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“Are you Kongpob?” A voice asks and Kongpob lifts his head from where it was buried in his text book to see a familiar young man standing in front of him, expectant expression on his face. He has warm brown eyes and his hair is pushed back from his forehead, styled with enough gel that it screams that he’s insecure about how it looks, to Kong at least. He’s wearing a maroon engineering jacket and worn denims with holes in the knees that don’t look like they’ve been made as a fashion choice.

For a moment, Kongpob lets himself imagine that the holes were made because Arthit spends a lot of his time on his knees. And it’s the thought of him on his knees, in front of Kongpob, with that sinful mouth wide open, waiting for him to slot inside, that causes him to shudder where he sits.

It takes him a second to push the impure thought aside and to focus back on the man standing in front of him, expectant expression on his face as he waits.

“Who’s asking?” Kongpob asks, snapping himself back to reality, straightening his back as he looks up at this guy, this guy who is clearly nervous yet doesn’t seem like he’s got high expectations of Kongpob’s reply. 

“Oh. Well. I’m Arthit. I’m from..”

“Engineering?” Kongpob cuts in, eyes flickering over the guy's jacket, especially pausing on the tightness around his biceps, making it clear that Kongpob is easily able to identify his faculty at a hundred paces with no help at all. 

“Yeah, there.” Arthit looks a bit surprised, but makes his face relax as he continues, “Look, are you Kongpob? Because I’m here with a message and I’d really hate to give it to the wrong guy.” Then Arthit folds his arms defensively, muscles bulging in his forearms and drawing Kongpob’s eyes in again, making him wonder what they would feel like wrapped tightly around him or how easily he might be able to lift Kongpob up with them and hold him against a wall (and how amazing that might feel).

Again, he shakes himself out of his daze and looks back up to watch Arthit who shuffles from foot to foot under his heated eyes, then wai’s politely at the older student, “Yes, I’m Kongpob. Who’s the message from, P’Arthit?”

“It’s from Minnie. Apparently, they are in charge of contestants from other faculties now, or something, for the competition,” Arthit says, averting his eyes for a moment and then looking back and giving Kongpob a once over that makes him want to take all his clothes off and shove Arthit against the bench he’s sitting at, “They want to know if you’re ready for the Moon and Stars contest? They said I should ask you to come over because you’re late? They were quite insistent.” 

Kongpob takes a deep breath and wonders how Arthit feels about him being late, if he likes the fact that Kongpob is a bit of a rebel, if it turns him on.. “Did they also tell you that Economics students are terrible at keeping time and that they shouldn’t be trusted to take part in any kind of competition ever?” Kongpob raises an eyebrow and then winks to see the reaction. 

Arthit frowns at him and Kongpob can see that he is clearly trying to work out how to reply without giving away the fact that Minnie had said all those things, and underneath the frown, Kong senses something more, an interest perhaps. Interest in Kongpob, in why he’s his campus moon and hopefully, interest in what he’s subtly trying to offer Arthit with his soft smiles and his intense eyes and his heated tone.

“Well, yes, actually.” Arthit admits finally, seemingly deciding that Kongpob isn’t trying to take the piss. “And.. they said that if I didn’t get you there in the next five minutes I could kiss my pink milk goodbye.. and,” he pauses and his look turns sinful as though he’s entertaining the thought of some lewd sex act and not a drink, “I really like my pink milk, so that would be a problem!”

Immediately, Kongpob wants to be pink milk.. pink milk that Arthit sucks hard at and makes lewd noises enjoying. Or, Kongpob wants to have pink milk so that he can drip it all over his naked body and have Arthit lap it up from his heated skin, tongue tracing pathways.. he stops himself going any further as he feels the tell-tale tightness is his trousers. Either way, he wouldn’t mind having something to do with pink milk which he would usually avoid at all costs since it’s so sickly sweet.

Kongpob watches as the man’s lips twist into something sexy and fierce and he wonders if Arthit can read his mind? If he can, does he want it too?

Kongpob can’t help grinning cheekily at Arthit, wild thoughts about the sexy things that mouth could do, dancing through his head, “Sounds about right. Pink milk is very very important.” He agrees, then winks as Arthit turns roughly the same colour as his favourite drink, “Well, luckily for you, I’ve finished my reading for now, so I guess I could come with you!”

Arthit makes a flapping motion with his hands as though to hurry him along, but at the same time he has a slightly confused and expectant expression, “Why does P’Minnie need you anyway? I thought they were only in charge of my department? And, I thought all the rehearsals were over, the Moon from Engineering said he’s finished anyway..”

Arthit trails off and shoots Kongpob a look that plainly tells him he didn’t mean to say that or sound so interested, then he turns away and looks straight forward affecting an air of disinterest. 

For a moment, Kongpob stares at his ass, presented to him in those loose, hokey jeans and imagines he’s meeting him the day after they fuck, Arthit embarrassed but still eager to see Kong, twisting away from him so that he can pretend he isn’t. But as their eyes met, Kong’s fierce and Arthit’s shy, Kongpob would know that Arthit could still feel the ghost of his cock inside him just from the way he licks his lips. 

Yes, Kongpob is definitely interested in fucking this guy. But first he needs to see if Arthit might be as into him as his looks suggest?

“Oh,” Kongpob laughs at last, hastening to catch Arthit up and deciding to put his senior out of his misery, “Well Minnie’s in charge of the whole event actually, they’re so good at organising things! My partner’s been sick, my star, so we agreed to rehearse whenever she can - I guess P’Minnie managed to grab her too. Though I’m surprised they didn’t send you to go get her, I think Lai would have suddenly felt better at the sight of you!” Kongpob smiles but dials back the heated looks as Arthit ducks his head, embarrassed, “By the way, are you sticking around for the rehearsal?”

Arthit glances back over and Kongpob tries to pretend he’s not interested in his answer at all, even though he rather is, “Depends on what P’Minnie says, I owe them big style so I’m kind of at their beck and call today. Who knows, maybe I’ll be trying to round up Comm Arts students next or something equally terrible! At least you were easy to find. I can see why you’re the Econ Moon, you’re very popular, did you know?”

Kongpob hums, aware that he could answer that question in a number of ways, but chooses to stay silent as they reach the hall where the contest will take place. Although, Kongpob’s reputation amongst a certain set of students is one he wouldn’t mind Arthit being aware of, if he’s honest, he doesn’t think that the older man is talking about his ‘fucking prowess’. Which is a shame, really. 

Although, perhaps, today might change that?


