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Candy Kisses On My Tongue

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The band was backstage after a concert. They were all sweaty and out of breath, trying to cool down. Damian had a cold water bottle and was rubbing it on his neck and face when Andy approached him.

"Great job tonight," Andy beamed.

"Thanks, but I think I was starting to sound a little hoarse near the end," Damian giggled weakly.

"You sounded wonderful." Andy blushed at his confession and smiled nervously at Damian.

Andy pecked Damian on the lips and backed away quickly. Damian's face was heated more than before. Andy looked like a schoolboy with a crush and Damian kissed him back. More lingering and sweet this time.
Andy's face was flushed when Damian pulled away and he grinned warmly at his bandmate.
Damian could see another blush forming on the other man's face.

"Thanks Damian," Andy said meekly.

"No... Thank you," Damian said with a wink.