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The Company Merger Game

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                Gackt found his father in his office, nervously adjusting his tie which wasn’t like him. It was rare for President Camui to show anything but absolute confidence in everything he did. Even his son had rarely seen any signs of weakness. This business meeting was more important to the president of Camui Corp than even Gackt had realised.

                “What do you think, the blue or the red?” His father asked, looking at his reflection in the window with a critical eye. “Blue is the most popular of the colours, red is patriotic.”

                “The red looks best on you,” Gackt answered. “I don’t think either colour would offend him.”

                “Passionate and strong, perhaps red is the right choice,” His father said, “Is red popular with the young?”

                “Eternally popular,” Gackt replied, trying not to roll his eyes. “Why is the meeting stressing you out so much?”

                “I heard a rumour,” The president answered. “This young Kamimura, he’s already met with all three of our largest rivals. To merge with any of them would be a monopoly on the market, or close enough. We need to be in that monopoly, for Camui Corp to keep it’s place at the top.”

                “I suppose he will want to merge if he doesn’t want the effort of running his father’s company,” Gackt said, the idea rather strange to him. His father had promised to retire young, he could hardly wait to take his place and he knew he was more than capable. “A silent partner?”

                “That’s what I’ve heard,” The president agreed. “You have that look in your eyes that tells me that if you weren’t such a loyal son, you’d be wishing for me to die young.”

                “I get my ambition from you,” Gackt answered, not denying the accusation. He hated taking orders, always had, and had been known to have some rather explosive arguments with his father. The president was the one man who not only stood up to his son, but could keep him from getting his own way. He respected the older man greatly for that. “And as it is, I want this company merger just as much. I did some research.”

                “I’d expect nothing less.” His father answered, waiting to hear more.

                “Kamimura went to the same high school as You’s cousin,” Gackt began, naming his best friend. “He was shy but not when it came to certain matters. He was the secretary for the school environmental society in his final year, quite passionate about green energy, reducing carbon footprints, that kind of thing.”

                “Interesting,” His father said. “I did make a brief mention of our recycling initiatives in the presentation, I’ll expand on that section for sure. Anything else?”

                “I’d throw in a little about employee diversity, I suspect he’s the type who cares a lot about the morals of a company,” Gackt suggested. His father nodded, it was a sensible conclusion to make. “Prism tried to arrange a marriage between him and the president’s daughter. Idiots. Of course he said no without even meeting her. Everyone’s whispering about that.”

                “Of course they are, that girl is stunning,” His father answered. “You know something else?”

                “When I saw his photo, I recognised him from The Sinking Ship,” Gackt said, naming the gay bar he sometimes visited. “Let me sit next to him.”

                “Done.” His father said. Gackt grinned at that and allowed himself to be dismissed so his father could quickly make adjustments to the presentation before the meeting in just ten minutes. He’d got exactly what he wanted. Whilst he had never spoken to Kamimura, had never thought about approaching him, he had taken note on how handsome the other was. How could you not notice a man with such beautiful long red hair? He’d fantasised about seducing him, taking him home, ravishing him, but had known better than to try. Kamimura had always been the enemy’s son. Juliet to his own Romeo but today this could change. If the companies merged, why not the families too?


                Usually when they hosted presentations, his father would sit at the head of a long table, his son to his left with the company directors, and the guests to his right. He’d invited in his own PA to take notes, letting her sit in Gackt’s seat so that his son had no choice but to sit to his right. Conveniently next to Kamimura who had arrived with just three other representatives from his company. They weren’t large, weren’t that powerful in the business world but this was the classic story of the smallest player having all the power with their choice of who to support.

                “Would you like some water?” Gackt asked, taking note that the young president was nervous. He wasn’t used to the business world, he wondered what Kamimura usually did with his time.

                “Yes, please.” Kamimura said. Gackt smiled, liking the way Kamimura grew a little flustered in the gaze of his bright blue eyes. He wore contacts most days, but the blue ones were his favourite. They worked well with his black hair, making him both imposing and stunningly beautiful. At least he thought so. It would be a lie to suggest that Gackt was anything other than a vain egotist, but somehow those qualities were not his character flaws.

                He took his time, opening the bottle of chilled water, pouring it into a glass, pushing both in Kamimura’s direction whilst everyone else waited. He smiled at Kamimura again, who shyly smiled back.

                “We’ve met before, haven’t we?” Kamimura asked. “You look familiar.” 

