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when you let your heart win

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“No, Gguk, I'm like a hundred percent sure they’re not together..” Seokjin sighs, his head pointed in Jeongguk’s direction while his eyes were fixed on a certain blonde boy’s table.

“For fuck’s sake, Hyung. Can you stop being gay for like five seconds?! They’re going to think we’re a bunch of creepy losers and I’m totally going to lose my chance!” 

Seokjin diverts his attention from the table he’s been scrutinizing for the past 15 minutes or for the majority of the lunch period and finally faces Jeongguk who seemed to look more like an angry rabbit than an intimidating jock. He proceeds to give him a nonchalant look.

“Will you shut your mouth? One more word and I’m going to ask the LGBTQ+ fandom to butcher your ass on Twitter.” 

Jeongguk gasps, “I’ll have you know my ass is perfectly fine the way it is, thank you very much!”

“Then you’re a homophobe,” Seokjin rebuttals.

Jeongguk sputters, “I am not a h-homophobe! How dare you?!” 

“Can you guys shut the fuck up? We’re trying to eat lunch here, you fucking idiots,” Yoongi says from the left side of the table after a while of silently observing their bickering. 

“Sorry..” Jeongguk says, not wanting to cause any more trouble.

Seokjin apparently had other plans.

“Pfft, I’m not even doing anything wrong,” he rolls his eyes to which Yoongi visibly ignores.

“And you, Gguk. Stop trying to get in my sister’s pants, not gonna happen.”

Jeongguk stutters for the second time, “Hyung! I-I’m not trying to get in your sister’s p-pants! And can you guys get any louder than that? Gosh.. why don’t you just announce to the whole school that I have a crush on your sister since you seem to be good at that already.”

Yoongi looks unimpressed at Jeongguk’s rant. Jeongguk felt relieved thinking that his hyung was going to drop the topic, not until he sees Yoongi stand up from his seat and shouts, “JEON JEONGGUK WILL YOU PLEASE KINDLY STOP TRYING TO GET IN MY SISTER’S PANTS? NOT GONNA HAPPEN, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. YOUR CHANCES ARE ZERO TO NONE, VERY SLIM, NONE EXISTENT, NADA, ZILCH!” 

Yoongi sits back down and goes back to eating his lunch as if it was any other day like he didn’t just embarrass Jeongguk in front of the whole school.

Jeongguk on the other hand was obviously mortified if his red-tinted cheeks weren’t evidence enough. He looks around and sees people snickering while some girls looked kind of salty at the revelation that another school “hottie” already had their eyes on someone, everyone else was surprised but as quickly as their heads shot up, they went back to eating, not giving a single damn about Jeongguk’s misery and well, embarrassment.

He continues to look around and spots Jimin, one of Yoonji’s best friends, looking at him like he had seen a ghost but quickly diverted his eyes once they made eye contact. Beside him was the very last person Jeongguk wished to see as he hurriedly moves to stare away from their table once his eyes connect with Yoonji’s quizzical and not to mention, weirded-out stare. 

He groans underneath his breath from the mortification and mumbles a “fuck you” directed at Yoongi, to which the man only sneered. Jeongguk proceeded to drop his head on the table uttering a silent “ouch” from the sudden impact, making everyone on their table snort. 

“I hate all of you,” he says, his voice muffled by his arms around his head, blocking his face from people’s view.

“That’s what you get for being a fuckboy..” Namjoon sing-songs to the tune of a Paramore song, making Jeongguk mutter more profanities. 


🎕 🎕 🎕 


“OH MY GOD, SHE’S SO COOL!!” Jungkook screams at the top of his lungs as he gets ready for his game, mesmerized by the cheerleader’s routine. His eyes were trained at Yoonji who was being lifted to do flips mid-air.

“I’m starting to think you actually want to be a cheerleader than THE cheerleader,” Eunwoo teases from his spot next to Jeongguk. 

“Ya! I just love appreciating art, okay? Also, are you homophobic, hmm?” Jeongguk gives the other a skeptical look while Eunwoo on the other hand looks done with his shit.

Eunwoo raises his hand to smack Jeongguk at the back of the head, making the other hiss, “I’m bi, you dumbass.” 

“Geez, sorry, I forgot!” Jeongguk shows a sheepish grin, raising both his hands in mock surrender after rubbing the sore spot from Eunwoo’s hit. 

“Okay, everyone, get ready!” The coach announces from the bleachers, keeping Jeongguk and Eunwoo from bickering further. 


🎕 🎕 🎕 


It was the day after Jeongguk’s game and he found himself walking in the hallway with Seokjin who thought it would be a good idea to apparently “walk around the hallway”?? (read: eavesdrop near the windows of the dance practice room to see Jimin). 

“Hyung, we both know why we’re actually headed in this direction. If you wanted to “walk around the hallway” could we just, I don’t know, use the hallway on the other side?” Jeongguk complained, tired of his Hyung’s shenanigans.

“Aish, shut your mouth Jeon Jeongguk if you even think of stepping foot in the other direction, I’m gonna cut off your limbs, ya hear me?!” Seokjin whisper-shouts, the other people in the hallway giving them weird and dirty looks for their odd behavior. 

Jeongguk widens his eyes, “Hyung, what the fuck?” he asks, horrified at his Hyung’s choice of threat.

Seokjin rolls his eyes and drags the other boy to the practice room. More specifically, the window of the said room.

After a few minutes of walking, with Jeongguk complaining and whining, and Seokjin completely ignoring him like he was nonexistent, they had reached their destination. 

Seokjin quickly let go of Jeongguk’s arms, which happened to be red from the other’s excessive pulling, leaving him in the middle of the hall to move closer to the window.

“Wow, thanks, hyung. I definitely feel the love from here,” Jeongguk sarcastically says from his spot. “Fucker,” he adds, underneath his breath.

Seokjin whips his head back to face Jeongguk, glaring in his direction, “Ya! I heard that. Come here and shut up.” 

Jeongguk sighs and rolls his eyes, boredly making his way towards the window where Seokjin was staring intently, in a weird way, he might add.

