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Don't Make Me Dream Of You

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"We will start again with the anonymous confession programme once our writers have gathered enough letters for it. Make sure they're befitting to be read."


After getting quick nods from the mentioned students, a flick sound of paper swooshed in the air, he continued, "and as for our annual school festival, I'm suggesting a special segment by the athletes since they are a high-demand specifically from the students. It will be a perfect tack to attract votes from them."


Haknyeon sighed.


The sole voice slowly dimming out from its clear pronunciation, his fingers that were busy drumming onto the pile of papers became louder to his ears instead. His own opinion on the suggestion their leader team had just presented came overtaking his mind.


He had no reason to be against the idea— oh wait, he did!


Kim Sunwoo. He was the reason.


He didn't need to guess, he knew that the jerk- jock, was going to be scouted for the segment. Of course he was their pick, captain of the soccer team with a gorgeous face and chivalrous attitude who the entire school had their heads over heels for him. Not to Haknyeon though and will never be, over his dead body!


The thought of having to sit in a room with the man and not being able to give away his hatred so easily in front of the microphone like how he was always capable of, made his stomach sick.


The thought of having to fake smile, fake talk or even fake laugh alone had Haknyeon mentally grimaced. He would rather sit and eat lunch with that boy from class 2-2 who had stalked his Instagram account for three months before creepily made a move on Haknyeon (special thanks to Hyunjae and his flying gossips, Haknyeon was aware of it).


Still, Haknyeon can absolutely NOT be in the same room with the soccer team captain without his competency being on the line.


He couldn't stand the captain of the soccer team, he couldn't stand Kim Sunwoo.


He knew he was being a little too bitchy to anyone's liking that day, but it wasn't his fault he woke up upset that morning after being stood up the night before. Getting a text to come over sure had made him all giddy and excited that he thought about staying for the night too. It was good until it lasted when he received another text,


'no, it's fine. don't come'.


Haknyeon rolled his eyes. Thinking of it made him want to spit curses out of his multilingual mouth. Made him want to slap the smirk out of his handsome face, made him want to punch the perfectly built body that he loved getting his hands on the firm muscles, made him want to kiss the full lips and bite down on it-


He shook his head.


Daydreaming in this early morning obviously wasn't a good idea. Haknyeon snapped the little train going on in his mind and straightened his position in the seat, popping a joint along the way from sitting in the confined chair for an hour straight.


He was glad when Sangyeon announced that the meeting was finally coming to an end because after the conversation going about choosing an anchor from the soccer team, his mind immediately wandered off to something else— or rather, someone else.


"The next meeting will be held two days before the school festival. If any problem comes up by then, you can come to me or Younghoon, we will assist you as soon as possible," Sangyeon gathered his books together, "any questions?"


Chorus of 'no' filled in the room which made the leader smile, "alright then, that's all for today. Keep up the good work, guys!"


That being the end of meeting with some exchanged goodbyes and noises from the chairs being dragged. Haknyeon took his cue to leave as well, knowing that he didn't have any work unintended there he sighed gratefully imagining the sight of his bed would be the one to greet him when he finally got home. He bid Sangyeon and Younghoon a goodbye after shoving the files into his bag.


He stepped outside the club's appointed room, the first thing he did was stretching his arms out resembling a kitten who had just woken up from its slumber and one big yawn escaped from his mouth together with it.


He blinked a couple of times to adjust from the variation of the natural sunlight blinding in the hallway and white bulbs in the room earlier, eyes instinctively went down to check on the time.


School had ended two hours earlier. Which it could possibly mean they were the only ones still in the compound— excluding the soccer team who probably had a practice going on at that time. He just hoped he didn't bump into any of the players. Considering how he had acted that day, a nap would be perfect to cool himself a little. To fulfill his wish he needed to get home first, to his bed that was calling for him.


Grabbing the bag straps in his fists, he skipped his way down the empty hallway. The sound of his shoes meeting the wooden ground joined along as he hummed a song, unbothered to pull his set of phone and airpods instead.


Everything seemed going as planned, with the soft breeze from the ajar windows slowly blowing past his cold skin. The thought of getting to his bed without any unnecessary hassle made him beam happily.


The smile however lasted only for a moment when he felt a foreign hand gripped on his forearm and pulled him to a side, surprising him that he let out a tiny squeak, "what-" before his mind could process what was happening, he realized then he was already in a different room— the music room to be exact.




