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Like a puzzle, like a painting

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First free day together in a long time, but not so much to do. More than nothing to do, it was because of all the work they did this week, that’s what Dong Shik made Joo Won believed.

Joo Won and Dong Shik has moved in together, they were doing so many things together for the first time. But even if it was their day off, they just wanted to stay at home.
While they were on the table eating, Joo Won looks at Dong Shik wondering:

-Do you have something that you want to do today? –Joo Won asks while putting more food on his mouth.

-Nothing much, what about some fried food and a movie tonight? –Dong Shik says while supporting his chin in his palm and smiling at him.

-You know there is not much food in the house, right? I told you. –Joo Won demands.

-I know I know, we can just go out and buy some things and that’s it. –Dong shik says while trying to calm him.

While they were changing clothes to go to the supermarket, Dong Shik saw how nervous Joo Won was while looking for his wallet and car keys. Joo Won is super meticulous with his things so he knew where he put them, but what he didn’t know was that Dong Shik was playing with him.

-Have you seen my keys and wallet? –Joo Won says while still searching in his pockets.

Dong Shik waited for Joo Won to turn his back and really careful and slowly put the wallet in his back pocket while kind of squeezing his butt. Joo Won was so startle and he faced him just to find Dong Shik smiling at him.

-And here are the keys. –Dong Shik says while putting them in his hand and walking out of the room.

Joo Won was speechless but he knew that something was going on but he didn’t say anything and they just went out.

They went to the supermarket and brought all the things they needed. Of course with some fights from Joo Won’s side because Dong Shik wanted to buy so many junk food but Joo Won didn’t want them for him because they are unhealthy.

After putting all the things in the car, they were finally ready to go. When they were almost at home, Dong Shik was looking at him but Joo Won didn’t notice and that’s when Dong Shik slowly again made his way to place his left hand in Joo Won’s thigh and rubbed it a couple of time. Joo Won kind of jumped in the car and looked at him.

-What have you been trying to doing since the morning? –Joo Won says while grabbing the steering wheel even stronger.

-Grabbing? –Dong Shik says playfully while getting out of the car.

While they were at home, Dong Shik was in charge of organizing everything. After that they took a shower and went to the kitchen. Joo Won was in charge of making dinner, while Dong Shik is sitting on a table while looking at him.

-Do you want me to invite the others? They should be out by now. –Joo Won asks while keeping his hands busy.

-No for today, it could be draining and this is our free day. –Dong Shik says a white lie.

-Why are you looking at me like this? –Joo Won says while smiling and looking at him.

-I’m just looking at my second meal, is that something bad? I’m going to prepare the living room. –Dong Shik says while pulling his hair back and standing up.

After everything that happened, Dong Shik realized that he has problems sleeping in his room when he is stress out, even with Joo Won by his side. Many times Joo Won woke up in the middle of the night and realized that Dong Shik was sleeping in the living room. For that reason, Joo Won suggested him that they can buy a mattress so they can sleep in the living room when he wanted. Today they will watch tv while laying on it.

-We are not eating in the mattress, over my death body. To the couch and put the movie. –Joo Won said with the food in his hands.

Dong Shik reluctantly stood up from the mattress and sit down on the couch. He started the movie. The movie was going, they were eating and Joo Won was so concentrate or that’s what he was pretending, because Dong Shik knew him better than that, he was moving the tip of his toe way too much for someone that was concentrate.

The thing is that today Dong Shik has been trying to provoke Joo Won because of something in particular. He has noticed that even if they proposed to each other and has started to live together, Joo Won has been like walking in fine glass around him, especially at home, as if he is shy around him. Maybe the fact that they have something so personal and intimate for them, a house and the reality is hitting him, so he feels like they need more days just for them, so they can get used to a normal life, to love without anything happening around them.

They were done eating. They stood up for a moment to put all the garbage in the kitchen. Dong Shik went to the living room first and when Joo Won came he found Dong Shik in the mattress.

-Come here, let’s continue watching it from here. –Dong Shik says while offering his hand to him.