Inside the hall, P’Minnie is stalking backwards and forwards on the stage, hips swaying, hand to their mouth as they wait, “Oh finally!” They yell as they catch sight of the two young men entering the room, “I thought you’d never make it! Now, over here lovely young Kongpob! Arthit.. you can.. hang out over there.” They point to the side, distracted by Kongpob’s arrival, “I still need you though, Arthit! Pink milk’s on the seat.”

Kongpob and Arthit exchange a quick glance and then Kong darts down the bleachers and leaps gracefully onto the stage while Arthit pretends not to watch the way his muscles flex beneath his plain white shirt. 

And Kongpob pretends not to notice him, pretending not to notice.

Minnie greets Kongpob with a quick hug and then rapidly explains that Nong Lai is still sick but that they’ll help Kongpob out with their rehearsal and stand in for his star. 

Kong grins and thanks Minnie and then they turn and walk to the back of the stage. Meanwhile, Arthit sinks into a seat and brings a straw to his mouth, gulping down his pink milky sustenance. He lets it dangle from his lower lip as he watches Kongpob offer Minnie his arm and escort them onto the stage until they are standing where a spotlight will be. 

Kongpob doesn’t stop walking even as his eyes meet Arthit’s, and they drop to trace the movement of his soft, pink tongue poking out and lapping at the drop of milk on his lip. For a second, Kongpob imagines Arthit’s licking at his cum after Kong’s exploded all over his face. It’s so fucking hot, Kongpob misses a step and almost trips which is a little mortifying. Minnie looks at him sharply and he shoots them an apologetic smile and then they get on with it. 

From the auditorium, Arthit watches and feels a rush of desire flood through him as Kongpob keeps on.. looking at him.

They go through the motions that Arthit recalls from first year when he came to support his own faculty Moon and Star and he grins as Minnie constantly corrects Kongpob, moving an arm or a leg or tweaking a hair on his head. As he watches, Arthit kind of wishes he was the one adjusting Kongpob’s limbs if only for the chance to brush his hands over those firm looking muscles and for the chance to smell the delicious scent of him which had wafted towards Arthit earlier. 

Arthit manages to shift his attention back to Kongpob and Minnie as a pair and he watches as they wander backwards and forwards, Kongpob’s expression becoming a little more strained each time There’s a long pause where neither Minnie nor Kongpob moves and his frown depends and Arthit wonders if Kongpob would like it if he offered to wipe that look off his face somehow.. maybe with some kind of display of naked skin..

For a moment, Arthit toys with the idea of removing his shirt and giving Kongpob a little show.. flexing his biceps that he’s worked so hard at in the gym with Knott. He’s the first guy he’s felt such intense and instant attraction for in a long time. And he can tell that Kongpob is interested in him too - no-one spends that long watching another guy suck on a straw if they aren’t.

But he’s glad he stays fully clothed a few minutes later.

Kongpob and Minnie walk up and down a few more times and then, eventually, Minnie seems pleased. But then they throw up their hands in shock, “How can I direct your talent when I’m on stage with you?!”

They pace backwards and forwards for an extended moment while Kongpob shrugs his shoulders at Arthit and tries to hide his smile behind one manicured hand. 

Manicured hand.. oh Arthit realises, I’ve got it bad, haven’t I, if I’m noticing his fingernails! But a moment later, he realises that it’s actually much worse. 

Arthit knows he’d had a surge of attraction for Kongpob from the moment he’d been pointed his way and seen the tousled haired man leaning over, intent on his book. Kongpob had looked incredibly handsome and had given off an air of confidence and maturity despite being a first year.

Meanwhile, Arthit had shuffled nervously and wiped his sweaty palms down his jeans before he’d approached him, aware that Kongpob was definitely of a higher class than him just from his expensive looking hair cut and the tailoring of his plain white shirt. 

For a moment, Arthit had been embarrassed to be wearing his most worn jeans and had wished he had looked a little smarter. But then he’d squared his shoulders and approached, faintly recalling that he was the head hazer of engineering for a reason. It had helped that Kongpob had given him a look that said he quite appreciated the view and that if Arthit was interested.. then he could be too. 

Of course, Arthit hadn’t acted on it. It was the middle of the day and he was in the Economics faculty, not the kind of place he was willing to get down and dirty in (though he wasn’t adverse to getting down and dirty somewhere else with Kongpob if the offer still stood later on!)

And now, Minnie was pointing a finger at him and demanding that he come on to the stage to help out. He was going to be right next to Kongpob again.


Arthit takes a final slug of his milk for moral support, adjusts his jeans carefully, and then shuffles out of the row he’s seated on and heads for the stage; aware that he’s about to either be utterly humiliated because of P’Minnie, or utterly humiliated because of his burgeoning attraction to Kongpob. 

Or, he reconsiders as he sees the gleam in Minnie’s eyes and then catches Kongpob giving him an appreciative once over, humiliated by both of them at once!

On the stage, Minnie starts to direct him too and he ends up arm-in-arm with Kongpob making the same entrance he had made with Minnie, over and over again! 

Kongpob flexes his bicep as Arthit slides a hand over it, wanting him to feel his strength and to know that Kongpob could show him a good time.. if he’s into it. And Arthit squeezes back a little tighter and takes an appreciative sniff of Kongpob’s neck when he gets close enough, enjoying the musky scent he’s exuding. He pretends not to notice when Kongpob shivers beside him even though he feels ecstatic!

“Smile more, Arthit!” Minnie calls out loudly, “You look constipated!”

And Arthit grimaces and yells back, “I’m not actually in this Minnie! I’m just here for the pink milk and because I owe you one. Does it matter?!” (Then he and Kongpob share a look and Arthit finds himself wondering if, actually, he’s here for something else now? If something else will be happening soon...)

When Minnie screams back that of course it does because they need to be able to imagine it properly and would he please just get on with it or they’re confiscating his pink milk, he feels Kongpob convulsing beside him. And when he looks, the other guy is clutching his stomach and there are tears dripping down his cheeks. 

“S’funny…” he manages to choke out and Arthit pretends to sock him in the chest while Minnie continues to yell orders as they move from seat to seat to check the pair can be seen clearly from all angles. 


Eventually, they are happy with their entrance and move on to the talent portion of the event, Kongpob dashing backstage to grab a well-worn guitar. 

Minnie is grinning from a few rows back and Arthit is sorely scared of what they have in mind. As Kongpob settles back at centre stage, Minnie gives Arthit a smile and says, “So, Arthit, do you still know how to play ‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran? You played it at the beach, remember, in first year?”

Arthit smiles easily and nods and Minnie beckons to the guitar in Kongpob’s hand. “Would you do the honours?” 

