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“What the fuck, dude?! Why’d you say that? I thought we agreed to never discuss that!”

“What? It’s the truth. Just admit to it Bright.”

“Asshole, Prem! If Arthit’s going to kill me later, I am haunting you.”

“Why, Bright? Did you do something wrong?”

Bright shrieked like a banshee, jumping up and away from where he had been sitting on the bench just a scant second ago. He looked on with wide eyes at Arthit, and then towards the amused freshies, who were following his friend like lost little ducklings, apparently.

Well, their leader duckling was Arthit’s boyfriend so. Or maybe he could be papa duck instead? Bright broke out of his musings just in time to avoid a bottle being thrown his way.

“What the fuck?! That bottle is still full! Are you trying to kill me Arthit?!”

“Trying. And apparently failing, you slimy bastard.”

“What? What did I do to you?”

“What do you think? Do you need a clue? Okay, Mechanics assignment,” Arthit said in an eerily calm voice. The freshmen sensed danger and they all huddled a little bit further away from the seniors. Bright gulped and began to break in cold sweat at the Head Hazer’s laser focus on him.

“Uhm. He-he. Arthit? Uh, that was an accident, okay?”

“You spilled water on my Mechanics assignment a day before it was due. I entrusted them to you to pass them to prof. Instead, you ruined it. It would have been fine had you told me about it so that I could’ve sent to you the soft copy but no, you had to be an idiot and drafted a new one with song lyrics in the middle of the report. Guess what, Bright? I received the lowest score for that and a scolding.”

“Eek! I thought he wouldn’t notice…”

“Well, he did. Next time something like this happens, it would serve you well to use your brain than doing something ridiculous like this. Jeez, just be thankful that that report didn’t affect my grade that much or you’re explaining to my mom why I received a low GPA. Sheesh, the talk with him on front of the other faculty members was embarrassing. You dipshit!”

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

“I’m not entrusting you anymore of my works if I ever need to take a day off again. I knew I should’ve given it to Knot or Prem.”

“Aww, you wound me!”

“Yeah? Well think about my mortification when I was talked to in front of all the IE faculty members!”

“It’s not that bad. You aren’t the first one to do such a thing and got caught.”

“And how would you know?”

“He got caught, obviously,” Prem interjected. “C’mon, you asses. You’re scaring the freshmen. Even your boyfriend is giving you a wide berth, Arthit.”

“Because he knows when to not annoy me,” Arthit grumbled, following after Prem as they trudged towards the food stalls. He ordered his meal and also his boyfriend’s, and their customary drinks. He went back to the table and dropped his loots on it, passing the meal he got to his boyfriend.

Kongpob gave him a small soft smile, and was that a red tinge at the tips of his ears? Arthit ducked his head to hide the faint blush on his face and the proud smile that was beginning to stretch his lips.

“Thank you, P’Arthit,” his boyfriend said lowly. He shrugged nonchalantly and started to shovel food into his mouth.

Bright and Prem went back to their table, now followed by Knot and Tutah, who had also been called into the office for some other reason. The freshmen greeted their seniors and then went to gather their own food, setting aside their books for a while. Knot and Tutah followed them after they deposited their bags on the bench.

Bright was trying his best to behave and not aggravate Arthit further. In fact, he went so far as pleasing him with absurd praises that only served to irk the latter more and leaving the two other occupants to look on at him bemusedly. The rest of them arrived and began to sport bemused expressions too, with how Bright was waxing-poetic towards their Head Hazer.

“What’s up with him?” Knot asked lowly to Prem, Tutah huddling closer to also hear the answer.

“Arthit got called to the faculty because of the Mechanics assignment,” Prem whispered. Knot and Tutah both uttered an ‘Oh,’ in understanding.

“So he finally found out? How come Bright’s still standing?” Tutah asked.

“I dunno. He was actually pretty cool about it. Which is weird. Maybe it’s because N’Kong and his gang were here.”

