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Sure to my bones (that I love you more than life)

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This is supposed to be one of their last little gatherings before they can go out as a family and Chris is as excited as one can get. His Buck, a man he sees as another parent, is finally going to marry his dad and formally adopt him as his own. He has always known that there is something special between Buck and Eddie but he was too young to understand that it was true love.

"What do you want to do, Chris? I picked a movie, your dad picked that ice cream place and it is your turn to tell us where to go.", Chris knows where he wants to go but is scared to say it. He already told Eddie but is hesitant when it comes to actually telling Buck.

"Well, I don't want to push or anything but... I really want to go to the pier.  I know it reopened like a year after the tsunami but I think I am ready to go there now. And, like you always say, I should face my fears. ", Buck just smiles at him. Chris knows Buck had nightmares about losing him in that tsunami and he feels bad for even asking but that smile on Buck's face pushes all of his hesitation away.

"If you really feel like you are ready, we can go. It is a beautiful night and we can even try and have some fun.", Buck puts a hand on Christopher's shoulder and Chris sends him a smile that makes Buck feel like he can do this. He is ready to be a dad.

Eddie kisses Buck on the lips and Buck can't believe he is having it all. He can't believe both Eddie and he finally embraced who they've been all along.  They had a worse time admitting that they are bi to themselves than to other people and they finally feel free.

They walk to the parking lot and find Buck's car. Buck is looking at Chris and telling him to feel free and say if he feels uncomfortable going to the pier. If he has to be honest, he is glad Chris finally wants to go back there.

Eddie gets in the passenger's seat and Buck helps Chris get in the car. As he closes the door he feels something metal pressing on his side and he flinches. This can't be happening.

"Put your hands up and don't you dare move or the kid gets the bullet.", he can hear the beating of a person holding him at gunpoint but the voice is coming from his left side. He can't risk Christopher's and Eddie's lives while he fights them one by one so he does as he is ordered. 

"Easy, man. Take the car and go. Just don't hurt them.", Eddie is being roughly pulled out of the car. Buck deep down hopes that this is just a couple of car thieves that will soon leave them alone.

"I don't want your car. I wanna have fun. We both do.", Buck and Eddie just look at each other as Eddie is pushed to his knees with a gun on the back of his head. Buck just wishes Chris didn't come here tonight because he will probably watch his father get killed.

"We saw you kissing in front of that poor child. We may be in LA but some of us aren't very appreciative of what you do in front of children. I will teach you a lesson if it is the last thing I do.", Buck is scared even though he looks like he is about to murder the men. He wants to do something but he is frozen still in fear for the lives of people who he loves more than life.

"What? Do you really think a child should witness violence rather than see two people in love? You deranged...", Buck can't hold his words back but his little speech is cut short by a hit to his face that makes his nose start to bleed. Eddie is trying to get to Buck but the threat to his son's life is still there.

"You will beg me to kill you.", the guy punches Buck's face until he falls to the ground. When he starts kicking him in the stomach, Buck moves his hands up to protect his head from harder hits.

"Stop, you are going to kill him! Stop! Dad, do something,!", Chris opens the window and starts shouting at the guy who just then stops hitting his Buck. His dad is on his knees with a gun to his head.

"Stay in the car, Christopher. Everything will be fine.", Eddie gives his son a pleading look. Chris is crying and begging the guy not to kill Buck. Why isn't his dad helping Buck?

The kicks stop and all they can hear for a second is Buck's heavy breath and painful whimpers. The attacker that has a gun on Eddie pulls Eddie up from his knees and the other guy makes Buck get up from the floor on his own. Buck puts his hand on his stomach and he knows at least one rib is broken.

"I am so sorry that you've infected the boy with your little propaganda.  But, I know what it's like to grow up without parents so I'll kill one of you. I am not a monster after all.", the guy holding Buck up says and pushes him onto the ground again. He opens the door and gets straggling Chris out of it.

"Let go of my son. Get your hands off of him.", Eddie starts to get closer to the guy but he puts a gun to Chris's back.  Eddie immediately raises his hands.  It doesn't matter if he gets killed.  What matters is that Chris has someone who will take good care of him and love him and make him feel enough.

"So, you are his real dad. That means we will get rid of this f....", he kicks Buck once more and orders the other guy to get him up. Buck is now on his feet and is trying to hold himself up. Eddie's eyes are filled with tears but he still sees defiance in Buck's even after the beating he has just gotten.

They tie Eddie's and Chris's hands behind their backs and put them in Buck's car. They are saying how God had sent them there to destroy the sin and teach people the lesson. What kills Eddie inside is them saying how they are good people for not letting Chris witness them killing "the sinner".

"Don't kill him. I can't live without him.", Eddie gets slapped for his words and a guy spits on him. Chris is crying and everything is too much. He wants to wake up in his bed with Buck next to him. He doesn't want to plan another funeral for the person he loves.

