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Loving You

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The following day came and the day was clear and the sun was brilliant and enlightened the lodge in the woodland. Within it, the two young ladies were dozing calmly because of the provocative exercises they plowed late.

At the point when Jeongyeon woke up with the sun warming her back, she snorted in dismay and pulled the little body close to hers nearer, her rooster starting to mix in her fighters at the beautiful fragrance of the next to her. As far as she might be concerned, Nayeon's smell was the best sexual enhancer, particularly when she could smell the sex and sweat off of her delicate skin. As she moved her hips to pound her gradually solidifying shaft against Nayeon's butt, she groaned delicately and followed brief kisses down the icon's neck, sliding her hand up the brunette's thighs and past the light blue nightie that she wore.

She was ravenous, yet not for food. What she needed to eat and violate was Nayeon's body, to have intercourse or to screw her against the bed while she licked and sucked on her skin. To swallow the symbol's groans while she siphoned her rooster inside the languid morning warmth of her pussy, anxious to feel smooth young lady cum splash the length of her thick meat.

Her hazel eyes obscured at the idea, and she stroked the smooth skin of Nayeon's internal thighs prior to moving her hand higher, until she felt the delicate quality of the brunette's exposed pussy lips against her fingers. Murmuring in endorsement, she kept kissing Nayeon's neck while delicately stroking her folds, presently rutting her groin all the more persistently.

She grinned when Nayeon moaned and made a calm, mewling commotion, unwittingly crushing back against her seething erection. The erosion of her fighters against her dick made her moan, and she covered her face against Nayeon's hair, at that point slid her other hand further up, until she connected with full and peppy tits.

At this, Nayeon at long last began to awaken from her sleep, murmuring in endorsement as Jeongyeon investigated her sodden sex.

"Gracious, great morning, Jeongyeon," Nayeon moaned cheerily, cuddled facing the blonde while her tits and pussy were played with.

"Good day, Bunny," Jeongyeon mumbled, quickly halting her ministrations to kiss her all out the lips.

Nayeon grinned and developed the kiss at that point followed Jeongyeon's lips utilizing her tongue, inhumane that her neck was extended at an abnormal position. Jeongyeon eliminated her hands from under Nayeon's nightie, permitting the brunette to move around with the goal that they confronted one another. Profound, earthy colored eyes-maintained eye contact with her, and Nayeon held her face in two hands, at that point got her for another kiss.

Her toes twisted as Nayeon pulled and snacked on her lower lip, and she slipped her hand inside the meager material and contacted the brunette's pussy once more.

"Don't you need to have breakfast first?" Nayeon groaned as Jeongyeon followed her under lips utilizing her pointer.

"I need an alternate sort of breakfast," Jeongyeon husked, watching Nayeon's eyelids ripple close as she touched her delicate hill. "I need to go down on you and eat your pussy first… "

"What else will you do?" Nayeon bit her lip enchantingly, earthy colored circles dull with desire.

"From that point forward, I'll suck on your tits and eat up them. And afterward I will put my cockerel in you, make you groan my name… " Jeongyeon pressed Nayeon's pussy and flicked her tongue against the brunette's ear cartilage. Nayeon heaved and shivered, and Jeongyeon grinned at her response.

"T-that sounds so great," Nayeon stammered and kicked her hips.

"Gracious, yet that is not all, Bunny… " Jeongyeon gazed at Nayeon, want flowing through her veins. "I will take care of your tight minimal pussy its morning meal. Also, you understand what I will give it?" Nayeon gulped and shook her head feebly. "I will empty my sperm within you."

"Fuck," Nayeon reviled and shut her legs around Jeongyeon's hand, her thighs shuddering somewhat. "Do it, babe… "

"With delight," Jeongyeon smiled and crept down Nayeon's body, climbing up the nightie so it packed around the brunette's midsection.

Seeing wet pussy lips welcomed her, and Jeongyeon snarled eagerly. She separated Nayeon's legs and inclined in, planting little kisses all around her smooth center. Over her, Nayeon wheezed and fisted her hair, moving her hips to acquire erosion. Jeongyeon murmured and smoothed her tongue against Nayeon's sex, giving it a wide lick.

