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I Owe Him One

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The Angel Anna looked down at the now sleeping form of Dean Winchester. He had been worked over by the Demon Alistair and was still in the hospital, though no longer unconscious. She had mixed emotions and she wasn’t supposed to feel emotions as an Angel. But she wasn’t a typical Angel. She had fallen and been human mere months ago.

It was her experiences as a human that were causing her to feel. She felt pity and sorrow seeing Dean laid up like that. She remembered him being so strong and alive when they had been together in the back seat of the Impala. The feel of him, of his warm skin under her hands, his lips on her haunted her.

His betrayal or seeming betrayal also followed in her thoughts. She had known he had made the best call he could when Uriel and Castiel had shown up. But when Alistair also appeared, she had figured out that he had found a way to save them both. She owed him for that.

Anna looked down at Dean again. She could fix this- restore him to his proper health and vitality. She leaned down and pressed her lips gently against his forehead. She concentrated her thoughts on healing him.

Dean opened his eyes to see Anna leaning over him, watching. His arm no longer hurt. Nor did any of his other injuries.

“Hello, Dean,” Anna said as she sat in the visitor’s chair.

“Do I have you to thank for this?” Dean asked as he withdrew his arm from the sling he no longer needed.

“I owed you,” Anna replied.

“You owed me? He asked. “Why?”

“Because I thought you had betrayed me to Uriel and Castiel,” she answered. “But you didn’t. Not really. You found another way and I got my Grace back. It was only fitting that I used my Grace to heal you.”

“Thanks,” he said sincerely.

They sat in silence for a moment. Dean contemplating an Angel owing him anything. Anna thinking about her last day as a human, spent with this man.

“Want to get out of here?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh god, yes,” Dean answered.

Anna reached out and took his hand. The room briefly flashed white. Then Dean and Anna were in a field under a tree with the Impala parked not far away.

“Thanks for the jail break,” he said. He looked down at himself and saw that he was still just wearing the scrubs from the hospital. “But I can’t go anywhere dressed like this.”

“Your things are all in the car,” Anna replied. She walked over to him and stretched up to kiss him. “If you want them.”

“Later, much later,” Dean murmured against her lips. He wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her, She She twined her her arms around his neck, pressing herself as closely as she could to him.

Dean stepped a half a pace back, but still with his lips on hers. He shoved at her jacket and she helped him remove it before she closed the distance again. They were moving closer to the car. She ran her hands over the thin material on his chest. The motion pulled the shirt from the loose waist band of the pants an inch. She ran her hands even further down until she found the hem which she grabbed and pulled it up until she had to step back and break the kiss to remove the shirt.

Dean pulled her closer to him so he could remove her shirt as well. She was standing there in her jeans and that lacy white bra that he fondly remembered from last time. She kissed him briefly before she went to sit on the trunk of the Impala so she could remove her shoes and socks.

He walked over to stand between her legs and unfasten her jeans. He pulled them off with a little help from her. And then moved his hand to stroke her between her legs over her panties. She moaned. He kissed her, keeping his hand where it was. Soon she was panting into his mouth.

Anna managed to keep just enough of her wits to push at the waist band of his scrub pants. She got them down a few inches before the evidence of his interest in her prevented them from moving any further towards the ground. Dean moved his hands then to shuck the offending garment off. Before he laid his hands on her again, he removed her underwear. He kissed his way back up her legs. He stopped and suckled at the nub at the junction of her thighs. He licked and kissed and sucked until she came and cried out her release. He kissed his way up over her stomach to the edge of one lacy cup. He kissed the edge where lace met flesh. He moved the lace and continued to kiss the newly exposed flesh.

Anna shoved at Dean, not to get him to stop but to give her a little room. He complied. She reached for the back clasp of the bra but her hands were not steady. Dean reached around undid the clasp. The bra fell to her stomach and he picked it up and through it over the edge of the trunk of the car.

“Dean, later,” Anna said breathily as he bent his head to lick at one of the now bare breasts. “I want you.”