He doesn’t mind so much, the fact that he’s being thrust into the spotlight like this, it’s better than parading back and forth and having Minnie yell at him for his terrible posture. It helps too that Kongpob’s fingertips trace his hand as he passes over the guitar and that he gives Arthit a look that is heavy-lidded and promisingly sexy.

“I like a man who plays..” Kong whispers and trails his fingers over the back of Arthit’s neck as he heads backstage and Arthit’s fairly certain that he’s having sex tonight!

When Kongpob has brought the stools and Arthit has tuned the guitar, they settle onto their seats and Arthit begins to strum the song. And then Kongpob opens his mouth and a beautiful sound comes floating out. Arthit startles in surprise and loses his place on the frets.

“Arthit?” Minnie calls and he starts suddenly and turns to them and apologises. 

Then, blushing, he turns back to Kong and gives him a genuine smile that has nothing to do with this sexy game they seem to be playing with each other, “Wow! You’re amazing!” 

Kongpob smiles back widely and then motions to the guitar, “Shall we try again?” 

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry about that, I just wondered… Why aren’t you in Comm Arts? With a voice like that?”

Kongpob frowns and then looks down at his feet, “It was a fight not to be in engineering, to be honest.”

For a second, Arthit feels a bit hurt for his department, but then he shrugs it off and lifts the guitar again, aware there’s a story there that Kongpob isn’t ready to share.

As he restarts the song, he feels like something is compelling him and before he knows it, he’s harmonising with Kongpob, their voices flowing seamlessly together and filling the hall with a beautiful sound. 

As they reach the end, Arthit plays the final chords and then turns to find Kongpob staring at him in shock, “Where did that come from?” he asks, as Minnie approaches them, smacking their hands together in delight.

“Yes! Yes! That was perfect! Perfect Arthit, Kongpob! Oh how I wish you could be the Economics faculty star, Arthit. You two together are brilliant!”

Arthit ducks his head in embarrassment and says quickly, “Minnie, please! Look, I was happy to help you out since I owed you, but could we.. maybe never mention this again?”

Minnie laughs, wild and free and then looks between Arthit and Kongpob, eyes alight with mischief, “Maybe.. but only if..”

“But I’m not the star! And what do you mean.. If? If I what?” Arthit repeats and tries not to read anything into the way Minnie is looking between him and Kongpob. 

‘If you were my star, I’d never let you leave my bed,’ Kongpob breathes out, so low he knows that Arthit didn’t hear even if he wishes he had to see his reaction.

He’s deep in imagining all the things they could collaborate on that do not involve this annoying competition he has been forced into - things that are much more pleasurable, as he watches the stand off between the two engineering students.

Arthit laughs nervously as he waits for Minnie’s reply, but when they just continue to stare at him, eyes wandering between him and Kongpob, he holds the guitar out to the economics student in a loose grip and prepares to leave.

Kongpob takes it from him and smiles again, “Thanks for being here for me today. I appreciate it. I guess I’ll see you around?”

The smile he shoots Arthit is a question and a request and an offer all at once and he can see in Arthit’s eyes that he’s interested - but that he’s unlikely to accept it when Minnie is still here and still looking at them with a question in their eyes. 

As expected, Arthit turns to leave but before he can, Minnie grabs his arm in a vice-like grip and insists that they are going to do it all over again and this time, could Arthit please wear the kitten heels and a scarf as a skirt?

For a moment, he wonders what power P’Minnie has over P’Arthit but then he starts to feel like his dick is going to poke a hole in his pants, he’s so turned on by the image that pings into his mind of Arthit with smeared red lipstick all over that luscious mouth!




Several, painful hours later, Arthit’s calves are burning from the high heels and he’s had enough of Minnie telling him she’s desperate to paint his face and give him some contour. He’s strutted and sat and sung and played, to the point that he could be a Campus Star, and he’s utterly sick by now of the song they’ve been playing. Plus, Kongpob has been shooting all of these.. looks.. across at him the whole time, and Arthit isn’t certain they mean what he thinks they mean.. though he’s got his suspicions that they do and he really hopes he’s right.

They do of course. Kongpob’s looks definitely mean that he wants to scoop Arthit up like Italian ice cream and devour him whole. He just needs a reason to get him alone in his room first, because if he jumps him out here, he’ll get arrested for sure, the things he wants to try!

Eventually, Minnie thanks them for their patience and tells Arthit they’ll keep his committed attitude a secret. They also promise to deliver pink milk to the hazing room after every session which cheers Arthit up until his thighs complain and burn as he turns to leave.

He and Kongpob stagger out of the hall and Kongpob offers him a weak smile, “Well P’Arthit, I bet you never imagined you’d have to do that one day? I thought you did exceptionally well, especially balancing in those heels!” Then he winks cheekily and Arthit’s heart thumps a merry tune in his chest and his dick pulses along in time from inside his jeans.

But he can only groan in reply and weakly accept Kong’s offer of a drink at the nearby bar as recompense. Normally, Arthit would be reluctant to hang out with one of his juniors, but Kongpob isn’t from his faculty after all, and he’s just been through quite a traumatic experience and the best way to overcome any trauma is drinking himself silly - any good student knows that! 

Plus, there’s a promise in Kongpob’s fiery eyes and the night floats ahead of them.. empty and hot with possibility, and truly, Arthit thinks that anything could happen. 

Over beers, they talk about their university experiences and when Arthit admits to being the head hazer for his faculty, Kongpob takes a moment to fully appreciate the thoroughly sexy thought of Arthit ordering freshmen around, but then he frowns and whips out his phone and asks, “Do you recognise him?” 

It’s one of Arthit’s freshmen, M, he thinks. “Yeah, yeah I know him. M, right?”

Kongpob smiles a sly, little grin, “He says his head hazer is a slave driver? Which must mean that’s you, right? And that I haven’t experienced true pain unless I’ve been through one of your workouts!”

“Oh, he does, does he? And would you like to? Try out some of my exercises?” Arthit leans in with a cheeky wink, almost certain he’s reading the signals right as Kongpob slides the phone back into his pocket and then leaves his hand resting in the gap between their thighs.

Kongpob nods in reply and wonders if he should push it further, but decides to give Arthit the chance to make the next move. He’s made his position pretty clear after all and Arthit seems to be reading the signals right. 

Arthit is feeling reckless, full of buzzing adrenaline as he nudges his own hand into the tiny gap left between their thighs. Then he looks up and straight at Kongpob whose smirk has reached his eyes. When Kong hooks his little finger over his, Arthit smirks back. 

“M told me you make them sit-stand and squat til their thighs are burning? Is that true?”

