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Life and All Her Secrets

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"Then could you tell me? Cause I-"

"Ah shit, please tell me your names are Jared, Jensen, and Rob and this is just the set of one of my favorite shows?"

The confused looks and lack of answers were answer enough for me. Fuck. How did I get here?

"And who're-"

A scream tore through the building and the two brothers took off running.

"No guys...wait"

"Are you Chuck the prophet or Chuck who’s God?" I asked hoping I was at least further in the show than this setting was suggesting.

A snap was his response and we were in the bar from season 10.

"What are you?" he asked calmly, sizing me up and probably determining if I was a threat.

I stared at him with the same energy because I didn’t have time for petty cosmic entities when I wasn’t even sure I was awake. “Clearly saying I’m a human from another universe won’t suffice, right?”

The steeling of his eyes told me all I needed to know.

“Well then, I got nothing. Two minutes ago I was talking to my best friend about what we’d do if we could jump into our favorite TV show universes and now I’m in one of said universes. A universe in which I am human mind you."

He tilted his head and took a step towards me. "You're about as human as I am."

I took a reflexive step back. "Ooh no, now I know this has to be a dream. Stuff like this only happens in fanfiction."

Another step forward for him. "So, wake up."

I stopped moving backwards and glared at him. "You feeling froggy or something? Cause you acting like you wanna jump."

He stepped back, clearly not expecting his energy thrown back into his face. “Look, if you saying I’m not human, then what the hell am I?” I asked, copying his previous movements towards me.

He froze and watched me for a beat. “Now that I’m not entirely sure about.” All the stress from the situation seemed to ooze from his body after that. He looked like his original squirrely self. “What’s your name?” he asked, moving behind the bar to pour himself a drink.

I didn’t answer immediately, choosing to watch him mill about before he gestured to one of the seats in front of the bar. He offered me a drink but I declined. When he asked if I was sure, I asked for water. All this extraness had my throat kind of dry.

When we were both settled to actually have a conversation, he addressed me again. “So, would you like to tell me your name?”

“Lyrical but most people call me Lyric.”

A small smile appeared on his face. “That’s a pretty name.”

I smiled back. “Thanks.”

“Now you were saying that you were a part of a different universe and somehow you were brought here?”

I nodded. “Where I’m from, this is a TV show. One of my favorites. And I was talking to my best friend about these reader insert stories where the reader gets sucked into whatever universe and then the writers are afraid to change anything. And they make the reader this background character. I said if I got the chance to jump into my favorite shows, I’d change everything that I hate.”

He chuckled at that, “I created a universe where this was a show but you’re not from there.”

“That was an episode for me. Where the creator, producer, all those people were played by actors”

He looked a little puzzled. “They haven’t gotten there yet.”

“Well no, not if you’re still pretending to be the prophet. Judging by the moment I jumped in to, I’m assuming you and Becky haven’t even dated yet.”

A silence washed over the both of us. I’m assuming he’s seen all these outcomes since he’s God but he looked so confused by my presence. I mean, I’m confused by my presence here but if I’m being honest, this also feels really right. In ways my home never did.

All of a sudden, Chuck stood up straight and stared at me like he’s had the biggest epiphany since I’d gotten here. Then, I felt another presence behind me. A very familiar one.

“You’re back.”

I heard the smooth accent of one of my favorite characters. I turned around and saw Death staring back at me. Wait, did he just…? “You know me?”

“Well of course I do. Technically, you’re my sister. Or the closest thing I have to a sister.”

I squinted my eyes at him and Chuck, who moved to stand closer to Death. “Now I know for sure this is all a dream cause sir you are white. I’m clearly not. Ain’t no way. Also, ain’t you currently locked up since Lucifer hasn’t released you yet?”

Death looked at me fondly and I had to admit, some part of me knows him. Even if that part wasn’t conscious. “I’m old and really powerful. Do you think a box can hold me, especially when an old friend calls? Also, you’re not my actual sister, though this form isn’t my real form. Nor is that yours. You’ve been missing for some time. You’re Life. In the same way he’s the light,” he gestured to Chuck, “and his sister is the darkness. You’re Life and I’m Death.”

