Masamune agreed to? He crossed the hall to his room, fingers stilling on the handle when he heard Nagayoshi's turning behind him. Soft padding trailed towards him until suddenly Masamune was engulfed by warmth. Thin arms wrapped around his waist, hands resting on his chest. Nagayoshi pressed his face between Masamune's shoulder blades, inhaling deeply before speaking.

"Thank you," he said, uncharacteristically genuine.

"Um, yes, yeah, of course, it''s nothing," Masamune stuttered, trying in vain to get his brain to cooperate with his mouth. He felt something soft press into his back (Nagayoshi's lips, maybe?) before the warmth retreated. Nagayoshi slipped back into his room as quietly as he'd left it, leaving Masamune frozen and flustered behind him.

Entirely too much power, he thought.



"Pick a card!"

"Onagawa..." Masamune wrinkled his nose. For some reason, Nagayoshi had taken an interest in stage magic recently, dragging the rest of the team along with him, as usual. Although now that he thought about it, Nagayoshi seemed to prefer a particular captain when seeking an assistant. Interesting.

"C'mon!" Onagawa prodded, shifting excitedly in his seat, "you promisedddd,"

Masamune sighed, pointing at one of the tan-tan girls themed playing cards on the table. Onagawa's smile brightened.

"Okay! Now look at it, but don't tell me what it is!! I'm gonna close my eyes, let me know when you're done,"

Masamune sighed, but did as he was told. Twelve of spades, easy enough to remember.

"Done," Masamune grunted, resting his chin on his palm. Onagawa shifted again, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. He was thinking about getting them pierced. Masamune was looking forward to it.

"Good, good, okay, now I'm gonna guess your card!" Onagawa squinted, pressing his fingers to his temples. "Ahah!" He said, eyes flying open, "the ace of hearts, right?"

"Not even close," Masamune smiled despite himself. Cute.

"Aaah!" Onagawa whined, "are you sure? Check again,"

"Nope, sorry, 'gawa, I got the twelve of spades,"

Onagawa's frown deepened, pulling at his dimples. Masamune sighed, brushing Onagawa's bangs from his face.

"Try again?" He asked, picking up a different card. Onagawa's face lit up, his body realigning itself once again.

He started shuffling the deck, only to stop, a sly smile creeping onto his face.

"Hey captain," he drawled, leaning over the table, "guess the only ace in your heart is me then, huh?"

Masamune flushed, biting back what was sure to become a stuttered mess.

Onagawa laughed, leaning back in his seat, chair creaking in protest.

"Ah! Just teasing," he said, laying more cards down, "now, where were we-"




A weight settled on Masamune's shoulder, blonde hair tickling his neck.

"Yes, Nagayoshi?" He asked, looking up from his phone. His teammate was scrunched up beside him, one arm wrapped around his legs, the other curling through Masamune's own.

"The girls released a new ep, wanna listen to it with me?" Onagawa batted his eyelashes.

"Sure, you can use my speaker-"

"Or," Onagawa cut in, "we could share?" He held up his ear buds, scratched and worn from use. Masamune blinked.

Sharing ear buds? He hadn't done that in years, not since he was forced to let his little brothers listen to music with him. Masamune didn't remember the experience fondly, but...if Onagawa wanted to...

Onagawa sat up, pressing one earbud into Masamune's ear.


"Lower, please,"

Onagawa nodded, his head resting on Masamune's shoulder. He hummed along to the upbeat music, fingers tapping at the crook of Masamune's elbow.

Masamune settled into the couch, resting his head on Onagawa's, listening to the vibration of his humming. He was never a big pop fan, but there was something about the earworm nature of the tan tan girls that he found himself enjoying. Or maybe it was just having Onagawa so close that he liked.

The ep ended after five songs, Onagawa's energy level steadily increasing after each one until he had wiggled himself into Masamune's lap, drumming on his thighs. He leaned his head back, resting against Masamune's chest.

"Y'know, theoretically," he started, "you could also be 'ma-chan’ if you wanted,"

Masamune flushed.

"Hmm," he hummed, wrinkling his nose like he was considering it, "I'll pass, you might kill me for taking your beloved's name,"

Masamune smiled, but Onagawa hesitated.

"You could be my beloved too," He tilted his head to meet Masamune's eyes, peering up at him with an unfamiliar seriousness.

Masamune caught his breath.

