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Finding His Alpha

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It was pouring rain, which Jensen thought was perfect, actually. The sunshine over the last week had been a slap in the face, perfect for every goddamn paired off couple to walk around to get the lay of the campus, shedding disgusting pheromones as they went about their business, forcing their happiness and love on every unwilling victim they came across. Jensen hated them, despite the knowledge that he was being ridiculous. 

Yet, knowing and feeling were two different things. 

Jensen hated them. He hated them as much as he hated her , his alph- no. She wasn’t his anymore, she’d seen to that when she confessed she’d been seeing another omega throughout the summer. Jensen had been foolish enough to believe the distance for the summer break would make them stronger as a couple, perhaps even push them into the conversation about mating since they were both going to graduate the following spring. 

Instead, he’d gotten as he was packing his car, getting ready to drive from Texas back to California to school, a text message saying “We need to talk.” She at least broke up with him over the phone and not on text, but the three minute phone call, half assing the explanation of how she thought she found her ‘true mate’ (which, was ridiculous. You would know , you wouldn’t have to think , and true mates weren’t even real ), and that she’d been seeing another omega since the end of June. 

Now, Jensen had an apartment he could barely afford on his own, his entire living stipend from his loans having to go to rent and utilities. He had sticky note on his fridge to get down to campus health for suppressants, now that he didn’t have an alpha to help him with his heats - and he was running out of time to get them. But he just… didn’t have any extra motivation. 

He did his hours at the library, went to class, did his homework in the quad to force himself out of his little apartment for a few extra hours, and then he went to his nest. His nest was still a work in progress, it still didn’t feel right , but it was the one thing in his life that made the swirling anger and anxiety and nearly overwhelming sadness quiet for a few moments. 

But it was also in his nest that he found himself trapped in his thoughts. Why hadn’t he been good enough? They weren’t true mates, but they were something . He loved her, his alpha. They’d been together for three years and he’d thought… But, no, Jensen wasn’t good enough, not if a simple summer fling could get her to so flippantly turn him away as if he were nothing. 

It was hard not to fall asleep with that thought. That he was nothing and that was why he was, and would be, alone. 

Today, the rain was perfect. Because it stopped the couples from their stupid walks, holding hands and laughing around the quad, chasing each other in a disgusting display of pseudo-mating. He couldn’t sit in the grass and study, but he found himself walking in the rain, tilting his face up to the sky and smiling as the drops hit his face. 

Then, suddenly, the rain stopped. Jensen’s eyes flew open and he saw he was cast in a red tint, rain still pounding down around him, echoing off the giant golf-sized umbrella now hovering a few inches over his head. He looked over and felt his breath catch in his throat. He held his breath, not wanting to know, though he already did. Alpha.

The alpha beside him was taller than Jensen, by at least a few inches, his eyes kind as he smiled almost nervously back at Jensen’s gaze. His hair was longer, slightly damp and curling at the ends around his ears and cheeks. Jensen forced himself to hold his breath, despite every part of him screaming at him to lean in and scent the taller man. He could picture himself just smiling, thankful, leaning in and melting against him. 

Jensen reached deep and pulled forth anger. Anything to cover up the warm, comfortable feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jensen hissed, jerking back and baring his teeth. They were close to the edge of the sidewalk, the grass to his right water logged and muddy, making it so that Jensen couldn’t move back far. Half of him was out from beneath the umbrella, the rain cold now where it slammed against his right shoulder and down his neck. 

If anything, the alpha’s smile widened and he shifted the umbrella further over Jensen, exposing his own side to the downpour. “Just lending a helping hand,” the alpha answered and his voice sent a shiver down Jensen’s spine. 

“Do I look like I need help?” Jensen fired back, glaring. It was easier to hold on to the misplaced anger now that he felt somewhat trapped. He hated the way his heartbeat sped up, hated the way his body wanted him to run, to initiate a chase, and it had nothing to do with survival. 

