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Hazers Can Be Movie Stars?

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Bright shouting at his phone while they’re on their lunch break is nothing new. Arthit, Knot, and Prem don’t bat an eye, eating their lunch undisturbed, all three looking over a few notes for their upcoming class. Tutah just rubbed his temples while continuing to watch a video on his own phone. Even the other students have learned to ignore it, the only reaction coming from a few first years who still haven’t gotten used to the second year hazer being so loud. Arthit only notes that out of the corner of his eye, mentally shaking his head.

            What is unusual is Bright suddenly smacking Tutah’s shoulder, trying to get his attention.

            “Tutah!!! Look!!” Bright demanded, shoving his phone under Tutah’s nose, slightly knocking his glasses askew.

            “Bright, seriously?” Tutah asked with a sigh, jerking his head back.

            “Just look, man!” Bright once again shoves his phone in Tutah’s face.

            With another sigh, Tutah paused the video on his phone and took possession of Bright’s. As he focused in on the screen, his expression went from annoyed to shocked to gleeful.

            “Is this for real??” he shrieked at Bright. This grabbed the attention of Prem, who looked at them with curiosity. Tutah in the meantime has started waving his free hand in the air, flailing like he’s trying to grab something. “Did this really happen??”

            “It’s gotta be!” Bright returned, grinning crazily. “Check the site!”

            Prem’s curiosity has gotten the better of him. “What site?” he asked.

            Bright just giggled gleefully as Tutah is typing on the phone.

            “What site?” Prem asked again. His repeated question grabs the attention of Arthit and Knot as well. Both look up at Bright and Tutah.

            “It’s real!!” Tutah bellowed out, grabbing the attention of not only his friends, but several of the surrounding tables. Knot and Arthit exchanged looks of surprise. Tutah doesn’t usually get this excited unless there’s a hot guy involved.

            “Gentleman,” said Tum, their senior sitting at the next table over, “whatever is going on, please tone it down. You’re disturbing others, and the third years do have an exam next class period.”

            “Sorry, P’Tum” Bright and Tutah chorused, offering a wai with their apology. Neither looked particularly repentant, though, as their matching grins were hardly dampened by the scolding.

            Prem, annoyed with his question being ignored twice, swiped Bright’s phone out of Tutah’s hands. “Why are you on the fan club site for Kongpob Suthiluk?” he asked after looking at the content. Arthit’s head snapped to look at Prem. Kongpob Suthiluk? The Kongpob Suthiluk, currently the most popular actor under 25? Who supposedly attended the same university, only in a different faculty? His attention was now caught, closing his notebook to focus on his friends. Arthit was a huge fan of the young actor’s, not that he would tell anyone, so any news about him piqued his interest. He was lucky that all of his friends were fans, especially Bright and Tutah, so he heard plenty of information without having to do anything himself.

            Bright snagged his phone back from Prem. “They announced the winner of the contest just now,” he answered.

            “What contest?” Knot asked, seemingly hesitant to know the answer. He had also closed his notebook.

            “Kongpob had a contest for one of his fan club members to win a small role in his next film!” Tutah replied enthusiastically. “Bright and I both signed up for it.”

            “What kind of contest?” Prem asked. “Did you have to submit a video try out or something?”

            Tutah giggled. “Yeah, you had to submit a video of you acting as a hazer.”

            “Why a hazer?” Arthit asked, finally letting his curiosity get the better of him. He knew he shouldn’t engage, given how Bright and Tutah were acting, but he couldn’t stop himself.

            “That’s what the movie is about – falling in love during the Sotus hazing,” Bright answered, his face showing his amusement. Arthit frowned. He hadn’t heard about this movie. Prem, however, beat him to the question.

            “How do you know what the movie is about? I hadn’t heard that Kongpob was starting a new movie. I thought he was taking the year off to make his first year of university easier.”

            Tutah grinned a Cheshire Cat grin, and gleefully responded, “It was a hush-hush announcement for his fan club members only last month! He made it sound like he was cast in the project last minute, but it’s also starring May, and his friend Em is in it too, so I kind of doubt that part.”

            “Wait a minute,” Knot interjected. “Is this why the two of you were sneaking videos during hazing training last month?”

            This time both Bright and Tutah do manage to look a bit chastised. “I swear we were only filming the parts that everyone knows about!” Bright said.

            Tutah chimed in, “I made sure when we edited the videos, no one else was in it.”

            Knot sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Do you two know how much trouble you could have been in with P’Tum and P’Deer if you’d been caught?”

            “Hey, it paid off!” Bright returned.

            “One of you two won?” Prem asked, surprised. “Really?”

            Tutah and Bright exchanged matching mischievous grins. “Not us,” Tutah said, eyebrows wiggling.

            “Then who?” asked Arthit, confused.

            Bright and Tutah both turned their grins on him. “You did, Ai’Oon!” they chorused.

            Arthit stared at them blankly for a second. Then he blinked a couple times. “Me?”