And afterward she began to devour Nayeon's smooth pussy, lapping enthusiastically at her pink folds. Nayeon began bumping her mouth in heat, her groans becoming stronger as she was completely eaten out by Jeongyeon. The musky taste of Nayeon's excitement filled Jeongyeon's mouth, and she smacked her lips against the symbol's trickling sex.

"Your pussy is so great, darling. I simply need to have this for breakfast each day." Jeongyeon gulped and mouthed at Nayeon's smooth pussy lips, touching her teeth against the delicate tissue.

The tarnished sounds coming from Nayeon's cunt made Jeongyeon's cockerel pulsate agonizingly in her fighters, enticing her to haul it out and stroke herself while she ate the brunette out. However, Nayeon's noisy groans and mewls of endorsement and delight diverted her, so she focused on making her cum first utilizing her mouth.

"You're so awesome at eating my pussy," Nayeon moaned and fisted the sheets, hips ascending off the bed to crush her grab against Jeongyeon's face.

Jeongyeon grinned and worked quicker, making the most of Nayeon's hints of endorsement. She focused on Nayeon's clit tight circles, until the brunette was squirming wildly over her. Furthermore, when she squeezed the hard stub, Nayeon accompanied a noisy screech, pussy juices flooding out of her opening. Smiling in please, Jeongyeon drank everything and licked Nayeon's pussy spotless, at that point immediately stripped herself until she was bare.

In the wake of recuperating from her climax, Nayeon pulled off her nightie and tossed it across the room, and Jeongyeon thrusted at her. Their lips smashed together in a messy kiss, tongues battling and their legs tangled together. Jeongyeon snorted and rutted her hard-on against Nayeon's thigh, spreading pre-cum on top of it.

Getting her dick by the base, Jeongyeon settled the head in the middle of Nayeon's stout pussy lips, shutting her eyes at the wetness that covered her entire length. Nayeon whimpered as Jeongyeon scoured her shaft against her folds, and shook her hips to get that thick meat inside her opening.

"Quit prodding," Nayeon gritted her teeth, more squeezes spilling out of her opening as Jeongyeon slapped her pussy utilizing her rooster.

"Nuh-uh," Jeongyeon smiled and still her hips, with Nayeon moaning in dismay.

"Jeongyeon, please. My pussy requirements your rooster," Nayeon screwed her eyes shut and made obscene commotions, making blood race through Jeongyeon's head.

Jeongyeon snorted and gradually pushed her shaft inside Nayeon's passageway, the velvet warmth inviting every last trace of her part. This was her new main thing when she engaged in sexual relations with Nayeon; her cockerel sliding all through her grasping pussy, the glow making her dick pulsate relentlessly. When she was completely sheathed, Nayeon folded her legs over her abdomen and let out a groan of endorsement. She planted kisses everywhere on Nayeon's neck and chest as she gradually began siphoning her shaft, savoring the snugness of the brunette's pussy.

Getting a handle on at Jeongyeon's shoulders, Nayeon delved her nails into the fair skin as she was loaded up with the blondie's circumference. Jeongyeon push into her with profound strokes, periodically moving her hips to crush her chicken into the languid warmth of the young lady's drenched pussy. Nayeon's legs loosened on their hold, permitting Jeongyeon to push her shaft further.

"God, I love having your pussy toward the beginning of the day," Jeongyeon murmured and mouthed at Nayeon's enthusiastic bosoms. She flicked her tongue against the solidified areolas, always failing to let down the speed of her beating. "So delicate and warm… "

Nayeon screeched as the highest point of Jeongyeon's dick hit her sweet spot, groaning in unadulterated euphoria as the blonde over and over slammed her shaft against that difficult situation. Her pussy made wicked commotions that prodded Jeongyeon on, the headboard of the bed hammering against the divider as they screwed.

"DAMN!" Nayeon shouted and came after an especially unforgiving push that almost pushed Jeongyeon's cockerel out. All things considered, Jeongyeon kept controlling into her trembling pussy, balls slapping against the brunette's butt.

"Crap! Going to give your hot pussy its morning meal," Jeongyeon moaned as she came, emptying her seed inside Nayeon's gripping sex.