“God, he’s so cool..” Seokjin whispers from beside him. 

Jeongguk looks at the object of Seokjin’s thoughts and sees Jimin dancing to the chorus of the song. He notes the other’s aura and skilled moves but he couldn’t help but feel as if something wrong was about to happen. After all, they were eavesdropping on their practice, not to mention, creepily standing outside the window like a bunch of weirdos. 

“Uh, Hyung..” he starts to look back at Seokjin, who was busy fanboying. “He’s uhm great, but I really think we should-” 

“OH MY GOD-” Seokjin suddenly shrieks from his spot, immediately going down on the floor.

Jeongguk knits his brows in confusion only to look back at the practice room to see Jimin’s attention directly at the window, specifically, the window where they were currently snooping at.

Jeongguk’s eyes widened as he saw the other arching his brow, his head tilted in puzzlement and arms crossed in front. He immediately squats on the floor in the same fashion as Seokjin did. 

They look at each other’s position and if it weren’t for the current predicament they were in, they’d probably be making fun of each other’s ridiculous pose.

“Fuck..” Seokjin starts.

“Fuck, indeed..” Jeongguk agrees. 

With one last shared look, they hurriedly wobble away from the window, their bodies still in the same squatting position, looking like penguins in igloos. 

Once they have reached far enough from the dance practice room window, they stand up and make a run for the hallway, not looking back, too mortified in case Jimin went out of the room to confront them.

This was hopeless


🎕 🎕 🎕 


A month ago. 


Jeongguk busied himself with the menu while Seokjin was immersed in something else.

Jeongguk puts down the menu and looks at his Hyung weirdly.

“Why are you being weird and why do you look stupid?” Jeongguk asks straightforwardly. Too straightforward. 

Seokjin partially gets up from his chair to land a smack on top of Jeongguk’s head, making the other yelp. 

“Yah! Shut up, you brat,” Seokjin says, evidently still glancing at the table in front of him.

Jeongguk raises a brow, “Is there someone you’re interested in?” 

At Jeongguk’s question, Seokjin quickly brings back his attention to his friend, knowing what the other might do. 

“Jeongguk please don’t-” Jeongguk turns to look at the table behind him, “oh for fuck’s sake,” Seokjin says underneath his breath. Jeongguk just doesn’t know how to stop being an idiot, apparently.

Jeongguk turns back to look at Seokjin who looked like he was either constipated or planning a hundred ways to murder the other. 

He sheepishly smiles at his Hyung and suddenly purses his lips, tilting his head in wonder, “Oh, dang. We like the same person?” 

Seokjin furrows his brows, “you like Jimin?”

Now it was Jeongguk’s turn to look confused, “I thought we were talking about Yoonji.”

“Jeongguk, I’m gay.”

“And I’m straight.”

Seokjin arches his brows at that, before clasping his hands together on the table and letting out a sigh of relief, “well, that means we don’t like the same person.” 

“Sure does.” 

“Okay coolio..”

“Hyung, please never ever say that again.”


🎕 🎕 🎕 


Jeongguk was busy highlighting his textbook for an incoming test next week when suddenly Seokjin barges in unannounced causing him to throw his book on the floor and his highlighter hitting Seokjin square on the face.


“That’s your karma for being such a nuisance, hyung. God..” Jeongguk complains, picking up his book.

Seokjin picks up the fallen highlighter on his feet, grumbling as he glares at it, recalling what went down not long ago.

“I can’t do this anymore,” he outreaches his hand for Jeongguk to take the highlighter, “I need a plan.”

Jeongguk takes the highlighter and closes it with the cap, “what are you talking about now?”

“The Jimin situation!” Seokjin says exasperated, both his hands raised in frustration. 

“Okay.. so why are you here?”

“You’re going to help me!”


“Cause..” Seokjin looked to be in thought for a moment before his face lights up, “well because you have witnessed how I embarrassed myself in front of Jimin,” this makes Jeongguk giggle and Seokjin glare in his direction, immediately shutting him up. 

“As I was saying, not only have you witnessed it but you also got to go through it with me!” 

Jeongguk groans at the memory.

“No, hyung. I’m busy.”

“Busy doing what?”

“I’m highlighting my textbook for my test next week.”

“Awe man, you suck,” Seokjin picks up Jeongguk’s book and scans it. 

“Okay..then what is a narrative technique in which characters represent things or abstract concepts to convey a message or to teach a lesson?” Seokjin asks the first question he sees.

Jeongguk looks up from mindlessly playing with his sheets, “Hyung I said I was highlighting, I never said I was studying.”

“You brat!” Seokjin throws the book at Jeongguk, the other gripping the pillow in front of his face in self-defense.


🎕 🎕 🎕 


Jeongguk dreads attending his creative writing elective class in fear of seeing Jimin. After what happened last Friday, he definitely did not feel like facing the other, the embarrassment he felt and still feels to this day still severe. 

Nonetheless, he swallowed his pride and nonexistent dignity and proceeded inside the lecture hall. He looked around cautiously trying to find the subject of his avoidance and let out a sigh of relief which quickly got caught in his throat as he turned around and came face to face with the said man. 

Jeongguk’s eyes widened as he saw the blonde man walking towards where he was standing looking like a lost child. 

His mouth gaped as the man approached his direction, he followed Jimin’s movements like a fool until Jimin was standing a few feet in front of him. He sees the other briefly glancing in his direction, a smirk playing on his lips, making Jeongguk audibly gulp. 

He didn’t know why he continued to stare at the man as the other had continued to go on his way up the stairs to the last few rows at the back of the lecture hall, he shouldn’t have done it either as he mindlessly climbs up the stairs and trips, making everyone’s eyes turn to his direction. 

He feels his cheeks burn as a few students giggle, making them redder. He feels someone drag him from the middle of the stairs to sit on one of the chairs on the left row. 

“God, you’re an idiot,” Yugyeom exclaims, shaking his head.