Joo Won took his hand and smile at him. Dong Shik could feel the relief in his eyes and smile, but there was still that cautionsness around him, like being careful around him.
While they were watching the movie, Dong Shik put his head on Joo Won’s lap. Joo Won looked at him and say anything and started to gently brush his hair back with his fingers and went back to the tv, he still don’t know the power he has on him when he does this. Dong Shik acting all innocent, started to rub Joo Won’s thigh while being on his lap, he could feel how Joo Won positions started to change but still kept his hand on his hair. Then Joo Won took his hand out of his hair and put his body back while supporting himself on his elbows, that’s when Dong Shik knew that he was getting the effect that he wanted.

While rubbing his thigh, Dong Shik could feel how Joo Won was getting harder and harder, he just smile maliciously… at one point Joo Won it’s so agitated that he turned off the tv and looked at Dong Shik for a long time. He gently but firmly grab Dong Shik by his neck while rubbing his cheek with his thumb.

-Do you know what you are provoking? –Joo Won says while looking at him intensely.

-Glad to know that you finally got the message. –Dong Shik says while challenging him.

Dong Shik stood from his lap while Joo Won was still grabbing his neck. That’s when Joo Won lost all his control and started to kiss Dong Shik with so much power, it was as if he could suck his life from his lips, he thought that he had Dong Shik in his power, that’s when Dong Shik grabbed his cock with force and Joo Won let out a moan while his grip got weaker.

Dong Shik took the advantage of Joo Won getting weaker and that’s when he decided to get on top of him. Dong Shik grabbed his hair and pull his head back, while swinging on him, he licked his neck, then got to his mouth. He kept licking his lips, provoking him, getting him desperate, while the only thing Joo Won did is grab his butt, the more he gets desperate, the harder he grabs it.

-You were definitely getting on my nerves these days. -Dong Shik whispers to his ear and then he bit the tip of his ear. He licked his neck again and started to kiss him the same way he was kissing him at the beginning, with hunger. Dong Shik keeps thinking about how he wanted to play more with him, but he was just too hungry, it feels as if their tongues were in a never ending fight, him sucking his upper lip, while Dong Shik keep sucking his lower lip. He could feel the heat on their lips, they are swollen at this point, he separated from him to take a breath but not without biting and pulling his lower lip.

-I didn’t know you were this hungry. Just don’t stop please. -Joo Won says while putting his head against Dong Shik’s forehead. He was catching a breath but he was still grabbing Dong Shik’s waist with one hand, pulling him to stay near him, demanding him not to stop moving, he just felt that he couldn’t get enough of him.

-Clothes are getting on the way. -Dong Shik says while taking off his t-shirt and then Joo Won’s. He passed his hands for his body, admiring, looking and feeling. Every time he gets to see him naked, he can’t help it but think about why and how he deserves to have this glorious man in his arms, in his power.

They are less agitated now, but the hunger is just bigger. Dong Shik pushed Joo Won gently so he could be in his back. Dong Shik grabbed one of his hands and started to kiss it, he kissed it and smelled it until he got to his shoulders, as if he can’t get enough, he did the same with his other arm, he could easily get drunk of him any time. Right now he could feel the mix with his shampoo, lotion, the smoke from the kitchen, but most importantly, he had his smell impregnated, just like how he has his, the smell that tells them where they belong.

When Dong Shik got to Joo Won’s chest, he started to lick it, especially in the middle, then he went to his nipple, licking one while pulling gently the other with his fingers. When he thought that licking was not enough, he started to suck it, harder and harder, going from one to another. Joo Won put his hand on Dong Shik’s head, guiding him to keep going, while he just close his eyes and pull his head back and arching his back, moaning.

Dong Shik kept going his way down while kissing Joo Won, before taking his pants off, he kissed it through the fabric, he still didn’t have a direct contact with it, but Dong Shik could see it in Joo Won’s eyes, the way he was begging him to take the pants off, to take him on his hands. He wanted to feel the warm of his mouth, the moist of his lips.

-Please take it off. –Joo Won says. It felt as if he was crying for it.

