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That Time When You Accidentally Ate a Shroom

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"Are you drunk?"

"Noooooooo? Your face is so funny, hahahahaha!"

"I think... that you're drunk. Com'ere. Don't stay at the hallway. You will disturb the neighbors."

I dragged my adorable boyfriend towards my room before closing the door shut. It was past ten in the evening already, nearly eleven, and I didn't want any complaints from my neighbors. I stopped when there was a polite clearing of throat from further inside my room and I looked apologetically at my friends.

I saw Em look nervously at my precious cargo, who had clung to my torso the moment I pulled him in.

"Uhm..." I uttered uncertainly.

"Kong. I'm sorry but we really need to finish this group work..." Tew said.

"Yes, and we really need your help right now. The girls are gonna get our hides if we don't finish our parts," Em added uncertainly, still looking at P'Arthit warily.

The human koala suddenly burst out laughing, leaning heavily on me as he tried to keep himself upright. The laughing and the booze in his system didn't let him stay upright though.

"Oooooooiii Em! Your face is funnier than Kong's! Mmh my god he's even flushing. Kong your best friend is blushing so hard! It's so funny. He looks like those cartoon characters that is about to burst. Hahahahahaha!"

As P'Arthit continued to laugh at Em, the latter continued to flush until he was nearly purple in the face. I moved further into the room with a laughing Head Hazer in tow, then depositing the man on my bed on the other side of Tew.

"Oh, hi N'Tew! Why are so biiiiiiiiig? Are you a giant? Do you have giant blood in you? Like half human half giant kinda thing? Are you Hagrid?" he chuckled again. I really didn't know how he found that funny.

At any normal day, P'Arthit has a normal sense of humor. A normal drunk Arthit was a noisy Arthit and a flirty Arthit (a new occurrence since we became official, according to P'Tutah). But today seemed like a normal day with an abnormal P'Arthit. I have never seen my senior behave like this. The three of us stared at the laughing figure like he grew a second head.

"Kong... what happened to your boyfriend?" asked Tew.

"He's seriously creeping me out dude," Em commented. He really did look scared.

"I also don't know. I thought he was drunk. He really did smell of booze. But he's... not like this when he gets drunk. Even pissed off drunk. I've seen him like that before and he was only just mouthy and flirty. Not like this."

"Is he, I don't know, high?" Tew commented, earning a glare from me. "Don't look at me like that! I've only heard that people usually do stupid nonsensical things when high."

"He might be, Kong..."

No matter how I didn't want to believe my friends, my boyfriend's strange behavior made me doubt my belief that the older would not do something as stupid. I cautiously approached my still laughing boyfriend and gently cradled his face. His eyes found mine, even though they were a little bit unfocused, and his frame was still wracked by laughter.

"Hey," I called out softly. His laughing subsided for a bit for him to smile widely at me. "Did you imbibe anything aside from liquor?"

"Nooooooooooooope! I had coupla beers, Kongy~,"

"How many bottles did you drink?"

"Hmmm. Four!" he enthusiastically said, still smiling his wide smile. He raised his hand and showed five fingers though.

"Four or five, P'? Which is it?"

"I told you. It's fiiiiiiiiiiiive!"

"Nope. You told me four but you showed me five fingers."

"I am not stupid Kongpob! You are stupid! Stupid Kongpob. Your face looks stupid. Hahahahaha. Stupid face." He started laughing again. "Baka face. Baaaaaaakaaaaaa. Baka baka shi."

This wasn't working. I gave a frustrated sigh as my boyfriend started howling in laughter again. I looked up at my friends and they were looking at my boyfriend with wide eyes. I looked at them helplessly when they shifted their stare at me.

"Kong, I really think he's high..." Tew said.

"Who was he with before? Do you know?" Em asked.

"His friends. P'Bright held a party at his house since both their classes tomorrow were cancelled."

"Do you have their contact numbers? Maybe if we know what they'd taken, we could maybe stop this?"

"We can't stop this, Em. We just need for whatever drug he'd imbibed run its course. And besides, he isn't doing anything bad. Just, a general nuisance, I guess. Please don't tell him I called him that."

I sighed in frustration again. Which prompted P'Arthit to laugh all over again. It was going to be a long night.




"0062. Are you trying to drown me?"

"No, I'm not, P'. I'm just trying to help you sober up."

"Oh. Did you push me under the rain?"

"Uhh, no P'. This is my shower."