“Hmm. Maybe,” Knot said, contemplative.

Finally, before Arthit could snap at Bright and maim him this time, Kongpob raised his palm in a universal stop signal.

“Please stop, P’Bright. You’re not getting any cookie points with how you’re acting. It’s honestly embarrassing P’Arthit more with how ridiculous your claims are. You’re also embarrassing yourself, to be honest.”

“Pfft. Bright wouldn’t know embarrassment. He’s the embodiment of embarrassment himself that he couldn’t even feel embarrassed,” Prem snorted.

“Actually, no. I saw him get embarrassed once,” Tutah revealed, a cheeky grin dancing on his lips. Everybody looked at him with question on their faces, including Bright, himself.

“I do not!” Bright cried indignantly. He looked confused, trying to think of a time that he may have felt embarrassment.

“You do. High school senior prom.”

Bright widened his eyes comically and shook his head violently.

“Don’t you dare, Tutah!”

“Oh, go on. I need compensation for my Mechanics assignment. Please, feel free to elaborate.”

Everyone looked on in anticipation, even Knot who didn’t care much about gossip. Tutah side-glanced Bright as the latter shook his head vehemently.

“Bright had his first girlfriend during senior year of high school—”

“No! Tutah, stop it you bitch!”

“Nope. You just called me bitch. I was supposed to leave out the really embarrassing part but you called me bitch. Now suffer. So, as I was saying, this dumb one here had his first girlfriend at our last year of high school. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. Anyway, I knew the reputation of the girl he dated, and I warned him off that she’s bad news and she’s a gold digger and she sleeps with anybody. Still, this one was smitten and chased after her. Luckily, this one is loaded so the bitch agreed easily to date him. He showered her with gifts, even expensive jewelries. This went on for a while and I wanted to bash his head in just so he could see how blind he had been. He got cut off by his parents, thinking that he was spending the money on stupid things like alcohol or parties or something. Since it had come to that, he didn’t have the money to spend on dates.

The bitch stayed with him for a while, maybe hoping that his parents would give back his allowance. But prom came and she broke up with him in the middle of the dance floor. It was humiliating, I know. It would’ve been fine and all but this one decided to get drunk out of his mind. Someone had snuck liquor and just my luck, he found them. I had to drag him back to my house because his house is a little bit away from school.

He had been sobbing all the while and when I got him on my front porch, he began to cry in earnest, slumping down on the front steps and hugging my leg. I couldn’t get to the door because of this bitch, so I decided to stay with him outside.

It was the wrong choice. It was a very poor judgment on my part. You know how loud he is most of the time? Well, imagine that, only with wailing. It was so horrendous. He went on and on, and he sounded like a pig getting slaughtered. I’m serious. Even someone from the neighborhood thought so because after a while, a police patrol came to our front gate and asked what was happening. He was still wailing at that time. They even looked on in concern at him, but then they saw his drunken state and decided to help us into the precinct. We were underage and he was piss-off drunk.

One of the officers recorded him like that and asked me to show the video to him when he sobered up, just so he would know how embarrassing it was. They got the desired effect. He got so embarrassed that he avoided me for a week. Then he got around and apologized to me.” Tutah finished the story with a flourish.

The others gaped at Bright, not quite believing that the womanizer they knew had cried for a girl. It was, somewhat, a sad thing but at the same time, quite hilarious. Who would’ve thought?

“I hate you.”

“I know!”


“I need that video, Tutah,” Arthit said with a gleam in his eyes.

“It’s on youtube. I set it on private so I’ll send the link to you,” Tutah answered with a wink, not heeding Bright’s pleading.

“Fine! If you’re gonna throw me under the bus, I would do that to you, too!”

“Ha! There’re no embarrassing stories of me that would really be embarrassing.”

“Prof. Sexy Buns.”

Tutah’s smile was instantly wiped off his face, replaced by panic.

“Bright, don’t you dare!”

“Oh, I will.”

“No, that’s scandalous!”