30 minutes into the lecture, Jeongguk was trying his best to keep his eyes open. Which was the result of his impulsive decision to stay up late in order to cram for his Accountancy test this morning and of course, a little (read: a shit ton) gaming on the side, which made him sleep at 4 in the morning. Having to get up at 6 was a pain in the ass, it almost made him cry.

“Thank God, you got partnered with someone decent. Lucky you,” Yugyeom suddenly says from his side.

Jeongguk blinks a few times and removes his palm from his chin to sit up straight, looking around to see that it was almost time to leave as some students were starting to pack their things.

He turns to look at Yugyeom, “huh?” 

Yugyeom rolls his eyes as Jeongguk moves to pick up his belongings from the floor, “you’re partnered with Park Jimin, you lucky bastard.”

At this, Jeongguk immediately becomes alarmed and moves to lift his head, only to bump it on the armrest, he hears Yugyeom giggle beside him. 

He finally was able to lift his head and give the other the darkest glare he could muster. 

“You look like a rabbit when you glare, so cute,” Yugyeom purrs, hooking his finger on Jeongguk’s chin causing the other to growl.

Jeongguk swats Yugyeom’s hands away, “Ya! What do you mean-Park Jimin is my partner?!” He whispers his last words.

Yugyeom gives him a weird stare, “Uh, yeah. What? You like him or something?”

“What? No!”

“So what’s the problem?” Yugyeom raises his brows.

Jeongguk tries to think of a good lie, “I- n-nothing!”

Yugeyom gives him a look of suspicion,  “..God you’re such a weirdo.”



The class had finally ended and it was the first time Jeongguk had wished it didn’t. He was torn between approaching Jimin or letting the other approach him. Or better yet not do the assignment at all. 

Yeah, that’s a very good idea, Jeongguk. Plus points to you, dumbass!


He whips his head to see Park Jimin in front of him in all his glory. 

Jeongguk was standing like an idiot in the middle of the stairs, once again. His mouth agape, not expecting the other to approach him immediately. He hasn’t even devised a plan, for fuck’s sake!

Jeongguk’s lips started to shake and his jaw seemed to malfunction.

“I-uh, I-I-uh”

Jimin raises his eyebrows.

“Min, you coming?”

Jeongguk turns around to see one of Jimin and Yoonji’s friends who would sit with them during lunch. 

“In a minute, Tae-tae,” Jimin turns to look back at Jeongguk, “so..when do you plan to do the thing?”

Shit.. Jeongguk wasn’t listening.

“I’m guessing you kinda weren’t listening..” 

Jeongguk nods, scratching his head sheepishly, earning a chuckle from the other.

Jimin quickly takes out a pen from his bag’s pocket and rips a piece of paper from his lecture notebook, taking the cap off with his teeth, he quickly scribbles something and hands it to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk took a look at the paper to see Jimin’s phone number scrawled on the sheet. 

“Call me,” Jimin mimics a phone using his hand, “or text, I don’t know. Whatever you’d like,” he continues to shrug, pursing his lips and giving the other a sweet smile.

“Bye..” Jimin waves and finally walks out of the classroom to an impatient-looking ‘Tae-tae’.

Jeongguk immediately brings up his hand to wave back, letting out a sigh of relief as he sees Jimin’s figure disappear from the doorway. 

He quickly takes his phone out of his back pocket and dials a familiar number.

“You’re welcome,” Jeongguk sing-songs on the phone.


Jeongguk lets out a satisfied smirk, “you’re going to help me with Yoonji by the way.”

“JK what the hell are you even talking about?!” Seokjin says on the phone.

“Oh, I don’t know.. It’s just that I have your lover boy’s number.”

“Park Jimin?!”

“The one and only, baby.”

“What the fuck?! How?”

“Let’s just say, we’re partners and we’re definitely gonna see each other more often so get your ass ready because you’re gonna get the man of your dreams and you Mr. Kim Seokjin, are gonna help me get mine.” 

“What? Get the man of your dreams too?” Seokjin asks sarcastically, his smirk evident on the phone.

Jeongguk begins to splutter, “w-what? No! I mean like get me the woman-”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re straight. I’m kidding, dumbass.” 

“Honestly, I do a lot for you and this is the thanks I get?”

“Well, I carried you on my back for years and you don’t hear me ever complain!”

Jeongguk groans, “Oh, shut up,” immediately ending the call to avoid any more scolding.


 🎕 🎕 🎕 


The majority of Jeongguk’s time was spent playing video games, highlighting notes (note: highlighting not studying!), sports, and more video games. But apart from his typical routine, he found himself in the presence of one Park Jimin.


Mission: Get Kim Seokjin’s dream boy and make him fall in love is ready to commence! 


Jeongguk makes an effort to tidy his room after agreeing with Jimin to do their homework in his house. Jimin would be arriving any moment and Jeongguk was growing nervous. 

One, because he was going to make an effort to talk about Jin as much as he could without making it suspicious or annoying, though the latter was a little impossible. Two, because he was still mortified about what happened in the practice room window. 

He was fixing his comforter and clearing his bed from stacks of mangas when he heard the doorbell ring. He quickly grabs the mess of clothes he refused to fold from his bed and throws them inside his closet. 

Jeongguk briskly moves down the stairs to answer the door, quickly checking himself in the mirror, not risking any more humiliation. 

After he was done fixing the bird’s nest on top of his head he walks towards the door, taking a deep breath before opening it, “hel-”

“Oh hi, sweetie,” he sees his mom, instead. His mom gives him a peck on the forehead, making him flush from embarrassment. 

The door was left ajar, Jeongguk still holding it open, “did you just get here, mom?” He stares in his mom’s direction near the kitchen where she was organizing the pantry. 

His mom looks up and furrows her brows, tilting her head, “No, actually. Your friend is waiting outside, baby. So I talked to him for a while, hope you don’t mind.”

Now it was Jeongguk’s time to furrow his brows, “huh?”


Jeongguk immediately whips his head on the doorway to see Park Jimin smiling brightly.

Oh my God.. 