"Nooooo. You're lying! See? I'm still wearing clothes! It means you pushed me under the rain. Who showers while still fully clothed? No one. Or, wait. Third showered with his clothes on when he was crying for that asshole Khai. You know what, Khai looks a lot like Bright. Huh. And they're both assholes! Hahahaha! I'm so smart. Kongpob, I'm smart you, see?"

"Yes P'Arthit. You're so smart. You're also very beautiful."

"'mm not beautiful, okay? I'm handsopretty."


"Handsopretty." He said it with a serious face, and coupled with his wet hair plastered on his forehead and his wet clothes, he was just so cute. I chuckled then grabbed his phone at the counter to snap a photo of him.

I couldn't get him out of his clothes because he kept squirming away from the stream of water of my opened shower. So, the result was this: him soaking wet in his school uniform with his workshop jacket and jeans, and me with half of my body wet from the spray.

I was still busy clicking pictures of him when he started undressing himself. He was so uncoordinated that he nearly brained himself. I reached him in time to steady him and got caught under the spray.

"Hey Kong. You okay in there buddy?" I heard Em's voice from the closed door.

"Yeah. Sorry, just. I need to supervise P'Arthit. I don't want to rush into the ER at this late hour," I yelled out.

"Uhm. Do you need help?"

"No, it's okay. I can manage. Thanks."

I quickly divested him of his clothes, he let me this time, and settled them at the corner of the shower. Next, I also got naked, adding my clothes to the pile. I held him under the spray, with me hugging him from behind, letting the water cascade over us. He swayed further into my body until there were no space separating us. I tightened my arms around his waist and buried my face on the crook of his neck. I felt a hand card through my wet locks and I lifted my head a little bit to look at him.

He had his eyes closed, face tilted towards the stream of water. He was so breathtaking. We stayed like that for several long minutes, my school work forgotten at the moment.

"The world still looks so bright, Kong. But I don't feel like everything's funny anymore," he murmured, his eyes opened.

"Hmm, does that mean that whatever you took has worn off?"


"What did you take, P'Arthit?" I asked. He hummed in contemplation.

"...Were you... experimenting?" I asked hesitantly. He rolled his head towards me and looked me in the eye. I could see that they were clear of the haze they were in a while ago and his usual sharp stare was gradually coming back.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm asking you if you were experimenting with... uhm... drugs."

"What? No! I will never do that!" his answer was vehement.

"Well, this is the first time that you acted that way! I've seen you black out drunk and this isn't how you acted then! I'm sorry but what was I supposed to think?"

"Kong, I swear I didn't take any drugs. We didn't take any drugs. We don't do that shit. Promise. Please believe me."

"If you say so, I believe you. But there must be something you've accidentally taken because I swear, that's not normal drunk behavior, P'."

"But we only have beers! And I think I only had like four bottles."

"That's not enough to get you blackout drunk... But the question still stands. What made you act like that? Wait, do you remember what you've done in the past hour?"

"Uhm, yeah. I was laughing. A lot. And. Calling you names..." he blushed.

"Huh. So, you do remember things. Interesting."

"What are you thinking?"

"Well, the way you've behaved tonight... it's not normal even for inebriated people. I know that you know it, too. Don't worry, I'm not incriminating you or anything. I know that you aren't the type to take something dangerous as drugs. By any chance, did you go out today and received anything from other people aside from your friends?"

"Let me think... Hmm... I don't think so. I didn't have the chance to eat breakfast and you were the one who brought me lunch. I bought the drinks that I drank the whole day, and as for dinner, Knott and I cooked at Bright's for our dinner."

"That's... huh. Then what could it have been," I muttered to myself, absentmindedly rubbing my boyfriend's stomach. I only realized that I was doing that when he groaned out and uttered my name in a breathy warning.

"Oh sorry, P'. Come on, let's get out of the shower."

I reached for the towel and that's when I realized that I only have the one. There was no change of clothes either. I turned to look at P'Arthit sheepishly.

"Err. I'll just go grab a towel for you, okay?" without waiting for his reply, I dashed out of the bathroom, the towel hanging around my waist precariously. I grabbed some clothes and a spare towel before dashing back to my waiting boyfriend. I handed him the items awkwardly. I was expecting a slight reprimand from him but he kept surprising me tonight. He gave me a lingering kiss instead and uttered a shy thank you afterwards, blushing beautifully.