“And mine wasn’t?”

“Not by a long shot!”

Bright studied him for a moment, then coming into a decision.

“I won’t say his name and I won’t go into details. Promise.”

“Still no, Bright.”

“Well, too late! Hey, this fatass here slept with this guy he met at a bar—”


“—before the start of second semester, second year. It would’ve been good and all, but then the guy came waltzing into the classroom and asking for order in the class. It turned out, he was a professor here. Tutah had to wear obnoxious make up just so he wouldn’t recognize him. Like those really layered make-up caked on his face and didn’t look natural on him. He went on like that for a while until he got called out by the prof himself. He admitted to having recognized Tutah from the very start and he should really stop doing ghost make-ups because he was scaring the other students. So after that, he stopped. I think they also agreed to never talk about it again.”

“Bright, you bitch!” Tutah reached over to smack the back of his head.

“Hey, ouch!”

“We agreed to never discuss that again because it was scandalous, you dimwit.”

“Whatever. I didn’t say any explicit details!”


The freshies didn’t know how to react. Their expressions were a mix between amused and disbelieving, and it was painful to see how they controlled their expressions into one that wouldn’t offend their senior. After all, they had been their hazers, even though they had received their gears long before.

“It’s okay, laugh or exclaim in outrage, I don’t mind,” Tutah said, all in good sport. Hesitant titters sounded from the younger ones.

“You’re such a hoe,” Prem said casually, shoveling a spoonful of food into his mouth afterwards.

“At least I’m not a secret hulk,” Tutah sniffed, turning his chin up towards his friend.

“Uuh, are you referring to P’Prem, P’? Because he’s not a secret hulk. He is a hulk, period,” Oak interjected. He quickly hid behind Tew to hide from the irked senior’s glare.

“Oh yeah! You wouldn’t know how Prem was in first year!” cried Bright, a gleeful expression on his face spelling trouble for one senior named Prem. Even Arthit let out an amused snort, making the first years all the more intrigued with the senior’s past.

“Bright.” Prem warned.

Bright turned a shit-eating grin on him.

“You see, Prem wasn’t all this bitch-faced before, with the all-the-time glares that scared most of the people away—” Tutah started.

“And he wonders why he couldn’t get a girlfriend. At least Arthit had his cute face going on for him. He just looks adorable with his scowl on.”

“OI! Fuck you, Bright!”

“Hmm, I think you’re right about that, P’Bright.”

“Kongpob! You’re sleeping on the couch!”

“…You don’t have a couch, P’Arthit.”

“The floor then!”

“Aw, P’!”

“Okay, okay, stop flirting you love birds! I wanna hear the story!”


“Shhh, P’Arthit. P’Tutah, go on please.”

“You first years are way too invested in our pasts,” Prem grumbled.

“Anyways, Prem used to be this dorky four-eyes, always shy and soft-spoken,” Tutah continued.

“Really? I can’t imagine it, P’!” May exclaimed, excitement clear on her face. Prem ducked his head, hiding the faint dusting of pink on his cheeks. “So what happened?”

“Well, he repressed his emotions too much. And you know what happens when a container gets full right? Well, add a little bit more pressure on that and it will explode spectacularly. That’s what happened to him.”

“Details, P’! All the gory details!” Tew asked excitedly. Wad was trying to look as nonchalant as possible but the whole table knew that he was just as invested as the other first years. They leaned more towards the senior, to better hear the story.

“Well, it finally happened in second year, first semester. You see, when we tease him, he would always smile timidly and that was that. He left it all alone, not telling us that he was uncomfortable nor did he retaliate. Someone finally figured out that he wasn’t comfortable with some of our teasing and we cut down on it. We still teased him occasionally and we saw how he was responding more at ease with our teasing. Someone, though, a classmate of ours in one of our Gen. Ed. classes, an economics student I think, didn’t get the memo. He was such a cocky bastard, that even us were uncomfortable with him. Then there was this group report we had to do.

