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Slashers: Ass or Tits

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Prefers ass

Michael Myers (OG)

- He honestly doesn't care too much but sometimes when you bend down to pick something up his eyes will just follow your ass

- Michael isn't one to ask about trying new things, he'll just act on his urges without your knowledge

- When the two of you are sitting together he'll just pull you onto his lap and hold you in place

- If you bring it up he'll try to deny it but that won't stop him from continuing to do it, especially if you tell him that you like it


Bo Sinclair

- This man loves himself some ass, especially grabbing yours and catching you off guard

- He loves seeing you walking around in tight or short pants (or knowing him, no pants at all) when his brothers aren't around

- Speaking of his brothers, Bo has a thing for smacking your ass or grabbing it around his brothers or any "guests" in general

- When he does spank you he loves the rubbing your ass part more than the spanking part


Jason Voorhees

- First off all, Jason's a gentleman and he's not going to grope you unless you're comfortable with it

- When you are comfy, Jason loves squeezing your ass and just holding you against him especially after long days

- He'll shyly initiate contact by gently pulling you into him and feeling your ass against him

- He just loves feeling your body against his in general, no matter if you're in or outside the bedroom


Bubba Sawyer 

- If we're being completely honest here, Bubba isn't just about ass - he wants the whole menu

- From ass to hips to thighs - He's the type to take whatever he can get and he doesn't care if you're on the smaller side

- He loves to grip your hips when you're sitting on his lap or riding him, also loves taking you with your ass in the air

- Sometimes he'll come up behind you and slap your ass if nobody's around 


Prefers tits

Vincent Sinclair

- Vince is a shy guy but loves he himself some boobies, he gets distracted VERY easily whenever you're around

- Size doesn't matter, if you don't have any boobs then he doesn't care, he loves your chest

- Has either thought about wax play or he's already tried it out, the thought of wax on your boobs turns him on to the max

- Would probably motorboat you if he wasn't so embarrassed - and didn't prefer to wear his mask


Brahms Heelshire

- A respectable lad (well, most of the time) who enjoys himself a nice pair of titties

- Brahms will try to use your boobs as a pillow and yes he goes in face first

- He likes sneaking up behind you while you're doing chores and just snaking his arms around you and up to your chest

- Has a thing for sucking on your boobs during sex, ok mr mommy issues


Jennifer Check

- Jennifer is a very handsy and affectionate person, she loves all of you but your boobs are her absolute weakness

- She loves kissing and leaving bite marks all over them (in a more "loving" than territorial way)

- If you both wear the same sized clothing, she'll happily offer you clothes that help you show off your assets

- And yes, she'll eat any boy who's eyeing you a little too much or harassing you


Billy Loomis

- Billy is the type who won't even try to hide the fact that he likes your breasts

- Sometimes he'll catch his eyes drifting down to your chest mid conversation and he'll just let you catch him staring

- He's a gentleman most of the time, he will beat up or kill anybody who he catches staring at your chest since that's his job

- Billy doesn't care if you have big or small boobs, he'll bury his face in your chest whenever the two of you are cuddling


Prefers both/can't choose

Billy Lenz

- Asking Billy to choose between ass or boobs is like asking someone to choose between oxygen or water

- This horny thing of a man simply cannot live without ass and boobs

- He goes absolutely feral seeing you in literally anything that even slightly shows off your figure

- Billy's logic is something along the lines of 'If he can fuck it, he wants it'


Stu Macher

- Stu is in the same boat as Billy (Lenz) only less. . .hornier?

- He'll just stare in amazement at your boobs or ass and like Billy (Loomis), he won't even try to hide it

- Seriously, your ass could definitely hypnotise him

- If he catches someone checking you out he gets jealous and grabs onto what's his


Freddy Krueger

- Loves both but if he had to choose only one he'd go for boobs

- He loves running his blades up and down your breasts softly

- Also has a thing for slapping your ass (ungloved) and will spank it if he sees you bend over to pick something up

- And yes, he has dropped things "accidentally" just so you'll bend down, he's an ass like that


Thomas Hewitt

- Tommy comes off as really shy but boy oh boy that goes out the window whenever he's with you

- He pretty much worships all of you and will leave no piece of you untouched

- Thomas loves seeing you in tight clothes and will try to hint at the bedroom if neither of you are busy

- Tommy also has a thing for nibbling on your skin (he's a cannibal are we surprised)