“Then why didn’t I recognize her?” Chuck asked, looking rather perplexed by this whole situation.

“When you sealed away the Darkness, there was a ripple in our reality, one that caused her to be ejected from it. A few times she’s found her way back but it’s usually to me.”

“Then why’d she end up with me? And why does she say this world is a TV show where she’s from?” Chuck was definitely confused by me.

“I’m assuming this ‘show’ was her way of watching things here. As for why she ended up with you, we’d have to ask her.”

“I didn’t create the show. It was just something I stumbled onto one day. And as I told him,” I pointed to Chuck, “I was talking with my best friend about what I’d do if I could jump into my favorite TV shows. And I know one of my biggest gripes with the show is him.”

Chuck was taken aback by my statement. “What did I do? Other than making myself a prophet, I’m hands off.”

“Ha no you’re not. You eventually become the villain when the brothers don’t finish the story the way you want it.”

Chuck scoffed and walked back to the bar to pour himself a drink. Death walked closer to me and placed his hand in front of me. I narrowed my eyes at it before looking back at his face.

He softly smiled before speaking. “The easiest way to figure out what happened is for you to give me your hand so I can see what you’ve seen.”

Honestly, I’m not sure why I gave him my hand or allowed him into my head but I did always like him in the show and was super pissed when he died. Plus his energy just felt comforting. Like I knew he’d never hurt me.

It did tickle though. Having him search through my memories. Chuck watched us while sipping on something but I knew he only wanted to know if I was a threat.

After I finally got used to having Death sift through my head, he stopped but didn’t pull away from me. Instead he asked me a question, “Do you have a family in that other reality?”

I shook my head. “I was orphaned very young and despite numerous attempts, I could never find out anything about my parents.”

“And who named you Lyrical?”

I shrugged. “What does that have to do with anything?”

He stepped closer to me. “From what I could tell, you wound up there around the same time you disappeared from me last. Unfortunately, nothing like us exists there so your memories were rewritten to fit that particular place. That ‘show’ was you watching our world as it happened but under the guise of something that fit within the rules of that world. I’m assuming your strong feelings about what he did and how I died allowed you to project yourself to the past in an attempt to rewrite some things.”

“So, she’s here to fix my mistakes or what she perceives as my mistakes?”

Chuck speaking broke the trance I was in while Death was speaking. Death’s explanation could explain why I had no real connection to my home. Always feeling like I didn’t belong. But finding Supernatural filled a hole for me. Gave me purpose. And rewatching it always made me feel complete. Even the parts that I hated.

“I wouldn’t call them mistakes, just hated how certain things happened.” I addressed Chuck.

“And what will you do now? Introduce yourself to the boys, tell them I’m God and end the apocalypse?”

“No? I mean if it was my feelings that brought me back, then it wasn’t me controlling my landing point. And I was brought back to a point closest to you, the person I have the most beef with.”

“Then will you come with me so I can reacquaint you with this universe?” Death asked, squeezing my hand for reassurance.

I looked at Chuck who looked concerned then back at Death, my supposed brother. “Yea, I’ll go with you. Don’t worry Chuck, I won’t spoil any of the immediate endings.”

He nodded before Death and I vanished. Death then took me to his library where he asked me more questions about the other universe. He was curious about the life I had there while I was curious about when he last saw me.

My lack of memories for this reality was concerning to him but he had an idea on how to get them back. It was similar to him searching my memories but instead of looking for experiences, he was looking for the block that the other reality put on my thoughts. And as soon as he broke it, everything came flooding back.

Apparently, I didn’t just watch these things happen in the form of a TV show. Around when Rowena broke the seal on the Darkness, not only did I snap back in time to watch Death die in real time, I was a more permanent fixture but I couldn’t make any changes because eventually I was bound to the new death, Billie. The anger I felt over losing Death jolted me back to the other reality where I watched things happen as a bystander and not as Life.

And of course I couldn’t stay permanently gone so my feelings brought me to a point that I could change things. Unfortunately, Death was trying to tell me that I can’t make a ton of changes despite having all my powers back. Because rules and what not. But I can ‘feel’ and ‘see’ those rules. They don’t account for me.

