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This Is Your Last Warning, Your Courtesy Call

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The Ghost Valley was more daunting than Prince Jin had first expected. The larger-than-life double stone doors creaked ominously as they parted to allow Prince Jin, Duan Pengju and a hand-picked squad of Tian Chuang members.

They were not spoken to, they were barely bowed to which edged on the side of disrespect. However, Prince Jin stayed silent even as Duan Pengju seethed at his side at the disrespect. A hand gesture from Prince Jin had Duan Pengju stilling as they entered the domain of the Ghost Valley Master.

When Prince Jin had received the invitation from the Ghost Valley Master himself, he had to admit that he had been rather taken aback. He even considered not agreeing to the meeting, his mind occupied with the recent lack of information from his Tian Chuang spies throughout the Jianghu about the whereabouts of his cousin Zhou Zishu who had gone missing during a failed mission.

When the invitation had offered a glimmer of information about Zhou Zishu, Prince Jin had leapt to accept. Duan Pengju of course, vetoed the idea. Prince Jin wasn’t blind, he knew that Duan Pengju loathed his cousin and Prince Jin had an inkling that he may have had a hand in the circumstances in which Zhou Zishu had gone missing. Nothing had been left behind of his cousin, of his soulmate save for the leather hairpiece that kept Zhou Zishu’s hair up in Tian Chuang’s signature style.

Prince Jin resisted clutching the split in half leather that was sitting heavy in his sleeve from where it had stayed since Zhou Zishu had disappeared. He blinked himself out of that headspace as they were guided down a dirt road towards where he had to assume was the Ghost Valley’s version of a throne room.

The group had barely stepped inside of the spacious hall when the salacious sounds of pleasured moans echoed around the group. Prince Jin found his eyes training onto the dark stone divan that served as a throne.

The back of a lithe figure clad in an almost sheer red inner robe faced them, dark hair spilling down like a waterfall of ink save for a half bun on the top of his head that was held in place with a white jade hair stick. The robe had slipped down the figure’s left shoulder, showcasing pale and surprisingly scarred skin as the figure rose up and down.

Prince Jin narrowed his eyes at the blatant show. The Ghost Valley Master was showing by letting someone who Prince Jin had to assume was a part of his harem ride him so blatantly that he cared little for those who he had invited.

A pale, elegant hand that must belong to the Ghost Valley Master curved around the waist of the figure riding him, but nothing else could be seen of the Ghost Valley Master. The Master must have ordered his harem member to do something as the figure’s body visibly trembled as the unidentified person began to roughly drop themselves down onto the Master’s cock.

The lewd sounds echoed around the hall, the sheer rock faces ensuring that the ensemble from the Imperial City heard every last obscene sound that came from the couple in front of them.

Prince Jin had an odd feeling in his stomach as he watched the scantly clad figure bounce up and down on the Master’s lap. The way the figure’s body moved, the soft, yet powerful moans that spilled from the harem member’s lips and even the swaying of the figure’s long hair stirred something inside of Prince Jin.

Prince Jin peered to the side and noted that Duan Pengju looked far too interested in the coupling that was happening mere feet away from them. Prince Jin was about to let it go, to plaster an unbothered face and plan out what he was going to ask in return for being forced to watch this show.

All thoughts of deal-making and bargaining fled from his mind when an achingly familiar voice echoed in the hall as the harem member who was grinding down on the Ghost Valley Master’s cock cried out with their body arching.

“Lao Wen!” It was Zhou Zishu and Prince Jin’s vision went red as he caught sight of his cousin, his soulmate’s head falling back and blissed-out face put on display.

“Zishu!” Prince Jin went to stride forward, to rip his soulmate off of the wretched Ghost Valley Master’s lap. To hold Zhou Zishu in his arms, to show his soulmate that he is Prince Jin’s and only his.

Prince Jin’s angry steps were cut off by a spinning white fan that came far too close to slitting his throat open. Prince Jin stumbled back to avoid losing his life, Duan Pengju leapt forward with his sword being drawn.

“Do not presume you have the right to approach me or my Zhiji.” Wen Kexing’s voice rang out, it sounded as if a thousand voices were merged and Prince Jin had to steady himself from trembling at the anger in those words and the audacity of the Ghost Valley Master claiming his cousin as his soulmate.