After a while of excessive writing and typing, they finally decided to take a break.

“So.. you’re a mama’s boy?” Jimin breaks the silence.

Jeongguk turns to stare at the other and glares, “no, she’s like that to everyone.”

“Okay then,” Jimin sing-songs, “..sweetie,” he adds. 

Jeongguk groans, “Hyung, stooop!”, whining in embarrassment.

Jimin giggles, “fine, fine,” he puts his arms up in surrender. 

With their break, Jeongguk had decided to put his plan into action.

“So..Hyung, I heard you like cooking..”

Jimin looks up from his phone and locks it to give his full attention to the other, “uh, yeah, I do..why?” 

“Oh nothing..It’s just that my really handsome and smart Hyung, Kim Seokjin , is like good at cooking like really good,” Jeongguk tries to nonchalantly say. 

“Actually, you know what? You guys should cook together sometime!” He adds.

“Oookay..” Jimin says slowly.

“What? Why do you sound like that?” Jeongguk asks.

“You sound like you’re in love with him or something,” Jimin giggles.

Jeongguk gasps, “I am not! I would rather literally throw myself on fire than date him!” 

Jeongguk’s eyes widened after hearing what he had said, “uhm, I mean. I’m not gay so like I wouldn’t date-him?”

Jimin arches his brow, “so you’re homophobic?”

“Oh my God! Why does everyone say that?! I’m not hyung! I promise! I’m just straight! Like really really straight.”

“Hmm, okay, Mr. Straight Dude, wanna get back to business?” 

Jeongguk grumbles under his breath, pout evident, “don’t call me that.” 



Jeongguk was in the middle of answering the guide questions when he felt Jimin move from beside him.

“What’s wrong, hyung?” Jeongguk looks over to see Jimin squeezing his eyes shut, rubbing his eyes profusely. 

“I think I got an eyelash in my eye,” Jimin tries to blink, a tear slides down on his cheek.

Jeongguk quickly drops his pen and notebook to attend to Jimin, “here, lemme see.” He moves closer as he inspects the other’s eye, gently placing both his hands on the latter’s cheek. 

“I’m gonna blow on it, okay?” At Jimin’s nod, he gently blows to get rid of the eyelash.

“Is it gone?” Jeongguk asks as Jimin tries to blink away the tears. 

“Thank you, Gguk,” Jimin says looking directly at him. Jeongguk had not realized how close they actually were, one more inch and he’s practically going to be on the other’s lap.

At his realization, he quickly moves away from Jimin, looking down to hide the glowing tint on his cheeks. 

“Uh.. I’ll do the next question, Hyung.”


Mission #1 - Invite Jimin over to do homework and talk about Seokjin 

NOTE: n/a


 🎕 🎕 🎕 


“I just don’t know how ice skating can possibly “ignite a fire” in us,” Jimin asks, quoting Jeongguk’s terrible attempt at being poetic. 

“Not only is that such an irony but it’s also ridiculously stupid,” Jimin finishes, jabbing at Jeongguk’s ego. 

Jeongguk grumbles, “at least I actually have a plan. You know these days I’m the only one who has been coming up with shit, Hyung. Are you even gonna survive without me?” Jeongguk teases. 

“Careful, I might take your place, hyung. Maybe I’m actually brilliant, after all,” Jeongguk continues sarcastically, closing his eyes and putting his hand on his chest, smiling smugly.

“That’s because you are,” Jeongguk opens his eyes to see Jimin right in front of him, there’s almost little to no space between them. “And to answer your question. Technically I can survive without you,” His eyes widened as he saw Jimin’s head approach further, “ I guess, I just don’t want to,” Jimin finishes with a smirk, skating away from Jeongguk, the other gulping in return.

Jeongguk remains frozen for a moment, he lifts his hand to his chest and feels it beating rapidly. He was shocked at how fast it was going. Nonetheless, he swallows and carries on. 

He had a mission to complete.

Jeongguk skates to where Jimin was and calls the latter. 

“Hey Hyung, you know my friend, Kim Seokjin ice skates too,” 

Jimin looks in his direction, a smile forming on his lips, “the friend you’re in love with?”

“Oh my God, Hyung, stop!! I’m genuinely appalled,” 

Jimin giggles at Jeongguk’s expression of disgust. 

“Hmm.. okay. Is he good?”

Jeongguk brightens at Jimin’s question, “oh, well, he’s like good. Like really really good.” 


Kim Seokjin was shit at ice skating or skating in general. As a matter of fact, his balance was extremely poor and just sad for he had the balance of a chicken who’s other leg got cut off to cook for dinner. 

“Ohh, I see..” Jimin nods his head and purses his lips in acknowledgment. 

Jeongguk waited for Jimin to continue but the other didn’t say anything else.

He moves his head to gesture as if to say, ‘well is that it?’

“What?” Jimin asks.

“Ugh, nothing, hyung. Let’s just eat.”


Mission #2 - Ask Jimin to ice skate and talk about Seokjin 

NOTE: Kinda??


 🎕 🎕 🎕 


“You know, you guys should totally meet! I bet you guys would look cute!”

Jimin drops his book on Jeongguk’s bedroom floor, the latter’s eyes widening from the action.

“Ya! At first, I actually thought you had a crush on him or something since you always brought him up. But now you want me to meet him. What are you planning?” Jimin points his finger at Jeongguk, the former’s eyes squinting in suspicion.

Jeongguk moves backward, growing nervous, “N-nothing, Hyung! I just want you to meet my best friend s’all!” His hands flaring around.

Jimin arches a brow, still unconvinced. He drops his shoulders, “okay, fine.”

Jeongguk breathes out a sigh of relief. 

“You’re a weirdo anyway,” Jimin mutters, hiding his grin. 

“Ya! Hyung, you’re so mean!” 

“What? Jeon Jeongguk you literally talk about Kim Seokjin all the time, if you’re not in love with him, then what do you want me to think?” Jimin does a ‘hello?’ gesture with his head.