Dean found her lips with his as he slid into her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he started to thrust. Their mingled moans grew louder and louder. Suddenly there was a rush of air and the rustle of feathers.

“What was that?” Dean asked.

Anna wrapped her wings around him. She stroked one feathered appendage down him. The feather tickled as the wing swept down Dean’s naked backside.

“My wings,” Anna whispered. She kissed him.

“Your wings?” Dean stuttered.

“Shhh,” Anna said as she rolled her hips against him. “We’ll talk later.”
“Later,” Dean said as he resumed his efforts. It wasn’t long until the brush of feathers stopped tickling and became just another sensation that pushed him towards completion. Anna cried out her orgasm first and Dean swiftly followed.

They lay like that for a few minutes – Anna spread out on the trunk of the Impala with Dean cradled to her. He was held to her with her arms, legs and wings. He felt safe and wanted and almost loved. It was as close as he’d ever felt towards that emotion in a woman’s arms in a long time.

When their breathing had returned to normal, Anna slowly unwrapped her legs from Dean’s waist and opened her wings. Dean levered himself up so he could look her in the eye.

“So wings?” Dean finally said.

“It seemed the thing to do,” Anna replied.

“Can I touch them?” he asked a bit in awe.

“Sure,” Anna answered.

Dean hesitantly runs a hand down the spine of one of her wings from where her shoulder was down a few feet. Then he reverantly touches the feathers stroking with the grain. Anna shivered at the sensation.

“That is so weird,” Dean said in quiet awe. He barely understood why she had slept with him as a human but now as a full blown Angel he didn’t get it at all. Here was the indelible proof that she was indeed an Angel.

“Good or bad weird?” Anna asked.

“Just different,” he replied. He ran one finger over the feathers again. “I kind of like it.”

Anna ran her hands over his arms. Her hand fitted to the scar left when he had been raised from Perdition.

“I can remove that,” Anna suggested. “If you want.”

“Please,” he agreed. She lingered her hand there and concentrated. A white light emanated from beneath her hand. When she removed her hand, his skin was as smooth as his other shoulder.

Dean kissed her briefly. Then he stood and reached for the discarded scrub pants and used them to clean up. He handed her the top for her to do so.

The sound of rushing wings sounded again as Anna folded her wings away. He walked around the side of the car and opened the rear door. The was his overnight duffel. He pulled out clean clothes and pulled them on. He looked and found his spare pair of boots and put them on as well. When he was dressed he walked back to find Anna dressed beside the trunk.

“Can I ask you a question,” Dean said, staring down at his feet.

“What question?” Anna answered.

“Why?” he asked looking at her but not quite meeting her in the eye.

“Why what?” she said as she raised a hand to his face. “Why did I have sex with you?”

“Yeah, that,” Dean said as he closed his eyes and leaned his face into her palm. Not many people touched him for the shear sake of touch. Anna seemed to enjoy communicating to him through touch.

“I enjoyed our last encounter and wanted to see if I was like I remembered,” Anna answered.

“Was it?” he asked as he placed a hand over hers.

“It was better,” Anna admitted.

“How could it? Aren’t Angels not supposed to feel,” he asked puzzled.

“Last time, I wasn’t fully myself,” she said. “I knew I was an Angel but was missing a big part of me. This time you loved me. All of me. Wings included.”

“I kinda like the wings,” Dean smirked as he turned his head and kissed her palm before removing her hand from his face. He kept a hold of the hand. “But why me?”

“Dean, you are worthy,” Anna replied. “That is what you’re asking why would anyone choose to be with you after what you did in Hell. The answer is you may have bent and took up the knife, but you didn’t truly break. You are still a righteous man.”

“Did you have to sleep with me to prove it?” he teased as he let her words sink in.

“No. I did that because I wanted to,” Anna smirked. She tilted her head like she was listening to Angel Radio. “They’re coming for me. I have to go.” She kissed him one last time and disappeared.

Dean stared where she had been for a few moments. Then he got behind the wheel of Baby, found the keys stashed behind the visor. He grabbed them and started the car. He got on the road to the crappy motel where he and Sam had been staying.