Nayeon shivered as she was loaded up with Jeongyeon's sperm, thighs shaking as the blondie hindered her pushes. With a delicate groan, Jeongyeon lay leeway on top of Nayeon, the brunette murmuring sluggishly as they nestled.

"Had enough?" Jeongyeon gasped, rooster actually sheathed inside Nayeon's doused sex.

"On the off chance that you're inquiring as to whether my pussy feels full with your sperm, I'm apprehensive not," Nayeon said wickedly as she grasped her dividers around Jeongyeon's as yet unbending shaft. Jeongyeon moaned and dropped her head against the brunette's shoulder. "Breakfast should be the heaviest dinner of the day, right?"

Jeongyeon planted her hands on one or the other side of Nayeon's head, watching earthy colored circles twirl with desire as they gazed back at her. Now and then she thought about how they had the option to get up once they begun having intercourse, particularly since both their sex drives left hand in some cases.

Nayeon grinned and crushed her pussy muscles, gagging Jeongyeon's shaft. This made Jeongyeon snarl profoundly, rooster pounding inside the wet warmth of the brunette.

"You need hefty? I'll give you substantial." Jeongyeon snared Nayeon's legs over her shoulders and peered down, licking her lips at the smoothness of the brunette's pussy.

Jeongyeon pulled out her rooster until just the tip stayed covered inside Nayeon's opening, and with a low groan, she pummeled the entire of her length directly back in, evoking a sharp shout. She blasted through Nayeon's pussy with fast, cruel pushes, their position permitting the tip of her thick meat to brush against the harsh, spongey spot somewhere inside the brunette's cunt.

Nayeon plied her bosoms and groaned wildly, legs shuddering against Jeongyeon's shoulders. Reluctant to let on, Jeongyeon generally beat Nayeon's grab, profound, pleasured moans thundering in her chest. She peered down, watching the manner in which her splashed rooster slid all through Nayeon's all around screwed pussy effortlessly, the flickering lips completely separated to oblige her bigness.

Her abs strained with the power of her pushes, and Nayeon's bosoms ricocheted with the manner in which she was nailed into the bed with Jeongyeon's prick. Morning sex, Jeongyeon chose, was perhaps the best thing ever. She cherished how warm and responsive Nayeon's pussy was for her dick; the best great daytime welcoming for her shaft.

"Ohhh, babe!" Nayeon howled, her sex clasping down firmly on Jeongyeon's part. "Try not to stop, don't stop, don't stop! Feels so great!"

Jeongyeon gasped and screwed her eyes shut, hips actually pummeling forward at a quick speed to screw the brunette. Her rooster jerked and beat inside Nayeon's wet pussy, her balls fixing like asking for discharge. She dropped Nayeon's legs and pushed their lips together for an avaricious kiss, all tongue and teeth while they shook to and fro against one another.

Little hands stroked her brilliant hair while they traded messy kisses, the smooth, suppressing hints of Nayeon's pussy sucking in her rooster making Jeongyeon crazy. She squeezed Nayeon's bosoms and nipped on her neck, their perspiration splashed skin slapping.

Nayeon shouted out and angled her back after the tip of Jeongyeon's cockerel touched her spot once more, and the blondie zeroed in every last bit of her pushes into that part. Cries and moans of unadulterated joy skiped across the dividers of the room, making it harder for Jeongyeon to hold herself in. The clamors of sheer joy tearing through Nayeon's lips made Jeongyeon moan, and the snugness that encased her prick made it hard for her to pull out.

"Nnnghh, fuck!" Nayeon heaved, hips ascending off the bed to screw herself back against Jeongyeon's shaft. "So great! Give me that dick!"

Jeongyeon murmured in torment as Nayeon delved her nails into her back, at that point wrapped her long, delicate legs freely against her hips.

"Cum in me, please," Nayeon wailed, utilizing her pussy muscles to hold Jeongyeon's shaft in a passing stifle. "Cause my pussy to eat a greater amount of your hot sperm!"

This put Jeongyeon at her limit, her neck stressing as she moaned out Nayeon's name and discharged her second burden inside the brunette's getting a handle on and avaricious pussy, body shuddering from the power of her climax. Nayeon wheezed and continued draining her rooster until she at long last came herself, spurting out her pussy juices.