The alpha shrugged, still smiling. “I think everyone needs help sometimes, even if it's just a friendly face or helpful gesture.” Jensen was just about to argue when the alpha continued, pressing the umbrella against Jensen’s arm until Jensen reached up on instinct and took it from him. “Keep it, my dorm is right around the corner.” He winked and then turned without waiting for Jensen’s answer, ducking beneath the umbrella’s edge and jogging across the pavement to the first building. 

Jensen glared after him, his fingers twitching around the umbrella’s handle, left alone again with the echoing sound of the rain on plastic. He looked up again, squinting through the grey, gloomy day to make sure the alpha was gone. Then he lifted the umbrella and let himself inhale the handle, the plastic impregnated with the delicious scent of cedar and nutmeg, with just a hint of something fruity. 

His omega whined and Jensen couldn’t help but agree, grateful that he hadn’t inhaled the alpha’s scent when the man had been standing beside him. He swallowed hard and thrust his arm down, nearly knocking himself out with the top of the umbrella, before forcing himself on his way. 

And if he added the stupid umbrella - once it was dried - to the side of his nest, well, no one else had to know. 




The days were getting shorter, fall coming fast and the winter faster still. But today was unusually warm, leaving Jensen easily irritated as he wrapped his arms around himself, hugging his sweatshirt tightly around him as he walked towards the courtyard, his heavy bag bouncing over his back. He was finished with his shift, had caught up on all of his homework, and had a Stouffer’s microwave meal and his nest waiting for him at his apartment. 

At the far end of campus, right before the student parking lot, was a large fenced in area with two full sized basketball courts. Jensen glanced up, the first court coming into sight, seeing couples lounging on the steel bleachers, doing homework and paired off in couplets and groups. Their laughter was flitting over the area and Jensen forced himself not to roll his eyes. 

The sound of a basketball hitting the pavement drew his gaze further and he saw a group of men playing a game at the far court. He slowed his pace slightly, giving himself a moment to watch them. They were playing shirts versus skin and either way, as much as he was miserable, he wasn’t blind , and his heat was due to start soon… He let himself enjoy the view before his gaze fell upon an alpha in particular. 

It was the umbrella alpha. 

Jensen felt his omega stir in his gut and he contemplated turning away and continuing to his car. His omega growled at the half formed thought and he found himself walking towards the metal fence instead, standing right by the gate into the court and the bench where all of the players shirts, sweatshirts, and backpacks were settled. Then his eyes found the alpha again. 

He was laughing as he ran down the court and despite the sheer size of him - easily the tallest man on the court - he was graceful, his movements smooth as he twisted out of a block and stole the basketball, dribbling between two other shirt players. 

“Jared! I’m open!” 

The alpha looked up and Jensen felt his breath catch again. Umbrella alpha suddenly had a name, and something hot and wild twisted in his gut. Jared

Jared laughed again and passed the ball to another shirtless man, his sneakers scraping on the pavement as he spun and dashed forward to block another player. His hair was damp again, though this time it was sweat slicked and curled against his face. Jensen ached to wipe the sweat from his brow and bury his nose into the alpha’s throat… 

Somehow, Jensen had moved, and he found himself sitting on the edge of the bench. Jared’s scent caught his nose and he allowed himself to breathe in deeply, his eyes fluttering closed at the heat that spread through him. He glanced down at the sweatshirt and t-shirt balled up beside him and felt his fingers twitch. There was no wind today, the air hot and heavy around them; it wasn’t Jared’s fresh scent that he was able to smell. 

He looked up again, making sure none of the players were watching him, then found his hands buried into the fabric and raising the shirt to his nose. 

Cedar and nutmeg and… apples? Apples, he decided, hit his senses and he shivered at the sudden overwhelming need he felt. God, what was this alpha doing to him? He hated it. He hated it as much as he loved it.  

He should put the shirt back, should get up and leave the court. He had to get home, heat his dinner, and get to bed. He hadn’t been sleeping well, despite the ridiculous hours he was spending in his nest, and 6am would come faster than he wanted it to. Yet, his fingers clenched the fabric tighter and he felt his heart start to race at the idea of walking away without… something. 