And just like a command, Dong Shik finally took his pants off, it was as if it escaped from a cave, it was in front of his eyes, screaming for his touch. He took it with both hands and started to slowly move them up and down, but he wanted it to feel it inside his mouth, he wanted to possess him. First he licked the tip of his cock, it was wet. Then he put it inside his mouth and just like the rhythm he had with his hands, he started to do with his mouth, with the help of one hand while the other is touching his chest everywhere. At that moment Joo Won is so desperate and moaning so much that he grab Dong Shik’s head and started to control the rhythm that he wanted, and that turned Dong Shik even more, he felt how it keeps growing inside of his mouth, filling it, and that made him became even greedier.

At that moment Joo Won grabbed Dong Shik’s head so he can look at him.

-I want to do give you pleasure too. –Joo Won says.

-I want to try something with you, this is new for you, but that could help us. It’s not anything risky. -Dong Shik wants to keep giving him pleasure but he also wants so he decided that this could be a good moment to try this position.

-I want you to lay on your side, I will do it too but in the opposite side so we will be in front of each other’s part. It’s called “Sideways 69”. Would you like to try it? –Dong Shik says hopefully, expecting Joo Won’s answer.

-I can do this, let’s try. –Joo Won says excited, but nervous at the same time.

Dong Shik grabbed Joo Won’s face to give him a kiss and smile at him to give him some courage. Then Dong Shik got to his position and both were on their side. Dong Shik initiated by grabbing Joo Won’s waist to put himself between his legs, to have better access to him and also to guide Joo Won. He didn’t know how sensitive he was until Joo Won grabbed him and his cock without any hesitation, he even kind of shiver because of the contact, when Dong Shik was about to grab Joo Won, he let out a moan that was almost like a scream, most of the time Joo Won proves him how instincts sometimes can beat knowledge in bed.

Joo Won first looked at his erection, as if it was a monument and without any hesitation, he started to devour Dong Shik, just like the first meal of the day, as if it was the sweetest thing he has ever taste. He tried to fill his mouth to its limits, he is just not satisfy. But the fact that Dong Shik was also devouring him just felt like a dream to him. There was a moment that he felt that Dong Shik was sucking him faster and his only reaction was to grab and squeeze his butt even harder. At this point they were like hugging each other, grabbing each other so desperately, they knew that they would come at any minute, but they couldn’t stop, they wanted more.

Both were frenetic, they were reaching their limit and just as if they were in synchronic, both came at the same time, both kind of arched their back, reaching that perfect climax, their legs were tighten to their head, feeling this into every bit of their body, both let out a moan, but couldn’t let each other out of their mouth. Right now they were like two piece of a puzzle that were destined to stick together and perfectly, like a perfect painting of heaven and hell trying to devour each other. That’s when the relief came to their body and both came into each other’s mouth. Joo Won thought about how warm it felt inside him and how he would never have enough of this. He took it out of his mouth slowly and made that “plop” sound at the end. Dong Shik had so much peace there that he could easily fall a sleep, after he swallow it, he took it out of his mouth and licked the top of his cock multiple time, as if he just wanted to make sure not to forget the taste of it.

The released each other and stayed silent for a moment, only the sound of their breath was there. Just thinking about what they just had now.

-If I didn’t know you this well, I would have thought that this was not your first time. You caught me off guard again. –Dong Shik says while smiling.

-I just did what you told me. –Joo Won says while smiling proudly.

They stayed there for a long time, both naked. Just as if they were thinking the same think. Dong Shik had his arm like a pillow for Joo Won and that’s when Joo Won decided to move his body to be in his side, he started to use his nose to go through the back of Dong Shik's ear, then to his neck, breathing heavily so Dong Shik could feel it. Dong Shik was already feeling goosebumps and moving his head and closing his eyes while humming.

-You are such a greedy young prince. You are not that considerate to this old man. –Dong Shik says while smiling with his close eyes.

-Just when it comes to you. That’s what you get when you teach a young one. –Joo Won says going through his ear and neck.

