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look who's inside again

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RYAN (4:23PM)

ok but there’s gotta be something kinky ur into

Shane rolls his eyes at the text. He and Ryan have been having the same conversation for the past 10 minutes as Shane walks through the grocery store, trying to prepare himself for the tornado that is frat boy Ryan Bergara coming over for the weekend. He puts a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in his cart and then types out a reply.

SHANE (4:27PM)

RYAN (4:28PM)
nothing ??? you’re not into anything weird??

SHANE (4:32PM)
Nothing about sex is weird, Ryan.

Shane can practically hear Ryan’s eye roll from here.

RYAN (4:33PM)
screw u, u weird midwestern cryptid. u kno what i mean

Shane ignores Ryan in favor of heading to the drinks; he still isn’t entirely sure why there are so many different flavors of Gatorade, or what kind of pavlovian marketing they’ve done to make Ryan like it so much. He picks out a few Cool Blues, and then returns to their text thread.

SHANE (4:40PM)
You know you can just ask for what you want, right, Ryan?

Shane continues walking through the aisles, sure their conversation is over for now. He makes his way to the cereal aisle and is considering whether Ryan seems like a Honey Nut Cheerios guy or a Special K guy when his phone buzzes with another text.

RYAN (4:43PM)

Shane clicks the link and almost drops his phone. Unfortunately, at that exact moment, an elderly woman says “excuse me” from behind him.

Shane jumps as he spins around to face her. He feels like his entire body is bright red; he hopes her eyesight is bad. “Yes?” he asks. “Can I help you?”

The old woman points a crooked finger towards the top shelf. “Do you think you can grab me a box of Raisin Bran?” 

Shane grabs it and hands it to her. “Thank you, son,” she says, and then she hobbles away. Shane waits until she’s in the next aisle over and then turns back to his phone, where the link is still pulled up. “Jesus,” he whispers to himself. It’s a little too much for Ralphs at 4PM.

The thing is, Shane can’t stop thinking about it. He thinks about it on the way home from Ralphs. He thinks about it when Ryan comes over. And he’s still thinking about it on Saturday afternoon, with Ryan lounged out on his floor, surrounded by mountains of papers. 

“So I was thinking about sponsorships,” Ryan says. He bites the end of the pencil; it’s incredibly distracting. “You know how Steven did that State Farm sponsorship with Worth It ? Do you think he still has a contact there? Maybe we could ask.” 

“We should talk about it,” Shane blurts out suddenly. It’s not the way he intended to say it, but it gets Ryan’s eyes on him nonetheless.

“Sponsorships?” Ryan asks, raising an eyebrow at him. He holds up part of the mountain of papers for Shane to see. “I thought that’s what we’ve been doing.”

“No,” Shane answers. “I mean, yes, we probably should talk about sponsorships at some point. But I was talking about,” he can’t bring himself to say it. He gestures vaguely to Ryan’s body. Luckily, 6 years of knowing each other has given them psychic communication powers; Ryan flushes. “You know I’d never hurt you, right?”

“I know,” Ryan answers. He puts down the pencil in favor of tangling their fingers together. “I trust you, that’s the hot part. The idea of a guy breaking into my house, taking what he wants from me?” He shrugs. “A little bit of controlled fear is a good thing, sometimes.”

Shane takes a long moment to consider. “Okay,” he finally answers. He leans over Ryan to grab a blank piece of paper. He leans it against his knee and clicks the pen in his hand open. “Tell me all about it.”


Ryan’s apartment is deadly silent when Shane enters. He has a key and they’ve planned the whole thing out, but the quiet stillness of the night, the way dishes are piled up in the sink, the gentle nighttime breeze from the open window; it all succeeds in making Shane feel a little bit slimy.

Shane walks over and closes the window, pulls the blinds down. He pushes one of the kitchen chairs under the table to solidify his nerves as he walks towards Ryan’s bedroom. The door is a little bit ajar; he pushes it open.

There’s Ryan, sound asleep in his bed. Shane’s seen him fake sleep before; this isn’t it. He’s genuinely asleep, drool drying on his cheek, splayed out on his bed. Shane’s a little impressed Ryan managed to fall asleep with the knowledge of what’s coming. 

Shane gets in bed as gently as he can, turns Ryan so they’re spooning. He dips a hand into Ryan’s sweats; he’s gone commando and Shane rolls his eyes to himself. He has no idea how he fell so hard for a frat boy.