Both of us changed into the fresh clothes and marched back towards the room. He was cutely grasping the end of my shirt, head bowed, and shuffling awkwardly behind me. I think he remembered how he acted in front of his other juniors. I flashed them a pleading look, gesturing with my head at the figure behind me. Tew seemed to understand as he flashed a thumbs up in return then nudging Em and whispering something to him. Em nodded in understanding then. I cleared my throat, mostly to get my adorable boyfriend's attention.


"Wait, just give me a minute to compose myself."

I uttered a soft okay and stayed still for a while, feeling the deep breaths the older was taking. Afterwards, I felt him lift his head from my back where he had rested it a while ago and stepped out to face my friends.

"I'm sorry, Nong, for my atrocious behavior. That was not how a senior should behave towards his juniors. Please forgive this senior of yours," he finished with a deep bow, his hands in a wai position.

"It's okay, P'Arthit. We didn't take it seriously. Besides, it was refreshing to see a new side of our fierce Head Hazer, aside from his surly looks towards Kongpob." Tew had the audacity to tease my P'Arthit! No!

"Oi, Tew! He was looking at the whole of the freshman batch like that. It wasn't exclusive to me!"

"Not really... He did have a special glare exclusively for you," Em added. He didn't look joking though, and that made me think... hmm.

"N'Em!" barked P'Arthit, making Em cower in an instant. He even squeaked a sorry.

"P', go on lie on the bed. I think you might be exhausted by now. I need to write my part in the report."

"I'm sorry, I made a nuisance of myself," he said, sounding stricken.

"It's okay, P'. I think I only need a few paragraphs for me to finish my part. After that, I'll just have to proofread our works."

"I'll help with the proofreading," he offered. I smiled at his thoughtfulness even though I knew he was feeling really guilty.

"No, it's okay, P'. It is our schoolwork."

"No, I insist. I really want to help you so that you can finish this earlier."

"Well, if you're sure."

He nodded in reply. I settled on the bed beside him while Tew moved to my study desk. Em never moved from the small dining table by the window. The clacking of keys was the only sound in my room, occasionally broken by soft murmurs and rustling of papers. I felt something touch my waist and I glanced to see a very adorable sight. My boyfriend had his arm wrapped around my waist while he had his face buried on my side, sleeping peacefully. I brushed my hand lightly on his hair before I returned to my laptop.

"I'm done. I think," Em said after some time. I looked at the time on my laptop and saw that it was halfway past midnight already.

"Oh, I'm nearly done, too. I just need to type up the last two points from the outline," I replied, focusing on my screen again.

"Just finishing mine. Should I send it to your email afterwards, Kong?" Tew asked.

"That would be wonderful, thanks."

I was just typing up the last few sentences of my work when a low vibrating noise sounded somewhere at my vicinity. I ignored it in favor of finishing up my work then searched for the offending phone. I found it and accepted the call without looking at the screen, my eyes still glued to my laptop as I checked for errors.


"Arthit! Where are you?! Oh God. Please tell me you're, okay? Why aren't you here at my apartment?! Where did you run off to, huh? Come back here this instant!—"

I flinched and brought the phone away from my ear, fearing that I might lose my hearing from the shrill voice of that someone on the other line. I felt the phone being tugged from my grip and I started to protest when Em gestured for me to stay quiet. He set the phone, P'Arthit's phone, on loudspeaker, setting it on the bed. He sat the foot of my bed, opposite me.

"—ear to god, I will kill you myself if something happened to you! I will kill you after I rise up from the dead because I am pretty sure that N'Kongpob will kill me first because you are his precious and I don't wanna die yet, Arthit, I'm too young and handsome to die!!! Arthit, just tell me you're safe please? Arthit? Hello? Helloooooo?"

At this point, Tew had moved my desk chair near the bed and we were all huddled around the device. I looked at them, a little bemused, and Tew whispered about knowing what happened with them, and getting into the bottom of the mystery of P'Arthit's 'high' state. I was about to open my mouth when a pale hand snatched the phone away from us and we turned to look guiltily at the senior. What happened next left us gaping instead of the initial apologetic state.

"B-Bright?" he stuttered. Okay, what?

"Bright, h-hey, uhm. Can you g-get me out of here?" I shared a confused look with my friends, with them telling me in a hushed voice:'he's your boyfriend, why are you looking at me like that?' I looked back at P'Arthit and the glint in his eyes clued me in as to why he was acting this way.

P'Arthit was being a little shit.

"Arthit! Where are you, buddy?"

"Uhm. I-I don't k-know. It's really d-dark in here." P'Arthit fiddled with his phone nonchalantly, so very in contrast with how he sounded so scared.

