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When In Volterra

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“What’s happened?” You said in the phone to your coven sister Ivy. “It’s Cassidy, she’s had a vision and the council is calling for all sisters to meet in the burrow by 6pm tonight…between you and me, I haven’t seen sister Crowe so anxious before. I think something really bad is going to happen, and don’t tell me you don’t feel it too” she said in a hushed tone.
I couldn’t deny I’ve been in a shitty mood all day waiting for someone or something awful to come my way. I tipped the barista and started heading home. I need to console my tarot and cleanse myself of this bad juju before I go. It must be really bad if they’re calling a meeting so soon, and no one could argue with the council or question Cassidy’s credibility. She was the finest oracle we have had in generations.
I belong to the sisters of Persephone, and I am their future mother. My family founded our coven long before the salem witch trials and protected many from facing death. The council was formed slightly after and are 7 witches accumulated from different parts of the UK and different covens. They are each elected to uphold our laws.
Believe it or not but there are so many different things we witches have to learn besides the rules. Our history, our own language and not to mention homing in our own unique abilities. Mine is telekinesis and flight but my mother swears I have more to offer within but I’m happy with my lot. I also train in hand to hand and weapon use.

“Hello? Are you still there” Ivy said impatiently, “yeah sorry, work was crazy today” I said mildly thinking about the stupid 17year old with two broken legs because he jumped off a bridge for a dare. Like seriously he jumped off a fucking bridge because his friends dared him to!
Be a nurse they said. It’ll be fun they said. Yeah right.
“I’m heading home now and I’ll meet you tonight at the burrow. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s nothing our coven can’t handle”. “Yeah, forgot to tell you, but there will also be representatives of every coven in the UK tonight”. Silence.
“Fuck! What the hell did Cassidy see?!” If it’s that big it concerns our sisters from the other covens, and if we alone are not enough to handle it…
“I was going to ask you, your our future mother, at what point is a problem soo big that it involves more then one coven.
I thought to myself and all the theories I had only got worse. The stress of this already taking over I just blurted the first one that came to mind. “War” and instantly regretting it. “Goddess have mercy” Ivy whispered. “we don’t know that for sure” I said, trying to sound confident and reassuring. “It could just be something political or a new rule to avoid something from happening and the only way for us to achieve it consistently is to have a representative from every coven” I offered mentally kicking myself.
After talking to Ivy for another half hour, I got home and read my tarot. It didn’t make sense. It was telling me I was going to renew my life and in this one I would lose and gain everything. Really? I love my life, we’ll I’m 26 years old and never had a boyfriend…or girlfriend (never say never) but I’m happy with my coven, my family and ok sometimes my job too. I would never willingly throw it all away.
After a shower and a spiritual cleansing, I tied my long side braid off and dressed in my midi white dress with lace sleeves and crushed velvet black cloak. When I am mother I will wear a red dress and when I retire to crone to train the new mother, the maiden, I will wear a green dress. The other sisters all wear black.
Our borrow was only a half hour drive from my house, plenty of time to dwell on what is going to be revealed and who would be present. The council and Cassidy for sure. My mother (the coven mother). My grandmother and teacher (the crone). Ivy and the rest of our covens sisters aswell. I wonder if Sage from the sisters of Apollo will be here tonight, she’s the maiden for southern Scotland and we have our asses hanging very time we see each other in a fit of giggles and swearing off romance because we’re young, fun and single. We really need to stop drinking together I thought ruefully.
As I arrive the driveway is already filled with cars, many I don’t recognise. The burrow is a ruin of a windmill but inside is a closed off cellar that leads deep underground, dark hallways alight with crappy bulbs that lead to a large hall. Rows of tables shaped into a separated ‘T’ with the council members sat at the head and my mother talking with sister Crowe who was elected from our coven into the council 11years ago.
When everyone was accounted for and silence fell across the room. Solemn faced Sister Robyn stood to address the hall.


It’s Friday 13th November 2015


I’m in saint-Denis patrolling the streets. My heart racing and sense of dread overwhelming me. Two days ago we were informed that many people were going to die tonight from terrorist attacks. We can’t inform the police because we’ll just sound like a bunch of whackos. We all came to a unanimous decision that we would take action and act like a bunch of witchy vigilantes and fight the bad guys with heavy artillery and who want to kill as many people as possible.
Bad news not everyone of our sisters in the uk could come. Good news is the council reached out to covens in suite Francais to give us the numbers. I’ll give them one thing, the french are passionate.
I’m leading the team here while they are taking the streets of Paris by storm.
With Ivy to my left she stopped suddenly. Giving her a questioning look she said she heard something. A door swung open to a cafe suddenly and a man who was carrying a machete was running out. I immediately used my telekinesis to pick him off the ground and throw him into the building across the street.
That’s one.
I was just about to grab my phone to call the others then-

I see nothing. I hear nothing. I feel nothing