Arthit widens his eyes and aims for something innocent, but it only makes Kongpob laugh and reach out with his free hand to knock it against Arthit’s shoulder, then leaves it there, a warm invitation, “Do you get off on it or something?”

Arthit takes a sip of his beer and leans closer, breath ghosting over Kongpob’s ear, relishing the way the other man shivers, “Not watching my freshmen do that, no. Watching another freshman I’ve just met try it out.. maybe..”

“Good.” Kongpob says firmly, then takes a deep breath before he says exactly what he’s thinking, watching Arthit’s cheeks pinken into a beautiful blush, “Because I could get off on the thought of you sit-standing, while hovering over my lap and my cock is so hard and you take me so well,” Kongpob feels Arthit shudder against him and squeezes the warm hand he’s now holding. 

“Oh.. do you..” There’s a shake in Arthit’s voice and it doesn’t sound like a question at all. His eyes have turned into liquid chocolate and he looks excited for a moment.

Kongpob’s smile widens and he lowers his own voice too, “So, how many beers do you need to agree to come back to my room? And I mean that in a totally non-skeezy, consensual way. Just I know that some guys prefer to be a little souped up before they’re up for anything.. thought I’m pretty sure I’m reading your signals right.”

Arthit barks out a laugh and swallows down the last of his beer, “You only think I’m interested and you say something like that?” He pauses and Kongpob watches his Adam’s apple bob up and down before he continues, “I’m ready now, if you want to go?”

“If I want to?” Kongpob is so ready his cock feels like it could explode any moment from where he’s had to tuck it into the waistband of his pants to stop it tenting his trousers.

He offers Arthit a slow smile that reaches his eyes, crinkling them at the corners and lowers his voice into something he’s been told is very sexy, and says, “Oh, I’m ready for you P’Arthit. I only hope you’re ready for me,” Then he gives him a lazy wink and stands to leave. 


They walk side by side, arms brushing as they head for the dorms, excitement building in Arthit’s belly with every step. He’s surprised to see that Kongpob is living in the building opposite him and once they’re inside, he heads to the window and realises that his room is almost directly across from Kongpob’s. The realisation makes him think of all the dirty things they could get up to just watching each other through the glass, and Arthit feels like he could cum without Kongpob touching him if he wanted to.

It’s been an interesting day, definitely not a normal one for Arthit, but he thinks he’s made a good decision coming here with Kongpob and finally acting on the sexual urges that have been building up throughout the hazing process. All those freshmen in his care have been trying his patience and he really needs this release. (There’s a second where he thanks everyone he knows that Kongpob isn’t one of his freshmen!) 

It’s rare that he does act on his interests - the last time had been a hurried wank during the summer with a guy he’d met online. Since then, he’s had to make do with his own right hand and a lotof porn, so the thought of being with someone, of being with Kongpob, is sending thrums of pleasure through his body, heat pooling in his groin and making his cock twitch.

Arthit’s aware that it’s risky, getting with a freshman he’s only just met, and with someone who knows a junior in his batch; but he can’t fight the attraction that’s been building ever since he set eyes on Kongpob, especially with the way his junior has been acting and looking at him not to mention the things he’s been saying! He’s never felt this instant attraction before so it was literally an offer that he couldn’t refuse. 

“Everything okay? Shall I shut the curtains? Or are you into an audience?”

Kongpob slides in next to him and drags his arm along Arthit’s, setting off a flurry of sparks that dance over his skin and leave him momentarily lost for words.

“I mean,” Kongpob continues, bringing up one of his manicured hands to trace a path over Arthit’s jaw, turning him until their eyes lock, and then he grins cheekily, “I could be into an audience, but maybe not the first time?”

Arthit gasps as Kongpob drops his hands to bracket his hips, then pulls him flush against his groin. Gently, he rolls his hips and the rock hard bulge in Kongpob’s trousers makes Arthit’s half-hard cock jump to full-mast in an instant. 

“Yeah.. give me more, please,” he splutters, taking the initiative and gripping Kongpob’s sides too as he rubs his cock against Kong’s and tries to get him to thrust back. 

“Okay, okay.. I love how eager you are but I prefer to be a little less clothed when I’m getting down to business,” Kongpob says, pulling his groin lback so they’re not touching, making Arthit whine low in his throat.

Kongpob leans in and nips a kiss against his neck then pushes Arthit back so he can slide the curtains closed. Arthit whines again as he watches the swell of his arse in his tight trousers and the flex of his biceps as he pulls at the material. He wants those arms around him again as soon as possible, so he inches in closer and tries to communicate this to the other man by rubbing up against him. Kongpob turns to face him and Arthit feels a fierce rush of desire. 

He’s classically handsome and for a moment he wonders why Kongpob wants him, until he remembers what his mother had said to him after he had come out to her.


“You will meet people in this life, My Oon, who will be rude and uncaring simply because you like men. You will meet people who are stronger willed than you, people who are weaker. There will be people who you think are better than you and people you could easily look down upon, and I’m not saying you have to like them all, but you do have to show respect for them and not make assumptions about someone just because of their outward appearance. You may be judged to be straight and you might choose to let people think that you are and that doesn’t make you weak - it means you are controlling your own narrative and when you are ready you will share who you are with the world. But for now, remember that you are not inadequate, nor are you less of a man than anyone else. You are loved, you are special and you are just as good as everyone else you meet. You are my son and I love you.”


Arthit feels his anxiety about his appearance recede and he spends a few seconds just looking at the man in front of him before he slides his fingers into the belt loops of his trousers and tugs, “Come here? I want to kiss you.”

They meet in a crash of hungry mouths and wandering hands, Kongpob pulling him tightly against him and cupping the curves of his arse, lifting him slightly. Arthit finds himself groaning into the kiss, pushing his torso against Kongpob’s, bringing his hands up to steady his head, fingers trailing over smooth skin as he slows the slide of Kong’s mouth against his own. 

“Mmm, that’s good, kiss me more. You taste amazing,” Kongpob slips his tongue into Arthit’s mouth and kisses him harder. They trade long, wet kisses that make Arthit’s toes curl in his socks and he moans loudly, vibrations tickling his lips. 

Then Kongpob pulls back and just looks at him before he reaches out with a finger to touch Arthit’s lower lip, dragging it down gently and then a little harder before he slides the finger into the cavern of Arthit’s mouth and presses down against his tongue. “Fuck, you’re hot! You’ve been taunting me all day with these lush lips of yours and you kiss like you can’t get enough of it. So, how do you feel about me fucking your mouth?” 