“It almost feels like you were trying to set me up with him or something,” Jimin murmurs, but Jeongguk hears it anyway.

“I-I what? Noooo, noo, no-” Jeongguk nervously chuckles, Jimin looks unimpressed.

“Hmm.. you better not be. ‘M not interested.” 

“W-what? Why?” Jeongguk pouts. All his hard work, down the drain.

Jimin gives him a small smile, “I already have my eye on someone,” he winks. 

Jeongguk felt his heart leap and break at the same time with Jimin’s words and action. 

He rubs his palm across his chest to calm his beating heart. He seriously needs to see a doctor. 


Mission #3 - Talk To Jimin About FINALLY Meeting Seokjin 

NOTE: In my defense, I said TALK not convince lmao


 🎕 🎕 🎕 


Jeongguk takes a deep breath, his back leaned on his locker, waiting for a certain blonde boy to walk by. He notices his hands shaking, the flowers rattling in his hold.

He didn’t know why he was so nervous. He was just going to give his Jimin-Hyung flowers, lie, and tell him it was from his  Jin-Hyung without Seokjin actually knowing about it. No biggie. 

He takes a deep breath and sniffs the flowers and smiles at the aroma. He whips his head when he hears the door open to Jimin’s class. 


Jimin whips his head at the sound and sees Jeongguk smiling brightly. He grins back and briskly walks in his direction.

“Hey..” he glances briefly at the flowers in Jeongguk’s hands, “ooh, who are these for?” 

“Uhm,” Jeongguk gulps, looking down on the roses held tightly in his palms, “these are for you,” he holds them up in front of the other’s face like an offering.

Jimin’s eyes brighten and he points to himself, “M-me?” 

“Uhm, yeah..” Jimin takes the flowers from Jeongguk’s hold, “from Seokjin-Hyung.”

And as quickly as Jimin’s eyes had lightened up, it also had dimmed in an instant.

“Oh..” Jimin drops his head, examining the flowers. 

“Y-yeah,” Jeongguk scratches the back of his head. 

Just as he was about to say more, a familiar face pops up from behind Jimin. What shocked Jeongguk more was not the presence of another person, rather, it was the gesture, instead. 

Jeongguk’s eyes widened as he saw ‘Tae-tae’ land a kiss on Jimin’s cheek, earning a giggle from the other. 

“Hey, Minie,” he directed at Jimin.

“Hi, Tae. Oh! Jeongguk this is Taehyung my soulmate, Tae-tae this is Jeongguk,” Jimin gestures to the both of them.

Taehyung turns to Jeongguk, a smirk on his face, “It’s nice to finally meet you, rival .”


Jimin’s eyes widened, smacking Taehyung on the shoulder, “uh- ignore him, he’s stupid,” glaring at Taehyung’s direction.

“Hey!” Taehyung protests at Jimin. 

“Anyway..” He turns to look at Jeongguk. “I’ve heard loooots of things about you.”

“Good things, I hope?” Jeongguk’s stomach felt funny after hearing Taehyung’s words.

“Oh, you have no idea.”

“Okay, introductions are over! Taehyung didn’t you mention you were meeting with Yoongi-Hyung?” Jimin maneuvers Taehyung’s body to face the other direction. 

“Oh shit, yeah. Okay bye, lovebirds!!” 

Jimin turns back to face Jeongguk, wearing an apologetic smile, “I’m so sorry about him.”

“Your boyfriend’s weird,” Jeongguk points at where Taehyung has headed not long ago.

Jimin furrows his brows, “..boyfriend?” 


“Oh. Uhm, he isn’t my boyfriend..”

“But you called him soulmate..?” Jeongguk feels his chest contracting again.

“Platonic!” Jimin answers a little too fast.


“Yep! Ya know, still waiting for a nonplatonic version,” Jimin looks up from his lashes, Jeongguk could practically hear his heart in his ears. 

“Well.. I hope you meet him soon..” Thump thump thump

Jimin smiles shyly, “I think I already have..”


Mission #4 - Give Jimin Flowers and Say They’re From Seokjin 

NOTE: should’ve fucking said they were from me, instead..


🎕 🎕 🎕


“Okay, what’s your idea?”

Jeongguk braced himself before revealing his proposal. They were currently sprawled out on the floor, several books opened and a list of movie ideas scattered everywhere. Jimin and he had gathered all possible resources that could inspire them for their final project in their creative writing elective course. 

At first, he had nothing. Everything he could think of was either too cliche or too typical. Kinda sounds like the current situation he was in. So why not make a story out of it, right?

“I was thinking..” he adjusts his legs on the floor as it begins to cramp, “what if the story revolves around a group of four students.”

Jimin nods his head, gesturing for Jeongguk to continue. 

“..well, uhm, so they begin their story when two of the students have a crush on the other two so they work together to get each other’s crushes but things take a turn when they fall in love with the person they were supposed to match up with each other.”

“Hmm..” Jimin thinks for a moment. “..I don’t know, don’t you think it’s kinda unrealistic?” 

Yeah.. so unrealistic.

“How come?” Jeongguk tilts his head.

“Well..” Jimin starts, “how can you just fall in love with the person you're supposed to match up with your best friend? Wouldn't their friend be sad?” 

Jeongguk looks down to play with his fingers on his lap, “well I hope they won’t mind..” he mutters. 


Jeongguk looks up, “I saaaid,'' he sighs, “it happens and it's cute and you should have a little more faith in me!” 

Jimin giggles at Jeongguk’s pout, cooing at the latter, “okay, since you're cute and I don't exactly have anything in mind. Let's do that!” Jimin claps his hands together. 

Jeongguk grins, showing his fist, Jimin bumping it with his own.


 🎕 🎕 🎕 


Jeongguk fails his last mission.

It has been a month since he had last mentioned Seokjin to Jimin and he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. He was supposed to pair them up together but all he’s been doing is hanging out with Jimin. Though he feels guilty, he couldn’t bring himself to feel regretful. 

So it was only ideal for him to impulsively reserve a dinner date for Jimin and Seokjin to finally meet each other.