And the Winchesters fuck with the rules more than anyone else so what’s a little more meddling as long as the universe doesn’t collapse on itself.

I mean, seeing the rules and how everything connects is kind of weird on its own. But I wasn’t planning on resurrecting a bunch of dead people. More like preventing deaths and events.

Death did ask that I stay with him for some time, just so he could make sure my presence was more permanent. I agreed because like I told Chuck, there was nothing in the immediate future that I wanted to prevent.

What I forgot though was that Death gets ‘released’ and bound by Lucifer and when that happened, I was pulled with Death. Not bound the way he was. But Lucifer was excited nonetheless.

It was weird being a part of things this way. Like I watched them on screen and I know at some point I came back but to be around like this was kind of trippy. Especially since I wasn’t with the Winchesters and everything is always about the Winchesters.

If I thought about them, I could see what they were doing but because Lucifer had Death doing all types of stuff, I spent more time focused on that.

“Hey Death, if you’re my brother on a technicality, doesn’t that mean the other horsemen are my brothers too?”

Death turned to look back at me. “Yes,” he answered smoothly.

“Hm,” I leaned against a tree while Death worked. I think he was causing storms somewhere but I wasn’t sure anymore. “Famine’s dying now. Does that bother you?”


Well, he did see all of this happening in my memories and he isn’t necessarily close with his brothers so that makes sense. I had always been closer to Death than the rest of them because our purposes run tangentially to each other.

I sucked on a gummy worm as he turned back to me. He held his hand out and I gave him one. Death calls Lucifer a child but his food habits had me questioning whether or not he too was a child.

“I have to raise some dead people soon. Would you like to help?”

“Sure,” I shrugged.

Sam, Dean, and Bobby managed to stop the witnesses but Death’s message was delivered. Then things became a waiting game.

Death didn’t want me to just go tell the brothers that Death was waiting for them and I didn’t mind helping him, even if it went against everything I believed in.

The only time I didn’t actually help was when we were in Chicago. In the other world, that’s where I stayed and I wasn’t too sold on the idea of destroying it.

“We don’t have to do this,” I pleaded with Death for the fifteenth time that day.

He sighed and looked up from his slice. “Let’s just wait for Dean.”

I got up and got another slice of my pizza when Dean walked into the place. He froze and made eye contact with me but I winked and nodded towards where Death was sitting. I could see the gears in his head turning at him trying to figure out where he knew me from but I wasn’t going to fill that in just yet. Death wanted to speak with him first.

I walked back to where Death was and sat on his left. Dean kept staring but continued trying to sneak up on Death. Unfortunately for him, the scythe started to heat up and he dropped it.

“Thanks for returning that.” The scythe was now sitting on the table next to Death. “Join us, Dean. The pizza’s delicious.”

Dean walked over to us apprehensively, eyes shifting between me and my brother.

“Sit down,” my brother said politely.

When Dean sat, he looked between the two of us, never letting his body relax. I just shrugged as I ate my own pizza.

“Took you long enough to find me. I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

“I gotta say, mixed feelings about that.,” Dean said with an apprehensive smile. “S-so is this the part where,” he cleared his throat, “where you kill me?”

Death put down his utensils and stared at Dean. I kept eating despite feeling giddy that I get to see this speech up close. “You have an inflated sense of your importance. To a thing like us,” he looked at me briefly, “a thing like you, well…” Death took a sip of his drink. “Think how you’d feel if a bacterium sat at your table and started to get snarky.” The lightning outside seemed to punctuate his point by lighting up his face followed by some small thunder. “This is one little planet in one tiny solar system in a galaxy that’s barely out of its diapers. I’m old, Dean. Very old. So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you.”

The storm outside was agreeing with Death and I had to stifle the extreme happiness I felt at watching my brother own Dean’s ego. Death then placed a slice of his pizza on Dean’s plate. “Eat.”

I watched Dean slowly turn the plate and take his own utensils in his hands. His eyes drifted to me for a second and I nodded to him that it’s fine. I could see the wariness clouding his features and I wanted to assure him that Death really wasn’t trying to kill him. Dean cut a small piece off of his slice and slowly brought it to his mouth, taking tiny bites to test it.