"Fuck! Arthit? Describe where you are please? Oh my god, Kongpob's gonna kill me. Guys, Kongpob's gonna kill us—"

"Only you, bastard. You're the one who decided to have a drinking party in your house. You're also the one who bought the food aside from the one Arthit and I cooked. So whatever we consumed that made us act like that, it's all on you." We heard P'Knott say.

"—Knott you bastard!!!"

I scooted closer to P'Arthit to whisper that we need to find out about the reason of their strange behavior that seemed to affect all of them. He nodded in agreement.

"After I had my fun," he whispered as an afterthought. I could only sigh and shake my head.

"Guys, are you on your way to get me? Oh fuck, shit!"

"Arthit? Oi, Arthit, what is it now?! Talk to us buddy?"

P'Bright's scared voice was actually... funny. I saw Em covering his mouth, his shoulders shaking, while Tew was biting his lower lip.

"Th-there are three other guys here. I-I can't see their faces clearly," he whisper-shouted near the phone.

"Okay, Arthit. Calm down, okay? We're gonna get you out of there. If you saw the three guys, then there must be some source of light, right? Can you tell us what you can see other than the men?" It seemed like P'Knott had taken over the phone. We heard rustling from the other side of the line and some clinking of bottles. A rush of footsteps was heard next, then a slam of a door.

"Uh. Wait. Uhm, I think I'm in some kind of room? Not my room though because the bed is on the wrong side of the room. And, and—"

"Okay, what are the three guys doing?"

"They're just... sitting? I don't know, I can see their silhouettes only. They're sat on a couch at the corner."

"How about you, what are you doing?"

"Uh, talking to you?"

"No, I mean, other than that asshole. Wait, are you drawing their attention with this phone call?"

"Uhm, now that you mentioned it, they've not moved since I got woken by my phone's vibrations. Maybe they're deep sleepers?"

We heard the sound of door slams again, multiple this time, then the start of an engine. It seemed like they were inside some car, P'Knott's, I assumed. I looked at my boyfriend in alarm, about to tell him off. The evil smile on his face and the slow shaking of his head made me stop.

"Okay. Okay. That's good. Listen carefully , Oon, okay? I want you to go to the window. There must be a window there, right? Look for landmarks of where you are. Do you understand? Oon, keep quiet, okay? Wait for us, we'll come get you, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," he said, without the fearful voice this time, sounding nonchalant instead.



Third Person POV


In a car somewhere, Prem frowned at the voice of their friend from the speaker, as he watched his friend cut the connection.

"There's something wrong," he murmured.

"Well, Arthit is probably in danger somewhere out there. That's what's wrong," Tutah hissed behind him.

"No. What I meant was, Arthit didn't sound panicked at his last reply. He seemed almost, I don't know, normal."

"Maybe he's controlling he's emotions. You know him, he bottled them all and pretends he's okay around people that almost all the time, we don't know that there is something wrong with him. Remember when his grandpa died? We only found out about it months after the event. He was close with him and we didn't even see that he was sad. We only saw it when he broke down."

"You're right... He could be a good actor if he wanted to be..."

"...Are you thinking that he was acting on the phone?" Knott asked. He navigated through the nearly nonexistent traffic easily.

"I have a small suspicion, yeah. But I'm still worried that it might be really true. We weren't really ourselves for a while, no thanks to someone."

"Hey... how sure are you that it was my fault? The food that I brought were pre-packaged. If anything is suspicious, it's the food Arthit and Knott prepared! That has the highest chance to be contaminated with another substance, you know!"

"...That's just so impossible. We're talking about the two most responsible among us," Prem retorted. "And I was watching them. There wasn't anything suspicious among the ingredients they added."

"Then what the hell did we consume?!" cried Bright, getting frustrated and nervous with all the things that had happened to them.

Their discussion was cut short by the ringing of the phone. Prem grabbed the device and accepted the call from Arthit, setting it on loud speaker.

"Hello? Arthit?"

"Hey guys."

"Are you still okay?"

"Yes. About those landmarks..."

"Yes? Tell us about it."

"Uhm... I can see the closed shops lining the street below. And uh, I can see the..." Arthit continued his description of what he saw. The picture of the place that Prem was painting in his mind with Arthit's descriptions kept getting eerily familiar the longer he listened to their missing friend. It wasn't until Knott's exclaimation that it all clicked in his mind.

"Arthit! Are you fucking shitting me right now?!" Prem took a deep breath, things clicking in his head.