He glanced back down at the bench, releasing the shirt with one hand to drag the sweatshirt over into his lap. It was larger than his own, heavy and sun-warm, and smelled even more like the alpha. A sudden thought came into his head and he felt himself flush with shame and embarrassment. 

He wanted them both, he wanted to wrap himself in the sweatshirt, surround himself with the alpha’s scent, and add the shirt to his nest. His eyes found Jared again on the court, his face now screwed up in concentration as he focused on the shirts team who had control of the ball. And Christ, how did Jensen not realize how attractive he was?

Jensen inhaled deeply again, groaning into the warmth of the sweatshirt, and imagined himself surrounded by the alpha instead. What would it be like to invite the alpha into his nest? To fall into the blankets, all heat and bare skin? He would lick the sweat from Jared’s throat, then bare his own, would let the alpha have his way with him… A pulse of slick slipping from his hole made Jensen jump and realize where he was. 

He looked around in alarm, but the students in the other court were too busy with themselves and the basketball game was in full swing. No one noticed, no one smelled him, except --

His eyes locked with Jared’s, the alpha standing directly across from Jensen, his chest heaving with heavy breaths. Jensen wasn’t completely sure if it was from the heat of the game and from running around the court or if he was because he could scent his slick. Jared’s eyes flashed red for a moment, his tongue moving along his lower lip and canine catching the soft, pink flesh. Jensen ached to be the one to bite his lip, and that thought only made him more wet. 

Jared’s nostrils flared and Jensen felt himself panic. They were in the middle of a fucking basketball court, in the center of campus, and here he was clutching a strange alpha’s clothing as if it were a lifeline. Jared’s eyes tore from Jensen’s as the ball slammed into his chest, one of the other players yelling something. But Jensen couldn’t hear anything other than the pounding of his own heart in his ears. 

He took the opportunity to push away from the bench and slip out of the gate, standing on the other side of the fence as if the metal would grant him some type of security. He looked up again, however, and found Jared had passed off the ball and was still staring at Jensen, his eyes flicking between Jensen’s face and his own clothing still held tightly to Jensen’s chest. 

Then, he smiled. He nodded. And Jensen took the permission for what it was and fled before he did something stupid like throw himself at the alpha and offer to take off the rest of his clothing. 

When he reached the car he hesitated, looking over the hood to see if Jared had followed him. Part of him was glad that the parking lot was empty, the alpha probably still playing basketball, focused once more on his game and his friends. But there was disappointment there, too, heavy and dark as it settled over Jensen. His fingers twitched in the bundle of clothes again and he lifted it to his nose, inhaling deeply, and letting Jared’s scent settle his mind and relax him. 

As he slipped into the car and turned over the ignition, he found himself switching his own sweater out for Jared’s, wrapping himself in the alpha’s scent. When he got home, he immediately ran to the bedroom, pulling an old band shirt from the edge of his nest and carefully tucking Jared’s shirt into place, dragging his pillow over so that when he laid down, he would be able to scent it in the night. 

He thought of the Stouffer’s meal waiting for him and shook his head. There was a different type of hunger in him now and he stripped quickly, leaving the sweatshirt on, shivering as the bottom just brushed the top of his cock. 

Jensen hissed under his breath at the sudden stimulation and quickly quieted his brain when he wondered how long it had been since he’d felt arousal of any kind. He climbed into his nest on his knees, arching his back so his ass was in the air. For a moment, he imagined that Jared had followed him, through his scent, by his car… and he was moments away from letting himself into Jensen’s apartment and finding him just like this, ready, waiting, willing. 

Jensen groaned as his hole clenched around nothing, the cool air against his slick skin making him shiver in the best way. He pressed his face against the pillow, reaching back to press two fingers into his hole, moaning loudly at the obscene sound it made. 

Fuck, he was wet. He was much closer to his heat then he thought… He rolled his hips back, pushing against his fingers, and bit the neckline of the sweater to tug it up, immediately burying his nose into it, into Jared’s scent. He stripped his cock with his other hand in time with his fingers fucking into his hole, imaging the alpha the entire time. 