“Lao Wen,” Zhou Zishu sighed sounding far too fond for Prince Jin’s liking. Wen Kexing curled an arm around Zhou Zishu’s waist and easily yet carefully lifted the barely dressed man off of his lap and down onto the stone divan next to him.

Zhou Zishu didn’t look bothered at the treatment, he simply lounged on the other end of the Ghost Valley’s throne in the robe that barely covered his skin, one bare leg propped up that made Prince Jin’s pulse race under his skin.

Yet Zhou Zishu looked right at home on this throne, his eyes were trained on Wen Kexing. He had not yet even spared a single look at Prince Jin and fire burned in his veins at the realization.

“Don’t worry Ah Xu,” Wen Kexing gave Zhou Zishu a sickeningly adoring look as he leaned over and pressed their lips together as if it was something they did every day.

“Do I look worried? Do what you will,” Zhou Zishu waved his hand dismissively and blinding hot rage filled Prince Jin.

“What have you done to him? What demonic spell have you cast on him?” Prince Jin roared, unable to stop himself.

“He is here of his own free will,” Wen Kexing said, lying straight to the Prince’s face and Prince Jin let out an angry cry as he whipped his arm out to the side to signal the Tian Chuang who had come with him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Wen Kexing was suddenly right in front of the Prince, strong fingers digging into the Prince’s windpipe. Duan Pengju and the other Tian Chuang quickly formed a circle around the duo, hands on the pommels of their swords but hesitating as if they moved wrong then the Prince would be dead.

“Try anything and I’ll snap his neck,” Wen Kexing growled as he narrowed red lined eyes at Prince Jin. A shiver went down Prince Jin’s spine as he realized that the Ghost Valley Master could kill him within a second, that he was just as terrifying as the rumours had said he was.

“What do you want?” Prince Jin rasped out, eyes flicking over to his cousin. Zhou Zishu looked unbothered as he lounged on the throne of the Ghost Valley, drinking from a gourd of wine. Yet he recognized the sharpness in Zhou Zishu’s eyes and the slight tenseness in his body, a cold wave rushed over Prince Jin when he realized that Zhou Zishu was ready to spring to the aid of the Ghost Valley Master alone.

“You will leave Zhou Zishu and those who fall under the protection of the Four Season Manor alone. You will not bother with the martial arts world, you will keep your greedy hands out of what is happening here and I will not rain all 3,000 of my powerful ghosts down on your city.” Wen Kexing explained and Prince Jin swore he could see his death in those dark eyes.

“If you dare to go back on the terms of this deal, I will skin you alive before cutting you into small pieces as I did to the last Ghost Valley Master.” Wen Kexing promised as he tightened his fingers around the Prince’s throat, digging his nails into the soft flesh.

“Zhou Zishu belongs to me now, never contact him again.” Wen Kexing whispered in the Prince’s ear, victory evident in his tone.

“He is my soulmate,” Prince Jin rasped out and Wen Kexing threw his head back and laughed boisterously.

“Your soulmate?” Wen Kexing mocked.

“You’re not qualified,” Zhou Zishu’s voice rang out as he spoke from the throne of the Ghost Valley and Wen Kexing’s lips curved up into a pleased smile.

“Now leave before I decide to break our deal and slaughter you where you stand. Do not break our deal Prince Jin or you will regret it.” Wen Kexing sneered as he bodily tossed the Prince across the hall, Duan Pengju scurrying after the fallen body of the man.

Wen Kexing flipped open his fan and lazily fanned his face as he watched with narrowed eyes as the Tian Chuang members helped the Prince to his feet. Prince Jin’s eyes darted over to Zhou Zishu once more before his face soured and he flicked out the sleeves of his robe and strode out of the throne hall with the Tian Chuang loyal to him followed.

Prince Jin risked one look back and his stomach twisted at the sight of Wen Kexing descending on Zhou Zishu once more, slotting himself between the legs of the only one worthy of being his soulmate.

Zhou Zishu welcomed the violent Ghost Valley Master with ease, body arching and a pleased moan falling from his mouth as Wen Kexing entered him once more. Prince Jin couldn’t help but ache to be in that place between Zhou Zishu’s legs and the last time he ever saw Zhou Zishu was with his lips being captured by Wen Kexing’s as they were led out of the Ghost Valley.