"No. You asked me about landmarks. That's what I see."

"Arthit. Those are the landmarks near your dorm building. Are you at your dorm?" Prem asked in a faux-calm voice.


"Arthit, you fucking asshole! I am driving at the freeway right now!" Knott yelled. He took a U-turn at the chance he got and returned to the way they came from. His laughter rang through the small space of the vehicle and the four of them had varying degrees of frowns (Knot's and Prem's were murderous, Tutah;s more indignant, and Bright was near tears and frowning) on their faces.

"Arthit, I will strangle you, I swear. Do you know how worried we were that something might've had happened to you, huh?! Why couldn't you just tell us that you were at your dorm already? Why d'you have to pretend that you weren't somewhere safe?!"

"Well, payback. For embarrassing myself in front of my juniors because of that something that made us act like we're high."

"Payback?! That's it, I'm going to your dorm and strangling you!"

True to his words, Knott took the exit towards the dorm building where Arthit lived.

"Okay, whatever. See ya, I guess."

The call disconnected and silence reigned for a few minutes until his dorm building loomed ahead of us. Knott parked his car and was about to disembark when Tutah stopped them.

"I don't think he's at his dorm."

"Huh? Where else could he be?"

"My guess is at N'Kongpob's. He did say that he had embarrassed himself in front of his juniors. And... I think I remember him mumbling about needing to see N'Kongpob and if he was indeed doing his work properly before he went out of Bright's apartment."

Knott and Prem shared a look.

"Well, does anyone of you know where N'Kongpob's dorm is?" Knott asked.

"I could ask someone?" Prem supplied.


Kongpob's POV


I stared at my cackling boyfriend and just shook my head.

"P', you really live up to your title," Tew said. Em widened his eyes at him.

"Oh? And what's my title?" he asked calmly. Too calmly.

"The evil senior."

At that, P'Arthit looked up from the editing he had been doing at my laptop and smiled that smile that always meant trouble for me. I subtly scooted further away from Tew, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire if ever...

"Oh, really..." he said sweetly. Tew had the audacity to laugh, the fool.

P'Arthit put aside my laptop carefully then scooted closer towards the edge of the bed to where Tew was. I watched as Tew's smile gradually diminished, nervousness taking over. He brought that upon himself, I thought.

Then my boyfriend slammed his hands on the armrests of the chair Tew occupied, caging the taller man in. I felt an equal hint of arousal and jealousy as my adorable boyfriend asserted his dominance on someone else, looming over the scared man and looking menacing even though he was smiling.

"And you're gonna remember that, Nong, and never get on my bad side. Are we clear?" he said, his voice dripping honey. Tew nodded his head vehemently, his face as white as a paper.

The display made me swallow the lump on my throat and I wished that we were alone and he was dominating me like that. Oh god, I think I'm a sub. But I love dominating him too, so maybe I'm a switch? I would have to tell him this later on...

Several knocks broke my dirty musings. It made us all jump in surprise.

"I'll go answer it," I said. I ran towards the door, escaping to give myself time to calm down. I took several deep breaths before my heart went back to its regular beat.

"Yes, can I he— Oh, P'Knott! What are you doing here?" I exclaimed, looking past him and seeing the other hazers gathered at my door. Remembering my manners later on then giving them the wai.

"I think you know why we're here Nong. Don't hide him, please," Knott said calmly. I was torn between covering up for my boyfriend and my manners. But I didn't have to choose, apparently, because then, P'Arthit yelled from my bedroom to just let them in. So, like the good boyfriend that I was, I let them in.

My room wasn't that small but with the presence of eight fully grown men, it sure did look like it. The three hazers all stood on one side of the bed, arms crossed on their chests and glaring at my boyfriend. They really made an intimidating picture even without P'Arthit among their ranks.

P'Arthit didn't even spare them a glance though, and I truly got amazed by this man. He just raised his index finger at them, indicating to wait for a second, and continued typing.

Em and Tew silently offered their greetings, our seniors acknowledging them with small smiles and nods, but otherwise, they stared at P'Arthit who didn't heed them. Then, with a tap of finality on the keyboard, he moved aside the laptop then finally turned towards his friends.

"What were you doing? We don't have school works, do we?" asked P'Knott, looking at the abandoned laptop briefly.

"No. I was rechecking their work. You know, in compensation for disturbing them when I barged into my boyfriend's room after getting high, apparently. So, Bright. Do you have anything to say?"