We all got separated from each other, Arthit and I going into one group, Knot and Bright into another, and Prem was left alone into one, along with that asshole. Oh wait, Fang was grouped with Prem. We weren’t exactly thrilled about getting separated but we have to do what we gotta do. One night, when all of us were with our own groupmates, Knot received a call from Fang, asking for us to proceed on a certain address. She was distressed about something and she wasn’t making any sense. Just something about Prem and a fight.

Knot called Arthit next and we all headed to the address Fang mentioned. Fang led us to a children’s park nearby the apartment of one of their groupmates, dreading the worst for this one. Well, we got shocked because he was the one on top of the cocky asshole, beating the shit out of him. Let me reiterate this too, that Econ student was as tall as Knot and nearly as burly.

But this one went batshit crazy and beat the hell out of the other with only a few bruises as evidence he had been in a scuffle. Fang was exasperated with it all because their other groupmates, two engineering students, a girl and a boy, were at the sidelines watching, and cheering Prem on. Turns out, they were as irked as Prem with the bastard. It took Knot, Arthit and Bright to pry him off the guy, and Arthit even got an elbow to the face for his troubles. He had a busted lip for several days—”

“—yeah, and you told people that I got it from kissing too hard, jeez. Because of that, I got a reputation as a manwhore who enjoys it rough with his partners.”

“But you do enjoy it rough, P’Arthit,” Kongpob whispered at Arthit’s ear. Arthit flushed bright red and delivered a punch into his boyfriend’s thigh.

“Ow! That hurts, P’Arthit!”

“You deserved it.”

“Oi, oi, stop flirting!”

“We’re not!”

“…I actually heard what Kong said—”

“What’d he say, N’Em?”

“That P’ enjoys it ro—”

“Finish that sentence and I will bury you alive, Nong!”


“Aww, don’t worry Nong! We understood. So Arthit, you enjoy it rough, huh?” Knot said with a shit-eating grin.

“Fuck you!”

“No thanks. That’s Kongpob’s job. And I think he does a good job about it.”

Kongpob was doubled over and was resting his forehead on the table, his hands trying to pry away the pale hand that had clamped on his side. No words were forthcoming from his mouth although his entire face was contorted in pain.

“P’, P’, P’. Let go please. Ouch. It hurts, P’. Ow, ow, ow! C’mon P’arthit, that’s gonna bruise, it’s gonna bruise. You can punish me again later so please let up, OW!”

“Say something like that again and you will receive something more severe. Understand?” Arthit said with an innocent smile. The freshmen near them leaned far from the couple while the seniors only snickered. Kongpob gave a pained moan and nodded his head.

“Aw, c’mon. loosen up a bit, Arthit. That’s not really something to be embarrassed about. Sex is normal between couples and you’ve been together for a few months now. I’m pretty sure that’s not the kinkiest you’ve gotten into. Don’t think I’ve never seen those marks on N’Kong’s wrist a while ago…”


Kongpob blushed at his senior’s implication and hid his face on his hands. He felt the burning holes that his friends’ stares were drilling into his head. His boyfriend wasn’t faring any better as he received several lewd remarks form his so-called friends.

“I thought you were the wife, Arthit! Or are you a dominatrix. Yeehaw! Did you ride him like a cowboy? Or was it reverse cowboy, yeeeeeah!” Bright said loudly, exchanging a high five with Tutah. Even Knot and Prem tapped the offered fist by the asshole.

Arthit couldn’t take the teasing anymore and buried his flaming face against his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“You don’t get to be embarrassed. You’ve brought this upon us. This all your fault, 0062,” he grumbled against the hard bicep of the younger.

When the jeers and teasing dwindled, Arthit hazarded a peek around the table. His friends were still grinning and chuckling but at least they stopped with their lewd and rude commentaries. The freshmen were all chuckling into their food, while his boyfriend had also gotten over his embarrassment.