Jensen’s orgasm came out of nowhere, hitting him like a freight train; his knees shook as his ass clenched down tight around his fingers, Jared’s name a shout on his lips before he collapsed into his nest, shaking. He lay there panting for a moment, his head spinning and light. 

“Shit,” he whispered, closing his eyes tight and turning his face into the pillow. He felt equal amounts guilty and empty, his nest suddenly so big and Jensen so very much alone. He took another moment before he forced himself to sit up and pull Jared’s sweatshirt off, laying it carefully out of the mess he’d made above the pillow, then got up to remove the sheet and clean himself up. 

He grabbed a bottle of water and some peanut butter crackers, then crawled back into his nest without bothering to replace the sheet he’d stripped off. He should return Jared’s things, apologize profusely, and then transfer to another school immediately. He chuckled at the thought of someone asking him why he needed to transfer and imagined telling them, “Oh, I’m so fucked up since my would’ve been mate left me that I stole the first attractive alpha’s clothing I came upon, added it to my nest, and jacked off while wearing half of it. Then I returned it to him.”

He rolled over on his back and closed his eyes. Then, he reached up and grabbed the sweatshirt, holding it close. 




Jensen couldn’t stop looking at the clock. 

He felt as if his skin was on fire, stretched too tight over his bones. He hated this feeling, hated knowing he was going home to an empty, cold nest. He’d put in his heat-request when he’d arrived to his shift and told his manager staying until close would be no problem. Stupid, is what that was. 

Every single alpha that approached him, he wanted to bite their head off almost as much as he wanted to knock them down and ride them. He hated this feeling, out of control and restless, his omega pacing back and forth, on the prowl. 

They both knew the alpha he really wanted, and if he was of a clearer mind, he would’ve been somewhat proud of himself that it wasn’t her . He wasn’t, however, and instead he was just pissed off and uncomfortable. 

The omegas could smell him already, which meant he had another hour or two before the alphas would be able to. If one more omega asked him if he needed help or if they could get him anything? He was going to kill them, too. Like fuck, did he look that goddamn hopeless? 

He looked up as a giggling omega approached him, her eyes flashing with concern as she scented him and the giggle falling silent as she opened her mouth to ask. 

“I’m fine ,” Jensen hissed, stopping her before she could even get the words out. He ignored the offended look on her face and focused on the anger, hot and burning and wild. It at least had stopped him from leaking through his pants. 

She seemed to settle on anger, too, and her eyes narrowed as she tossed a book onto the counter before him, the sound loud as it slammed against the marble. “Well, if you’re fine, then I guess you won’t mind if I ask for your help then?” She smirked and crossed her arms. “My friends and I are trying to study in the back corner, over by the medical section. But there’s a very loud table of alphas next to us, and no matter what we say to them, they’re not quieting down.”

Jensen returned her glare, dragging the book towards him and dropping it into the return bin. “No problem.” He replied, moving around the desk and pushing past her. She thankfully stayed behind; Jensen was sure if he strangled her in the library foyer he would’ve gotten fired. 

He could scent the alphas just a moment before he could hear them, their laughter loud and happy. There was six of them spread across a single table, books and notebooks open to various pages, half of them writing and half of them fucking around. The omega’s table had two other girls and a guy sitting there, their faces flushed and smiles on their lips, and Jensen immediately knew that him telling the alphas to fuck off was just going to make him the bad guy all around. 

As he came around the edge of the table, six pairs of alpha eyes rounded on him, the closest one’s nose twitching and his body straightening in his chair. Jensen forced himself to hold still, though his omega was growling inside, picking up on the silent threat. 

“This is a library,” Jensen said as calmly as he could, looking between both of the tables. “So if you could all act like you’re out in public, in a place where students can go to study and escape their loud, rowdy roommates who are, well, probably you? That would be great.” 

He plastered on a smile, ignoring the way the closest alpha leaned towards him. He couldn’t ignore it when he spoke, however. “Well, Omega, why don’t you join us? You don’t have to act like you got a stick up your ass… not when you could have something better.” 