"What?" He asked, but the spell had broken. Onagawa laughed, smiling like he was apologizing for something.

"Kidding! Duh, gosh you should see your face," Onagawa winced, pushing away from the couch. He stood up, grabbing his phone and ear buds off the table, "well! Better go hit the hay, big day of practice tomorrow, right?" He laughed again, disappearing up the stairs before Masamune could react.

Hm. Weird.



2am, the witching hour. Masamune's tired eyes stared at the ceiling, his stomach twisting around nothing. Fuck it, he thought, turning over to roll off his bed. He was careful to make as little noise as possible, not wanting to wake Tsukidate. This was a normal routine for him, one he'd perfected, but was nonetheless somewhat ashamed of. As a team captain, it was unfitting of him to be sneaking around at night. Still, he is not immune to midnight snacks.

He crept down the hallway, avoiding floor panels he knew would squeak, and choosing to slide down the banister rather than risk the stairs. His phone light cast shadows around him as he toed towards the kitchen, quickly dwarfed by the glow of the ceiling light. That's weird, Watari was usually meticulous about turning off lights, had he forgotten? Or was someone-


Masamune jumped, dropping his phone in the process. He winced at the clatter, bending down to pick it up.

"Onagawa? It's two a.m., why are you awake?" Masamune's 'Captain voice' lost most of its edge when whispered, but Onagawa never paid much attention to it anyway.

"Dyeing my hair! See," he turned so Masamune could see the back of his head. The top layer had been pulled up, clipped haphazardly to keep it out of the way. The layer beneath it was currently covered in splotchy pink dye, bright against the faded orange.

"How does it look so far?" Onagawa asked, struggling to hold his mirror while staying perched on the counter.

"Pink," Masamune stepped into the kitchen, setting his phone on the counter as he made his way towards the cupboards. Behind him, Onagawa hummed.

"That's the goal," he said, tilting the mirror with one hand and dipping his other into the dye.

Masamune watched him for a moment, taking a sip of milk straight from the jug. Onagawa sighed, eyebrows scrunching.

"Having trouble?" Masamune fought back a smile. Somehow, Onagawa managed to look cute even while frustrated.

Onagawa levelled a glare at him, "you think?" He huffed, setting the mirror down to stretch his wrist, "I usually use the bathroom for this, but Watari got all huffy when I stained it last time," Onagawa waved his hands as he spoke, as if trying to pull more words from the air. Naturally, it was cute.

He was mid-sentence when Masamune approached him, his mouth still opened slightly when he pulled on a pair of Onagawa's gloves, careful to avoid the dye stains.

"Captain?" Onagawa was cute when he was frustrated, and downright adorable when he was confused. Masamune deflected the question, squinting at the label on the dye.

"You just put it on, right?" He asked, meeting Onagawa's wide eyes with his own earnest ones. Onagawa blinked twice in rapid succession, coming back to his senses.

"Yes, um, make sure you use a lot, I don’t want any splotches," he shifted so he was sitting cross-legged on the counter, his back facing Masamune.

Masamune was hesitant at first, applying small amounts at the roots, careful not to be too rough. At Onagawa's prompting, however, he picked up the pace, being more liberal in his distribution, eventually saturating every strand.

Onagawa had been mostly silent during the whole affair, offering guidance when needed, but keeping quiet otherwise. It was weird, Masamune was used to his friend's chatter filling up whatever room he was in. Without it, the kitchen seemed...colder.

"All done?" Onagawa asked once Masamune's hands had stilled. Masamune hummed an affirmative, pulling back when Onagawa turned around.

"Is it...okay?" He asked. Onagawa checked his reflection, turning his head this way and that before setting the mirror down with a grin.

"It looks great, Captain!" He said reaching for Masamune's hands. He tugged at the gloves, seemingly unbothered by the dye, and dropped them into the sink.

"Now we wait?" Masamune's hands were still outstretched, and Onagawa seized the opportunity to grab them, pulling Masamune back towards him. His fingers laced with Masamune's, eyelids dropping in a teasing mimicry of seduction.

"Mhmm," he hummed, scooting forward so his legs hung on either side of Masamune's, "got any ideas on how we can pass the time?" His voice dropped down to a purr. Masamune's heart skipped.

Onagawa bit his lip, doing a very poor job at hiding his laughter. The tension drained from Masamune's shoulders. He was teasing, of course he was teasing. He'd been doing that a lot, lately.

