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Bloody Hands

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“Hyung, really?” Hanseo had stood with his hands at his hips, shaking his head when Vincenzo had stumbled through the door; blood dripping on to the floor.


Vincenzo sheepishly smirked back at him, but presented his hands in front of him. Hanseo had taken it as a clear invitation to patch them up with the first aid kit their shared apartment possessed.


Hanseo ushered him to the living room, making sure he was comfortable on the couch before going to the bathroom. When he came back, Vincenzo had started picking at the wounds; making the blood smear over his knuckles. The younger of the two crinkled his nose at the scene, the sight of blood not being a pleasant one to him.


“Can you for once just be a normal person?” Hanseo sighed as he settled down next to him, taking the older’s hands into his own to inspect the damage. “Someday you’re going to ruin your exquisite hands, and for that all of Italy will weep.”


At the words Vincenzo chuckled, but quickly stopped when the younger threw him a glare.


“I’ve punched people since long before we met,” Vincenzo pointed out. “I’ve broken the skin on my knuckles more times than stars on the sky. My hands are bound to end up like this every now and then, it’s something you have to accept, Il Mio Amore.”


The younger sighed, breaking the eye contact.


“I know, but I can’t help but become worried hyung,” Hanseo’s thumb stroked over the skin. His face was twisted in a grimace. “I don’t know what I would do without you by my side.”


Vincenzo pressed a kiss against Hanseo’s forehead.


“I am the one who’s supposed to worry about you.” The older said, but didn’t refute his lover’s words. He knew his escapades left others worried.


In response, Hanseo pressed the cotton against the cuts, making Vincenzo wince. The older tried to pull away his hands, but Hanseo only scowled at the other. Once Vincenzo protested, Hanseo swatted him lightly over the head. The older sent a glare to his partner, but the younger pretended to not notice; to occupied with taking care of his lover.


When Vincenzo’s plan to be freed from the pain didn’t work, he let his hands wander until they were wrapped around Hanseo’s thighs. With a swift move, Hanseo was dragged to his back; with Vincenzo over him.


“Hey!” Hanseo yelped, his wide eyes staring back at Vincenzo. “If I don’t do this, you’ll bleed all over the couch, and it will cost a lot to clean it.”


With a smirk on his lips, Vincenzo burried his head in Hanseo’s neck.


“I can afford it.”