The alpha’s comment was met with laughter from both groups and Jensen glared, finding the original omega’s eyes at the far end of the library. She at least had the gall to look sheepish now. 

“I’m sure the stick I have is not only much bigger, but it works much better, too,” Jensen answered and smiled. “Now, if you can’t abide by the library rules, I will have to ask you to leave.” 

He ignored the pissed off grumbling and turned around, walking back around the tables to the front once more. The entire way, he could feel the alpha’s eyes on his back, and it made his hackles rise. Despite how very close he was, the alpha made his skin crawl for an entirely different reason, and Jensen only wanted to bite his head off instead of ride him into the ground. 

Thankfully, they listened, and got bored soon after, both groups leaving together and leaving the rest of the library blissfully empty. Jensen did a quick round, making sure no students had fallen asleep behind the stacks, the computers were logged off, and the trashes were emptied before he decided to just close up early. No one was going to come to the library at 9:30pm on a Friday night. 

As he shoved the keys into his pocket and headed towards the parking lot, he was grateful for Jared’s sweater. Though his skin was on fire, the scent of the alpha was calming him like nothing else had that day, and it blocked the chill of the night air that was extra cold against his inflamed skin. 

He heard the sound of boots scuffing the pavement and looked up before stopping short. There was an alpha leaning on the hood of his car, and it was not the alpha he wanted it to be. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jensen asked, clenching the cuffs of the hoodie in his hands, then forcing himself to move forward. He could be cautious without showing the alpha he was nervous. The alpha smirked in a way that told Jensen he didn’t believe the false bravado, and his eyes tracked him the entire way around the car, watching as Jensen pulled his keys out to unlock his car. 

Then the alpha moved, stepping up close to Jensen’s side, close enough that Jensen could scent his arousal in the air and feel the heat radiating off of his body. 

“I asked you a question.” Jensen was grateful his voice was steady and he unlocked the door, reaching for the handle, just barely jerking his hand back as the alpha slammed the door shut again. 

“Seems like you’ve got a little problem, Omega , one that I would be more than happy to help you with.” 

Jensen swallowed hard and forced himself to turn and face the alpha, glaring at him in the dim light of the streetlamp. “Thought I already answered that offer back in the library?” 

Anger flashed through the alpha’s eyes and then Jensen was pressed back against the car, a hot, hard, line of alpha keeping him in place. His omega roared, a growl of warning escaping Jensen’s lips. The alpha only smiled back in response. 

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, leaning in and pressing his nose against Jensen’s throat, inhaling deeply. “I can take good care of you.” 

“The answer is no,” Jensen said, shoving his hands between them and pressing hard against the alpha’s chest. “I have a partner, thanks. And he’s waiting for me at home.” Jensen held his head up and met the alpha’s gaze, hoping the lie would be believed. 

The alpha’s brow rose for a moment, his eyes flicking down to the oversized sweater Jensen wore before he grabbed it and dipped down, scenting it. Nausea and anger flared through Jensen and he hit the alpha’s shoulder as hard as he could, making the alpha release him and stagger to the side. 

“Don’t fucking touch me,” he hissed, reaching back for the handle behind him. “Now walk away before-”

“Jared doesn’t have an omega.” 

Jensen swallowed hard, the handle cool beneath his fingers. He gripped the metal tight, hating the way he tried to jerk back when the alpha stepped up to him again. He felt trapped, his omega was pissed, Jensen was pissed. He didn’t answer him, just glared. 

“Jared’s been single for a while now,” the alpha continued. “I don’t know where you got that, but if Jared had a hot piece of ass like you? I would know about it.” 

The implication made something twist in Jensen’s stomach and he shook that thought away. No, whoever this alpha was, however he knew Jared -- he was wrong. Somehow, he just knew . Jared wouldn’t ever share his omega, would never act like this douchebag before him. He couldn’t picture this asshole running out in the rain to give someone an umbrella, to ignore his own obvious arousal and give permission for some strange omega to take his belongings. 

“Or maybe you’re not as close as you thought you were,” Jensen challenged, jerking back again as the alpha slammed his fist against the top of the car to the left of Jensen’s head. 