Only that he forgot to inform Seokjin and there’s only an hour left before the reservation. 

So naturally, his perfect plan was to come to the restaurant instead, to accompany Jimin. 

“Hey..” Jeongguk stands up from his seat to greet Jimin. He resisted the urge to pull out Jimin’s chair for him. That’s too romantic.

“Hello, Ggukie.” 



Their order wasn’t massive but Jimin had decided to get take out for Taehyung and the rest of his dorm friends. While they waited for their food to arrive, they decided to indulge in light conversation. 

“This is gonna sound so weird but.. I actually believe in destiny..” Jeongguk starts randomly.

Jimin raises his brows, “Oh?”


“Well..” Jimin scrunches his nose, “I kinda.. Don’t?” 

“Why not?” Jeongguk asks, he was kind of expecting it since most people don’t. At least with the people, he’s met. 

“I guess.. I have never gone through something so life-changing that can actually convince me. Why? You wanna convince me otherwise?” Jimin asks cheekily.

Jeongguk chokes on the wine he’s drinking, “Hyung! You can’t just say things like that out of the blue!”

Jimin giggles, “Sorry, sorry,” he moves to grab a napkin and wipes Jeongguk’s lips.

Jeongguk stops in his tracks as he feels Jimin’s hands on his mouth. He couldn’t help but feel fond of how Jimin bites his lip cutely when he’s trying to concentrate on his task.

“There! All done!” Jimin looks up at him, making Jeongguk immediately divert his eyes to look at the wine glass instead, “T-thank you, Hyung..”

Jimin slowly moves back to his seat, humming in return. 



Their food has finally arrived and Jimin puts the takeout food on the seat beside him, while Jeongguk fills both their glasses with red wine.

“Thank you, Gguk.” Jeongguk smiles in return.

“Remind me not to forget the takeout or Taehyung will have my head.”

Jeongguk hums in affirmation.

They proceed to munch on their food, savoring the taste of expensive (once-a-year indulgent) cuisine, complimenting the food once in a while.

Jimin moans, “God, this is the best pasta I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

“Eh, I’ve had better.”

Jimin cocks a brow at the other, “think you can cook better?” Jimin challenges.

“I know so,” answers Jeongguk with a wink. He didn’t particularly know where the sudden confidence came from, but it was worth it if it meant seeing Jimin blush for the first time in his life. 

Their moment got cut off when they both heard a banging sound on the restaurant’s glass wall beside them. Jeongguk was the first to look at the interruption as he saw a little boy pounding on the glass, “Food! Food! Food!” The kid wails. 

Jeongguk notes that the boy seemed to be between 5-6 years old, the child’s clothes tattered and dirty. He also sees the little kid’s arms and legs be filled with mud and grime. He could safely assume that the kid was homeless. 

The restaurant had glass walls which made it transparent.  It has a driveway in the front lobby, separating it from the road, so the kid must have snuck in or hidden along with the cars. 

“Oh no! I’m so sorry about this,” the waiter serving their table says, immediately going over after seeing the little boy. He gestures for his co-worker to reprimand the child, “Yerin, please ask the security to surround the whole restaurant to make sure the customer’s meals aren’t interrupted.” 

“On it,” Yerin moves to go out when Jimin suddenly stands up, “wait!” He says out loud, causing her to stop. 

Jimin quickly grabs something from the chair beside him.

“Here." He turns to the waiter.

“Sir, what’s this?” 


Jeongguk and the waiter speak at the same time.

“If you don’t mind, may you please give this to the little boy?” 

“But-” the waiter turns to face Jeongguk, the latter only nodding his head to confirm. 

“I-okay,” the waiter bows and signals for ‘Yerin’ to come.

Yerin moves to their table and quickly excused herself to walk out. Jeongguk and Jimin see the waitress talk to the guards, the former personally going to the little boy. They see her point towards their window. The kid glances at them and waves, showing his crooked tooth to which they waved back and grinned. The little boy bows towards them, as well as to Yerin and the guards, making his way towards the other side of the street. 

They get back to their food, Jimin humming happily and Jeongguk couldn’t help but feel enamored.

“What about Taehyung-ssi’s food, Hyung?” He asks, sipping on his soup. 

“Eh, I can buy him food again later,” Jimin shrugs, nonchalantly. 

“Anyways, so wh-” Jimin’s words get interrupted when he feels something wet dripping down his trousers. 

“Jimin-hyung!” Jeongguk moves to stand up and help Jimin.

“I’m so sorry, sir!” the waiter from moments ago spoke up. He moves to get napkins but Jeongguk beats him to it, “I got it,” he gestures with his hand. 

Jimin looks up from cleaning his soaked pants and gives the waiter a lenient smile. 

“It’s okay, it happens,” Jimin answers. Jeongguk’s mouth agape as he hears Jimin’s words, he proceeds to not say anything as he continues to give Jimin napkins to wipe his pants with, the other saying thank you softly underneath his breath. 

Wow, he’s an angel.

The waiter comes back a few minutes later, “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused you this evening. Please accept these couple vouchers for your next visit,” he bows and presents the tickets to both Jimin and Jeongguk.

“We’re not-”

“Thank you very much,” Jeongguk interrupts Jimin, the other giving him a stink-eye for lying. 

The waiter bows and goes back to the kitchen.

“Jeongguk, you ass!” Jimin’s widened eyes look at Jeongguk like he just killed a person.

“What? I just took the vouchers they offered, I didn’t rob a bank,” Jeongguk says matter-of-factly.

Jimin shakes his head, “the couple thing.”

“Oh,” Jeongguk slowly puts down the vouchers.

“I also feel bad that they thought they were at fault when things like this happen all the time! The first one wasn’t even a bad thing and the second one was an accident.”

Jimin grabs the tickets from Jeongguk’s hands and eyes it curiously, “wow, they gave us a much bigger voucher for being a couple,” Jimin says with a smirk. 

Jeongguk flushes in embarrassment, not being able to look the other in the eye. 