“At least I’m getting action, unlike you lot. And before you say anything, I know you aren’t getting any, Bright and also you, Tutah,” Arthit declared with all the courage he had.

“Well, how would you know,” Bright said haughtily.

“Well, for starters, you are never silent whenever you had a one night stand. You always brag to us about your exploits. The same goes to Tutah.”

“He has a point,” Knot agreed while Prem was nodding his head.

“Arthit’s the only one among us who’s getting laid.”

“Well, if you just get up the nerve to just snatch up your own first year, you would be too.”

“Arthit! Fucking asshole!”

“Well, Knot could’ve gotten some action recently, but...”




“I did?” Knot asked, surprised.

Arthit leveled him with an unimpressed stare. Then his expression morphed into a sinister one, smiling widely at his best friend. Knot still looked confused then understanding dawned on him. His face turned into horror and he shook his head vehemently. This made Arthit’s smile widen, widening his eyes too, for good measure. The exchange was watched on by all of the occupants of the table and all of them grew curious.

“Okay, you’ve gotta spill, Arthit. You definitely know something that we don’t. And anyway, we spilled each other’s most embarrassing secrets. We need more munitions against Knot,” Tutah declared.

“Don’t you dare Arthit,” warned Knot.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll spill your most embarrassing stories?”

“And… what are those?”

“How about the one when about the pond?”

“I know about that one. That’s not embarrassing,” Prem negated immediately, to which Arthit spluttered.

“That’s fairly embarrassing to me!” he hissed.

“Well, it’s really not, Arthit. You just fell into a shallow pond and had to go home with fish on your pocket. Hardly embarrassing for me,” Bright supplied.

“For you, yeah! But for me, it was really embarrassing.”

“Well, that’s the thing! Your threshold of embarrassment is so low that the things that embarrass you are not even remotely embarrassing to us normal humans! That’s why you’re always careful of the things you do,” Prem reiterated.

“I highly doubt that, P’,” Wad said for the first time.

“Yeah, well. It is what it is. I can’t remember something that I could classify as Embarrassing As Fuck that happened to Arthit. He’s fairly boring,” Knot replied.

“Of course you’d know boring, seeing as you had a fairly exciting day last week.”


“Yo, spill!”

“Arthit, No!”

“Arthit, yes! So it went like this. Remember when I lost the Rock-paper-scissor game on who got to return Knot’s book to him?”

The other three collectively nodded.

“Ah, fuck…” Knot despaired.

“Well, I went to the gym just to find this gym monkey. He told me to wait for him as he went to shower. And he took way too long to shower. So I went to the receptionist, who happened to be his cousin, and inquired about him. She waved me right in and I went to find him in the locker, to see what the hold up was. Well, the scene I saw… It wasn’t what I was expecting. Oh god, I want to claw my eyes out.”

“Oh shit, did you see his dick?!” Brigth whiper-shouted, looking aghast as his eyes flitted from Kongpob to Arthit, then to Knot.


“P’Arthit.” Kongpob warned, not at all looking very happy.

“We’re both men, okay?!”

“And you’re dating me, also a man.”

“Just, will you stop getting jealous for a minute and let me finish the story, okay?”

“…Fine,” Kongpob grudgingly replied.

“Anyway, his thing is not the one that got me mortified.”

“Oh, so, he must be well-endowed if you’re not mortified.”

“Bright, shut up! Anyway, what got me mortified was the presence of two women inside the men’s locker room. And, and, and. They were those hot-momma ladies, dude.”

“What, like… Cougars on the hunt? And P’Knot is their… prey?” Kongpob haltingly said in a hushed voice.

“Exactly! They got poor Knot crowded against the corner. Knot is too much of a gentleman to fend them off and they were really, very aggressive. Then they flashed Knot, and I heard Knot whimper out ‘mommy’ with his eyes tightly closed. Oh god, I get the hives thinking about it.”

“That’s kind of sexual harassment… What did you do, P’Arthit?” Kongpob asked suspiciously. The others were looking at Knot with varying degrees of sympathy, Bright being the most insincere as he patted Knot’s shoulder mockingly.