"No, wait. Let me tell you off first. Arthit, what you did wasn't funny at all, okay? You made us believe that you were in some sort of danger and we were worried sick, okay? We were worried that something might have happened to you. That's not a cool thing to do, man. Absolutely not," P'Knott firmly said. I watched as P'Arthit bowed his head in contrition.

"I'm sorry," he murmured.

P'Prem stepped forward quickly and I was too far away to stop the slap that he directed to my boyfriend's head.

"Ouch! Asshole Prem!"

"What? You always slap Bright's head whenever he did something stupid. Did you think that's just reserved for him?"

"Just be thankful that Knott and Prem didn't strangle you Arthit. They were threatening to do it at the car," P'Tutah said seriously. P'Arthit said another sorry. Then P'Bright rushed towards my boyfriend and engulfed him in a hug, all the while saying sorry repeatedly.

P'Arthit tried struggling in his hold but the other was adamant on his hug. Then we heard a sniffle and P'Arthit stopped squirming. He patted P'Bright's back instead, albeit he was doing it awkwardly.

"I'm really sorry, Arthit. But even though I might be the one at fault here, you still didn't have to pretend like you were kidnapped or something. You're such an asshole," P'Bright scolded as he disentangled himself from his friend.

"Takes one to know one, asshole. Okay, can we talk about what happened now?"

"Uhh, in front of the juniors?" P'Prem asked, eyeing us warily. My boyfriend looked at us and he seemed to come to a decision.

"Let's go to my dorm then," he said. He started to gather his keys, wallet and phone. Then he was standing up from my bed and I wanted to tell him not to go, that he should stay here beside me. But I didn't vocalize those thoughts though. I didn't need to, actually, because with just one look at my face, he understood me. He gave me a smile then gestured at the laptop.

"I've done some editing, as I promised. You can give the report a once over, then you better get to sleep. All of you. I promise, I'll update you tomorrow."

I conceded, even though I didn't want to.

"P'Arthit, wait!" I called out when he was near my door. I rushed towards my closet and grabbed a dark bomber jacket. I draped it on his shoulders, murmuring 'it's cold outside', giving one last pat on his shoulders before letting him go. He ducked his head and I watched in delight as a healthy flush spread to the tips of his ears.

"T-thanks," he muttered, glancing briefly at me to flash a small smile before turning around and marching out the door. I followed them out, holding myself at the door and watched them trudge away towards the elevator. I turned around and was about to step into my room when I was yanked back around and a pair of warm lips landed on mine. I let out a shocked gasp and P'Arthit wasted no time invading my mouth with his tongue.

The kiss was brief and sweet, just a short tangling of tongue before he pulled away, leaving a peck on my lips.

"Thank you for always taking care of me," he murmured against my lips and I felt a shiver run down my spine. He left me with one last peck and he was running towards his friends who didn't even bother to hide their grins. I slumped against the door jamb, P'Arthit's sudden bouts of forwardness leaving my heart racing and my knees buckling. I have no defense against his attacks. I am a weak, weak man.


"Wow. This is really good guys! You managed to highlight the points very well with how you constructed your paragraphs," Prae exclaimed as she read through our report. Tew, Em, and I exchanged looks and secretive smiles.

I asked them to keep whatever happened last night at the dorm between us since it was somewhat a sensitive matter. They immediately agreed without any fussing, which I was immensely thankful for. We agreed that we would let the seniors solve the matter on their own since it didn't really involve us.

As Prae and Kala, our other groupmate, continued to examine our report and compiling what they wrote into the file, my phone chirped with an incoming message. I brought it out and saw my boyfriend's name.


A: It was the fried mushroom that Bright's sister gave us. We should've been suspicious when she asked us to set up a camera to record our reactions when we ate the fried mushrooms.


K: Aww, maybe she got the poisonous kind? She should've been more careful about it.


A: Yeah, maybe...

A: but the camera and the recording is suspicious


K: wdym


A: Well, we took the leftover mushroom to our friend at food sciences

A: Bright's sister is a food science major btw

A: He said they're magic mushrooms

A: hallucinogenic mushrooms


K: What?!

K: Does P'Bright's sister know about this????

K: That's nonconsensual drug use, P'!


A: I don't know if she knew

A: We'll have to talk to her privately about this

A: For now, we have to destroy this blasted fungus

A: Focus on your studies, kay?

A: I'll meet with you later


K: Okay P'

K: Update me, please?


A: yes

A: thanks for worrying








A: love you