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[F4M] SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CUM [Femdom] [Forced Orgasm] [Mentions of Assplay] [Cheating] [Non-Con] [Handjob] [Smacking] [Humilation] [Goodboy] [Gagging]

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(Door opens and shuts quickly, the women entering runs to the bed and put a hand on the listener’s mouth)

Shut the fuck up! Stay quiet. I’m not taking my fucking hand off your mouth until I get what I want.

Stop fucking fighting me, this is happening, you can’t stop it.

I don’t give a fuck that your girlfriend is in the next room, I don't fucking care about anything you want. I just want you to shut the fuck up and cum.



I’ll fucking hit you again if you don’t stop fighting.

Let me get your fucking pants off.

I said stop fighting you fucking whore.

Let me see your cock.

I said stop fighting


That’s better. This can be quick and easy, or hard and painful, you get to decide.

I can’t hear you with my hand over your mouth, you can’t talk your way out of it.

You can’t stop me from shoving my hands down your pants

You can’t stop me from grabbing your cock.

And now that it’s in my hands, I’m the one in control. I literally have you by the balls.

So you might as well be a good slut and let me milk your fucking cum.

Are you going to be a good slut and let me pull your pants down?

I can’t fucking hear your words through my hand you dumbass. Nod if you are going to be good.

Ok, that’s better.

(fabric sounds)

This is kinda hard with one hand.

There we go.

Fuck your cock is big, I can see why your girlfriend keeps you around. I was wondering for a moment cause you didn’t seem to be smart enough to know what’s good for you.

I guess your just her little fuck toy too.

(scoffs in surprise)

Did your cock just twitch? Do you like being talked to like a man whore?

You are just full of surprises.

Well, we aren’t here to chat and figure out your whole fucking life, I’m here to force you to cum.

(Fapping noises start, go at a consistently speedy pace throughout.)

That’s it, get fucking hard in my hand.

I almost didn’t do this, I almost chose someone else, but you looked soft enough to let me do it.

I wish I had more time, and I could really break you.

I want to bend you over and put my favorite pink strap-on in your tight ass.

I bet your girlfriend never pegs you. She doesn’t care about what you want, she doesn’t care about you at all. Just your big, hard dick.

I don’t really care about you either, I just like forcing little bitches like you to cum.

You caved to me so fucking easy.

Do you like me coming in here? Grabbing you by the dick, and forcing you to cum?

I bet you do, you’re such a whore. I bet you wouldn’t even mind if I slide my fingers in your mouth like… this.


Yeah, that’s it, gag on my fingers while I jack your fucking cock off.

I bet you like it when girls go nice and slow, take their time with you.

But that’s not what we’re doing. I’m going to force you to cum.

Are you close?

I can’t hear you with my fucking fingers in your mouth.

Nod if you’re close. Jeeze didn’t think I’d have to spell that out.


(Moaning)I want you to cum for me.

I want you to cover your shirt in your sticky little mess.

Cum for me.

Cum for me.

Cum for me.

(moans) That’s it, good boy, let it out, let all that fucking cum out.

God, there’s so much. You really did like being treated like a whore.

I’ll remember that.

Goodnight slut. Sleep in your mess. I’ll know if you don’t.

(Door opens and shuts again.)