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No time for us

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Tk and Carlos were sitting down at their new room at Owen’s.
Tk was sitting on Carlos lap and Carlos was rubbing TK’s thighs with one hand and the other hand was intertwined with Tk.
Tk was smiling through the kisses him and Carlos are having.
Carlos was kissing him deeply and smoothly.
Brushing one hand over TK’s cheeks. Appreciating the beauty of TK in his arms.
When suddenly he felt Tk freezing.
“Carlos...” tk said. “Hmmm”” Carlos replied.
“I think we are being watched.” Carlos froze and looked to the door and nothing was there. It was closed and there were no voices in it.
So tk ignored what he felt and went deeply to kiss his boyfriend more.
“God....... I missed that!!”
Before Carlos replies they both heard a sound.
“Who is up for a game night. Booozyyy” Owen said while opening the door of their room.
Saw both tk and Carlos shirtless. Tk in Carlos arms and they were all frozen.
“DAD!!! What did I say about knocking doors” Tk said.
“Sorryyyy.” Owen said
“ anyways I have a boozy night downstairs. Carlos you are my great partner. You coming?”
Carlos looked awkwardly and said “of course. Downstairs in a minute.”
“ I will leave you too get dressed and settled”.
“Hey son. Sorry to be a buzzkill but the walls here are not that thick” Owen said while he’s smirking and winking at TK
“I hate my life.” Tk said while putting his head into Carlos’s neck.
“ you don’t have to go downstairs with my dad in order to make me happy” tk said while smirking.
“I mean you can just stay with me and I can make you feel how happy I am to be in your arms”.
Carlos moved tk from his lap and rubbed his cheeks
“Tk, you said it yourself. He’s lonely and he’s relieved he has company. He’s depressed babe.”
“And I’m going to be more depressed if I hadn’t have an action. I mean priorities Carlos” looking at him with a wide eye.
“ aren’t you the biggest baby ever?!”
“ then take care of me!! I’m a baby. Take care of me Papi!!” Looking at him
Carlos shook his head with a laugh and went down stairs for Owen.
Tk waited upstairs watching a movie. Until he fell asleep and looked around and found that Carlos haven’t come upstairs. It’s 3:00 am in the morning
“What the hell?!”
So he went down found Carlos with Owen having a blast and drinking until they were busted out.
Tk cleared throat.
“He’s going to kill me. Isn’t he?” Carlos said
“Good luck!!” Owen replied laughing.
“You know I hate it when you act like your mom” Owen said pointing out and going upstairs.
“You are so much in trouble” tk said.
Tk and Carlos have been struggling to have more private time.
There was that day when tk and Carlos both had an early shift that matched their schedules and Tk knew fire department had a shift until midnight.
So he knew he has a chance with Carlos.
So he started making food until Carlos arrived.
Started making meatballs with spaghetti and some side potatoes. He brought a champagne for Carlos. Lid on a candle and put the followers.
Wore his black floral shirt Carlos made a comment about that other day and waited for him in the dinning room.
Carlos went in smelling scents and seeing the candles.
He saw Tk standing at the stove waiting for him.
“Hi, handsome” Tk said
“Hi” Carlos said with a big smile on his face crossing the distance between them.
“What is all this?” Carlos asked while taking TK’s hand kissing his knuckles and putting a kiss on his cheek.
Tk started playing with Carlos curls.
“Well; I have that boyfriend of mine that me and him didn’t share any alone time with each other in a long time. So I thought, my dad and Mateo won’t be home until midnight. So I thought maybe maybe he would be interested in spending the night with me dinner than if I get lucky enough he can pick me up to our bedroom”
“Hmmm. Sounds tempting” Carlos said while he started kissing Tk and moving from his cheeks to his mouth.
“Pick you up, huh?” Carlos said while smirking at Tk
Carlos while they were looking at each other and tk is leaning in to kiss him even more. Carlos picked him up with all pride in his face.
“Carlos....” tk said while being driven by love and lust.
Carlos looked up kissing him even more and walking towards the kitchen counter.
“He’s very handy. Indeed.”
They heard that from the back. Looked awkwardly.
Tk wanted to kill himself at the moment while Carlos wanted to burry himself alive from embarrassment.
It was Owen.
Carlos put TK on the counter and tried to avoid eye contact with Owen. While Owen was looking him with pride.
“You didn’t have to put my son down. I will go upstairs. You too have fun”.
“Dad aren’t you supposed to have a shift till midnight??”
“That was not my shift. I’m done since 4. I wanted to give you time but you seem to always lose. So go have fun. I will pretend I didn’t see anything.”
He went upstairs. Carlos pushing his face into TK’s neck. Tk giving him a hug and patted his shoulder.
“Am I ever going to have sex again?!” Carlos said.
“I wanna get laid. Honestly. It’s like I’m 16 again and trust me I had more sex then!!”
One day they were both went shopping and then they were fooling around.
Once they went into the car.
Tk clanged into Carlos and then started kissing him smoothly and more slowly.
“ I want you inside of me Carlos. I need you”
Started kissing his neck, his arm, his lips. He was so hot and horny.
“Tk we’re in the streets. That’s going to get us in trouble”.
“By whom?! You’re the cops!!”
They were kissing very hard until they heard a knocking on the window.
“Mitchell!!” Carlos said pushing tk aside.
“Thought you’re more decent than this.”
“What are you doing here?!”
“I was shopping. You clearly had a full plate”.
Tk was so embarrassed and avoided eye contact with her.
One last day. They were on a date night.
They decided to have some fun and dance a little
There was a guy that kept looking at TK and Carlos was giving him the eye cop and attitude. But he didn’t stop.
Until Carlos went to the rest room and TK went to grab them more drinks.
“He finally left!! I wanted to put my hands on you all night!!”
Tk turned around.
“I said what I said!!” And he put his hands on TK’s hips.
Tk moved a little but the guy didn’t seem to move.
“ he is my boyfriend and he is a cop and I’m not interested. So, please go”
“Oh playing it hard to get?!”
“ get lost!!”
Carlos was here in the moment so he punched the guy.
“Carlos you don’t have to. Let’s leave!!” Pushing Carlos aside and taking him home.
While reaching out the door of the house. They were fighting.
“I could handle myself by the way. I don’t need you to protect me. Carlos”
“ so you liked it? You liked that he was touching you?!”
“Carlos. What the hell is that?! Of course not!”
“Whatever. I am going to sleep”
“What’s wrong?!” Owen stated?!
“You know what’s really wrong dad? We haven’t had sex in 2 weeks. He is stressed out and he needs to get laid. Here’s I said it”.
Tk said that while storming off and heading to their room.
Knocked on the door.
“I’m sorry I punched the guy and ruined our night”
“Honestly?! It was a bit hot. You all protective mood and being fuck off” tk said while mocking Carlos and making a move with his hand on how Carlos has a lot of muscles.
“But you wanna know what is more honest?!” Tk said.
“I will always choose you. I don’t wanna choose anyone else. I don’t care about anyone else. I don’t see any other man but you. You’re my chosen family and my chosen everything. You’re my world. My forever”.
“Are you proposing to me?!” Carlos said while pitching an eye
“You wish!! My point is you’re the best boyfriend in this world. You’re my man”.
They heard a knocking on the door.
“Hey TK and Carlos sorry to interrupt but I just had an emergency that would make me and Mateo stay at the firehouse all night. Probably won’t come until tomorrow midnight”
He said while looking at TK. Tk knew it all and smiled back for the favor his dad just did.
After Owen left.
“You know what this means?!” Tk said
“You, me, alone time”
Carlos Kissed him very slow enjoying every bit of this beautiful man in his arm