Shane runs his fingers against Ryan’s labia and Ryan stirs. “Shane?” he asks sleepily.

Shane shushes him. “Not quite,” he says. Ryan wakes up a little more fully then, tries to move. Shane holds him down with an arm against his stomach, but lets his fingers stop their exploration of Ryan’s core as he asks, “color?”

“Green,” Ryan answers.

Shane clamps a hand over Ryan’s mouth and presses his fingers more insistently into Ryan. That wakes Ryan up; he thrashes in Shane’s arms, but Shane holds him there. “I’m a lucky man,” Shane starts. “Came in here to rob some rich fucker, instead found a beautiful boy alone in his bed, all sleepy and gagging for a cock. Who’s Shane, huh? He your boyfriend?”

Shane moves his hand from Ryan’s mouth to let him speak. He pushes a third finger into Ryan and gently rests his other hand on Ryan’s sternum; a reminder of who’s in charge. “You can’t do this,” Ryan says. “I won’t let you.”

Shane chuckles darkly. He watches a shiver go up Ryan’s spine as he wraps a loose fist around Ryan’s throat. “Oh, but I can,” he says. “Because if you don’t let me get what I want, well,” he squeezes a little bit; breath whooshes from Ryan’s lungs, “you don’t want to know what I’ll do to you if you’re a brat.” He lets go and says, “color?”

“Green,” Ryan answers. He already sounds destroyed, and Shane can tell Ryan’s trying not to thrust back against his hand.

“Good boy,” Shane says. He pulls his fingers out of Ryan and turns Ryan over so he’s laying on his back. Ryan looks like he’s going to get up, so Shane adds, “don’t get up.” As he pulls Ryan’s pants off, he adds, “I can see you looking at the door. You think you could outrun me, and maybe you could.” He deposits Ryan’s sweats on the floor and presses a gentle kiss to his inner thigh. “But I’d just wait here for your boyfriend. What’d you say his name was? Shane?” He gives Ryan a dangerous look. “How you think Shane would look with a knife against his throat?”

Ryan’s breath hitches. He looks utterly wrecked and Shane’s barely even touched him. He’s flushed down to his chest, his eyes wide, breathing hard. He’s easily the most beautiful person Shane’s ever seen. 

“That’s what I thought,” Shane says in answer to Ryan’s reaction. He pushes Ryan’s legs apart forcefully and thrusts two fingers into Ryan again. “Don’t act like you don’t like it,” he teases. He pulls his fingers out and they’re sticky. “You’re so wet already. Maybe this Shane guy doesn’t take care of you, huh?”

Ryan can’t answer because Shane uses his fingers to spread Ryan’s lips and licks a broad stripe between them. Ryan goes even more breathless than before as Shane thrusts his tongue into Ryan’s hole, where he’s wet and hot and tight. 

Shane pushes his fingers into Ryan’s hole and sucks on his clit hard enough to bruise. Ryan tries to thrust up against Shane’s mouth, but Shane holds him down with an arm on his stomach. “Please stop,” Ryan gasps. He gets his hands in Shane’s hair, tries to pull him off. 

Shane doesn’t let up; he curls his fingers against Ryan’s g-spot as he keeps sucking Ryan’s clit. He licks the underside of it with his tongue and Ryan gasps, pulling at Shane’s hair as he comes, tightening around Shane’s fingers in rhythmic bursts.

Shane keeps going even when Ryan comes down. Ryan pushes at his head, oversensitive, and Shane finally relents, pulling off. He shoots Ryan a shit eating grin. “Look how hard you came for me, baby boy,” he says. “I knew you wanted it. Color?”

“Green,” Ryan answers quickly. “It’s a biological reaction, jackass. I would never let you touch me.”

Shane pouts. “Aw, baby,” he cooes. “Come here, give me a kiss.” He moves up the bed to kiss Ryan. Ryan looks him dead in the eyes and spits in his face.

Shane wipes the spit from his face slowly. “That’s it,” Shane says, “You’re in for it now.” He can see the exact moment Ryan regrets his actions as Shane drags him off the bed onto his knees, Ryan fighting the whole way down. Shane boxes him in with long legs and with one hand grabs Ryan’s chin and forces his mouth open. He uses the other to unbutton his jeans and pull his cock out. He doesn’t hesitate; he shoves his cock down Ryan’s throat.