He raises one eyebrow and his words are so in contrast to the bookish guy Arthit had met earlier, that it’s hard to believe they’re the same person. Kongpob sounds earnest and confident and comfortable with what he’s asking and Arthit feels the thrall of him and he wants to give it to him, he wants to feel the weight of Kong’s cock on his tongue. So he nods furiously and sucks on the finger in his mouth and reaches down to tug Kongpob’s shirt from his trousers.

Firm hands latch onto his and Kongpob draws his attention back up to his face, sliding his finger out, “Sorry, but can you tell me with words? Consent is important to me.”

Arthit smiles, a real one that he knows reaches his eyes and nods again, “Yes please, Kongpob, I’d like to have your cock in my mouth, preferably hitting the back of my throat and filling me up so that I can only moan around it. I like it hard and I want you to make me feel good, please? Oh, if you have any flavoured lube, I’m up for that too.”

Kongpob gives him a look that Arthit can’t interpret beyond ‘Yes, please, I want that too!’ Then leads him over towards his bed, hand firm in Arthit’s. 

“I can tell, P’Arthit, that you are going to be quite something else in bed, aren’t you?” Kongpob leans in and slides his tongue into Arthit’s mouth again and tangles them together, “I think perhaps, you are much dirtier than that head hazer look suggests..” he says as he pulls back and shoots Arthit a heated look, “I think, we are going to have lots of fun together. And yes, of course I have flavoured lube, do you want cherry or raspberry?”

“Cherry, please,” Arthit begins to shuck off his socks and then opens the button of his jeans, desire coursing through him as Kongpob watches hungrily, eyes wide as Arthit starts to reveal his milky skin. 


Quickly, Kongpob’s hands take over, sliding softly across exposed flesh, heel of his hand pressing at Arthit’s cock as he tugs the jeans down his legs and helps him step out of them. Once he’s peeled Arthit out of his trousers and boxers and has him half naked, he just stops and stares and Arthit feels like he’s been stripped more than bare - feels like Kongpob can see into his mind or something and knows everything he’s thinking, sees every little thing he wants the other man to do to him.

Actually, he hopes that’s true, because it will save him a lot of time if Kongpob already knows how much he wants to choke on his cock and how much he wants to be pounded into his mattress - it’s definitely been too long since his last round of sex! 

Kongpob’s eyes widen and he rests them on Arthit’s cock which is straining to escape from the confines of his boxers, “Fuck! You’re so eager, aren’t you, but you need to wait for me to catch up, P’Arthit!” He strokes a long line down Arthit’s thighs as he kneels in front of him and finishes undressing his lower half. “I want you to keep the shirt on,” he admits as he looks up at Arthit through his eyelashes, looking every inch a submissive lover, even though Arthit knows he isn’t and that he is planning to fuck him so hard he won’t be able to walk later. A shudder runs through him at the thought and he smiles down at Kongpob as he continues.

“It’s such a hot look on you, that shirt,” Kongpob says knowingly, rising to his feet and letting his fingers trail over the maroon material, bunching it up to slide fingertips over Arthit’s abs and making him shiver in anticipation, “I love that I’m going to fuck you in your hazer shirt. I can imagine you, shouting out orders and bossing me around, all while I pound into you and you scream my name!”

Arthit whines, then lets a sly smile curl his lips, “Yes please, I want all of that. But first, I really want you to choke me with this.” He reaches out a hand and squeezes Kongpob’s cock through his trousers, loving the way he bucks his hips into his hand.

“Yes, I want that too. Let’s get started..” Kongpob licks his lips and then reaches down and unlatches his belt, sliding it out of the loopholes, enjoying the way Arthit’s eyes track his progress. When he unzips his trousers, Arthit’s hand quivers at his side, but Kongpob shakes his head and Arthit nods, making a fist before he slides to his knees and watches as Kong undresses himself. 

Kong takes his time, pulling the trousers down his legs and stepping out of them, giving Arthit a show as well as giving his cock the chance to prepare for Arthit’s hot, wet mouth. He’s barely able to contain his excitement at the thought of his senior opening up for him and being able to slide into his warm, wet cavern and… fuck!

While he has been known to come twice in a session, Kongpob doesn’t want to rely on being able to today, especially after a few drinks, so he unbuttons his shirt slowly, giving himself time to prepare. 

When he’s ready, he gives Arthit a lazy wink and then bends his knees until he’s seated on his bed, Arthit’s dark hair between his parted legs, “Ready?”

Arthit doesn’t answer, just sticks out his tongue and licks a long wet stripe up Arthit’s cock, enjoying how it jerks at his touch. He lifts his head slightly so he can look up and is pleased to see that Kongpob is watching him, expression pure lust, eyes dark and mouth slack, “Do it again,” he commands, voice a little shaky, and Arthit does. 

When he’s got Kongpob’s cock slippery wet from a few sloppy licks, Arthit opens his mouth and sucks the crown in, sliding his mouth down, hand wrapped around the base to stop him twitching too much, he sucks hard and Kongpob lets out a guttural groan, “Fuuuck, yes!”

Then Arthit starts to slip his mouth up and down, opening his throat so Kongpob can slide in deeper. After a few times, he reaches out and pulls the younger man’s hands from where they’re clasped tightly on his knees and places them on his head. 

Kongpob’s fingertips automatically curl into Arthit’s hair and he encourages Kong to push his mouth up and down over his slippery and engorged cock where it’s pulsing hard against his tongue. 

Kongpob gets a bit lost for a moment as Arthit helps him to slide his cock deeper into his throat and then moans loudly, vibrations making Kongpob moan too at the shuddery feelings that rush through him and make him almost explode in delight. 

“Don’t come,” he whispers to himself, trying his best to stave off the orgasm that wants to escape him. Arthit widens his eyes, mouth stuffed full of Kongpob’s cock, “Move!” Kong orders and then begins to fuck Arthit’s mouth in earnest, hands tight in his hair, cock firm in his mouth. 

With every thrust he feels his cock hit the back of Arthit’s throat and tingling sensations rush through his belly. After a moment more, he knows he’s close, so he grips Arthit’s face gently and tugs, pulling him off with an audible ‘Pop!’

“Amazing..” he rushes out, “But I want to fuck you.. so we have to stop. Please, can I?”

Arthit nods eagerly and climbs up until he’s straddling Kongpob, still in his boxers. The pressure of Arthit’s firm ass resting on Kong’s cock makes him want to weep in pleasure. But Kong focuses, sliding his hands beneath Arthit’s boxers to squeeze him closer, pulling his ass cheeks apart and running a dry finger over his pucker. 