“Oh? And what would you know about it? If you’re Jared’s little fuck toy, he hasn’t mentioned you at all. So how important could you be to him, Omega? That he left you alone on the eve of your heat, to walk home in the dark smelling so…” he leaned in again and Jensen shut his eyes, “ripe.” 

Jensen clenched his jaw, his heart fluttering wildly in his chest as he wondered how the fuck he was going to get out of this. He could feel his heat, moments away from starting, and then it would be much harder for him to fight off the alpha. It wouldn’t matter what he wanted or his omega, his body would want something else, and fighting that in itself would be exhausting. 

The alpha scented the air again, his smile widening, but as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, a shout came from across the parking lot. 

“Travis? What the fuck are you doing?” 

Jensen hated the way he whined, his omega rearing up in excitement at hearing it’s alpha, their alpha. The man before him - Travis- pressed himself harder against Jensen and looked up at Jared from over the top of the car.

“Just havin’ a friendly chat, Jay,” he answered, his hand coming down to grip Jensen’s arm. “No need to bother yourself. We’re a little busy.”

Jared didn’t listen, moving around the side of the car until he was standing beside them. His scent was overwhelming - he was sweaty from a jog, he was angry, and his eyes flashed red as they found Jensen’s beneath Travis’ arm. 

“Unless, you want to join us?” Travis said suddenly, his smile back as he turned his head to look at Jared. “This one seems to think he belongs to you anyways. Thinks you’re his alpha.” 

He is, he is, he is! Jensen’s omega roared in delight at the thought and Jensen’s body reacted, fresh slick pulsing from his hole despite the danger of the situation he was in. 

Travis grinned wickedly, reaching for Jensen’s neck. “See? Bitch likes the idea.” 

“Step away from him,” Jared said, his voice low and dangerous, and it did nothing for Jensen’s arousal at all. 

“You’re shitting me?” Travis said with a laugh and Jared stepped forward, his hand closing around Travis’ arm, still holding onto Jensen’s. 

“I said, step away from my omega.” 

There was a quick scuffle, Jensen twisting out of Travis’ grasp at the same time Jared tore him away, and then it was Jared pressing him back against the car, Jensen’s hands twisted in the back of his shirt. This was different, though, Jared was blocking him from view, protecting him, his stance wide as he faced the other alpha and Jensen felt anything but trapped. 

He whimpered, hating it as much as he loved it, and pressed himself just as hard up against Jared’s back. Jensen buried his nose in the back of Jared’s shirt, focused on the sound of Jared’s heart, the heat of his body, the scent of his skin, ignoring the angry conversation between the alphas. 

Then, the heat was gone and Jensen blinked a few times, seeing Jared putting distance between them, his cheeks pink and his hands shoved into his basketball shorts. 


Jensen blinked. “You… you know my name?” he asked, looking around the parking lot and seeing it was just them, Travis was gone. Jared’s cheeks flushed darker and he nodded, looking down at the ground between them. 

“After I gave you the umbrella I asked around a bit, found out where you worked… I… didn’t ever come in or anything, I didn’t want you to think I was a stalker or something.” 

Jensen found himself laughing at that, his omega annoyed that Jared hadn’t stalked him and claimed him as his own over the last two weeks. “I… I stole your clothes and made you walk home half naked and you were worried about stalking me?” 

Jared looked up then and gave a shrug, his smile lighting up the night sky and making the heat pound through Jensen’s veins. With his omega nudging him forward, Jensen closed the distance between them, Jared’s eyes widening but the alpha standing in place, waiting. 

“Alpha,” Jensen whispered, watching the shiver that came over Jared’s body. “Come home with me?” 

Jared swallowed hard, then nodded, his hands finding the pocket of his sweater and tugging Jensen closer. “You don’t owe me anything,” Jared whispered back, his eyes finding Jensen’s. “If you don’t want-”

“Shut up and get in the car,” Jensen cut him off, smiling as he stepped back, Jared’s loose hold on his sweater enough to tug him forward. “My apartment isn’t far.” 




