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can i go where you go

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can i go where you go

epilogue to a getaway

- Two Years Later -

Apollo gets just as sick on their second drive up the mountain as he did on their first and Klavier gives him the same threat he did two years ago.

“Schatz, if you throw up in my car I will charge you for ruining the upholstery.”

Apollo moves the arm over his eyes just enough so he can glare at Klavier. “The sales you made off your album last week alone could pay for this entire car like, twenty times over.”

Bit of an exaggeration, but point taken. Klavier’s first solo album has been out for a year and it saw domestic and global success instantly. It was well-received by critics, most of them citing his “poignant, vulnerable, and fresh lyrics” as the album’s crowning achievement. Klavier almost feels like he doesn’t deserve all the accolades—after all, being with Apollo Justice makes it very easy to write love songs.

Apollo knows, of course, that the songs are about him. Again, Klavier isn’t a subtle person, but for as embarrassed as Apollo gets about it, he was plenty appreciative the night Klavier let him listen to the finished product for the first time.

But this trip isn’t about the music, because even though Apollo is his muse, the music has also kept them apart for the better part of the year. Klavier had to go on a months-long tour and he would never ask Apollo to take time away from his work despite the fact that, yes, he could afford to cover Apollo’s sabbatical and then some, but Apollo would never let him.

It was both harder and easier than Klavier anticipated. Their relationship wasn’t particularly strained—they didn’t end up fighting or make any heartbreaking discoveries now that they had time to themselves. Instead, it just hurt. Klavier had gotten so used to waking up in Apollo’s arms that going to sleep became something he dreaded on tour. Klavier missed him so much he sometimes contemplated canceling the whole thing, but Apollo rightfully told him he was being dramatic (but he missed him too).

No, this weekend isn’t about the music. It’s about them. Klavier did have some revelations when he was on tour and the product of those revelations is currently burning a hole in his coat pocket. He formulated the plan on the plane back to LA and asked Apollo if he wanted to use those free tickets the next weekend.

Klavier parks and Apollo hops out of the car as soon as he does, putting his head between his knees in a crouch.

Klavier gets out and shuts the door. “Aw, Liebling.”

“Don’t Liebling me,” Apollo groans. “This is your fault for driving like you’re being chased.”

“I could not have driven gentler if I tried.”

Apollo moans in protest. Klavier ignores him and rounds back to the trunk to get their luggage.

It takes Apollo less than a minute to feel better now that he’s out of the car and he walks back to help, but Klavier waves him off. “Ah ah ah, what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t get your luggage for you?”

“What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t get your luggage for you?” Apollo says.

Klavier eyes his giant suitcase. “You want to carry my suitcase?”

Apollo considers the luggage in question and shakes his head. “On second thought, no. You’re on your own.”

“Ach, and they say chivalry is dead.”

Apollo gives him a smile, a special one he only uses in front of Klavier that is both mischievous and fond. “I’ll make it up to you.” Apollo presses a brief kiss to his lips and Klavier melts.

“Ja, I know you will.”

Apollo hums and takes Klavier’s hand. “It’s kind of weird being back here.”

“How so?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Apollo brushes his thumb along Klavier’s knuckles as he looks at the Big House covered in snow. “I sometimes can’t believe our last trip was even real.”

Klavier laughs. “It was eventful, to say the least.”

“Yeah.” Apollo grabs the handle to his own luggage even as Klavier protests. “I’m looking forward to a normal weekend getaway this time.”

“Don’t count on it,” Klavier says, mostly to himself.


“Nothing. Come on, Schatz, let’s get checked in.”

And as they approach the cabin, Klavier’s free hand lowers into his coat pocket and he feels the soft velvet of the little black box hidden there. He smiles to himself. Klavier has no intentions of making this a “normal” weekend getaway. And he has a feeling Apollo will be okay with that.

The End