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Damiano kisses Ethan's hands, his long slender fingers, his palms.

Ethan's spent more time looking at Damiano's back than anyone else ever has. The first tattoo Damiano'd gotten there, he'd lain beneath the tattoo gun, thinking, Ethan will see this more than I will. Sometimes, when it was healing and itching, Damiano would ask Ethan to be his mirror. Every time he takes his shirt off on stage, he knows what he is displaying and to who.

Damiano kisses Ethan's feet, his arch of his foot, his sole.

The way Ethan fucks him, it's with a steadiness that Damiano craves. He thinks sometimes he's an instrument being played, splayed out and open, body breathing, gasping in a beat that Ethan commands from him. Open, writhing, his entire self on offer. Sweat from stage, tears from victory, and his back to Ethan again, but with Ethan pressed so hard against him, inside him. Gasping out a melody that Damiano can only ever hum, but knows it intimately.

Damiano kisses Ethan's lips, his nose, his forehead.

Ethan strokes his fingers through Damiano's hair. He brushes the back of his hand against Damiano's bare ears; Damiano had nearly forgotten to take his earrings out again. When he's not careful, they tangle in his hair and tug. Suffering for your beauty, one pearl at a time.

They're practiced at this, the way they're practiced at everything. Sessions and endless sessions, warm-up and cool-down. Damiano practices his choreography in his sleep sometimes, wakes up to see Ethan's fingers twitching, his wrists flexing, his elbows ready. Their careers follow them everywhere, their dreams are in their dreams and in their bed.

Sometimes afterward, Damiano braids Ethan's hair, his fingers parting the strands, making a mess of everything before putting in to rights. He brushes Ethan's hair out, a long river in his hands, across his lap, and he feels settled and so, so happy.

Ethan kisses his throat. Damiano starts wearing more and more collars.

One day, Damiano is going to find a place on him where his lips can't reach and then he'll write a song to carve into both their hearts.