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The Attractions of Youth

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The door to the bunker swung open, and the sound of footsteps descending down the staircase sounded throughout the quiet main hall.

At the table in the centre of the main hall, two heads were raised, looking over to the sound with raised expressions.

“Cas? You’re back? Where’ve you been? It’s been three months- we tried calling you, but you never picked up.” The taller of the two spoke first, rising to his feet as he looks over the newcomer.

A low sigh arose as the man known as Cas stopped at the bottom of the staircase, looking over to the two. A second figure stopped alongside him- a woman. Tall, dark-skinned, but with a resemblance the two boys couldn’t deny. She stood shoulder to shoulder with Castiel, hands slack by her side, her eyes looking over the room.

“Sam. Dean,” he started. “It’s good to see you again. After all this time.. Nothing has changed.” His voice was low, like the voice of someone who gargles whiskey for breakfast.

He looked around briefly, his trench coat swaying slightly as he turned. His eyes were gaunt, his clothing and skin filthy. His stubble was closer to a beard, and he looked on edge. The boys seemed confused at the man’s words.

“Uh, Cas? Who’s.. that?” The taller one spoke again, gesturing to the woman, who bore a confused expression.

“I, uh…” Castiel gazed to the woman, who just looked at him, but said nothing. “This is Athrael. She’s my daughter.”


“Wait, your- You mean Jimmy’s kid, right? Like Claire?” The slightly shorter man spoke, rising to his feet alongside his brother. Both looked baffled, and were staring at the woman like she was a ticking time bomb.

“No, she… She isn’t Jimmy’s.” Castiel narrowed his eyes.

“Then how? Dude, you were gone for three months. Unless you popped her out a few years ago, please, explain to us how the friggin’ hell you’ve got a kid.”

The woman looked anything but a kid. She was as tall, if not a tad taller, than Castiel, and looked to be in her early twenties. Castiel winced slightly, and gestured with his head for Athrael to follow him as he moved towards the table in the nearby library. He took a seat, and Athrael did the same.

Sam and Dean followed suit, but stood at the end of the table, looking on at the two of them with baffled expressions.

“You may want to sit, then. It’s a long story. Thankfully, it only goes back the three months I was gone. For you, at least.”