By the time Jensen parked the car, he was panting, sweat rolling down his spine and collecting at his hairline. Jared kept throwing him concerned and heated glances, shifting his position a few times in the seat. 

“Upstairs,” Jensen whispered, fingers shaking as he pulled the keys free and practically threw the door open. Jared scrambled to follow after him, coming up behind him with a comforting, steady hand on the back of his neck. Jensen paused and sank into the touch for a moment, breathing in deep and centering himself before he led them both into the building and up the flight of stairs to his apartment door. 

Jensen dropped his keys and turned as soon as Jared shut the door, his hands against Jared’s chest and pushing him back against the door. “Tell me this is okay,” he whispered and Jared nodded, dipping down and finally, finally finding Jensen’s mouth with his own. Jensen melted against the alpha, his omega howling in pleasure. Jared’s lips were soft and warm and perfect against his own. Jensen twisted his hands in the front of Jared’s shirt, holding on tight, as if the alpha would suddenly disappear. 

“Jensen,” Jared gasped against Jensen’s mouth, his hands falling to Jensen’s hips and pulling them flush. The scent of Jensen’s slick paired perfectly with Jared’s arousal, surrounding every one of Jensen’s senses. He groaned against Jared’s mouth, pressing up on his tip toes until Jared got the message and let his hands trail down Jensen’s back, sliding down the swell of his ass and coming to rest beneath his thighs, lifting him up into the air. 

“Where’s your room, Jensen?” Jared against, pulling back enough to catch his breath. Jensen immediately let his nose fall to Jared’s throat and pointed vaguely, feeling the alpha start to move them down the hall. 

Jared laid him down gently in the center of his nest, his eyes raking over Jensen’s body as if he were a man starving, then trailed over the collection of items in the nest. It was mostly made of comfortable blankets and throws, some old t-shirts from concerts Jensen had gone to as a teenager. Then of course there was the umbrella and the t-shirt. Jared’s eyes stopped on those, then he smiled before looking back at Jensen, their eyes locked as he toed off his sneakers and then reached down for Jensen’s shoes. 

He climbed over Jensen’s body, Jensen immediately locking a leg over his hip to hold him in place, to pull him in closer. Jared traced the seam of Jensen’s lips with his tongue then kissed him until they were both breathless and the scent of Jensen’s slick was nearly overwhelming. 

“Alpha,” Jensen whispered, shifting his weight beneath Jared, his clothing too scratchy, uncomfortable, and tight. “I need you.” 

“I got you, baby,” Jared replied, kissing him softly once more before pulling back and undressing Jensen as if he were priceless. Jensen was torn between crying out in triumph that things were finally progressing, that he had his alpha here to take care of him, and crying in disbelief that he’d never, ever, been taken care of like this before. 

They hadn’t even started and Jensen already knew he was ruined for anything else. 

Jared took his time, kissing every inch of skin he exposed, until every inch of Jensen was covered and singing out for his alpha’s touch. When he felt as if he couldn’t take another minute, Jared leaned back and pulled his shirt off, adding it to the nest instead of tossing it to the floor. Jensen’s omega delighted.

He swallowed hard, holding his breath as Jared stripped the rest of the way, sitting back on his knees to give Jensen a moment to admire him. Then Jensen reached forward, his legs falling open and pulling Jared between them. 

“Jared, please,” Jensen whispered against Jared’s throat, his nose dragging up the side of his mating gland, making the alpha above him shiver. Jared didn’t answer, letting his hands do the talking instead. He pressed a hand between them, groaning as he sank two fingers into Jensen’s hot, wet hole. Jensen felt as if he were flying. 

He reached for Jared’s hair, tightening his fingers in the strands and pulling them together once more, kissing him until kissing was too hard. Jared stretched him as Jensen moaned against his mouth, their scents intermingling and giving Jensen’s nest everything it was missing. When Jared pulled his fingers free, Jensen pulled back enough to meet his eyes, nodding his head as he shifted his hips. 

Jared reached between them once more, guiding himself to Jensen’s hold, before pressing slowly inside. 