“Yep. Well, I’m not as close as the gentleman that you and Knot are so I marched towards them to yank them off Knot. I caught a glimpse of everyone’s private parts though and I have never been more uncomfortable in my life.”

“Aww, so you’re Knot’s knight in shining armor now?” Prem mocked, the third most insincere among them.

“Well, what should I have done? I think Knot will let the women get their way with him with how uselessly he had been trying to be one with the wall.”

“You should’ve left him alone! At least he could’ve enjoyed himself. Or you could’ve just joined in on the fun,” Bright sneered, waggling his eyebrows. He was hit with an empty bottle.

“Ow! Who the fuck threw that—oh never mind. Sorry N’Kong!” he hastily amended seeing the younger’s scary blank look towards him.

“I’m not into older women and I don’t see the appeal. But I can’t just ignore that they were women and that I might hurt them, you know,” Knot lamented.

“You did well, P’Arthit, but, you know, you should’ve just called someone’s help. What if they pounced on you too?”

Arthit remained silent with Kongpob’s worried statement. Kongpob’s expression slowly turned murderous.

“You better finish that story now, P’Arthit,” he said calmly, looking at his boyfriend seriously.

“Uhm… well, as I was dragging Knot away, they held on to Knot. They dragged us back and had us cornered. So I shouted for Knot’s cousin and then they all stormed in. They successfully stopped the women and they got banned from the gym.”


“I’m okay! Sheesh!”

“But still…”

“You’re such a worrywart. I’m fine.”

“Oh my god, that’s epic. Knot, you’re the best. You’re the cougar magnet, seriously,” Tutah guffawed. Prem and Bright joined in into the fray and started to laugh in earnest. Even Arthit chuckled at the ridiculousness of it. The freshmen were even chuckling with them.

“So the only one of us who hasn’t experienced really embarrassing things is Arthit? Should we remedy that?” Bright observed once they all sobered up.

“Well, why don’t we ask the one he’s spending most of his time with nowadays?” Tutah said. “Hey, N’Kong. You’re up.”

Kongpob looked at them like a deer caught in the headlights. He skittered his eyes towards his boyfriend and there was a challenging look on his eyes, as if daring him to talk about something. He gulped.

“Uhh… I don’t think there is something I could share, P’,” he said nervously.

“Oh no, your expression says that you have something to tell. Spill it, Nong,” Tutah answered sweetly.

“I-I really don’t have anything to share, P-P’.”

“Knot, you know what to do,” Prem said, looking at Knot and gesturing vaguely in the direction of Arthit and Kongpob.

“’Kay.” As soon as Knot answered, the four seniors all stood up. Knot suddenly grabbed Arthit and dragged him away from Kongpob despite his protestations, forcing the table to reshuffle. It was now Tutah and Bright who was sat beside Kongpob, and they stopped any attempts of the younger to run away from them with their arms looped on both limbs of the poor guy.

Kongpob looked at Arthit in panic but the older was busy trying to run away from Knot, which was proving to be futile. He looked at friends for help but they were shaking their heads and had amused expressions, even May. The seniors were rubbing off on the juniors in a bad, bad way.

“N’Kong, we got you now. Don’t worry about Arthit. He can’t hurt you from here. Tell us what you know, N’Kong,” Bright whispered so close to his ear, making him flinch away.

“I’m safe for now, but what about later, P’?!” he answered frantically.

“Well… We’ll make Knot talk to him later on. He listens to Knot. Now tell us Nong,” Tutah whispered on his other side, making him flinch. Again. He tried to struggle out of their hold but it was useless, so he prayed to whoever god was listening that he truly would not be maimed later on, or worse, boyfriend-less.

“P’Arthit, I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed, with closed eyes.

“Kong—mmfff mmfff fffiimmm!”

“That’s a good boy! Now start,” Bright praised, patting him at the back.