Ryan gags on it. Shane wraps his hand around Ryan’s throat to feel his cock stretch Ryan’s skin. He holds Ryan still and thrusts in and out of his throat. It’s the messiest blowjob he’s ever gotten, but the way Ryan’s throat stretches out, the tears in his eyes, the way he’s gagging and drooling; it’s easily one of the hottest scenes Shane’s ever witnessed.

Shane thrusts a few more times before pulling out. Ryan coughs and wheezes and Shane moves back a bit to give him space. Shane pulls his pants and underwear off and says, “I was gonna come down your throat, but I figured I’d leave your boyfriend a treat.”

Ryan’s eyes go wide. “No, no, no,” he protests as Shane pulls him back onto the bed.

Shane rolls his eyes as he pins Ryan against the bed. He crawls over Ryan and pins Ryan’s wrists above his head with one hand. “No need to pretend like you don’t want it, baby,” he says. He reaches down between them where Ryan’s wet and sticky and open and says, “I can tell how bad you want it. You’re fucking dripping.”

“I don’t want it,” Ryan protests, even as he presses his hips up against Shane’s hand. Shane crooks his fingers inside Ryan and rubs his clit; Ryan barely holds back a whine. “I don’t want this, you asshole.”

Shane chuckles darkly. “I think you do,” he answers. He thrusts his fingers into Ryan hard and fast; the squelching sound is obscene. “I’m gonna make you squirt on my fingers, and then I’m going to fuck you hard and fill your pussy full of cum.” He leans down to whisper in Ryan’s ear, “and if you try to fight it, well,” he takes the hand that’s holding Ryan’s wrists and moves it to his throat, squeezes once, a gentle reminder. “We both know what I’m willing to do if you fight.”

Ryan wraps his hand around Shane’s wrist, feeling the way his fingers make quick work of Ryan’s pussy. “Why are you doing this?” he sobs.

Shane moves from Ryan’s ear to his neck, gently scrapes the skin there with his teeth, just enough to bruise a bit, just for everyone to know who Ryan belongs to. “Slutty pussy like this, just couldn’t refuse,” he answers. “Just spread your legs for anyone, huh, baby?” He rubs at Ryan’s clit, lowers his voice, and whispers right in his ear, “squirt for me and I’ll let you have my cock.”

That’s it for Ryan, he comes around Shane’s fingers; it squirts out of him and soaks Shane’s hand and the duvet underneath him. Ryan’s back arches and he squirms on Shane’s fingers. Shane fucks him through it and only stops when Ryan gently pushes at his hand, silently urging him to pull out.

Shane gently pushes Ryan’s hair back and asks, “color?”

Ryan looks fucking destroyed, but he looks up at Shane and answers, “green.”

Shane presses a kiss to Ryan’s head and stands back up, rolling his shoulders to get back into character. “Look how wet you are for me,” Shane says. He takes his cock in his head and runs it along Ryan’s labia; Ryan shivers, closes his eyes. “So wet that I don’t even need lube. Could just slide my cock right in.” 

Shane pushes the head of his cock into Ryan and Ryan gasps, his eyes popping open comically wide. “No, no,” he protests, pushing at Shane’s arms. “Take it out, please, please!”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it, you slut,” Shane reprimands. “If you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t be coming over and over.” 

He pushes his whole cock in at once. He’s not small, and usually he would give Ryan time to adjust, but he isn’t being himself. He’s an asshole who broke in, so he fucks Ryan immediately, thrusting in and out ruthlessly.

Shane doesn’t think he’s ever felt Ryan this wet before. He’s so fucking tight and hot inside that Shane feels like he could come in two seconds easily. Not for the first time in his life, he’s grateful that he’s 35 and not 16.

Ryan sobs, covers his face with his hands. Shane takes his wrists and pins them above his head so he can see Ryan cry as he takes his cock. “You have to stop,” Ryan says yet again, barely audible through his tears. “I’m not on birth control.”

Shane chuckles. “Oh?” he asks. “You want me to stop so I don’t come in your pussy?” He takes his free hand and rests it on Ryan’s tummy. Ryan shivers again. “You don’t want a belly full of cum?”

Ryan shakes his head quickly. “I don’t. You can’t come inside me.”

