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A God's only weakness

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She'd never faced a foe this terrible before. She looked at it, and it made her feel small. Though she'd never admit it, she felt… afraid. Her foe spoke a single word, and Zizou had no idea that a single syllable could chill her to the core. The sound echoed in her head.


"Cool it Zizou." She told hersef. "It's over now. You fought, and you won. She's powerless. You're a god, remember?"

Her train of thought was interupted by Urken, who suddenly called out "What's so bad about Rudy? Chill, she's just a furry!"

The word left her with a lump in her throat. Furry. Disgusting. She didn't have a problem! She could easil-

Rudy grabbed her hand.

Zizou screamed.