“Well, remember when P’Arthit had to miss class because of his toothache?”

“Yeah. He had to get a root canal. Go on.”

“Well, I went to accompany him to the dentist for the procedure afterwards. And he had to get doped up in anesthetics—”

“Ooh, ooh! Did he cry? Did he get scared?”

“No, P’Bright. You know that that’s not the case with him.”

“Aww, shame. Go on.”

“Well, the procedure went on without a hitch. He was so relaxed that the dentist even commended that he was the most behaved patient he had all day. He smiled brilliantly at the doctor and that’s… when it all started.” Kongpob took a deep breath and glanced at Arthit for a second. There was a confused expression on his face that’s visible with Knot covering his mouth like that. He averted his eyes again and continued with his story.

“He started… flirting. With everybody. You see, his speech wasn’t that affected by the sedative, that’s why I really thought he was seriously flirting with the doctor. The doctor only had an amused expression on his face though, like it was something normal for him—”

“Oooh, was the doctor hot, N’Kong?” Tutah asked. Kongpob grudgingly nodded, which made Tutah squeal.

“You’ve got to tell me the name of that clinic, Nong.”

“Later, P’. Anyway, so yeah. P’Arthit began to flirt with the doc, and I was feeling confused. Because the way he flirted? It was so smooth and so effortless. He was like a goddamn Casanova—”

“Pfft, you’re just biased because you’re head over heels for him.”

“I’m really not, P’Bright. Even the receptionist was blushing.”

“What?! Arthit? No I’m not gonna believe that.”

“Well, not without any proof anyway,” Tutah interjected, looking at Arthit contemplatively. There was a muffled cry of indignation.

“Well, if you don’t wanna believe it, then it’s not my problem. Anyway, I had to extract him from the lady at the reception desk or he would’ve charmed the pants off her. Or the doc. Whichever.”

“Wait… I think I saw… wait a minute,” Prem said in a sudden eureka moment. All of the occupants of the table looked on curiously at him as he tapped and scrolled wildly on his phone. He gave a triumphant noise when he found what he was looking for. He put it on the center of the table and all of the occupants leaned closer to see the video that was playing.

“It’s… yeah, that’s Arthit alright,” Tutah said in amazement. The video was a bit shaky but they could still recognize the features of their best friend. They watched on as their friend talked to a lady behind a desk and how she simpered at the former’s charming smile. Then he turned his attention to the tall guy in the frame and winked at him, making the doctor laugh discreetly. After a few more minutes, someone else came into the frame, and they recognized their junior. When video-Arthit noticed the other, he immediately turned all of his attention towards the other. The way he flirted with the younger was way too different with how he had been to the other two. He was more… aggressive? More focused? Yeah, he focused on the younger like there wasn’t anyone in the room with them. And his cute and cheesy oneliners to the other two had turned… sexual. Coupled with how he fluttered his eyelashes and bit his lip, it was downright lethal.

“His voice, oh my god, his voice. How do you do that, Arthit? How do you purr? “ Tutah said in wonder. “You’ve got to teach me how to purr that sexily. I need that to haul my boys in.”

Arthit let out a high-pitched whine, his eyes scrunched shut, and his face up to his ears were tinged a bright red. Kongpob wasn’t faring any better. He was also blushing furiously, and had his head bowed down.

“Oh. Oh wow. Arthit, I didn’t know you could be a minx. Look at that, he got Kongpob dazed! Oh Nong, you’re so whipped for our Arthit.”

“We’ve already established that, Knot. He’s that whipped for our friend,” Bright said, not looking away from the video. It ended with the two of them exiting the clinic, Kongpob guiding a loopy Arthit out, who still kept touching him everywhere and constantly spouting sexually charged phrases and innuendoes to a flustered Kongpob.

“Phew, that was hot. Damnit it Kong, why’d you have to get the hot guy?” Maprang whined, while she was fanning herself with her notebook.

