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He swaggers into the gym and you gaze up at his cocky strut, pausing the lace up of your gloves up for a brief moment to take in all that is Benny Miller. You’ve come to this boxing gym for the past six months with one goal in mind; get him into the ring.  He’s good, the best really, and that’s why you want to spar with him, to prove yourself as a competent boxer. Knocking him down a peg at the same time sounds as delicious as you’re sure it will be to physically kick his ass. 


You resume working on your gloves as he makes his round of hellos, stopping to shoot the shit with his coach. His broad muscled back is to you and your tongue slips out to run the length of your lower lip at the sight. Benny is taller than you, muscled from days spent boxing and doing whatever it is that he did in the military. There’s no denying he’s beautiful either. He exudes a raw strength that only comes from years of tuning your body to its highest muscular frequency in every aspect. You shake your head trying desperately to clear your thoughts, knowing today is the day you’ll finally get your shot and the last thing you need is Benny’s power  in all things clouding your mind. You finish with your gloves and jump up, shaking out your shoulders and limbs, feeling the heat in your blood and the flush of adrenaline storm through you. 


“What? No fucking way.” Benny’s voice carries over the din of the gym and you still when his eyes pin you in a glare from across the room. You’re on opposite sides of the ring but he could be standing two inches in front of you with the heat radiating from his gaze to yours. Your breathing stalls for one dizzying moment before you see him shake his head and push past his coach to the locker rooms. You swallow and go back to warming up but feel fuzzy thinking of how he looked at you, a look that was almost… primal.



You duck under the ropes and enter the ring while Benny does the same on the other side. You take a steadying breath and shove your mouth guard in, watching his every move opposite you. He shakes his head, looking furious but mimicking your motions. His coach signals the start and you move to the balls of your feet, circling him while he watches you with skilled and determined eyes. You dart in with a right hook and he feints to the side, pushing your hand away like it was nothing. You circle, move in again, he blocks, you move in, he blocks. You grow frustrated as you wanted more of a fight from him, not just a dozen blocks. He refuses to make a move on you and that makes you flush with rage. You try one more time to get him to let out the skills you’ve seen time and time again on other opponents, hitting his ribs before he can block you. A growl rumbles through his chest and you smirk at your well placed hit, but he doesn’t move to strike back. This time you let out a snarl, dropping quickly into a crouch and sweeping your leg under his, toppling him to the ground. He lets out a whoosh of air and before he can move to get up you put your foot on his chest and spit out your mouth guard. 

“What the fuck is that, Miller!” You yell, infuriated at him, your blood roaring in your ears.

 He stays silent, breathing hard beneath your bare foot.  


“Why won’t you fight back, god damnit!” You lean in, putting pressure on his chest and you see a flash in his eyes before he grabs your ankle and flips you, rolling himself on top of you and straddling your hips. He leans down, getting in your face before he turns to spit out his mouth guard and looking back to meet your eyes. 


“I will not fight you.” His voice is deep and ragged, dominant. Your chest is heaving, embarrassed at how quickly he pinned you down and now acutely aware of where his body is touching yours, the pressure of his hips surrounding yours and his hands on either side of your head. He breathes across your face and he smells minty and male. His blue eyes dart around your face, taking in the way your hair is plastered to your forehead with sweat, your mascara no doubt smudged, your cheeks flushed red, before landing on your lower lip that you sucked between your teeth when he spoke. His eyes lingered there before snapping back to yours and you could swear you see a fire dancing in the blue depths. The corner of his mouth tips up in a smirk and suddenly you're reminded that he’s pinned you down and everyone is definitely staring. 


“Ugh, get off me”, you grumble as you use all your strength to shove at his shoulder and he rolls off of you, allowing you to scramble to your feet and stomp out of the ring. You beeline for the locker room and strip off your gloves, throwing them at your locker door and sitting down hard on the bench. You yank the braid of your hair forward and undo it, letting it fall around your heated shoulders to shroud your face which you bury in your hands, pissed all the way the fuck off. You waited months for this opportunity and he took it as seriously as if he was fighting a child. You blow out a frustrated breath, your hair parting in its wake. 


Why wouldn’t he take me seriously? Why wouldn’t Benny fight back?