"If it's not too much trouble, disclose to me that was sufficient," Jeongyeon asked pitifully, her shaft mellowing inside the glow of Nayeon's beaten sex.

"Try not to stress, it is," Nayeon grinned languidly and coasted her lips along Jeongyeon's jaw. "That was certainly a hot and hefty breakfast for my pussy."

"Great, since I need some food to eat now," Jeongyeon moaned as she drooped on top of Nayeon.

"Oh my poor baby," Nayeon cooed delicately as she ran her hands through Jeongyeon's perspiration drenched hair. Jeongyeon moaned and turned over so as not to pound the icon under her weight, her chicken getting out of Nayeon's smooth sex. "Stand by here and I'll bring you genuine nourishment for breakfast in bed, alright?"

At this, Jeongyeon grinned and gestured. "God, I can hardly wait to go on an appropriate date with you."

Nayeon laughed and kissed Jeongyeon pleasantly on the lips. "I can hardly wait either, babe."

Jeongyeon's stomach began to thunder, and Nayeon just giggled and softly slapped her stomach.




After they had their morning meal, Jeongyeon cleaned up while Nayeon was caught up with chatting on her telephone. Jeongyeon saw the icon endorsed as she escaped the shower with a towel over her body.

"What?" Jeongyeon asked worried as she ran her hands through her actually wet hair.

Nayeon took a gander at her and grinned feebly. "It's about your vehicle sort out. Since this lodge is far away from the city, it's going to take them like 4 hours to arrive. What are we going to do work at that point?" Nayeon said a little stressed if the photographic artist had different activities.

Jeongyeon essentially grinned and gazed back. "There's nothing more to it?"

Nayeon frowned and inquired. "Don't you have activities? I don't need you being stuck here."

"I wouldn't fret being left with a heavenly messenger in no place." Jeongyeon said with a beguiling voice. "Regardless of whether it's for 4 hours or more."

Nayeon was reddening so hard at the remark that her face resembled a tomato and she felt butterflies on her stomach. God, she didn't go through a legitimate day with the blonde and she previously really liked her.

"Feel free to have a shower. At that point we'll sort it out how we can deal with kill time." Jeongyeon said grinning, happy with the impact she had on the symbol. After yesterday and that morning, she began to accept that she was unable to go through one day more without being close to the brunette.




Since it would going to require a couple of hours to have the vehicle fixed, they consented to watch a film. They began playing a senseless parody and even Nayeon arranged some popcorn. From the start, Jeongyeon appeared into the plot of the film however soon that all flied out of the window when she went to take a gander at the attractive brunette close to her.

They should watch the film, however Nayeon demanded sitting on Jeongyeon's lap despite the fact that the sofa clearly had a very sizable amount of room for the two of them to sit on.

Without the need of the young lady sitting on her lap.

It had been quite recently sitting from the outset, however partially through the film, Nayeon had effectively begun to wriggle, making calm, mewling clamors. Her butt burrowing against her groin, until her shaft turned out to be completely erect.

Furthermore, presently, Jeongyeon required a type of alleviation from the seething hard-on she was having under her running pants. Sweat streamed down her brow each time Nayeon moved on her lap, burrowing her butt further constantly against her groin. What aggravated it was that Nayeon was making little, groaning sounds and fundamentally crushing as hard as possible against her. They had Nayeon's lodge all to themselves, yet when the brunette inquired as to whether she needed to watch a film, she didn't expect that dry bumping was important for the arrangement.

The volume of the TV was set rather high; however, it didn't do any great in concealing the icon's hot groans and her own worn out relaxing. Her cockerel was horrendously hard at this point, and Nayeon made little circles with her hips, every so often bobbing all over like she was riding her dick. Which she should have, on the grounds that she was at that point beginning to bump Jeongyeon heatedly.

"Nayeon, you need to stop that now," Jeongyeon murmured and planted her hands solidly on Nayeon's legs to stop her ministrations. "You disclosed to me we were heading out to watch a film!"

"I know," Nayeon gasped, attempting to rotate against Jeongyeon's lap. "In any case, I can't resist. Your chicken feels so large against my butt, babe."