“You know, P’? I’d gladly turn bisexual for you,” Prae added. The rest of the seniors looked at her with shocked looks on their faces.

“Oh! Yes, P’s. I am a lesbian. But I’m beginning to rethink if it’s worth it to turn bi for P’Arthit.”

“Nope. He’s mine,” Kongpob hissed vehemently. Prae raised her hands in surrender, laughing.

“Didn’t know you had it in you, Arthit,” Knot said, impressed. He let go of Arthit’s face to let the other talk if he wanted to. He remained stubbornly bowing his head, though.

“P’Arthit?” Kongpob prompted hesitantly. “look, I’m really sorry abo—”

“What else did I do?”


“I said, what else did I do? Tell me the truth, Nong.”

Kongpob swallowed as he heard his question, and how the older had addressed him. It didn’t bid well for him.

“You continued to flirt with me until we arrived at your dorm room, P’.”

“Did I flirt with anyone else?”

“No, P’. Just me.” Arthit hummed in reply, his still ducked down.

“Hey, are you okay? Arthit?” Knot asked. Arthit stayed silent.

“What’s this all about?” Prem asked next.

“It’s just that… why would I flirt with other people like that? When I got loopy from the drugs? I already had Kongpob so… and isn’t that cheating?”

“What? No! It’s not,” Kongpob said. He shook off Tutah and Bright’s arms, and marched towards the opposite side of the table. Prem stood up from his seat and Kongpob took his place gratefully. He straddled the bench so that he could face the other, and what he saw broke his heart. His sun was scrunching up his eyes a little bit to hard and he knew that this was how the older kept his tears at bay.

“P’Arthit, it’s not cheating. It’s just harmless flirting. The dentist knew that, and the receptionist knew that, too! They knew you didn’t mean any of it and I knew that too. Please don’t overthink about this.”

“Aren’t you… I don’t know, irked that I don’t express my emotions to you just like how I did in that video? I know I get embarrassed much too easily and that stops me from saying all those things to you, doing all those things to you…”

“No. Never. You may not notice this, P’, but you do express your feelings to me in your own little ways. Your actions tells me more about your feelings. And of course, I also love the way you blush scarlet.”


“So, are you okay now?”

“Not quite…”

“What else is bothering you?”

“The way I flirted with other people… Doesn’t that mean that deep inside, I do want to flirt with other people?” he asked helplessly, finally peeking at his boyfriend.

“What? No… It’s not like that, P’. I think the drug just made you braver and that’s why you were seriously flirting. And weren’t you listening? You only flirted half-assedly at the others but you went all Casanova with me. You were persistent with me, P’. And I was seriously pleased that even drugged up to the gills, you still find me attractive, so much so that you were vehement to get into my pants.” That last comment earned him a punch to the thigh again before the older tipped towards him and buried his face on his chest.

“Fuck you, very, very much.”

“Later, P’. When we’re alone in your room.”

“Aish! Why are you such a pervert?!”

“But P’. You don’t have a room to say that to me! After all, you were the one who said that I should remember your name so that I could scream it out when I am in bed with you.”


“…You know? This isn’t really embarrassing at all,” Bright observed.

“What the fuck?! This is so embarrassing, shitty-dimwit!” Arthit yelled, shooting upright from where he hid his face on his boyfriend’s chest.

“I would have to agree with him, Arthit,” Tutah seconded.

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

“Go fuck yourselves!”

“No way. But this isn’t embarrassing at all. This just proves that you can be charming as fuck if you’re not that embarrassed and shy around people. You wouldn’t earn a slap like how Bright would. There’s just something with your face that screams innocent during that first part of your flirting, then sexy as hell when you were flirting with N’Kong,” Prem said sagely.

“Oh! Kinda like N’Kongpob himself! You both exude the aura that you would not do anything untoward the other person when you flirt with them. Then you have charms that you could turn into a lethal weapon when you want to seduce someone. Good job, my young gay padawan,” Tutah said

“I hate all of you.”