You stalk into the shower and strip, letting the water wash away the embarrassment and residual anger at how easy he handled you. Your anger was slowly replaced by curiosity and a small thrill. The way he handled you, his hands so close to the delicate skin of your neck and the weight of him on top of you, heating the blood in your veins. You lather the soap, slipping your hands across the planes of your stomach and up to your breasts, closing your eyes and wondering if his breath would be as cool as his mint gum against your skin; how those smirking lips might feel in the hollow of your throat, a trail of kisses and maybe bites? H e looks like he bites. You exhale on that thought and finish up, wrapping a towel around your breasts, it barely hitting mid-thigh.


You pad quietly back to your locker only to find Benny leaning up against it, freshly showered, damp hair curling at the nape of his neck, the bulk of it hidden by a backwards ball cap. Instead of yelling or feigning embarrassment at him seeing you in a towel you put a hand on his chest and push him back to get your clothes from your locker. 


“What do you want, Benny?” You sigh,  throwing a t-shirt over your head, picking up your thong and moving to turn around in the privacy of the towel now around your hips when he grabs your wrist. Your eyes dart to his, narrowing in question. 


“I didn’t mean I wouldn’t fight you because you aren’t capable enough to prove a challenge for me.” You blink slowly, willing him to continue, his fingers lightly stroking the pulse in your wrist. “I just didn’t want to fight you. ” 


You cock your head to the side, not understanding the breathy way he said “ you ”. He sits down on the bench, pulling you to stand in front of him. At this angle with him peering up at you, he looks devastatingly handsome and it steals the air from your lungs. His blue eyes dancing, his straight nose, the plush fullness of his lips and the five o’clock shadow adorning his chin is enough to stop your heart.


“I..I don’t understand”, your murmur, your tone soft and curious. His other hand reaches for the fabric of shirt and towel gathered at your waist and grips it, the heat from his palm shooting sparks along your skin. You wait just a second before dropping your thong, smirking when it lands on his thigh, and reach your palm up to connect with the soft stubble along his jaw, his grip on your wrist a delirious heat. 


“Benny, what do you mean because it’s me ?” He nuzzles his cheek against your palm and your heart beats wildly in your chest at the tenderness of his action. 


“I mean, I’ve been watching you every day for months and the only thing I can think of is laying you down on this bench and kissing every inch of your body until you can’t stand it any longer and you beg me to fuck you.” 


Your mouth drops open in surprise and he takes the opportunity to move his hand to the back of your neck and pull your mouth against his. His tongue snaked out to coat your bottom lip and enter your mouth as if he did it every day. Your shock turned to white hot pleasure and you let out a moan that he swallowed. He continues tasting you, teasing you with his tongue and making promises you can feel deep in your core he will make good on. He grabs your legs and snaps his own shut, pulling you in to straddle his lap, pushing your towel up your thighs until you’re sure you’re no longer concealed, instead intimately bared to him. 


He runs his hard hands up the expanse of your thigh and squeezes, making you shift on his lap and hum into his mouth. He leans back with a sigh and rests his forehead to yours, meeting your eyes, half clouded with lust.

 “Benny”, you breathe,  his name a plea and a curse, not knowing what else to say but knowing you already mourned the loss of his lips against yours. Your combined breathing echoes in the locker room, the rest of the gym only a set of doors away.


You shift on his lap, seeking friction, the ache of arousal pulsing through you and making you writhe. He catches his breath and slides his palms to grip the cheeks of your ass hard, bruising and erotic, pulling you into his hardening length, sending your eyes skyward at the sharp pleasure. You rock against his erection, going half mad at the knowledge you made him this hard. He dips his head to bite your neck, grazing his teeth against the sensitive nerve endings and sending moans spilling from your lips. He keeps one rough hand kneading your ass cheek and slides the other across the front of your hip to dive into the slick folds of your center, eliciting a gasp from you. His skilled fingers skate around your pulsing clit while allowing one to slowly circle the entrance to your body. 


Your hands grip the hair at the nape of his neck and you rock against his hand, making him chuckle darkly and the sound shoots through your chest. He slips one finger inside of you and you bite your lip to stop from crying out, the onslaught of pleasure and the steady rhythm he has against your clit makes you want to come undone right here on his lap. He adds a finger, stretching and working them inside you before withdrawing them and bringing your slick up to his lips. You lean back to look down at him as his fingers push past his grinning lips and he hums as he licks up your taste. You let out a low whimper when he meets your gaze, using the hand he just had at his mouth to grip your chin and bring you down for a kiss. You taste the tangy flavor, uniquely your own, mixed with his minty breath and it makes you almost fall apart at the seams. 


