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Fanmix for Baby, I'm Howlin For You

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LJ username: nat_am_drachen
Length of mix: 13 tracks + bonus tracks + hidden tracks
Just in case you missed the wonderful Baby, I'm Howlin For You by andrealyn and the gorgeous artwork by anuminis.

Hammer to Fall – Queen
It’s about life and death…something Danny is achingly familiar, yet so unfamiliar, with in his ‘life.’ Danny, as an immortal, has had his fair share of battles. So far, he’s keep his head. He’s may just lose it with Steve, figuratively, not literally.

Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin’ On Me) – Joss Stone
Danny can’t believe that Steve mated with him 1) without him knowing, 2) hasn’t said anything, and 3) mated with him for life. Yeah, for life. Apparently, Steve liked Danny, ok, loved him, just not enough to say something. Typical, Steve.

House of Cards – Frenchy & the Punk (formerly known as Gypsy Nomads)
The first time I heard this song I thought it was perfect for Gov. Jameson. She is an unknown, a Joker’s wild, if you will. It’s all about intrigue and who do you trust? If you trust the wrong person, everything could come down around you, like a house of cards

Lost in Paradise – Evanescence
Not available on 4shared except in .rar file.
At some point throughout Howlin’ For You, Danny and Steve are lost, in a figurative sense, of course.

Puppy Love – Celtic Thunder
I can’t help myself. Steve is described throughout as having a puppy-dog eyes.

Hey, Stephen – Taylor Swift
Not available on 4shared except in .rar file.
Danny really does love Steve, no matter what he says or how mad he gets at him. Danny still loves Steve despite him not saying that he had mated with Danny for life or that he caused Danny to get sick when he had a fling. Yeah, it’s love.

Change – Poets of the Fall
Rachel has been in Danny’s life since the day he died. Now, she was meddling in his love life; even appointing McGarrett as his caretaker.

Peddlers of Death – Zakk Wylde
The scene of Chin’s transformation was powerful. I thought, why would anyone want to become a Vampire? I thought this track answered the question beautifully. It is the promise of the feeling of being fine, more than fine, really, but in the end the feeling is only fleeting.

Unstoppable – E.S. Posthumus
To me, this was the perfect piece for the fight between Danny and Sang Min.

Make Out - Frenchy & the Punk (formerly known as Gypsy Nomads)
It is what you think. It is also a very fun song…just like the action.

Howlin For You – The Black Keys
This track was the author’s choice to describe the relationship between Danny & Steve.

Life Less Ordinary – Carbon Leaf members of Five-0 ‘s lives are anything but ordinary. At least, they are together.

Friends Will Be FriendsQueen
I think this track speaks for itself.

Bonus Tracks
Dark Carnivale – Frenchy & the Punk (formerly known as Gypsy Nomads)
I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra
Love Sneakin’ Up On You – Joss Stone, Les Paul, & Sting
What Ever Happened to the Heroes – Joss Stone
Fall Into You – David Hodges (Ft Amy Lee)
Not available on 4shared except in .rar file.
Good Friends & a Glass of Wine – Joss Stone & LeAnn Rimes (CMT Crossroads)

.rar file of all tracks + hidden tracks