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Rite in Pajama

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After Gelilin finished take a shower, she was ready to sleep, but then an unusual guest payed to her a visit, it was a fearful woman with a white hair, she have a ceremonial clothes and scary seems to bloody red mask of a creepy face, name to her is Shura Farl and she been a last and most dangerous opponent of Gelilin in that maze of death, she slowly walked to Gelilin and seems to been ready strangle last one to the death, but then white-haired maiden fell on her knees, bowed her head in front of Gelilin and even began speak on English language. 


'Ja-in, the one who escaped from maze of death, I am here to become your servant.' "Ok, first, my name is Gelilin, but you pronounced it in same way, that's why secondly, how do you learned my name and also what's yours? I believe that I never told it before. Thirdly how the hell did you got into my room? And still fourthly, why do you want to be my servant?" 'Okay I'll try answer on your questions in that order. Ny name is Shura Farl, I am the being which is close to the gods and I have a supernatural powers, one of them is mind reading, I used it to learn your name. Second of my powers is teleportation, I can move in any place about which I can think, about this place I learned with again mind reading. And finally, since you defeated me and completed my deadly puzzles, that means you are stronger than me and I must serve to you.' "Well bad for you I don't need a servant, so you must leave." 'No! I can't do this, I failed, I must be a servant to the winner, please I begging you, I'll do for you everything.' "Can you take off your creepy mask for beginning?" 'If its your order so be it.' 


Shura Farl took her mask off and showed her not so ugly or maybe even beautiful face, it was so beautiful that Gelilin even opened her eyes. 


'You have such a beautiful eyes I must say.' "You are prettier than I thought, I mean, I can swear that when i saw you in the first time, I thought that you are old woman." 'My, I surprised hear a compliment from you and about that, another my power is rejuvenation, but I use it only when someone see me without a mask, when my face is covered, I have an appearance of old woman.' "Sorry, it's must be hard to keep your youth. So, since you are my servant, can I ask you, how pretty girl like you end up like this?" 'Its a really long story.' "I order to you tell it!" 'Fine. I wasn't always a mindless killer, I was a maiden of one village and then a maid of one family, name that I used before was Wolfarl, I always helped to the persons who needed in my help, sorry it's kinda hard to talk on English language you know, everything were safe and sound, but I was corrupted, corrupted by a power, power which I got from one girl, I wished to rule by people and I succeeded, I blamed that girl in all troubles, she known as Akemi Hanatani and I banished her from the village, I was a supreme being, everyone served to me without a problems, but then, that brat and her father created something like a shrine and banished me from the world, even so, in one day, some silly girl ate an offering and I was free, without a thought I sent a monsters on all village, cursed that silly girl by turning her in a different monster and tried to persuade girl named Shimoko that Akemi is evil one, I tried this twice but failed, then something happened and all events repeated, I used this opportunity to lure Shimoko in the trap, I put on my old maiden clothes that you see now with a slightly different mask and armed by a katana, actually I put on these clothes earlier to kill some people, anyway, I was ready to slay her in the pieces, but this lil bitch had four throwing knives, she couldn't kill me but this brat used them to slow me down and escaped from me, in the end Akemi sacrificed by her own life to banish me again and then I couldn't control myself, I literally lost my mind, I became a mindless bloodthirsty killer, when some awful events happened I been there, but I will tell about them in the other time, after all of these events I just stuck in that place, waiting for my targets, when I saw you in the first time, you seemed to me a very weak and I thought you will die fast, but I was wrong, after you lured me in that trap something snapped in me and I got a wish kill you, every completed by you puzzle in the last room made me mad, but when you escaped, somehow my mind returned to me, I just had a thoughts and I realized that I must be your servant, that's my story.' "Okay, all I can say is, holy shit! You had a very weird life, but sorry I don't need a servant, you must go." 'Excuse me Ja-in, but like you this or not, I am your servant now.' "Yawn, I am too sleepy to think about this now, okay you can stay, for now, but where will you sleep?" 'Don't worry about that, I can sleep on the floor.' "But what if my mom will see you?" 'I can make myself invisible for everyone except you.' "Okay, it's time to sleep, good night Shura Farl." 'Good night master.' "And please, call me just Gelilin." 'Good night Gelilin.' 


From the next day, life of Gelilin became a very unusual, now she have a servant who made everything what Gelilin asked, but it seemed, that their relationships of Master and Servant will become something big, but this is a different story.