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Don't Go

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In the room where the boy who had been mentally abused for a long time had stayed, Akito gently closed the cabinet door in the corner wordlessly, and the treasure that was carefully preserved and embraced, lying in her arms, they, both, were at ease. When Akito slowly returns to her room, Kureno is already there waiting for her.

Her eyes were merely in the crook of her own arm as Kureno leaned over to her side and handed her a small dark red plate followed by a glass of warm water, gentle and still expressionless. The sullen pair kept silent in the room, the box cover that was gently laid out on the bed harvesting his gaze by her lap, and he habitually looked away, folded the black Haori neatly on the tatami, and closed his eyes demurely.

Akito carefully held him in her hands, examined him, thought about him, remembered him, touched him and kissed him. The dry lips were so cold and emotionless, but she was passionate and exuberant. His embrace and his voice were almost faded from her mind. But the look on his face will always be burned into her eyes and she will never forget it, never.

She felt him smiling at her, and she kissed him again with happiness.

She pleasurably let him kiss her skin, let his lips linger between her exposed breasts, her closed eyes imagining everything about him, imagining all these moves and looks he made to her, hot breaths surging and panting, wriggling her legs, she slipped her fingers between her legs, his lips following up and down between her breasts.

Breathing was unconsciously synchronized with the rhythm of her fingertips, the frown between her brows screaming for more. After a twitch, she dazedly laid him down beside her, soothing him in anticipation of her own greeting.

"Kureno.... Kureno..."
A pale expression flushed with a hint of red bemoaned his name, and he opened his eyes to once again find those thirsty eyes as he hugged her and soothed her.

She looked down at him, letting his hands caress and love her body, and he followed her movements and let her fiddle with him. Her burning interior was consuming his indifferent instincts, her beauty was not his, nor was it what he needed. The red marks from the kneading of soothing, doting hands ached vaguely, and the sweat that flowed from her body in a rush of pleasure rubbed salty against his lips.

The color of his hair, his eyes, his voice, his touch, his body odor all disturbed her. She closed her eyes and tried not to distract herself, her strangled heart crying in small tones. Since then, even in this hell-like world, she still believes that his embrace is her heaven, her happiness that belongs to her alone. Once upon a time, her happiness had fallen apart, more and more fragmented, more and more drifting away. The more she clung to it, the more red as veins thin as veins of pain were drained away, and in the end the clinging was just herself, once again curled up alone, believing that the beauty he gave her was real, Akito was trying very hard to convince herself.

Akito leaned down and kissed Kureno, swaying continuously, then quickly lifted herself up, grabbed him who had been guarding her next to her, let him cover Kureno's face and kissed again, more tenderly, more deeply, more heartbreakingly. That didn't leave her with a sense of disconnection, but instead brought the pure emotion she wanted more.



The pain that had been accumulating gradually dissipated in this moment, and she could feel him beside her, in front of her, just like in the old days, always accompanying her, caressing her, spoiling her. "Don't..." The sobbing voice pleaded quietly in his ear, the slender hands that he had just held and soothed exerted pressure on his chest, unworthy to continue the sinking degradation, running away with her innocence, the last plea causing him to drown her vulnerable heart once again .....

"Fa...ther... Don't go..."

After wiping away the teardrops from the corners of her eyes, Kureno gently covered her with the quilt and carefully put the treasures she had cherished all her life back into the box he had prepared for her, tied the red string, and prayed silently.

The one who should be by her side should only be Shigure.