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Gabriel appeared in Heaven much later than his brothers. He was born on a sunny day when the birds in Eden burst into happy chirping. God smiled when he created his fourth son. In each son, he put something of his own. So, Michael was the most loyal and reliable, like the earth, Lucifer was proud and hot-tempered, but at the same time vulnerable, like fire, and Raphael was quiet and soft, like air. So far, God did not know what the fourth archangel would be like. Gabriel squinted at the sun and smiled with a toothless mouth, running small hands into his father's beard. The Creator entered Eden with a child in his arms, and the archangels surrounded him, looking at his younger brother with curiosity and warmth. Michael was already stretching out his hands, looking at his father. Before that, He always gave him the first to hold the new archangels. It was a kind of act of trust. Thus, God showed that he was entrusting the Michael with the care of his brothers: he was responsible for them with his head. But this time, the Creator unexpectedly turned to his second son and handed Gabriel to him. Lucifer raised his surprised blue eyes to his father.
— Take care of him, Lucifer, - the Creator smiled affectionately, placing his hand on the shoulder of the archangel.
Raphael stood nearby and looked at his older brother with slight envy, while Michael smiled broadly, understanding his father's idea. Lucifer grew up, from now on they are equal with him, because his father entrusted him with something very important - his creation.
— I will not let you down, father ... - this is the only thing that the archangel could say, feeling how a small his little brother tosses and turns in his arms.
— Do not be afraid, I will help you, - said Michael, going up to his younger brother. Responsibility is always a scary, and Michael knew it first-hand.
He remembered his first panic when Lucifer fled, he remembered the spanking his father had given him. And he knew that Lucifer would not be able to avoid it. After all, the baby in his arms was already pulling his brother by the collar of his shirt and laughing wildly. He knew, this little archangel will be trouble.
— Luciiiiiii! — Gabriel squealed joyfully, sitting on the ground, and holding out to his brother a flower plucked in Eden. — Luci, up!
— Enough. I'm already tired of carrying you in my arms, Gabriel! You need to learn to fly on your own, Gabriel.
— Luci! - Gabriel called. The call soon changed to sobs, and then sobs in to tears. In the end, the Lightbringer surrendered.
— Okay, don't cry, - the archangel spread his stiff wings, intending to rise, but suddenly the crying stopped.
Gabriel looked enthusiastically at the snow-white wings, which looked simply dazzling in the light of the sun. Lucifer froze, running his hand over his feathers with a smile.
— What do you like?
— Luci ... - Gabriel froze, gazing at his brother's wings with childish delight. Hazel eyes were wide open, now for him Lucifer was almost God.
Lucifer spread his wings and flapped his wings a couple of times. Gabriel looked at him without blinking.
— See, it is not so hard, let try again.
Gabriel’s face became very serious. He was concentrating on his wings. Gabriel repeated every motion his brother did, he spread his small golden wings. Flapped once…. Twice…. Three times… and he flew…
— You did it! – exclaimed Lucifer, catching his little brother in the air. — Come, we need to tell father what you did today.
— Gabriel!!! Come here! - the menacing voice of Lucifer was heard all over Eden.
The birds squawked indignantly, flying off the branches in fright. The Lightbringer was terrible in anger, everyone in Heaven knew that. Just think, the youngest disobeyed him! Lucifer could forgive his little brother a lot, but not the risk of his own life. This concerned not only Gabriel, but also Michael and Raphael. What could not be said about the restless Gabriel, whom curiosity and impatience drove to rash and dangerous acts.
Soon Lucifer's keen gaze came across a golden fluff caught on a tree branch next to a spacious hollow. It was not hard to guess where the child decided to hide from the angry older brother. The Lightbringer approached the tree and stopped near the hollow, out of the corner of his eye noticing a curly head.
— Get out, — the voice sounds cold and harsh.
Lucifer heard a soft sigh and fuss, and then the younger brother was on the ground, next to him.
The archangel shivers under the gaze of his brother. Gabriel was one of the few who could change the mood of the Lightbringer, change terrible anger to mercy, but not when Lucifer was angry with him. Gabriel could not stand quarrels; he simply could not stand them. And if he himself became the cause of someone's anger or conflict, shame began to burn him. Lucifer took his hand and led him somewhere. Gabriel didn’t try to say anything or stop his brother, knowing that he could anger him even more.
— Where is it? — asked Lucifer sternly.
— What?
— You know what! The sword. Michael sword. You took you it. Don’t try to deny it, I know.
Gabriel couldn’t look at his brother in the eyes, but he could feel the blue eyes were staring at him.
— I hid it inside the big oak. — said Gabriel, he was trying sounding apologetic.
— Why did you take it? You could hurt yourself. — Lucifer voice was angry, yet he was also worried and relieved.
— I just. You know… be like you…
— Gabriel…. You are too young. Just wait awhile. — Lucifer sighed.
A faint rustle of wings was heard, and the young archangel landed next to his brother. Lucifer stood with his back to him, spreading huge white wings. Gabriel sighed softly, gathering courage before the difficult conversation.
— Luci ... Why are you doing this? Come on, I beg you ... This is an unnecessary argument, it will not change anything, — Gabriel said quietly, coming closer to his brother.
He saw the mark on Lucifer's hand and cursed his father for the hundredth time. Since this mark appeared on his brother's hand, he has changed a lot. These changes took place gradually, but they frightened Gabriel. He was frightened by the fact that his elder brother had become colder, tougher, they began to quarrel, and these quarrels could no longer be called trifling.
— You don't understand, Gabriel. Go away, you don't have to get into this, — answered the archangel without looking at his brother.
— No, I'm going to get into it! Because you are my brother and ...
Before Gabriel could finish, Lucifer suddenly grabbed him by the throat. The eyes of the younger archangel widened in fright, he twitched, in turn grabbing his brother's hand.
— No, you won't get into this, Gabriel. Because you will not understand me, because you will only make everything worse. You have always only been able to spoil. I spent all my youth on you, but you never learned anything, — these cruel and cold words made Gabriel's heart squeeze painfully.
— It’s not you who says it … — croaked the archangel, looking into his brother's eyes.
— And who then, dear brother? — a stinging grin appeared on Lucifer's lips.
— This ... all ... her, — Gabriel put his hand on the mark of Cain.
Lucifer suddenly threw the younger archangel to the ground, glaring at him.
— Get out, — this is the last thing that Lucifer said, turning.
Gabriel realized that he could not do anything anyway, and therefore moved to God.
Gabriel woke up from a terrible roar shaking everything around. The heavens were shaking, everything around seemed to be stained with blood. The first thing that the archangel saw in front of him was clouds, terrible, blood-red clouds. He raised his head and saw a horrifying picture a few meters away: Michel brings his sword, and then plunges it into his brother's wing. The scream stopped somewhere in his throat, making it difficult to breathe and think sanely. Gabriel slowly got up from the ground, he was shaking, he called his brother, as if delirious. But when Gabriel raised his head, Michael and Lucifer were no longer there ... And the next day God disappeared. What he can do now?