"Jesus!" Jeongyeon shouted and covered her face against Nayeon's neck, kissing and sucking on the fix of skin for poise. "Nayeonie, please," she argued, however Nayeon gave off an impression of being having none of it. All things considered, she began to unobtrusively sing a filthy melody, one of the many they've utilized as an ambient sound while they had intercourse.

"All things considered, you've nearly screwed me yesterday on this love seat," Nayeon said casually, moving her hips to get Jeongyeon's cockerel jerk and pulsate. "For what reason should this be any unique?"

Jeongyeon whimpered and tenderly piece on Nayeon's neck, shaking her hips on schedule with the brunette's bumping. "Since watching a film doesn't liken to sex."

"Babe," Nayeon cried and grasped Jeongyeon's hand, managing it up her skirt. Jeongyeon sat frozen when Nayeon lead her hand to her groin where she expected to contact cotton, yet rather wound up contacting the young lady's uncovered pussy.

"You're not wearing any undies," Jeongyeon husked as she gradually stroked Nayeon's smooth folds, procuring calm cries of pleasure. "You insidious, underhanded young lady. Your pussy is so wet, damn."

"That is how you deal with me, Jeongyeon. You and your huge, hard rooster," Nayeon said heatedly as she ground against Jeongyeon's hand.

"Indeed, you better expectation this film completes soon with the goal that I can screw you and your tight minimal pussy hard and great in bed," Jeongyeon nipped at Nayeon's jaw and palmed her trickling sex. Nayeon bit her lip to control her groans and tossed her head back against Jeongyeon's shoulder, spreading her legs open.

"Why pause? You can screw me now, Jeongyeon," Nayeon smiled and nipped at Jeongyeon's jaw. "I couldn't care less about the film any longer. It's exhausting contrasted with having your dick inside me."

"You are so—ugh, fine!" Jeongyeon at last yielded. Nayeon radiated and lifted her hips, helping Jeongyeon pull down her running pants and fighters enough to free her pounding part.

Jeongyeon folded her arms over Nayeon's abdomen as the brunette guided her beating part to her passageway, groaning delicately at the warmth that invited her shaft. She pushes gradually and cautiously, prodding Nayeon a bit.

Over her, Nayeon hung on firmly to the armrest of the sofa while she wrinkled her eyebrows together and made delicate commotions at the rear of her throat. Covering her face against Nayeon's neck, Jeongyeon slid her hands under her sweetheart's shirt and made a choked commotion of endorsement when she interacted with her bosoms. She grabbed tenderly, and Nayeon murmured and moved her hips, gripping her dividers around Jeongyeon's dick.

Before long, Nayeon was meeting her push for push, cutting herself down each time Jeongyeon fueled her chicken upwards. Nayeon's hot pussy sucked her in, and Jeongyeon muttered incoherencies as she zeroed in on getting them both off as quick as possible. Just so she could get stripped with Nayeon in bed as fast as could really be expected.

"Gracious, Jeongyeon," Nayeon groaned delicately, stirring her hips all over against the prick that more than once skewered her pussy.

"You need to cum for me at the present time, Nayeon," Jeongyeon snorted into Nayeon's neck, her balls starting to fix.

Nayeon breathed in strongly and came, smooth young lady cum spouting out of her opening that totally soaked Jeongyeon's actually siphoning part. Feeling Nayeon's dividers beginning to drain her all the more persistently, Jeongyeon let go with a stifled moan of help as she unloaded every last bit of her heap inside the icon's warm pussy. At this, Nayeon moaned happily, laying slack in Jeongyeon's arms, a merry look carved all over.

Jeongyeon hated to upset Nayeon in her climax, however she expected to pull up her jeans immediately to protect her still inflexible post. She nipped at Nayeon's ear cartilage and tapped the swell of her hips, and the brunette snorted in disappointment prior to lifting her hips, Jeongyeon's dick sliding out simultaneously. Moaning in alleviation, Jeongyeon pulled up her fighters and workout pants and Nayeon sat down on her lap.

She kissed the scruff of Nayeon's neck and slid her hand back under the young lady's skirt, gathering their joined cum utilizing her fingers. Jeongyeon took care of Nayeon her fingers, quietly appreciating the manner in which the brunette's tongue whirled around them to lick off their cum.