Shane leans in to whisper in Ryan’s ear. “I don’t care.” He laughs. “I think I will come in your pussy. I think I’ll fill it up with my cum until you get pregnant. Would you like that?” Ryan shakes his head again. “I think you would. I think you wanna see your tummy swell, all full of my babies. What do you think your boyfriend would think about that?”

“You can’t,” Ryan sobs. 

Shane presses the hand on Ryan’s tummy in a little bit; Ryan gasps through his tears. “You think he’d know? Or would you pretend it’s his? Let him fuck you full of his cum so he thinks he got you pregnant, but you know. We’d both know the truth, huh, baby? You think he’ll be able to make you come with this giant belly in the way?”

Ryan’s pussy clenches around Shane’s cock. “Oh, you like that, huh, baby?” He shifts his cock so it more effectively presses against Ryan’s g-spot. “You like the idea of your giant fucking belly in the way, a constant reminder that you let a stranger into your bed to knock you up?”

“Didn’t let you,” Ryan gasps. “Don’t want this.”

“Oh, I think you do, baby,” Shane answers. “You’re dripping around my cock, getting it soaked. You’re so wet inside that you might not even be able to feel it when I come.” He squeezes Ryan’s wrists. “I’ll just have to make sure I give you a lot, huh? Want you to feel it.”

Shane keeps thrusting into Ryan hard as Shane leans down to rub at his clit. Ryan tightens around him even harder, his breathing heavy. “You like that, baby boy?” Shane asks, his voice rough. “Your boyfriend fuck you this good?”

“Fuck you,” Ryan grits out through his teeth.

Shane smirks. “You can pretend you don’t want me all you want. I can feel how wet your pussy is for me.” He rubs Ryan’s clit just a little too hard; it makes Ryan gasp and whine loudly. “Might just have to come back and fuck you again. This perfect pussy deserves a cock in it all the time.”

“I would never let you fuck me again,” Ryan gasps.

Shane chuckles darkly. “Never said I needed your consent.”

That’s it for Ryan; he comes gasping and moaning, his cum squirting out onto Shane’s cock. It’s so much that Shane’s honestly impressed Ryan hasn’t passed out from dehydration yet. “That’s it,” Shane fucks him through it, keeps going even when Ryan starts whining from oversensitivity. 

“You want me to stop? It hurt?” Shane asks. When Ryan nods, Shane says, “too fucking back. You’re nothing more than a hole for me to use. Just a cum dumpster.” Still, he slows down a little bit and asks, “color?”

“Green,” Ryan answers again. He clenches around Shane’s cock to spur him on. Shane has to lean down and rest his face in the crook of Ryan’s neck for a second so he doesn’t pop off right then.

“Gonna come, baby,” Shane growls in Ryan’s ear. Ryan clenches around him like a vice. “You like that, baby boy?” he asks, his thrusts sloppy. “You want me to fill this pussy up with my cum? Want me to get you nice and fucking pregnant? Huh?”

“No,” Ryan pleads. He pushes at Shane’s shoulders to get him off, but he’s so weak that it’s nothing more than a gentle shove. “Don’t do this to me, please.”

“Too bad.” Shane pushes in a few more times and then comes, filling Ryan up. He presses down on Ryan’s stomach and hisses, “yes,” in his ear. “You feel that, baby? Feel my cock fucking pumping you full of cum? Getting you nice and pregnant?”

Ryan sobs, past the point of words, just where Shane likes him. When Shane pulls out, the cum leaks out of Ryan’s puffy hole, a nice white contrast against Ryan’s tan skin. Shane can’t help himself; he gathers the cum that’s leaked out with two fingers and pushes it back into Ryan. 

Ryan gasps, his head back against the pillow. “Please, no more,” he begs.

Shane tuts. “You don’t get to tell me what to do. And I want to see you squirt one more time, with my cum knocking you up. Heard an orgasm makes it take.” He stops the steady thrusts of his fingers and asks, “color?”

“Fuck you,” Ryan grits out through his teeth. “Fuck you, green.”

Shane pushes his fingers back in, feeling how full Ryan feels with all of Shane’s cum inside him. Shane’s cock gives a valiant little twitch, like he could get hard again if he weren’t 34 years old. “So wet inside, baby,” Shane says. “Better fuck it deep in there, huh? Don’t want you losing any of it. Wanna make sure I got you pregnant.”