He watched in confusion as the mentioned man moved to close the door while his other hand was still clutching his arm tight in his grip. Seemingly not planning to let go of it anytime soon even when Haknyeon had wriggled its way out.


"Kim, what are you doing- let go of me! You're grabbing my arm too hard," his free hand went to aid with some pulls and pushes until it finally met success.


The other let go of his arm and turned to meet his eyes, a bit lower to his own due to the contrasting heights.


Haknyeon too lifted his face in hope of getting to spit his anger for the unneeded interruption but found his words stuck in his throat when he got a proper look of the man in front of him.


The man, Sunwoo, looked like he had just come back from a marathon— he probably did run four or five laps around the field considering that was a part of athletes' practice routine but the sight of him was rather distracting. His dark brown strands clumped together on his forehead, some beads of sweat broke out from the skin there. The white T-shirt was practically sticking to his body, hinting the tanned skin behind the single material. Suddenly, Haknyeon lost his focus.


"I-I- y-,"


"What's up with you today?"




Frowning, Haknyeon replied, "w-what do you mean what's up with me today? It's what's up with YOU, what business do you have to kidnap me like this," his lips pursued even more hearing himself stutter over his words like a child who's just learning how to read. He just hoped the redness spreading across his face wasn't visible enough to the captain's eyes.


He felt the slightly taller man stepped a foot closer to him, "you are acting up Haknyeon, I know you."


Now, he absolutely, totally wasn't affected by the presence of the other standing so close to him.


At least that's what he convinced himself because the moment the other's hot breaths ghosted over his skin, his breath hitched— he could smell the faint mix of mint and coffee.


"I'm not? How am I acting up when I don't even talk or come near you today?"


The expression on Sunwoo's face remained firm as if he wanted Haknyeon to say something he had in his mind. "Yeah, that's it. You didn't talk or look when you walked past by me this morning, not even the usual 'stupid round head' or greeting you would say to my friends." Sunwoo pressed, "you ignored me Haknyeon, what's up with that?"


Haknyeon's brow carved deep furrows, "so now I have to greet you and your friends every time I pass by?" He watched as a snicker escaped from the other's mocking mouth.


"No, but it was odd of you not to, wasn't it?"


Sunwoo was making a point, a very valid point and Haknyeon knew he was right. That's why he hated it, hated that he had to agree with him.


Haknyeon was known to be a social butterfly around the school— perhaps also around other schools nearby theirs. Almost everyone knew him because anyone could be easily considered as an acquaintance of his with just only an exchange of a short conversation.


Anyone excluding Sunwoo of course.


Honestly, he couldn't just say it out loud that he was acting snappy and grumpy to literally everyone who tried to make a conversation with him that day because of what happened the night before, no he had a reputation to maintain. He could brushed it off with a new topic but judging from Sunwoo's stubborn behaviour to demand an answer, a lie should do then.


He muttered, "I woke up on the wrong side of bed today."


Wow, good one Haknyeon!


The low scoff from the other made Haknyeon want to facepalm himself really hard.


Sunwoo bent down just until their eyes levelled vertically, "if this is about yesterday then stop acting like a bitch." He continued with a scornful laugh, "Eric somehow found out my parents weren't going to be at home that night so he made plans with the other boys to 'surprise' me. Well actually, they were there to empty my fridge and trash the house."


Okay, he didn't expect that.


It's such a random excuse but he knew it was the truth considering that was exactly what Eric would definitely do. It took a little(everything) in Haknyeon not to burst into laughter especially at the emphasizing of 'surprise'— like he said he had his good name to keep at bay.


So instead he gave a remark, a childish one to be exact. "Yeah, I didn't ask."


Oh, he was so wrong about that because a little part of him was actually delighted to hear the explanation coming from the man himself, yet he had his nose up in the air to confess.


"Of course you didn't, your ego took up almost all the space in your big head to even ask me a simple question," Sunwoo flicked his forehead, "next time, try to be more modest if you want something Haknyeon, that is how you get an answer." The shorter cupped his forehead in his hand, pouting.


How he wished he could wipe off that boastful grin on Sunwoo's face, how he also wished he didn't find it too attractive to his own liking. Haknyeon mumbled his curses which had the other smiled, feeling satisfied with his reaction.


Sunwoo straightened his back again, right hand went up to brush through the damped raven locks, "If you're still up for it, I can come over tonight."