"Flavorful," Nayeon murmured enticingly, nipping at Jeongyeon's pointer just in case. "In any case, you're still so hard, babe," she stressed by crushing her butt against Jeongyeon's groin.

"Poo," Jeongyeon murmured and grasped Nayeon's midsection firmly to keep her still. "Truly, for what reason did you at any point request to watch a film if all you planned to do was bump me?"


Nayeon murmured and shifted her neck to nip at Jeongyeon's jaw. "You realize I can't help myself and you're not kidding."


"Indeed, it doesn't seem as though you really need to watch the film, so I'll simply turn it off," Jeongyeon moaned and tapped the swell of Nayeon's hip.


Whistling cheerfully, Nayeon remained from Jeongyeon's lap and the blondie killed the TV and catapulted the CD from the DVD player. Similarly as she set the circle back on the rack, Nayeon approached her and stretched around to crush her erect chicken from its limits.


Jeongyeon heaved and cleared Nayeon off the ground, lifting her up behind her. The brunette squeaked in shock, however Jeongyeon paid her no brain and left the parlor with Nayeon defenselessly clinging to her. When they were inside Nayeon's room, Jeongyeon put her down and caught her against the entryway, coming to behind the brunette to bolt it.

Nayeon basically gazed at her, not seeming sorry at all for what had recently unfolded. Also, Jeongyeon understood what she was attempting to do. It was exasperating her up so they could have harsh and uproarious sex, and she was screwing great going to offer it to her.

"Strip," Jeongyeon instructed, and Nayeon immediately pulled off her shirt, leaving her bosoms exposed. "Very little to strip, is there? You needed to be screwed that seriously, huh?"

Crying defenselessly, Nayeon gestured and dismissed from her shoes and removed her socks, leaving her in her shamefully short skirt. Jeongyeon cackled her tongue and gazed at Nayeon's tits, areolas stressing against the air.

"So that was the reason you were so quick in the washroom? You didn't place your underwear before the film with the expectation that I would push my rooster inside your tight minimal pussy without taking off your base garments, is that it?" Jeongyeon murmured and squeezed her body against Nayeon, watching the brunette therapist and gesture. "Anyway, you needed to be screwed in your skirt, am I right?"

"Y-yes!" Nayeon squeaked as Jeongyeon squeezed her thigh against her sex, her skirt riding up to uncover her smooth pussy lips.

"All things considered; I will screw you against this entryway at the present time. Furthermore, you won't remove your skirt until I get done with beating you against it. Am I getting my point across?" Jeongyeon raised an eyebrow as she squeezed her thigh all the more solidly against Nayeon's exposed cunt.

Nayeon groaned and began bumping her leg, yet Jeongyeon stuck her hands over her head and ensured that she kept still. Whimpering in disappointment, Nayeon attempted to break free yet Jeongyeon had a tight hang on her.

"No bumping, Nayeon," Jeongyeon snarled, and Nayeon shrank and let out a little cry. "Presently, be a decent young lady and allowed me to screw your pussy hard, since that was what you needed in any case."

Jeongyeon let go of Nayeon and pulled her running pants and fighters, allowing them to pool at her lower legs, raising Nayeon's legs, she lifted the brunette up and pummeled her solid post inside her grab, setting a quick and hard speed. Wheezing pointedly, Nayeon folded her legs over Jeongyeon's abdomen and gotten at her shoulders, urgently gripping on for dear life as she was beaten against the entryway.

Shifting back and forth among groaning and shouting, Nayeon grasped her pussy around Jeongyeon's cockerel, rubbing the thick shaft utilizing her dividers. Snorting vigorously, Jeongyeon inclined forward and took one of Nayeon's bosoms in her mouth, nursing cruelly as she fueled her cockerel forward. Nayeon mewled and stroked Jeongyeon's hair while she ate up her tits, sporadically sucking and tenderly gnawing at her areolas.

"Screwing tight pussy," Jeongyeon nibbled out cruelly, and Nayeon howled boisterously as she was nailed generally against her entryway. "Yes? You love being screwed this way?"

"Ok! Indeed! Continue to screw me with your dick, Jeongyeon!" Nayeon argued, eyes moved to the rear of her head in sheer joy.

