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Witching Season

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“Are you sure this is the right world?”


Ex sighed. “Yes , I’m sure. Now quit talking and look for those hermits.”


Helsknight crossed his arms. “That’s the thing, we’ve been looking all night and we haven’t found anyone. Unless they’re all off exploring together, I don’t see how this is the season eight world.”


“They’re probably all hiding in a cave or something until the night’s over, those cowards. Besides, just because we haven’t seen them yet doesn’t mean they’re not here.”


“You make a good point, but if that’s the case, shouldn’t we be looking in a less foggy biome?”


Hels may have had a point. It was foggy there -- so foggy, the landscape faded to a purple mass the more he looked at it. Even the trees looked purple.


Come to think of it, he’d never seen anything like this.


It was probably a new 1.17 biome -- although, wasn’t 1.17 supposed to be mostly underground? Because this was definitely above ground.


Oh well. He had more pressing matters to deal with.


“See anyone yet?” he asked.


“Not yet,” said Hels. “We really should be looking somewhere else, it’s impossible to see anything here.”


Before Ex could say anything in response, a sudden breeze blew over them, accompanied by a flapflapflap sound. They turned, and saw a bat perched upside down on a tree branch.


The bat wasn’t spooked by their presence. In fact, it seemed to have been… watching them?


After a few seconds of staring, the bat jumped down from its perch and onto the ground. And then it started to grow . But it didn’t just grow; it changed shape. And then, where the bat once stood, was a rather tall man, wearing a purple robe and a pointy purple hat.


“Hello, boys,” said the man.


“W-who are you?!” Hels had his sword drawn.


The man gave a chuckle, showing off a gap toothed grin.


“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. How does that saying go, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’? Well, it seems we have a common enemy, now don’t we?”


“That doesn’t answer my question.”


“Most know me as the Not-So Friendly Witch, or the NSFY Witch for short. But you may call me Chim.”


Hels gave Chim a cautious glare, but he lowered his sword.


“What was that about a common enemy?” Ex asked. “Do you mean the hermits?”


“Well, if the hermits are the same people who showed up to this world uninvited, then yes.”


Ex gave Hels an “I told you so” look.


“Anyway,” Chim said. “How about a deal? Our goals are similarly aligned, how about we work together to destroy the hermits?”


“And what will you give us in return?” said Ex.


“I’m not a witch for nothing. I have plenty of magic, and plenty I could teach you how to use.”


Ex and Hels shared a look.