“We gotta use the lube.. Sorry, I got carried away and forgot to give you it,” he grunts and Arthit nods, head pressed into the curve of Kongpob’s neck, teeth nibbling lightly over his collarbones as he pushes his ass back into Kongpob’s hands and then thrusts forwards against his cock, “So, can I use some to open you up? Are you ready for me?”

Arthit’s moan is louder now and for a second Kongpob worries about his thin walls and nosy neighbours. But when Arthit lifts his head and says, “Yes!” And then starts to suck on Kong’s lips, sliding his tongue in and groaning fiercely, he forgets all about it and fumbles behind himself to find lube and a condom. 

Reluctantly, he drags himself away from Arthit’s talented mouth, planting a final kiss against his lips and then stroking a hand over his boxers, feeling the trapped length of his cock within them and shuddering as he thinks about another time and Arthit sliding into him with the firm cock that he’s hiding inside them. 

For a second, he loses himself in his vibrant imagination, but then he snaps back into the room as Arthit grips the hand Kongpob is still stroking him with and pants hotly against his ear, “Well?”

“Let’s get these off,” he commands and tugs Arthit up until he can slide his boxers down his strong thighs and they drop to the floor.

Arthit steps out of them and then flicks them away with one foot. He looks utterly debauched, standing with one hand on his cocked hip, naked from the waist down, maroon hazer shirt tight over his biceps and red, spit slick lips. 

Arthit’s eyes are fierce and Kongpob feels a flash of desire that scares him a little, before he says, “Come here.”


Once Arthit is back in his lap, naked skin soft against his own, Kongpob works on sliding a lube soaked finger into his ass, working him open slowly, grinding Arthit’s cock against his and keeping them both on the edge of an orgasm the whole time - it’s just about the sexiest thing he’s ever done with another guy and he has to take some deep breaths to control his urge to come.

“Feels so good, don’t stop,” Arthit pants out, mouth and hands roaming Kongpob’s naked torso and neck and chin and lips, leaving trails of sparks behind, “I can’t wait to have you in me.”

Kongpob shudders as he slips in a second and then a third finger, Arthit’s ass swallowing his digits easily as he thrusts his fingers in. 

When he calls out, “I’m ready, please, please fuck me.” Kongpob pulls his hand away and his fingers shake as he rolls the condom onto his straining cock. He doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on and he has to take another deep breath so he doesn’t come prematurely.

“Ready?” He asks once he’s sheathed in latex, leaning his weight over Arthit and trying not to say something about how sexy he looks in case it comes out more intimate and loving than he intends.

“Yes, please!” Arthit says, two spots of pink, high on his cheekbones as he looks down where their bodies are about to join. Then he surprises Kongpob, reaching to hook one hand behind his own thigh and lifting it up to give Kongpob easier access. He leans his body back too, his weight resting on one hand, his eyes shrewdly watching.

“You’re going to kill me before we even start!” Kongpob manages to say as he stares down at Arthit’s gaping hole which is gaping and ready for him. 

“Only if you actually get your cock in me!” Arthit replies, shuffling a little towards him as though to urge Kongpob on. 

“Okay, I want to.. but, can you.. can I..?” He trails off as Arthit cocks his head and gives him a questioning look, “I want you in my lap?”

“Oh…” Arthit breathes out, the flush on his cheeks darkening to a rich ruby, “Yes, I want that too.” Then he drops his leg and crawls his way back into Kongpob’s lap, reaching down a hand to line his hard cock up with his ass, “Are you ready?”

Kongpob leans in for a deep kiss and then slides his hands down to cup Arthit’s bum with two large hands, “Yes, I can’t wait to be inside you.”

The second his cock starts to slide into Arthit, Kongpob lets out a soft hiss of pleasure and Arthit’s lips tilt upwards until he’s grinning wildly. Once he’s fully seated, Arthit wraps his arms over Kongpob’s shoulders and strokes the skin of his neck in shuddery trails as Kongpob tries to adjust to the feeling of his cock surrounded by warmth and the tightness of Arthit’s hole. 

“Give me a second,” Arthit whispers and then brings his mouth to Kongpob’s and kisses him fiercely, tangling their tongues and sucking hard, “You feel so good!”

Kongpob kisses him back, trying to tell him without words just how amazing it feels to be deep inside him. Then he gently rolls his hips and Arthit bucks in his lap and then lifts his ass slightly before pressing back down in tiny increments. 

It feels heavenly and Kongpob wants more. He slides his hands up Arthit’s back, stroking the naked skin as he lifts his hazer shirt aside. Once his hands reach Arthit’s shoulders, he looks into his eyes and asks, “Can I fuck you now?”

Arthit shows him all his teeth as he nods then wiggles his ass in Kong’s lap, driving him wild!

It’s too much for Kongpob, who slides his hands out from beneath Arthit’s shirt and then grips his hips hard, tugging him up until his cock is teetering, balanced at the edge of his hole. He holds Arthit in place for a second, locking their eyes together. 

Arthit gives him a tiny nod and Kongpob bucks his hips at the same time as he pulls Arthit down. His cock slides hard inside him and they both gasp aloud, “Yes!” Arthit moans, then pushes up with his thighs to try and make Kongpob do it again. 

He does, pushing into Arthit in long, lazy thrusts that turn shorter and harder and more fierce as they both moan into each other’s mouths. 

When he can’t take the anticipation any more, he slides Arthit’s shirt from his shoulders and sucks a hard bruise into the skin where his neck meets his torso. 

“Kongpob!” Arthit groans, and tips his head back to give him more space, “Fuck me, fuck me, please! I need to come!”

Kongpob growls and pulls away from Arthit’s neck, then twists them on the bed so that Arthit is beneath him now, Kongpob’s cock still buried inside him. He rests his weight on his hands, poised over Arthit, staring down into his almost black eyes, pupils blown out. 

“You’ll never want anyone else to fuck you when I’m done, P’Arthit.” He says fiercely and Arthit nods, hands tugging at his legs, hips thrusting up to try and get Kongpob to slide deeper inside him. 

“Say it, Phi!” Kongpob insists, sliding down a little to ease the pressure on his cock. Arthit’s hole clenches hard against him and Kongpob grits his teeth as he looks down at him. 

“I will never want anyone but you, Kongpob!” Arthit pants and then grips the back of his head and tugs him into a bruising kiss, hissing after, “Will you please fuck me now?”

And Kongpob does. He pistons his hips down, gripping Arthit’s waist as he pushes himself, hard and heavy, into him. The slide against his cock sends shivers through his whole body and Arthit is bucking up against him, moaning into the emptiness of the room. 