"You are going to cum for me, and afterward I will pound you on your bed," Jeongyeon moaned, her abs stressing with the exertion of her cruel pushes.

"Indeed!" Nayeon shouted in delight, diving her nails into Jeongyeon's dressed back as she came, pussy juices spilling out of her opening in solid sprays.

"Gracious definitely," Jeongyeon groaned and emptied her sperm inside Nayeon's pussy, balls jerking as she discharged herself. "Mmm," she murmured and nestled Nayeon's neck, chest rising and falling quickly as she attempted to get up to speed to her breath.

"Amazing," Nayeon snickered as Jeongyeon groveled her neck and her lips. "That was astonishing."

"Who said I was finished with you? You needed unpleasant, I'll give you harsh," Jeongyeon said, her demeanor unamused. She stripped her shirt and bra, ventured off her sweats and clothing, at that point speedily pulled down Nayeon's skirt. "Hands and knees on the bed, and I need your knees on the edge."

Nayeon swallowed and mixed towards the bed, promptly getting into position. Jeongyeon smiled and strolled towards her, shaft actually standing gladly between her legs. She spread her legs on one or the other side of Nayeon's and pushed her part within the brunette's trickling sex, snorting at the smooth warmth that invited her.

"Okay, presently I need you to keep your knees together and make that decent pussy as close for me as could really be expected," Jeongyeon husked, and Nayeon mewled and shut her legs.

Jeongyeon moaned as Nayeon's pussy became tighter and more smacked the icon's butt once, acquiring a sharp pant of shock. She mitigated the sting with her palm and conveyed another blow, and Nayeon whimpered and battled to keep herself upstanding.

"Wicked young ladies have the right to be hit," Jeongyeon limited her eyes, and Nayeon gasped and gestured her arrangement. "Goodness, you like being punished, huh? Does it make your pussy significantly wetter when I hit your butt?"

"Ok! Indeed!" Nayeon groaned when Jeongyeon slapped her palm against her correct butt cheek. "P-punish me, Jeongyeon!"

"Tally to six, baby. At the point when you're finished checking, I will screw what has a place with me once more," Jeongyeon mumbled, scouring her palm over Nayeon's butt to calm it a bit. "Is it accurate to say that you are prepared?"

"I'm prepared," Nayeon bit her lip, and Jeongyeon smacked her once more. "One!"

Jeongyeon stroked the imprint on Nayeon's butt cheek and slapped once more, and the brunette yelled. "Two!"

It went on until the 6th, and when Jeongyeon completed, Nayeon's eyes sparkled with unshed tears and her pussy dribbling with her squeezes that doused Jeongyeon's part and pooling on the sheets. Jeongyeon reclined a bit, cockerel still completely sheathed in Nayeon's center, and appreciated her handicraft.

Nayeon's butt was shaded a radiant red, with Jeongyeon's impressions engraved on it. Concluding that Nayeon had enough, Jeongyeon inclined forward and followed kisses down the young lady's spine, beginning to push her hips forward.

"Close those legs again for me, baby," Jeongyeon murmured tenderly, and Nayeon groaned and got in line.

Snatching Nayeon's hips, Jeongyeon animated her pushes, watching her shaft plunge all through Nayeon's smooth sex. Nayeon grasped the bedsheets firmly as Jeongyeon more than once pushed her rooster inside her pussy, hauling pleasurably against her dividers. The smoothness of her center made it simpler for Jeongyeon to slide her dick all through her, tarnished crushing sounds being made all the while.

Jeongyeon murmured and watched her shaft go all through Nayeon's smooth sex, the entire of her length gleaming with the brunette's cum. The blissful groans and shouts of delight that left Nayeon's lips made her frantic with desire, and she got a handle on the icon's hips firmly as she slammed her pussy, shutting her eyes as she animated the speed of her screwing.

Nayeon moaned and arrived at a hand between her legs to finger her clit, bosoms skipping as Jeongyeon pummeled her hips forward, balls slapping against her butt.

"Quicker, babe! Screw my pussy some more!" Nayeon groaned in happiness, catching Jeongyeon's chicken in her dividers.