Ryan shakes his head quickly, his face beet red, his hair curly from where it’s drenched in sweat. “Don’t worry if I don’t get you pregnant this time, baby. I know where you live, and I can fuck you any time I want. And neither you nor your sweet boyfriend can do anything about it. Isn’t that right?”

Shane rubs at Ryan’s clit with his thumb, his fingers still fucking in and out of him, pushing Shane’s cum deeper inside. “You gonna come for me, baby? I wanna see it. Wanna see you soak my hand one last time. Wanna feel that pussy drink my cum in.” He leans down to press a gentle kiss to Ryan’s belly. “Wanna make sure this thing swells up.”

Ryan comes spectacularly; Shane doesn’t know how he still has anything left to give, but somehow he does, as he soaks Shane’s hand in cum. It spurts out of his pussy in ropes as Ryan gasps and whines, his head thrown back against the pillow. Shane fucks him through it, only pulling out when Ryan collapses onto the bed, heaving breaths.

Shane kisses Ryan’s head and goes to get some clean washcloths. When he comes back, he’s not surprised to find Ryan still a little out of it. He usually is, after he comes so much, and especially after an intense scene like that.

Shane wipes Ryan clean as gently as he can, and deposits the wet washcloths on the floor when he’s done. In the back of his mind, he can hear his mom reprimanding him, reminding him he’ll cause mold on the floor, but all he cares about in that moment is having Ryan in his arms.

Shane wraps Ryan up in his arms, kisses the back of his head. He rubs Ryan’s arms as Ryan slowly starts to come back up. When he blinks his eyes open to look at Shane, Shane smiles back down at him. “Hey, baby,” he says. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay,” Ryan answers, his voice rough and far away. Shane grabs the bottle of water Ryan’s abandoned on his bedside and opens it for Ryan to drink. Ryan takes many long gulps - not that Shane can blame him, with the amount of liquid he’s lost - and adds, “that was a lot.”

“It was,” Shane confirms. He kisses the top of Ryan’s head again and squeezes his shoulders, the urge to protect taking center stage in his caveman brain. “Good intense, right?”

Ryan turns and casts Shane a smile; it’s brighter than every star in the night sky and makes Shane’s heart thump in his chest, still, even after all this time. “The best,” he answers. Ryan takes another long water break and then stretches his arms over his head. Shane’s eyes not-so-subtly follow the way his muscles flex.

“I’m disgusting,” Ryan says. He rubs his hand at his thigh, where more of Shane’s cum has dripped out, and grimaces. “I have to take a shower.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Shane asks.

“Nah,” Ryan answers. He stands and then adds, “although, you should probably do something about that.” He gestures vaguely at the bed, which is a mess of cum and sweat. 

“Noted,” Shane answers. Ryan’s about to walk towards the bathroom when Shane pulls him in with a light grip on both of Ryan’s hands so that Ryan’s standing between his legs. “Hey,” he says. “I love you.”

Ryan rolls his eyes goodnaturedly. “I know that, dumbass,” he answers. He leans down to kiss Shane and then says, “I love you too. Now let me go take a shower.”

Shane lets Ryan go this time, watches him walk away. When Ryan’s in the bathroom, Shane strips the bed, puts the sheets in a laundry basket to be washed, along with the dirty washcloth from the floor. He replaces the sheets on the bed and opens a window to air the room out. 

By the time he’s done, the tiredness has begun to creep into his bones. He climbs into the bed, rests his head against the pillow. He takes a deep breath in; it smells like Ryan, and that by itself is almost enough to lull him to sleep.

Ryan emerges from the bathroom, sweatpants low on his hips, his hair wet. He tosses his towel into the hamper and joins Shane in bed. Shane pulls him in close so that Ryan’s head is resting on his chest.

“Thank you,” Ryan whispers.

Shane almost reflexively asks, ‘for what?’ It’s something Ryan’s trying to train out of him; this idea that he doesn’t deserve Ryan, doesn’t deserve for all of this incredible man’s attention to be focused just on him. Shane’s whole life, people have been focused on other stuff: his jokes, his work, his knowledge. Never just him. But Ryan’s slowly starting to show him that maybe he deserves the attention too. 

Shane kisses the top of his head. “Was it everything you wanted?” he whispers back into the curls.

“Nah,” Ryan answers. He grabs Shane’s hand and tangles their fingers together. “It was so much more.”