There’s a moment when they groan together and it sounds guttural and passionate and perfect. Then Kongpob shifts his weight until he knows he’s hitting Arthit’s prostate. He can tell by the way he bucks even harder and opens his mouth to scream!

When Kongpob feels his ass clench around him, without touching his cock at all, Arthit starts to pulse, wetness spurting over his stomach and hitting Kongpob’s abs too and making them slick. 

He fucks Arthit through his orgasm, pulling it out of him as he feels the tingles of his own growing in his belly.

“Gonna come,” he grunts and Arthit bears down hard, his hole tighter, forcing Kongpob to thrust in with more force, making his cock feel like it might explode any second!


Then it does, pulsing hard inside Arthit as he clenches around him. Kong can’t hold his own weight and collapses against his partner, letting Arthit hold him in his embrace, even as his cock continues to twitch and jerk inside. 


“Feels amazing, Kongpob,” Arthit says, pressing a row of sloppy kisses over his neck and jaw, “Fucking amazing!” Their bodies slide against each other, slick with Arthit’s come and for a moment, he just rests there, not wanting to move, not wanting to leave the warmth of his embrace.

Kongpob basks in their shared orgasm and Arthit holds him in his arms and keeps kissing him gently. 

It’s perfect. 


But eventually they have to pull away, the warm come turning sticky and tacky and sticking them together by the tiny hairs on their bellies. Kongpob pulls out as gently as he can, and stalks, naked, over to his bathroom to grab a wet cloth and wipe the come from Arthit’s belly. 

Arthit relaxes in Kongpob’s care and stays on his bed, watching the stretch of Kongpob’s muscles and the swell of his ass as he moves. It’s truly a spectacular view and he’s grateful that he came here with Kongpob so that he could see it. 

Eventually, Kongpob drops back onto the bed, condom and washcloth dealt with, and pulls Arthit into his arms, dropping a tender kiss on his forehead. “Can we cuddle for a bit?” He asks and Arthit’s heart swoops around in his chest as he nods his ascent. Then Kong drags the covers up and over their naked bodies and they both fall into a light sleep. 

When Arthit wakes up, it’s to the press of Kongpob’s hard cock against him and he turns in his embrace to kiss him awake and then asks if he’s interested in another round.. 

The second time is slow and hot. Kongpob rolling his hips over and over until Arthit feels tingles shoot through him and they come together. 

Later, they make it into the shower, sliding soaped hands into the intimate crevices of each other’s bodies. “This feels right,” Kongpob whispers against Arthit’s neck, though he strains to hear it over the running water.

Arthit grazes his lips over Kongpob’s collarbone and whispers back, “Want to do it again?”


They meet up five times more before the Moon and Stars competition. Each time, they enjoy a frantic fuck followed by Kongpob asking Arthit if he will stay and Arthit sinking into the warmth of his embrace without a care. 

They don’t talk about what it is, just enjoy each other’s company in every way they can. But one time, after the fourth time, Kongpob makes an offhand comment, “You’re not fucking with anyone else right?” And Arthit agrees that he’s not and he kind of wants to ask Kongpob if he’d like to make their fucking exclusive. But he doesn’t - he’s too scared Kong might say no.

But the night of the Moon and Stars competition, Minnie grabs Arthit and beckons him to come backstage with them. He shrugs at his friends as they part, unsure what he could say to them about why he’s being asked to help. 

He finds Kongpob pacing the length of one of the corridors, wearing a dark suit that makes his trim waist look even slimmer and his long legs look even longer. It’s a fucking attractive sight and Arthit has to jam a hand over his cock and think unsexy thoughts about Bright and Tootah and the noodle eating competition they had years ago that had ended with them covered in slippery trails of gravy and bits of cabbage in their hair. 

When he reaches Kongpob, he stretches out his fingers to brush against his arm, bringing him to halt beside him.

“P’Arthit!” Kongpob exclaims and then launches himself into his arms, fingers grasping at his clothes and tugging Arthit in as close as he can get him as he nuzzles under his chin. 

“Kongpob?” Arthit says into his hair as his own hands come up to support his back, “What’s wrong?”

“Stage fright,” Kong barks out and snuggles in tighter, “I didn’t think it would feel like this.”

“But you were amazing,” Arthit says and pulls back to look at him, “In our rehearsal, you were incredible, Kong. I really think you're going to win.”

Kongpob shakes his head, but then he leans in to kiss him on the mouth, once, then again, “Thank you for coming, I didn’t think you would.”

“Wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” Arthit replies and then takes the chance to kiss him back while they are both in the mood. He’s never kissed him somewhere public before and it feels different, a bit wild and freeing and good, it feels good. 

Kongpob grins and kisses him more slowly, “This is nice,” he says between brushes of their mouths, echoing Arthit’s thoughts, “kissing you here and not in my room.”

Arthit nods back and then deepens the next kiss, holding Kongpob’s face in his hands and using his tongue to show him exactly how he feels. 

“I think I’ll do okay today,” Kongpob says, panting a little as they finally pull back, “With your kisses as my good luck charm,” he shoots him a winning smile and then steps back and smooths down his clothes, spending a little while on his trousers much to Arthit’s delight. 

Then he leans in for a final kiss and whispers in Arthit’s ear, warm breath making him shiver, “When I win, will you be my prize?”

Arthit pulls away and gives him a heated look, “I just might be. But you have to win first!”

“No problem.” Kong replies and then smirks as he turns and heads down the corridor and back to the backstage area. 

Arthit goes back to his friends and watches the contest from the front, cheering for his own faculty candidates when they appear on the stage and then again, a little quieter, for Kongpob. His friends shoot him questioning looks, but he stays tight-lipped as he listens to Kong’s answers to the questions and watches the way he confidently speaks. 

It’s extremely attractive and he’s pleased to see that all their hard work with Minnie has paid off. In fact, Arthit feels a pang of disappointment when they reach the talent part. He kind of wishes he could be up there with Kongpob, harmonising with him and playing for him. 

The Economics star does a decent job though and they are the strongest pair for sure. Arthit feels almost certain they are going to win, so he slips away before it can be announced and sneaks into the backstage area where he waits, pacing nervously. 

Eventually, Minnie appears, Kongpob and his partner in tow, ready for their pictures. They bustle around, getting them in the best place for their close ups, adjusting their sashes and flowers until they’re happy with them. 

Then, Minnie heads over to Arthit and rests their arm on his shoulder, “What did you say to Kongpob?” They ask, leaning in, “Whatever it was, it was like magic! Look at him! All his fears melted away and he was an absolute darling on the stage!”