"Let's ask loverboy what he has to say.", they bring Buck to the car and the guy who was beating him up grabs a handful of his hair that he is letting grow a bit longer for their wedding. As they expose his neck a bit more, the guy presses a gun to his throat.

"What do you say we take Eddie here instead of you? Would you like that? To have your life spared and his taken?", Buck is struggling to form any words.  His whole body feels like it is being burned bit by bit.

"No. Do... whatever you want... to me. Just leave them alone.", guys laugh at his pain and his fear.  How can people be this cruel? How can they want someone dead just because they don't agree with their "lifestyle"?

"Beg me not to kill him!", man's eyes darken and Buck feels like a helpless child.  These men came after them pretending to be there in the name of God but, what God would order someone to get killed just because they love? The God he believes in loves everyone good and kind.

"Please, don't kill him. I will go with you and I won't even try and get out of your hands.  Just let Eddie and Chris go. Please, take me, kill me, torture me, do whatever you find necessary, just don't hurt them.", they are all crying at this point and the guys just laugh at them. Buck looks like he is barely standing on his own two feet.

They slam the door of the car and push Buck to walk in front of them. He is trying his best not to collapse. He is trying so hard.

"You little bitch! Have you heard him begging? Like he is so used to it.", Buck wants to kill them. They threatened Eddie, made Chris have yet another trauma at the age of 14 and plan on killing him but they still think of themselves as the good guys.

"Put your hands in the air and let go of the man. This is your only warning. ", Buck hears Athena's voice and is grateful to whoever called the cops. He starts telling her that Eddie and Chris are in the car and she nods like she is telling him that they are already getting them out.

"I am sorry. I don't want to go to jail for murder.  I surrender.", the guy who has Eddie at gunpoint pushes his gun to the police officers and walks to them. They quickly put handcuffs on him and take him to the police car.

"If I have to die, I am doing one last good deed and killing this piece of trash. ", the guy says and puts the gun to Buck's head. Buck is ready for the shot to come and the only thing he is sorry for is not telling his family how much he loves them.

He is not ready to go. He is not ready to leave the love of his life and their son to mourn him. He has a sister and a niece who adores him. His mom, the woman standing in front of him, can't watch him die right in front of her. He knows how traumatizing that is.

He kicks the guy's knee and he falls to the ground. Buck starts running to Athena who is keeping her gun on the criminal.  Just as he gets closer to her, a shot is fired and he feels pain in his leg and falls to the ground due to the impact.  Then, there is another shot.

"Ambulance is requested.  I have a gunshot wound on the victim.  His leg is bleeding pretty badly. The assailant is dead. "

"Hey, Buck. I am here. Stay with me, boy. Keep those beautiful eyes open for me. Eddie and Chris are safe and they need you. You are doing so good. ", she is trying to keep the pressure on his leg so he doesn't bleed out. The ambulance is quick to come and it is 118 of all people.

"You gonna be okay. Hospital is five minutes away. Hang on.", Hen's calm voice is making Buck feel good. His family is here,  he will be okay.


He wakes up to the sounds and smells of the hospital room and he feels sad that he knows it so well. His body feels sore and heavy.  He opens his eyes slowly.

"My God. Look who finally decided to join the world of the living. ", Eddie is on his right side. He comes closer and kisses Buck on his forehead.

"What.... what happened?", his throat is dry so Eddie brings him some water.  He helps him drink a hit before leaving it on the bedside table.

"We were attacked. You were beaten up and shot. Chris and I weren't harmed but we were so scared for you. You were out for two days.  You lost a lot of blood but doctors say you will be just fine after so PT. Chris called 911 while he was alone in the car.", Eddie takes Buck's hand in his and kisses it. He was so scared.  He couldn't be in the hospital all the time because Chris was having nightmares whenever he managed to get some sleep.

"I am so sorry. I never should have said anything to you. If I had kept my mouth shut about my feelings, you wouldn't be threatened and Chris wouldn't be traumatized and...", his talking is interrupted with a kiss that feels like magic.  He is crying and Eddie hugs him tightly. 

"Evan, I will forever be grateful for your love. I was so happy when I found out you felt something for me. I felt like the luckiest man in the universe when you decided to marry me and when you agreed on adoption. I love you and no crazy, homophobic, garbage person will ever be able to change that.", Eddie is not so good with words but he just hopes Buck won't somehow, blame himself for all of this.

"When they made you beg for my life, I prayed they died on the spot. I can't believe what they had put you through. ", just as they finish their little heart-to-heart,  a nurse comes in asking if she can let the rest of the fam in right after she checks his vitals and makes sure e everything is as it should be.

"We are still getting married this month even if I have to come in the wheelchair.", Buck whispers before his family fills the room one by one. In a world where hate is all too much, they all chose love above all else and they are ready to fight against everyone who stands in the way of it.