                “We both attend that bar with the large aquarium.” He answered carefully, so not to accidentally force the other out of the closest.

                “Oh yes, I remember now.” Kamimura answered. “We never did say hello to one another. I’d like for you to call me Kami.”

                “Kami it is,” Gackt agreed. “I’m Gackt.” He added, moving on to introduce the board members. He knew most had figured out his angle, a couple even looked quite smug that he would be able to win Kami over. He wasn’t imaging it then, Kami was interested in him. This was almost going to be too easy. He let his father talk, slowly moving his arm to rest against Kami’s own. He smiled sweetly when Kami glanced at him, making to hold his hand but the other pulled away. It didn’t matter, he’d made his interest known.

                Settling back, he let Kami listen through some of the important parts, moving his hand to brush across Kami’s legs, before silently apologising for the accident. Only of course it wasn’t an accident and so when Kami turned back to listen, he reached out again, this time lingering until Kami gently pushed him away. He didn’t allow himself to be dismissed though, reaching this time for Kami’s hand that he silently held beneath the table as his father began the most important parts. He’d been right, Kami hadn’t cared about profit margins, future growth or expansion. He cared about the good the company was doing for the world.

                When Kami seemed to have lost interest, he tenderly ran his thumb against the back of Kami’s hand. When he turned to see Kami’s expression their gazes met and Kami smiled at him. He’d totally lost interest in the presentation and he could tell his father could tell and knew why. For once, he knew he wouldn’t be in trouble for diverting Kami’s focus elsewhere. This talk wasn’t going to change minds but his actions just might.

                Subtly, he moved closer to Kami, until their legs were brushing against one another. Every movement deliberate, he didn’t even pretend that this was accidental anymore. As shy as Kami appeared on the surface, he was very much a man used to having other’s flirting with him and seemed to enjoy the attention.

                Taking a risk, he let go of Kami’s hand and placed it on his thigh instead. Moving slowly along until just the tip of his little finger brushed along the edge of the other’s manhood. He wasn’t sure if he was touching penis or balls, but it didn’t matter, both would have the desired effect. He moved just a little more until he was caressing the bulge. He lingered, tracing the other’s length, pleased with what he found there. Delighted that Kami didn’t seem to want him to stop. He lingered there, slowly tracing the curves and dips he found, not wanting to push things too far but taking advantage that he was being allowed to touch at all.

                “We have planned a lunch break before we resume and then we will give the tour later.” Gackt’s father was beginning to explain. There was a buffet that was going to be brought in, but Kami was barely listening to the older Camui anymore.

                “Want to see upstairs early?” Gackt asked quietly. Kami nodded and together they left without a word. He felt his father’s gaze as he left and knew that the president was pleased. He’d do anything to succeed in business, even if that meant using his son as one of the company benefits.


                “Your office, I’d assume?” Kami asked, as Gackt locked the door and shut the blinds. “You’re quite forward.”               

                “As are you,” Gackt answered. He moved closer to Kami, lightly resting his hands on the other’s hips. “You felt like you have something I want to see.”

                “I know what you’re doing, you’re seducing me into being agreeable.” Kami declared. Gackt ignored him, bringing their lips together and using all the practise he’d had to bring the other over into his way of thinking. Even with his hands on Kami’s hips, he could feel those long strands of hair brush against him. Soft and gentle, just like the way Kami chose to kiss him back. Suddenly, without warning, Kami stepped away from him and went to look out of the external windows.

                “Kami?” Gackt asked, trying not to be hurt by this unexpected rejection. He’d been doing so well, what had happened?

                “You have a reputation,” Kami said, turning to look at Gackt. “I’m beginning to see why all those men, boys really, fall for your tricks.”

                “Men,” Gackt said firmly. “They were all men.”

                “At least you don’t deny it,” Kami said. “I’m not like this, not normally.”

                “You’re not gay?” Gackt teased.

                “I’m not… like you.” Kami finished carefully. He was going to say something insulting, Gackt had heard it all before. “I mean, yes I’m gay, I’m like you in that, but only that and…”

                “You’re stammering, it’s adorable,” Gackt complimented him. “And I do have to wonder how it is you know so much about me. Given that we only met in passing. I think, you’ve been interested in your Romeo for quite some time.”

                “I’m not the girl in this!” Kami protested. “I bet I’m stronger than you. You’re like a stick. Too thin and tall to be considered desirable!”