You kiss him hard, the passion overflowing from you and into him. He shifts you off of his lap and you whine at the loss of his body under yours as he lays you back against the bench and peels back the towel. You grip the edge of your t-shirt and fling it off your body, leaving you undeniably exposed to him. He straddles the bench, hooking his arms under your thighs, simultaneously lifting you and bending down to meet your heated center. His tongue makes a slow swipe up through your folds and your hands fly up to palm your breasts, pinching your nipples gently and moaning Benny’s name. You feel him smile against you as his tongue swirls around your clit, sucking and licking at it, slipping a thick finger into you once more. The pressure and the pleasure is making you dizzy with need as he pumps in and out of you, switching positions with his finger and his tongue diving into your pussy like a man starved. 


“God, you’re so wet for me, so good", he murmurs against your skin and you arch your back, feeling closer to the sweet precipice of orgasm with each second. His other hand snakes up to press against your stomach and the pressure of his hold on you makes you breathless and achy. He continues to suck and lick and swirl his tongue, twisting his fingers until you’re writhing. He pulls away slightly, blowing a cool breath against your drenched folds and you nearly cry, you were so close.


“Cum for me, darlin.” His baritone sends a shot of desire straight to your center as he dives back in, expertly sucking your clit into his mouth, teeth barely grazing the tight bundle of nerves and your head hits the bench hard, thrown back with the force of such a brilliant orgasm. Lights dance across the inside of your eyelids and your whole body flushes with endorphins. He leans up, tenderly cradling your thighs against his own, licking your juices off his lips. 


Your chest rises and falls and you feel like a puddle of bliss. He offers you a hand and you take it. He pulls you up to sitting and reaches over to grab your shirt, gesturing for you to lift your arms so he can  slip it over your head. His hands cup your cheeks and you lean into his palm and look up at him. He smiles at you and your heart flip flops at the brilliance and boyishness of it. 


“Get dressed, baby. I want to show you something.” You smile back at him and get dressed while he slips out of the locker room, allowing you a moment to catch your breath and slip out without everyone seeing you leave together. 




"Where exactly are you taking me, Miller?” You ask, breathlessly. Benny has his hands over your eyes and you’re doing all you can not to trip and take the both of you down. “Just a few more feet.” His words are a warm whisper on the shell of your ear and it sends a shiver down your back, a delicious shiver at that. He pulls you to a stop and kisses the nape of your neck where he pulled your hair to the side. 


“Okay, open your eyes.” He pulls his hands away from your eyes, grabbing for yours and holding them in front of you, his arms pulling you back into his chest. He had led you to a meadow and arranged a blanket out on the grass, a cooler and a lantern to use when dusk became nightfall. Your breath leaves you in a small gasp as you struggle to find your words. Just an hour ago you had his handsome face between your thighs coaxing a mind blowing orgasm out of you and now here he is, being so …sweet


You turn in his arms and take his face in your hands, dragging his lips down to yours. You have to stand on tip toe and he holds you close with his arms against your lower back. You gently nip at his lower lip and you hear a heady sigh as he slips his tongue against yours and pulls you tighter. 


“Wow, Benny, how did you pull this off in like, no time at all?” He nuzzles his scruff against your neck and you arch, letting him gain access to the soft skin there. “I don’t really think that’s what matters right now, baby.” 


You smile, gripping the bill of his backwards cap and tossing it off, finally free to run your hands through his soft hair. He groans against your throat and sends the sound vibrating through your body. You scratch your nails lightly against his scalp just before he slips his hands to the backs of your thighs and picks you up, your legs going around his waist like you’ve done this a million times. He continues his assault on your neck as he kneels and lays you down on the blanket, his hips creating a grinding rhythm against your pussy. You lean your head back and let out a whimper, still sensitive from earlier and more than ready for whatever he’ll give you.


His attention is at your collarbone and he nips the skin there before running his hands up to the collar of your t-shirt and ripping it right in half. You gasp at the blast of cool air against your naked chest but he’s quick to cover one of your hardening nipples with his mouth, rolling it between his teeth and palming the other with his large hand. You close your eyes and keep your hands in his hair, tugging at it, smoothing it and then tugging it again. He hums against you and you shift under him, desperate to feel the impressive length you barely got to sample earlier.


“Benny, please”, you whimper and whine. 


“Benny, please what?” His voice is gruff and choked while he nips at the tender flesh of your nipple. 


“Benny…Benny, please I need you”, you beg. He smiles against your skin but doesn’t move to take it further. Frustrated and sexually charged you grip his hair and pull, forcing his attention to your face. His blue eyes are alight with passion and you can tell he likes to be handled like this. 