Arthit doesn’t know how to reply, just continues to watch Kong as Minnie keeps up a constant stream of chatter in his ear. 


They all end up at one of the campus bars. It’s rammed full of Stars and Moons and their supporters and Arthit has to elbow his way through them all to find his friends. 

Predictably, Bright is talking about one of the stars from another faculty and lamenting the fact that she wasn’t interested in him while Prem pretends to be interested in the conversation and scans the room. 

Kongpob wanders away to find his friends while Arthit and Minnie join the gaggle of engineers in the corner.

“Can you believe Econ won?” Tootah asks as they arrive and Minnie immediately starts to explain exactly why Kongpob was a deserved winner.

Arthit’s friends pretend to be angered that their own faculty didn’t take first place, but he doesn’t join in. Instead, his eyes track Kongpob to where he’s sharing a one-armed hug with a young man he recognises from hazing. It must be the friend Kongpob mentioned during their first meeting, he decides. 

He startles from his observation when Minnie says his name, looking over to find Bright convulsing in laughter over Tootah’s shoulder while both Prem and Knott attempt to hide their own amusement.

“Arthit?” Tootah is saying, loudly, “Arthit helped? No chance.. that’s impossible!”

“He did!” Minnie insists and then whips out their phone and loads up a video that Arthit wasn’t aware existed. He’s too far away and the crowd has shifted so that there are too many people between them now for him to get over there quickly and stop it.

The sound of him and Kongpob singing, their voices blending seamlessly, pours from the speakers, and around them people stop chatting and lean in to listen. 

Arthit can feel his cheeks heating up as he fights his way through the throng to reach his friends, just as Kongpob looks up at the sound and locks their eyes together. 

Kongpob tilts his head and Arthit shakes his as he keeps fighting towards his friends. 

“Minnie!” He yells, reaching out for the phone which is pulled higher, so that he can’t get to it. “Minnie! You said you wouldn’t mention this again! You said you’d never mention it!”

“I’m not mentioning it!” Minnie shouts back as the volume of their phone increases and the song continues to fill the room, “I’m showing it! Just be grateful it’s not the one of you in a skirt!”

“Minnie!” Arthit groans as his friends and fellow engineers start to catcall around him. He tries to be angry, but fails as the song washes over him and reminds him of that day and the way his heart had soared as he and Kongpob had sung. Reminding him of something more, something intense and fearless and beautiful too. 

Finally he reaches Minnie, just as Kongpob gets there from the other side, his freshman engineer friend in tow. “Minnie! Turn it off!”

“Come on Arthit! I didn’t know you were a campus star!” Tootah exclaims, reaching out to pat his shoulder, “You sound amazing too, shame you couldn’t enter! And what’s this about a skirt?”

“Ai’Toot!” Arthit growls and shoots him a dark look, seeing the second that M flinches visibly at Kongpob’s side.

“What? I guess you’ll tell me about that later right? But, seriously, it’s true, you and Nong Kongpob sound brilliant together. You should get together and perform more often.”

Around him there are loud murmurs in agreement and Kongpob sends him a small smile. 

“Umm Kong, you know P’Arthit?” Kongpob’s friend asks, eyes widening as he looks between them, “And.. you’re not scared of him?”

Kongpob laughs, his whole body shaking, “No, Em. I’m not scared of him. He’s actually.. just a big softie when you get to know him!”

“Kongpob!” Arthit tries to frown at him, but he knows it comes out more like a fond grimace. 

“What is it, Phi?” Kong asks cheekily, raising an eyebrow, and for a moment it reminds Arthit so much of the first time they had sex that his cock twitches in his pants at the memories that flood his mind, and he has to look away. 

When he looks up, it’s clear that Kongpob didn’t miss it, if his smirk is anything to go by, “So, do you all think we sounded good together, Phi’s?” Kongpob asks, looking at the circle that has gathered around them. 

There’s a general agreement from the crowd and Arthit finds himself smiling as he stares into Kongpob’s eyes. 

“Then, I guess we’d better practice, P’Arthit?” He asks, all innocence, when Arthit knows what he’s really thinking. 

“Now, Nong?” Arthit asks, shooting him an innocent look back, “Think we can borrow the guitar?”

“I’m certain we can, Phi. I think it might need your expert fingers to tune it though.”

“Oh really.. Well, I suppose I could spend some time on that. Shall we head out?”

Arthit winks and Kongpob stutters, “Err.. yes, now. Let’s go.”

They leave to a round of applause as Minnie starts the song all over again and points at the pair. 


“That wasn’t a conversation about playing a song together, was it?” Prem asks as he leans into Knott’s space.

“No, Prem. That was definitely not about a guitar. I guess we know who Arthit’s fucking now!”

“A campus Moon.. he really doesn’t do things like the rest of us, does he Knott?”

“Well, what else would you expect from our head hazer? He’s a law unto himself. Want to bet on when he’ll tell us?”

Prem laughs, “No way, I always lose bets to you. I’m far too poor for that.”

“Shame,” Knott replies and waggles a hand between Bright and Tootah, “I thought I might get these two idiots involved and up the prize fund..”

“Oh, good idea.. well okay, I might be amenable to a bet or two..”


Outside the bar, Kongpob drags Arthit into the alley off the side of it, “Come here, I can’t wait,” he says, voice husky with desire. Then he shoves Arthit against the wall and attacks his neck, nipping passionate kisses into Arthit’s soft skin. 

“Well, if this is what you winning gets me, I hope you enter many more contests,” Arthit replies, lifting his chin to give Kongpob better access as his hands thread through his thick hair. 

“I won it for you, Phi. It was all for you.”

Arthit’s breath hitches and he closes his eyes briefly, wondering what it means.

“I wanted to ask you,” Kongpob continues, lifting his head back up and sliding their mouths close together, “Are you interested in dating me?” He kisses Arthit hard and then nuzzles back against his neck, “Exclusively, I mean?”

Arthit groans as Kongpob sucks another kiss just under his jaw, and pants loudly, “Yes. I want that, us, exclusive. Yes!” Then he tugs Kongpob’s face up to his own and kisses him hard and fierce.

And then, when Arthit’s finished making sure Kongpob knows exactly how he feels about becoming an official couple, they go back to Kongpob’s dorm and don’t tune the guitar. 

They don’t tune the guitar for several pleasant hours.


A few weeks later, Arthit thanks Minnie for bringing them together by sending them an engineering shirt that is covered in sparkles that they wear everywhere and thank him for in public, making Arthit blush!

And Knott wins the bet, to Prem’s annoyance, when Arthit tells his friends that he’s exclusively dating Kongpob the following month.

The End.