“Good, isn’t it?” Death remarked sarcastically.

Dean lifted his eyebrows when he realized it’s actually great. “Well, I gotta ask. How old are you? And who is she?” Dean asked around his food.

“As old as God. Maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life,” Death points to me, “death,” he points to himself as he resumes eating, “chicken, egg. Regardless -- at the end, I’ll reap him, too.”

Dean contemplated which part of that statement needed immediate questioning. He settled for, “God? You’ll reap God?”

“Oh, yes,” Death looked up, unphased by the question. “God will die, too, Dean.”

Dean looked so confused for a second and I couldn’t stifle the giggle that came out, drawing Dean’s attention. “Well, this is way above my pay grade,” he said with his own bit of humor.

The snort that came out of me was ignored as my brother answered. “Just a bit.”

“So, then why am I still breathing, sitting here with y’all? Uh...w-what do you want?”

That unleashed Death’s anger. I put my hand on his to try to calm him down and he covered mine with his other hand but still spoke to Dean. “The leash around my neck -- off. Lucifer has me bound to him. Some unseemly little spell. He has me where he wants, when he wants. That’s why I couldn’t go to you. I had to wait for you to catch up.” There was a small pause as Death let his words sink in. “He made me his weapon. Hurricanes, floods, raising the dead. I’m more powerful than you can process. And I’m enslaved to a bratty child having a tantrum.”

Dean was quick with the response. “And you think...I can unbind you?”

“There’s your ridiculous bravado again. Of course you can’t. But you can help me take the bullets out of Lucifer’s gun.” Death let go of my hand and leaned forward holding his ring up. “I understand you want this.”


“I’m inclined to give it to you.”

“To give it to me?”

“That’s what I said.”

“But what about…” Dean looked around before finishing, “Chicago?”

I stared at Death waiting for his answer.

“I suppose it can stay. I like the pizza.”

I scoffed as Death took off his ring. His tiny smirk was directed at me and Dean just looked at us confused.

Death held out his ring and said, “There are conditions.”

Dean gulped and responded. “Okay. Like?”

“You have to do whatever it takes to put Lucifer in his cell.”

Dean looked appalled that Death would suggest that he wasn’t committed to ending Lucifer. “Of course.”

Death doubled down. “Whatever it takes.”

Again Dean’s ego answered, “That’s the plan.”

“No. No plan. Not yet.” When Dean was silent, Death continued. “Your brother. He’s the one that can stop Lucifer. The only one.”

“What, you think--”

“I know,” Death stated matter-of-factly. “So, I need a promise. You’re going to let your brother jump right into that fiery pit.” He reached over with the ring to hand it to Dean. “Well, do I have your word?”

Dean stared at the ring for a beat, probably considering all the options that he had. There weren’t many. I could also see the fear causing all the muscles inside of him to tremble because he was about to lie.

“Okay, yea. Yes.”

Death moved to drop the ring into Dean's hand but made eye contact with Dean again. “That had better be ‘yes’, Dean. You know you can’t cheat death.” He knew Dean was lying, but the rain stopped anyway. And Death asked, “Now, would you like the instruction manual?”

When Dean nodded, Death began explaining how it all worked. And when he stood to leave, Dean finally asked about me again.

"You said she's life, what does that mean?"

Death grabbed my hand and leaned back in his chair. "She's literally Life and my sister. There's a good chance you'll run into her again sometime soon. Now go, Dean, you have things to do."

Dean looked more confused but didn't dare go against my brother so he left.

I turned towards Death when it was quiet again. "You saved Chicago because of the pizza but not because I asked?"

He smirked at me, "I was always going to save Chicago for you but this pizza is delicious."

I rolled my eyes. "You know he lied right?"

"He thinks he lied but you and I both know what will actually happen. Now, we have work in Michigan. Let's go."

"Let me bring these good people back to life, it wasn't their time and you know it."

"Fine, but hurry up," he said while wrapping his pizza to go.

When he was finished, I waved my hand and everyone in the place started waking back up. But before they could ask us questions we were gone.