“Benny, if you don’t fuck me right now", you growl. "I’m going to just die.” your voice went soft on the last word. The smile he flashes you is all predator and you quickly realize you’ve made yourself his prey. He leans up, gripping the back of his shirt and pulling it off, his chest rising and falling quickly as he wants above you. You sit up and your hands dive for the button on his jeans and he’s helping you, his big hands dwarfing your own until he’s finally down to his boxers. He pushes your hands away before you can get them off and nudges you back, bending down and hooking your thigh over his shoulder before taking a long and agonizingly slow lick of your wet center.


“Look at you already so wet for me, so fucking sweet.” You blush, knowing you had been wet since the locker room, knowing what his skilled tongue did to you. He sucks on your clit and you nearly come out of your body. 


“Benny, God, please.” You are all feeling and raw nerve endings and there’s nothing in that moment you need more than him inside of you. He grips the thigh on his shoulder and flips you so you’re on your knees and in a second he is slotted behind you, his thick cock freed from his boxers and running through your folds, drenching him. He grips your hips painfully but nothing is as painful as the anticipation.


“Tell me what you want, baby.” You shiver, your naked bodies on display in the fading sunlight. 


“I want you to fuck me.” Your voice is soft but sure and he growls before he lines himself up and pulls you back onto his dick, inch by inch stretching and filling you until he’s bottomed out and you’re panting with the fullness of him. His fingers flex against your hips and he pumps into you, impossibly large. Every movement shoots pleasure though your body like a lightning strike. He continues to drive into you, reaching a hand down to pinch your clit, eliciting a light scream from you. 


“That’s right baby, scream for me.” His words make you clench and he moans, fucking you faster and harder. You feel your orgasm coiling in your belly and you pant out his name over and over like it's a prayer and he’s your God. He circles your clit, rubbing your slick and thrusting into you like you’re his salvation when he sends you over the edge. You scream, loud and clear, starbursts of energy exploding behind your eyes and pleasure cascading through your body. He pulls out and uses your orgasm that coated his cock as lubricant, pumping himself in his hand. You’re shaking and sated but he isn’t done with you. He turns you over and pulls you into his lap, lining himself up and letting you take your time sliding back down on his cock. Your walls are impossibly tight, still fluttering, and you moan as you take his length in until he hits the deepest part of you, the sharp pleasure making you want to cry. 


“Put your arms around my neck", he groans and you do as he commands and he begins to fuck up into you, each thrust sending liquid lust through your veins. 


“Benny, you feel so good.” Your words are barely more than moans and it pleases him. He responds with a deep kiss, stealing your breath into his lungs while he fucks you senseless. He grunts into your mouth, your tongues tangling. Your nails dig into his shoulders and he growls deeply, thrusting all he has up into you. You kiss a trail across his jaw to his ear, “Cum inside me Benny, please I need it.” 


His grip on you tightens and you know you’ll bruise but his thrusts get more erratic just as he shoves his hand between you and finds your clit, rolling it between his fingertips, the friction and his cock stretching you causing you to nearly black out from pleasure. He thrusts particularly deeply and hits your g spot, rubbing your clit so expertly you cry out as another orgasm takes you and your inner walls clench around him. 


He groans into your neck and bites down hard as you feel him release into you. Your movements slow down and you hold on to Benny like you might float away otherwise. He kisses and soothes the bite he made, blowing on the reddened flesh and you sigh, leaning your head against his temple. You take a minute to catch your breath and slowly disentangle your embrace. You use your ruined shirt to clean up the mess and he tosses his over for you to wear, pulling on his boxers and flopping back down on the blanket.


He opens his arms to you and you go to him happily, snuggling into his chest just as the stars begin to shine. He runs a hand though your hair gently and you’re struck with how much you don’t know about him. Up until today you thought he was just a good boxer, a military guy. But Benny Miller just gave you the biggest and most intense pleasure of your life and your heart stuttered at the thought. 


“You look so beautiful in the starlight.” Your thoughts had taken you away from the moment and you didn’t realize he had been gazing down at you while you stared at the sky. You give him a shy smile and the one he returns threatens to fill your heart to bursting. 


“So do you.” You arch your neck to meet his lips in a tender kiss. 


You lay under the stars, resting against Benny’s chest until you’re mostly asleep, happy and warm in his arms, his lips on your hairline. His voice is a whisper in the night sounds of the meadow but you hear it clearly, “You’re mine now.” 


You smile, not knowing what that will mean or what tomorrow will bring but the thumping of your heart tells you it’s right.