"Good lord!" Jeongyeon snarled, feeling Nayeon's sex hold and unclench wildly around her hardened shaft. The crushing sounds coming from Nayeon's sex made her part jerk fiercely, balls asking to be purged of her semen.

"Top me off with your sperm, baby! My pussy needs to be brimming with your hot semen," Nayeon gasped in heat, scouring her clit all the more angrily as Jeongyeon snorted and beat her.

"Gracious my—fuck!" Jeongyeon wheezed and stilled her hips as she reached as far down as possible, spilling her seed inside Nayeon's very much screwed pussy.

Nayeon shouted and came herself, body shaking brutally as her grab shuddered, spurting out their joined cum. She fell into a boneless store, with Jeongyeon easing back her pushes to ride them both out of their climaxes.

"Gracious goodness," Nayeon muttered feebly as Jeongyeon scoured her back.

"Mmm, you're such a screamer," Jeongyeon smiled and kissed the rear of Nayeon's neck.

She murmured as her shaft began to mellow, and Nayeon drooped forward, getting up to speed to her breath.

Nayeon whimpered as Jeongyeon pulled out and the two of them settled serenely on the bed, confronting one another and lying on their side with Jeongyeon's arm folded over Nayeon's midriff. Jeongyeon took a gander at the clock on the divider and her eyes extended when she understood that it has been 3 hours and a half.

Murmuring delicately, Jeongyeon gazed at the brunette with brilliant eyes.

"Nayeon…, I-I don't want this to end" Jeongyeon stammered with earnestness in her eyes.

"Me not one or the other." Nayeon conceded and inclined forward to kiss Jeongyeon profoundly.

"I don't wanna go anyplace without you." Jeongyeon said between pecks.

"Don't… " Nayeon said making Jeongyeon gazed at her seriously.

The gaze was extreme to such an extent that neither of them saw that both were again inclined in to one another's lips. At the point when their lips met, they felt firecrackers through the entirety of her body. This kiss was so not the same as the others they had shared. No tongue or teeth, simply their lips moving against one another. There wasn't desire or need, it was simply care and love.

"What are we going to do?" Jeongyeon asked when they pulled away.

"I don't have the foggiest idea… " Nayeon said, not having any desire to concede yet that she needed to be with the blonde. "What do you wanna do?" she accentuated.

"I-I just… " Jeongyeon followed off, hesitant to express her sentiments since they just met yesterday.

"What babe?" Nayeon requested giving a smidgen from consolation.

"I-I just n-need you… " Jeongyeon faltered in a low murmur. Her cheeks were dazzling red and she turned away not to see Nayeon's response.

Nayeon was puzzled with the abrupt admission. Previously, she said she didn't have the foggiest idea what she needed, however she lied. She understood what she needed. She needed Jeongyeon. She needed to be with her, to be her better half.

Before she understood wha she was doing, Nayeon take Jeongyeon face in her grasp and crushed their lips together. Jeongyeon was gotten off of watchman however kissed her back right away. Both felt those firecrackers again and it resembled their kisses mean more than words.

"I need to be with you Jeongyeon" Nayeon said between kisses.

"Be my girlfriend" Jeongyeon asked with a genuine tone. "I wouldn't fret we have quite recently met yesterday. I know possibly things are going excessively quick yet I can't resist. I need to find out about you and be a piece of your life, a significant one." She meandered aimlessly in only one breath.

Nayeon was again confused with the enchanting words Jeongyeon said. She can't clarify it either however she felt a similar path towards the taller young lady. She understood that perhaps she's succumbing to her much more than she however.

"I needed to ask you in better conditions, perhaps out on the town in a café or having frozen yogurt," Jeongyeon said with the more splendid grin. "In any case, I just couldn't hold myself." She completed the process of looking directly into Nayeon's earthy colored eyes.

"Y-YES… " Nayeon said stronger than expected and when she acknowledged, she felt so embarrassed that she shrouded her face away in Jeongyeon's neck.

Jeongyeon began to snicker and Nayeon felt that was music for her ears.

"Wow, no doubt about it" Jeongyeon said, her giggling wound up in the greatest smile.

The two of them shared more kisses in the bed and they realized that it was going to be the beginning of something great in their lives. The beginning of something that filled them in a manner no one could do.