                “You have muscles?” Gackt asked, ignoring the insults. Kami was battling his emotions right now, he just needed to tip them just a little more in his favour. He approached Kami slowly, placing his hand on the other’s chest and smiling. “I think you just might.”

                “I don’t do one-time flings.” Kami protested, but he let Gackt kiss him again and this time didn’t pull away. “I know your game. You’re seducing me so I chose to merge with Camui Corp. It won’t help you!”

                “There’s only one Camui I want you to merge with,” Gackt replied, kissing Kami once more. “How is that looking?”

                “Well,” Kami said. “You’re not ugly, you don’t smell and we’re about the same age. I’d say there was a slim chance.”

                “Only slim?” Gackt asked. “I think you need to raise every one of your points. I’m drop dead gorgeous, I smell good and there’s a rather large chance you want to merge with me.”

                “Maybe I oversold it, if you’re so confused?” Kami suggested. He stepped away from Gackt’s embrace. “I’m going back downstairs. I want lunch and my colleagues will be wondering where we went.”

                “Nobody walks away from me forever.” Gackt warned, as Kami unlocked the door. The red-haired man turned to look at him, as if he was going to protest, but instead he only blushed before stepping outside. The fish had bit into the bait, now he just had to wait for the right time to reel in the catch.


                The lights had been turned down dimmer to make the images on the screen clear for the second half of the presentation and Gackt didn’t waste a second of this advantage. His hand sneaked across Kami’s thigh, lingering where it had done before. He waited for Kami to relax, before he began to stroke the other through the fabric. Kami may hate the idea of being seduced by a man like him, but he also appeared to be a bit of a thrill seeker.

                Slowly, as the presentation went on, he pulled down the zipper and slipped his hand inside until he felt warm hard flesh. He stroked idly, his focus on the screen like the obedient son he was supposed to be. His father and his marketing team had put a lot of effort into this, he should watch.

                His hand began to stroke the tip of the other’s cock, sliding back and forth, circling around, tracing pattens against the flesh. To Kami’s credit, he appeared to be listening just as intently. Nobody else would notice the way his breaths weren’t quite as steady as they should be. The way he was sat a little more tensely, gripping the table just a little too hard.

                Slowly, he began to stroke Kami again. Idly running his fingers up and down the length, as if measuring his weight and girth. He felt good in his hand, large enough to feel good in a man’s ass, small enough to fit nicely in a man’s mouth. He enjoyed giving blow-jobs a lot but very rarely spread his legs. Only a special man got to feel inside his own tight hole.

                His father was talking about future plans for windfarms but neither of them were listening. Kami was focusing on not making too much noise and he was wondering if he could push the other just a little too far. He picked up the pace, liking the way Kami reacted around his hand. He thought about the moans, the gasping breath, all the little sounds that were being denied to him. He worked harder to illicit something, and soon heard the small changes in Kami’s gasped breaths. He’d be perfect on the sheets, so responsive, so stunning to look at. Perhaps he was hooked on Kami’s fishing line? He was sure that right now, he couldn’t let go. He stroked faster, feeling the other tense and then the hot spill of cum against his fingers.

                Quietly he retreated his hand, wiping it clean with the handkerchief he kept in his pocket and settling back as the presentation ended and his father opened for questions. Here he had to participate, large sectors of the business were already under his control and he was the one to answer a lot of Kami’s questions.

                “It all seems quite promising,” Kami finally concluded, but his attention was on Gackt and not the president. “I’ll have to think about things, but I must admit if I do decide to merge, your company will be the one I chose.”

                “I’m delighted to hear it!” President Camui declared. He was beaming and whilst Gackt knew Kami wasn’t lying, he hadn’t missed the second meaning of his words. As they began the tour, it was Kami who lingered behind and pulled Gackt into an empty office.

                “You are the devil!” He complained. “And I’m a fool to want you.”

                “You admit it, you want me?” Gackt teased.

                “For now, my mood might shift as easily as yours.” Kami said, giving Gackt a grin before he hurried to join the others. Gackt stayed behind a moment, pondering those words. Kami didn’t want him just for a night, at least he didn’t think so, but the idea that he might, had him beginning to feel a little possessive. He wanted Kami to be his, until he was the one who got bored. It wasn’t fair that the other man was turning his game on its head. He suspected that this frustration was the other’s intention and couldn’t help but be impressed. Kami liked to play games, did he? Well, he wasn’t about to lose. He’d won the company merger, all that was left was the young president’s heart.