Joo Won was like hugging one of his legs with his thighs, so Dong Shik could feel how he was already so hard. What surprised Dong Shik was how fast this man could influence him, how he was so ready for him. While Joo Won is still exploring his neck, his hand went down and he started to touch Dong Shik.

-Do you want it? –Dong Shik says while going through his neck and then biting his bottom lip.

-I was waiting for you to ask me. – Joo Won says while challenging him.

Dong Shin was so fast at that moment, that even Joo Won couldn’t process the information. Dong Shik grabbed Joo Won by his waist so he could be on top of him.

Joo Won didn’t lose any chance and after Dong Shik prepared himself to make it more comfortable for Joo Won, he got on top of it. He was tempting the water first, letting his body get use to his erection. Dong Shik was grabbing him by his waist but he waited for Joo Won to take his time and then Joo Won started to put it inside him, he did it slowly, they both felt every moment of it, Joo aching his back and closing his eyes while Dong Shik move his hands from his waist to his butt grabbing them as if his life depends on it.

There was not moaning anymore, they were screaming, drunk in this ecstasy. Dong Shik let Joo Won to set his own rhythm, he was riding him slowly trying to feel every part of his erection inside him, every time he got deeper, he arch his back even more. Seeing Joo Won like this was just like a show to him, only for him. Seeing Joo Won like this, just got him even more excited and that’s when he decided to take the control of the rhythm. Dong Shik hug Joo Won tightly by his waist with one arm and then grabbed him by the back of his neck, this kind of obligated Joo Won to ark his back while his butt is up and Dong Shik has more access to it. Dong Shik started to push harder, faster and deeper, their body were sticky from all the sweat but made them feel like they were in holy water, he had Joo Won moaning near his ear and that just made him increase the velocity and his screams. Dong Shik was getting to his limits and his moaning just got louder. Joo Won shut him up by kissing him intensely and pulling his lower lip and that’s when he knew that he came to his limit. Dong Shik pushed himself harder two times inside of Joo Won until he came inside him, he felt how Joo Won tightened him, he was filling him, completing him, while both let out a scream that echoed in the whole house that they even feel that someone could have heard them at this point.

Joo Won collapsed on top of Dong Shik and kissed him passionately and gently. Dong Shik hugged him while trying to catch a breath, they calmed down, Dong Shik felt something running through Joo Won’s face while he was trying to bury his face on his neck. Dong Shik started to panicked, thinking that he hurt him.

-What happened? Did I hurt you? –Dong Shik asks while grabbing his face to look at him, there were tears in his eyes and Dong Shik started to clean them with his thumbs.
Joo Won bury his face on his neck again and hug him even stronger.

-I’m just so happy to be here. I know that you noticed my weird behavior these days. I’m sorry. It’s just that it hasn’t hit me yet, the fact that I’m here with you, that I can be with you and share this with you, it’s as if the happiest I get, this would be taken way from me. – Joo Won says still without looking at Dong Shik, probably embarrassed for all the things he is saying.

-I’m here, I’m not going anywhere. Of course, unless you want to get rid of me. Just don’t stress me like that anymore. –Dong Shik says while grabbing his face and smiling at him.
Joo Won smiled back to Dong Shik. Dong Shik gave Joo Won a kiss on his forehead, he pressed his lips hard while closing tightly his eyes and later he gave him a gentle kiss on his lips, as if his lips were made of fine glass and hug him tightly again.

Now Joo Won’s face was on chest. Dong Shik could feel the warmth of his breath, he could only take a deep breath, knowing that Joo Won was safe and that he was safe because Joo Won was safe by his side.

-I Love you. -Joo Won says with a sleeping voice. And Dong Shik could feel the warmth of his voice right in his chest.

-Let’s hope that it’s for a long time. -Dong Shik says while almost falling at sleep.

That night they couldn’t lift a single finger because of how tired they were, they would probably have difficulties trying to wake up the next day. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Today was a night to never forget because they knew there was nothing to fear anymore, because there was nothing threatening their peace. Because there was not safest place, like home.