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Art Post for ‘Stars Come Down In You’ written by Amypond45

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⚠️Art post contains mildly nsfw art of Sam and Dean. Not explicit but does include one pert derrière 😁

⚠️This post also contains spoilers for the story, so if you haven’t read it yet do that first here 😊

Below you can find the pictures I drew for this story and a little bit of behind the scenes insight. Hope you enjoy 😊


Since this was a reverse bang the art is submitted first for the authors to choose from.

This was the prompt I submitted:

Dean stands in front of a large gold framed mirror lit by candlelight and entranced by the sight before him, but it’s not his own reflection gazing back from the other side of the glass. It’s Sam.


I was over the moon when an author chose my prompt to write a story for and I waited eagerly to see what goodies would be forthcoming and of course I wasn’t disappointed 😁. Once I read the story I knew that I wanted to draw more art 🤗 and (Spoiler Alert) the happy ending just tugged at my heart strings 🥰 of course I had to try and capture it.

So I threw together a draft of happy boys sitting on the porch with a mountain lake view and sunset. (The red pen is the ‘notes’ I scribbled on it afterwards to remind myself of what I wanted to change)

I sent this off to my author with a small note of apology. (I absolutely adore rich oversaturated colour palettes, but maybe in throwing together my landscape here I had gone too far. I promised to tone it down in the final version.) but Amy loved the bright warm colours 😄🤗 so we decided to keep them! (Technicolor for the win 🙌🏼😁)

I went back to my draft and the first thing I did was to add in the mountains. I don’t paint full landscapes often but I really wanted this to be a beautiful mountain scene. So I took my time and had fun with the snowy mountains and the happy trees and the reflections in the water. (Where is a Bob Ross tutorial when you need it?! 😂)

After that I moved on to the boys who decided to give me a bit of trouble. (Well one of them anyway 😂). I paint my pictures free-hand in photoshop and I use reference photos as a guide for people’s features. But I couldn’t find a reference photo for Sam with the head angle that I needed AND a soft expression. So as I just chose the head angle that worked best and hoped to amend his expression as I went along, but while I was painting he kept wanting to look murderous, which doesn’t match the mood at all 😂

In the end I think I got him happy, but some pics definitely fight you more than others. 🤷🏻♂️😊

Hopefully it’s all worth it in the end tho 😄 this is the final version in all its glory:


I was really pleased with how that happy ending picture turned out, but stylistically I felt it had a very different tone to the prompt picture. I like all my pictures in a story to feel like they tie together with a similar style and I wasn’t feeling that here. But I did like what each picture style said: the dark uncertainty and sexual tension of the prompt picture. And the bright happy warmth of the end picture. So I decided what I needed was a picture between the two styles to tie them together. A mix of uncertainty and hope. And that made me think of the scene from the story where Dean asks Sam to make him a magic potion to take away his feelings, but he isn’t able to go through with it in the end because he starts to realise he doesn’t want to change the way he feels about Sam. For me that is his first turning point and the moment a spark of hope blossoms. 🤗

So I mocked up a reference for this last pic using 3D models and used that as a guide to draft Sam and Dean:


and this was (what I thought was) the final version:


but Muses are a law onto themselves and a day later mine insisted that this picture didn’t have enough atmosphere. So I went back and added texture - almost like the scene is viewed through an old mirror - and my muse was much happier with that 🤷🏻♂️😄 so here is the final version:

…a moment that mixes uncertainty and possibility, with hope and resolution- and ties together my two disparate artistic moods of the start and the end. I’m really pleased with how this turned out.


Finally I made the banner for the story that you see at the top, but here are the versions that didn’t make the cut 😄:



And that's all folks 😄

I hope you have enjoyed this artwork and the little peek behind the scenes.

If you still haven't read the story, go read it! You can find here on ao3 or if you are over on LJ you can find it here 🤗. I had a wonderful time working with Amy and I absolutely adore the story that she wrote. I’m honored that it was inspired by my art.🤗 So if you haven’t read it yet, make sure to check it out, I'm sure you will love it too.

You can also go look in the collection more Wincest stories in the coming weeks. 😄

And do feel free to drop a comment if you liked the art, I love chatting with new friends. 💛