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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Love at Sea *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ (A Dives x Reader)

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You're laying back on the towel sprawled across the concrete, basking in the warm sunlight. You close your eyes for a moment, taking in the sounds of the water plashing, and the cheers of other children as they play their games. You breathe in deep inhaling the warm summer air, a gentle breeze moves your hair in the wind.

"Hey...Hey!" A soft voice yells at you from the water. You open an eye and catch a glimpse of what seems to be a scuba outfit from the water. "Come over here" they say again. You steadily get to your feet and step closer to the water for a better look. You see a boy older than you, he has soft hair parted in the middle, and a scuba diver outfit down to his boots. Your confusion must've been visible because the boy speaks up again, "Oh im Dives! A watersafe animatronic to insure swimmers safety!" He gives you a big goofy smile after introducing himself and you cant help but smile back. He holds out his hand to you, and you shake it.

"Well, I'm Y/N a non-watersafe human here to watch others swim" you say, playing off of his introduction. You could tell he wasnt human now by the feeling of his hand, it was soft but definitely metallic.

"Why don't you swim with the others Y/N?" he asks curiously, leaning up against the edge of the pool. You look down at the water with a slight lump in your throat and swallow hard, you had never learned how to swim and usually just came to the pool to watch other kids you know have fun.

"Its just..not my thing" you say wearily, still eyeing the pool.

" you not know how to swim?" he looks at you with sympathy and a gentle look in his eyes.

"Its not that its just- well- yeah okay I never learned to swim" you stare awkwardly down at your sandals, not knowing what to do with yourself.

"What if I taught you?" he speaks with excitement in his voice, staring at you hopefully. You stare back at him in disbelief, 'why would he jump so suddenly to help you swim? I suppose its reasonable considering he is a lifeguard, maybe he just wants to share his passion?' You begin to think over these things longer than you realized, because Dives snaps you back to reality by clearing his throat. "Do you not want to?" he wonders.

"Do you promise I wont drown?" you ask, staring down at him.

"I promise" he reaches out for your pinky with his own, sealing the deal. He holds out both his arms to you and you're confused at first. "Well c'mon! let me hold you." Your face turns a hundred shades of red then, but you quickly swallow down your embarrassment. You slide of your sandals and take a deep breath, preparing yourself to go into the water. You walk towards the pool into his arms, and he gently lifts you down into the pool beside him by your waist. He holds you with an encouraging smile on his face, keeping your torso above the water.

"What do I do now?" you ask shaken, staring at the water below you.

"Hey look at me." he instructs, wanting to get your mind off of possibly sinking. You raise your gaze to his, trying to calm yourself. "You're not going to drown alright? I'll make sure to save you if anything bad happens, just gently kick your legs and move your arms around you like them." he points off to a group of swimmers across the pool. Your breath is shaky as you begin to kick your legs. "Remember, you can get out of the pool whenever, just ask me okay?" he gives you a gentle look, smiling.

"Alright.." your voice is just above a whisper as you copy the motions of the other people across from you. You're so focused on your movement that you don't even realize the lack of pressure at your waist. "Is this okay?" you ask, but as you look over at Dives you realize he's further away from you now, quickly you look down and see yourself floating by yourself. In a panic your motions get sloppier and you lose your rhythm. Dives is quick to get hold of you again before you go under and you hold onto him tightly.

"You did it Y/N! I'm so proud of you" his smile is twice as big as before and you give him one in return.

"Thank you but that was terrifying" you let out a laugh. Dives moves you back to the edge of the pool and sets you down on it.

"Well, there's always room for improvement" he joins in your laughter and rests his arms next to you. "Hey Y/N, why have I never seen you here before?" he asks curious.

"Well I'm not very social, I would be surprised if anyone here recognized me, I usually hang out back there" you point to a gazebo by the edge of the property surrounded by plant life, as you slide your shoes back on.

"Do you like being alone?" he questions you. You think about it for a moment before answering.

"Not particularly I guess, its just the way things turned out" you speak remorsefully remembering your old friends.

Dives notices your change in tone and changes the subject to a fact about Sea Turtles. He spends the rest of the day telling you jokes and making you laugh, occasionally swimming off to tend to someone else. But before you know it, its closing time already. As swimmers begin to pack up and get ready to leave Dives swims over to you before you walk off. "Will you be back tomorrow?" his tone is full of hope and looking into his eyes you know you couldn't say no.

"Of course" you say smiling, you give him one last wave before walking out of the pool gate. You smile to yourself as you walk back to your car, was it silly to have an animatronic as a friend? You didn't really mind, he was human enough. You open the car door and slide into the drivers seat, going over the days events in your mind. Maybe it was stupid but you were excited to go back tomorrow, not just to swim but to talk to Dives. You start up the cars engine and begin the drive back home, it was peaceful. You rolled down your window and let your head lean out the slightest bit, just letting the wind blow through your hair. As you pull up to your house you roll the window back up, allowing the car to come to a stop in your garage. You hop out and close the garage behind you, walking inside and leaving your sandals by the door. You begin to get ready for bed, taking a shower, getting changed, etc... Finally you climb into bed and it seems the moment your head touches the pillow you're out like a light