"God, Masamune, you should've seen your face!" Onagawa snorted, dropping Masamune's hands but leaving his legs swinging on either side of him.

Masamune sputtered, blushing.

"I-you! You propositioned me!" He said, forgetting to keep his voice low. Onagawa only laughed harder, leaning back against the cabinets for support.

"Still!" He said, wiping the tears from his eyes, "you looked so serious, fuck, like you were actually considering it,"

"I was," Masamune spoke before he could stop himself. The air seemed to still between them, Onagawa freezing mid-eye wipe. "I mean, I-" he tried to backtrack, but there was really no way out of this. He was fucked.

"Captain," Onagawa started moving again, voice dropping into a teasing drawl. He pushed off the counter, leaving him standing flush against Masamune's chest. He peered up at his captain, using the slight height difference to draw Masamune's attention downwards, "are you suggesting," Onagawa's hand wrapped loosely around Masamune's, "that we defile Watari's poor, innocent kitchen?" He clicked his tongue in mock disappointment. Masamune didn't miss the way his stomach swooped in response.

"I-" he started, too drawn in by Onagawa's everything to even consider stepping back, "you brought it up first,"

Onagawa smiled, trailing his hand up Masamune's arm.

"Mm," he hummed, "I don't remember that, remind me again what I said?"

Masamune's eyebrows furrowed.

"You said, 'got any ideas on how we can pass the ti-'"

"Yes," Onagawa cut him off, resting his hand on his shoulder, "I have quite a few, actually," his other hand joined the first, the pads of his thumbs resting on either side of Masamune's neck.

Masamune simply stared at him, scanning his face for any sign that he was teasing. Onagawa's eyes were alight with mischief, but they always were. In addition, his mouth was quirked into a smile, and his eyebrows were raised, open and honest. Everything about Onagawa invited Masamune closer, so move closer he did.

There wasn't much space between themselves and the counter, but Masamune pushed forwards anyway, effectively blocking Onagawa in. Onagawa's breath hitched, his eyes flickering over Masamune's face. Whatever he found must have been satisfactory because he settled into Masamune's hold, sinking into the arms wrapping around his waist.

"Nagayoshi," Masamune said, receiving a distracted hum in response, "are you-no, have you been..." He huffed, flustered, and frustrated. Having Onagawa this close was taking a toll on his mental facilities.

"Take your time," Onagawa teased, resting his arms on Masamune's shoulders.

"Nagayoshi," Masamune tried again, gripping Onagawa's waist to ground himself, "do you like me? Seriously?"

Onagawa stilled, one hand pausing halfway curled in Masamune's hair. He bit his lip, chewing on the inside. When he spoke again, the lilting purr was gone, replaced by an uncharacteristically quiet tone.

"It's easier, to make jokes about it, plausible deniability and all that," he said, slowly resuming his ministrations on Masamune's hair. "I didn't know...I wasn't sure how you'd react," a breathy laugh escaped him, more nervous than anything, "if I fucked things up, it could affect the team, and this our last year and I just-"

He cut himself off, stilling again when Masamune cupped his cheek.

"I...I had similar reservations, it's okay," Masamune offered his best comforting smile, more of a grimace, but it seemed to help. Onagawa relaxed, sighing heavily.

"Well, we sure were stupid," he said, back to his usual dramatics, "fuck, we could've been kissing this whole time?" He shook his head, "insanity."

Masamune huffed a laugh, dropping his hand back down to Onagawa's waist.

"Guess we'll just have to make up for lost time then, huh?" Masamune was teasing, but Onagawa's eyes seemed to light up.

He gasped, wrapping his arms around Masamune's neck, "smooth Captain!! I didn't know you had it in you," he grinned, pulling Masamune closer until their noses brushed.

Sliding his hand through Masamune's hair, Onagawa tilted his head, leaning up until their lips met. It was nothing fancy, just a simple kiss, and yet it sent a thrill down Masamune's spine, he dropped his head forward for another, tugging Onagawa in by the waist. Onagawa's hands moved to his face, thumbs brushing over his cheekbones with every press of lips. It lasted minutes, maybe even seconds, Masamune didn't know. He was too caught up in Onagawa's tide, a gentle push and pull that made his head spin.

When they finally pulled apart, Onagawa was smiling.