“Anyways, they didn’t do anything wrong. But.. we should definitely go back again,” Jimin winks. 

With everything that Jimin has done in the past few months, most especially tonight, Jeongguk has witnessed more goodness radiating from the wonder that is Park Jimin. He can’t help but let his thoughts drift, staring deeply into his eyes and the other smiling gracefully. 

I wish I liked you first.


[ERROR] Mission #5 - Set Up A Dinner Date With Jimin and Seokjin

NOTE: God, let me please just be selfish this time and I promise to never be greedy about anything else. I don’t think I can bear to see him with anyone else..

NOTE: Forgot to tell Jin so I went instead lol


 🎕 🎕 🎕 


It’s been a week since him and Jimin’s date friendly gathering but he couldn’t help but feel regret climbing its way up into his system. Come to think of it, it actually has been months since Jimin and he had gotten close and though he might not want to admit it he was the happiest he’s ever been.

It also has been months since Seokjin and he had talked about the situation. The situation being the actual plan which was not going the way Jeongguk thought it would. Heck, he even forgot about Yoonji and wasn't sure if he even mentioned her or even thought about her these months he was with Jimin. Did he even like her in the first place or was it just a happy crush? Or maybe he was crushing because he was bored? He wasn’t even sure anymore.

The mission was to make Jimin fall in love, but as of the moment, he just isn’t sure whom he actually wants Jimin to fall in love with. Though his mind had been set, his heart had other plans. 

He needed to talk to Seokjin.

He asks Seokjin to come over to resolve his feelings once and for all.

If Seokjin tells him that he still had feelings for Jimin then Jeongguk would back off, even if the thought alone makes his chest ache. He respects his Hyung and he wouldn’t want to hurt him. If it meant that he had to sacrifice his happiness, then so be it. After all, Jimin wasn’t supposed to be his in the first place..

His door opens and a neutral-faced Seokjin pops up, “Hey..”

Oh no. Does he know?

“H-hyung, uhm, please take a seat,” he gestures to his gaming chair. Seokjin shakes his head softly, “It’s best if I just..stand up.”

“Hyung, is there something wrong?” Jeongguk wanted to get it over with. He just couldn’t bear to look at his Hyung’s sulking face.

A long deafening silence fills Jeongguk’s room.

As he was about to speak up, Seokjin beat him to it, “I’m sorry!” he suddenly says. Seokjin kneels in front of Jeongguk, “Woah, Woah. What are you doing, Hyung?” 

“I’m a traitor..”

Could it be?  Jeongguk’s heart was beating fast, if Seokjin was apologizing for something Jeongguk thinks he’s apologizing for then it could only mean..

“I-I have fallen in love with Yoonjin, Gguk,” Seokjin says looking up at Jeongguk from his lashes. 


“Hyung, stand up.” 


Jeongguk gestures for the other to get off the floor, the latter slowly abiding.

“Gguk, please. If you’re going to punch me, not the face please.” 

Jeongguk tries to mask his giggle at Seokjin’s ridiculousness with a cough.

He slowly moves forward to where Seokjin was standing near the door until they were both face to face.

“This isn’t gonna hurt.. I think.”

Seokjin gulps back his tears, slowly nodding his head and closing his eyes to prepare for the impact.

Jeongguk moved to lift his fist and Seokjin was closing his eyes tightly ‘till the back of his eyes burned. But instead of the pain, he expected to undergo, he feels warm arms wrap around his shoulders.

“Hyung, I love you,” Jeongguk says, his voice muffled by Seokjin’s shirt.

Seokjin opens his eyes and blinks them a few more times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He directed them towards Jeongguk’s head on his shoulder, wearing a confused expression.

“Uhm, what is happening?”

Jeongguk slowly moves away from the hug to meet the other’s stare, his own tears cascading down his cheeks, trying to wipe the snot away from his face. 

“I understand.”

“What do you mean?” Seokjin tilts his head in confusion, still bewildered about the whole situation. 

“Because..” Jeongguk stares at Seokjin’s waiting gaze, “..because I fell in love with Jimin too.” 


🎕 🎕 🎕 


Jeongguk was growing nervous, his legs were bouncing in anticipation. He was currently seated in the theatre hall to watch Jimin’s dance showcase. 

On his left sat Taehyung and on his right sat Seokjin and Yoonjin who were now officially together. He glances at the latter and remembers the conversation he had with Seokjin three days before the showcase.



“God, we’re idiots.”


“Idiots, we are,” Jeongguk says, trying to lighten the mood, getting a shove from Seokjin in return.


“Wait-” Seokjin turns his whole body to face the other, “you know this means you’re not straight, right?”


Jeongguk slowly nods his head, he pretty much already knew that. 


“Well that also means you’re not gay, Hyung,” he states in return.


Seokjin hums in agreement. 


“So if I’m not actually straight and you’re not actually gay, then what exactly are we?” 


Seokjin looks at him for a moment, “well technically that would make us both bisexual, but I think I’m pansexual.” 


Jeongguk hums in acknowledgment, “but what if it changes? Can it?” He continues to ask.


Seokjin pats Jeongguk’s head softly, “..then we’re whatever we want to be.” 



Jeongguk smiles at the memory, he also couldn’t help but remember Seokjin’s words of encouragement. 

“Get that dick! Get that dick! Well mostly hand in marriage, but get that dick!”

Jeongguk flushes at his Hyung’s shenanigans. He was planning on confessing to Jimin after the showcase and prays to God that it actually works out.

As the lights go out, he turns his full attention towards the stage. He wouldn’t dream of missing it for the world. 



Jeongguk makes his way towards the lockers, where Jimin and he agreed to meet to have privacy which the hall does not provide from the number of people who were currently there.

He rehearses his lines as he approaches the hallway to the locker area. 

“Jimin, you were really good out there. I was wondering if you’d let me take you out sometime. A date this time, pretty please?” He grumbles dissatisfied. He did not think this through.

“Hey Jimin, I’ve actually been in love with you for a while now. Would you please spare me the heartache and be mine?” Hmm..not bad.