Yes- nope, no his heart definitely did not just skip a beat.


Haknyeon cleared his throat in hope to cover his anticipation from being too obvious. "My parents are home."


Okay, that's a good one-


"Your parents are working overseas this week, you told me last time."


Okay, fuck.


Feeling his face heated up in embarrassment, he stared down at the floor to at least save the last few of his dignity. Not that Sunwoo didn't notice though.


The captain gestured his head to the door, "I'll text you then, I need to go back before they all come searching for me."


That, made Haknyeon frown unknowingly. He did not like how he sounded too rushed, not even a bit. It's too soon.


Returning the favour, Haknyeon grabbed his arm when he saw the other turning to the door, "not so fast." After getting the man to stop in his track, both of his hands moved upwards until his fingers laced at the back of the captain's neck. He moved closer into the heat of the other's body, "you can't go yet, not when you're looking like this," a playful smile stretched wide on his lips.


There was an unclear reaction from the man who stood in his arms, but it was satisfying enough for Haknyeon when he felt the two motionless hands were then circling around the curve of his own waist.


"Impatient huh, can't wait until tonight?"


Haknyeon flashed him a wilful grin. Dark, seductive eyes inviting, "just want a preview of it and maybe, you could repay the little mistakes you made yesterday." He pulled Sunwoo down by his neck when he thought his eyes had done enough staring at the lips to torture him even further.


Just a few millimeters apart from each other, Sunwoo halted, his breaths roughly grazed on the other skin.


"No need for it when I know you will give in anyway,"


and he continued to complete the leftover gap, hot lips slotting against one another easily from the countless experience they had together to know their own ways with each other.


The kiss was shameless, mostly Haknyeon who was desperately clinging onto the other and chasing his mouth every time like he was already intoxicated by it.


Sunwoo wasn't any different. It was him who pulled their bodies closer by his waist with a prompt tug and found it was almost too irritating two thin materials were there separating them in between.


Haknyeon responded by humming into the other's mouth and biting down on the lower lip every chance he got while his hands found themselves restless to skim through the low curls at the back of his head, giving it a few soft tugs. Maybe he had his fingers to twist the strands harder each time only because he knew Sunwoo loved it as much as he loved the impact, left on him.


The captain groaned against Haknyeon's mouth, his tongue poking with dominance for an entrance which Haknyeon gladly submitted and opened his way in. Spits were starting to form on his chin as Sunwoo ventured into the hot cavern, tongues swirling around themselves, triggering a whimper at the back of Haknyeon's throat.


Sunwoo disconnected their lips with a strand of thick saliva following after, letting the both of them breathe in as much air as possible before closing the gap once again.


This time, they went slow. Desperate but the captain took his time to feel the soft lips that tasted like a mix of artificial fruits— Haknyeon's most favoured chapstick, he recognized. His tongue swept down across the lower lips, tasting the faint cherry and grape on it.


With their mouths being occupied, Sunwoo slowly led the way by pressing his body onto Haknyeon to make him walk backwards— nearly tripping over their feet but Sunwoo's hands were there on his waist to steady them. They stumbled deeper to the center of the room and stopped when Haknyeon's back hit a curved edge, "ah," one of his hands left the shoulder to rest on the piano behind him.


The long gasp from Haknyeon made their lips disconnect. He felt the captain's breath shuddered from above him that it forced his head to tilt up— nearly whined out loudly when the sight of swollen lips, sweaty forehead and heaving chest greeted him instead.


Happy when the other leaned down to kiss him again, disappointed with it being only a lingering peck that had left him craving for more.


"I really need to go, told them I went for bathroom break. It will be suspicious if I'm out for too long." His thumb pressed down on Haknyeon's puffed lips, "the preview was nice, can't wait for the full part," and he winked, to tease.


It was as if he was purposely poking fun at Haknyeon because he knew damn well the effect he left in the midst of getting into it, passable to make him suffer. Not that Haknyeon was going to admit he felt somewhat annoyed by it but as he looked at the man fixing his messy hair, his self-restraint level was provoked.


He managed a reply, that sounds more to a demand the way he put in his tone, "this time, make sure no friends are in the way."


Sunwoo only turned his head before replying with a knowing smile dancing on his lips, "sure, babe." He twisted the door open and walked out of there, leaving Haknyeon eager for what's coming later.