“Fuck,” Jared whispered, echoing Jensen’s own thoughts, “you feel like coming home.” 

Jensen moaned as Jared sank deeper, filling him completely. Every part of him, Jensen himself, his omega as well, was crying out that this was it, this was his mate . Jared made him feel safe, whole, loved. He felt complete in a way he never had with her and for once, he found he wasn’t mad anymore… and he hoped that she found something like this. Because this… this was everything. 

“Fuck, Jensen,” Jared groaned, gripping the base of Jensen’s neck and pulling him in, his breath coming out in hot puffs against Jensen’s mouth. “You feel so fucking good.” 

Jensen nodded, gasping in lieu of responding as Jared rolled his hips and made everything inside of Jensen alight with pleasure. His hands were tight in Jared’s hair, his legs tight around his waist, and he rolled his hips to meet Jared thrust for thrust. 

Jensen felt Jared’s knot start to blossom and he moaned at the thought of being locked together with him, the pressure on his rim adding the perfect pleasure as each strike to his prostate. Then Jared reached between them and wrapped his hand around Jensen’s cock, Jensen crying out at the stimulation and feeling his eyes flare gold as they found Jared’s once more. 

“Fuck, Alpha… need your knot,” he groaned and threw his head back, Jared immediately dropping down and mouthing at his throat, sending a shiver down Jensen’s spine. He wanted it, fuck, he wanted it so bad. He wanted to beg Jared to sink his teeth into his skin, to claim him as his own right then and there. But Jared’s lips were a soft, sweet pressure against the gland, a stark contrast to the way he was fucking into Jensen’s willing body. 

Then his knot popped into Jensen’s body, hot and thick, and it was over; Jensen cried out, his entire body drawing tight like a bow string, as he came hard between them over Jared’s fist. Jared’s hand tightened harder on the back of Jensen’s neck, rolling into him harder, until he groaned, the sound low and dirty, filling Jensen with his come. 

Jared collapsed against him, shifting to the side slightly so he wouldn’t crush him, and immediately pressed his lips to Jensen’s temple. Jensen found himself relaxing against the alpha’s chest, smiling as Jared ran his hand up and down Jensen’s arm, the blankets too far away to grab and cover them with. 

“Did you eat today?” Jared said after a moment, reaching up to brush a sweaty strand of hair from Jensen’s brow. Jensen opened an eye and looked at Jared, shaking his head.

“When my knot goes down, I’ll order us something.” He smiled and leaned in again, kissing Jensen softly. “Whatever you want to eat.” 

Jensen smiled back and shrugged. “There’s Stouffer’s mac and cheese in the freezer…” 

Jensen jumped at Jared’s gasp and opened his eyes again, amused at the excitement he saw on the alpha’s face. “I love that shit!” Jared said quickly before snuggling back into Jensen’s side. Jensen chuckled and shook his head, shifting his arm so he could hold the alpha back. 

“Jared?” he said after a moment, waiting for the alpha’s “hmmm?” before continuing. “I… I would say I’m sorry I stole your sweater, but… that would be lying.” 

Jared chuckled and shook his head. “I’m not mad about it. It looks better on you. I like seeing you in my clothes.” 

Jensen smiled and was quiet for a moment. Then, “I… told Travis you were my alpha.” 

Jared was quiet, the only sound in the room was their breathing; it was comfortable though, soft and easy, both of them lost in the thoughts of what if. Then Jared pulled back and leaned up on his elbow, looking down at Jensen. 

“I would like to be,” Jared answered with a smile, his eyes soft as they searched Jensen’s. “I’ve wanted to be, ever since I gave you the umbrella. You did more than ‘steal’ my things, you know.” 

“If you say something as cliché as-” 

“You stole my heart,” Jared talked over him, adding a flair of drama to his words, and Jensen smacked his chest playfully. 

“That was cheesy,” he laughed, rolling his eyes as Jared stuck out his tongue. Then he lifted his head up and met Jared’s lips in a soft kiss. “I want you to be my alpha.” 

Jared smiled.