“Hey Minnie babes would-” his words got cut off as he saw Jimin’s figure, his face illuminated by his phone in the dimmed hallway. 

But what he saw next broke his heart into a million pieces.

Behind Jimin, someone suddenly wraps their hands around his waist, earning a yelp from him. The man suddenly kisses Jimin’s cheek and gives Jimin the flowers that were hidden from his back. Jimin immediately recognizes the man as his expression had shown.


Jimin quickly turns around to give Taehyung a big hug, the two rocking from side to side. 

Jeongguk couldn’t bring himself to move as he stayed hidden in the corner out of sight. He thinks he feels wetness from his cheek but he’s probably just imagining it. 

They continue their conversation as Jimin smells the flowers the other had given him, beaming.  Fuck, I didn’t even give him flowers. No wonder he chose Taehyung..

The last straw came in for Jeongguk as Taehyung slowly moved closer to Jimin’s face, making Jeongguk gasp loudly, causing the other two to face his direction. 

“Who’s there?” Taehyung asks, question directed to no one.

Jeongguk keeps his mouth shut, silently trying to find a way out. 

“Jeongguk?” It was now Jimin’s turn to ask. Upon hearing the other’s voice, Jeongguk quickly makes a run for it. 

“Shit.” He hears behind him. But he didn’t care as he ran and ran to wherever his feet would take him. Until he finally found himself in the men’s bathroom and quickly went inside. As he was about to lock the door a foot suddenly stopped the door from closing.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk states. He moves away from the door as Jimin rushes in. 

Jeongguk turns away to try and lock himself in one of the stalls when he feels the other’s hand clasp around his arm. 

“Jeongguk, wait.”

Jeongguk quickly turns around and tries to pry his arm off of Jimin’s hold.

“Hyung, please. Let me go,” Jeongguk pleaded. 

“No. Not until you tell me what’s wrong, Gguk.” 

After several attempts of freeing himself, which technically he could, but he didn’t want to hurt Jimin, he sighs in defeat. 

Jimin slowly drops his arm, trusting him not to try and escape.

Jeongguk takes a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

He finds the courage to look at the other’s eyes. If he was going to confess and get rejected, at least he was able to admire Jimin even for a few remaining moments. 

“You’re so cruel, Jimin-Hyung..”

Jimin gasps at Jeongguk’s declaration. 

“What do you mean, Gguk? Did I do something wrong?”

Jeongguk chuckles bitterly. “That’s the problem, you’ve never done anything wrong so I could never hate you. Ever.” 

“Then wha-?”

"It wasn't supposed to be me who's going to fall in was supposed to be you."

“What do you mean?” Jimin was utterly confused at the other’s vagueness and did he just mention something about falling in love? 

“You were supposed to fall in love with Seokjin-Hyung. That was the plan.”


Jeongguk nods slowly, “yeah..oh.”

“I kinda figured that one out a long time ago..” 

“I’m sorry,” Jeongguk diverted his eyes to the floor.

“Why are you even sorry? It’s not like you actually forced me..”

“No, it’s not that..” Jeongguk looks up from his lashes. “I’m sorry..” he takes another deep breath . “..that I fell in love with you.”

Jimin doesn’t say anything in return. Jeongguk can feel the tears at the back of his eyes burning. When he suddenly feels a smack on his chest.

Jimin had slapped him with the flowers Taehyung had given. 

“Ouch! What the hell, Hyung..” he rubs his chest, it actually wasn’t painful but the idea of getting smacked by the person he was in love with using the flowers that his boyfriend gave him added insult to the injury. 

Jimin smacks him again, “you’re so stupid. Tae was right.”

Jeongguk felt bitter at the name coming from Jimin’s lips, “w-what?” 

“Ugh, you are stupid.”

“Y-you just let him say shit about me? First, you don't like me back and now you're letting your boyfriend insult me? What the fuck, hyung?”

Jimin gives him a fond smile instead, “JK, you’re so stupid..”

“Why do you keep calling me stu-”

Jeongguk’s question gets cut off as he feels Jimin’s lips collide with his, making his eyes almost bulge out of their socket. 

He closes his eyes as their lips fall into a rhythm, one that they were easily acquainted with as if they had practiced it a thousand times beforehand. 

Jeongguk feels Jimin’s fingers run through his hair, and the flowers fall down gently on the floor. He, on the other hand, cups Jimin’s jaw. He can’t help but notice how his arms fit perfectly around Jimin’s waist. 

They break apart from their kiss, their lips swollen, and hair disheveled. 

“Hey, Ggukie?” Jimin asks, still in a daze,

“Yeah?” Jeongguk wasn’t any different. 

“I think I believe in destiny now.”




Jeongguk and Jimin walked down the hall, holding hands with each other and as if it was fate or mere coincidence, they bump into Seokjin and Yoonji in the hall. Seokjin playfully wiggled his brows in Jeongguk's direction as the latter rolled his eyes. 

The four of them greet each other, congratulating Jimin once again for his performance. They then proceed to go out into the exit, towards the courtyard of the school. 

As they made their way down the stairs, Jeongguk and Seokjin walked side-by-side. The latter raises his fist for a fist-bump and the former giggles, hitting it back with his.

As they continue to walk in the ridiculously wide courtyard, Jeongguk shifts into an internal monologue.

Park Jimin, you asked me how it was possible to fall in love with someone so easily especially if you're supposed to set them up with your friend. Maybe it may sound ridiculous, absurd, or even selfish. But looking back at your gorgeous smile and beautiful soul, I don't exactly mind going through it over and over and over again. 

He glances at the subject of his thoughts. The other was smiling brightly as he spread his arms wide as if he was flying. Jeongguk observes him fondly, a smile making its way into his face. 

You just make it so easy to fall in love with you.


🎕 🎕 🎕 




“So you’re telling me that Taehyung-Hyung was just trying to blow something out of your eye?”

“Yeah, and your dumbass just started to cry,” Jimin laughs at Jeongguk.

“Hey! It's not my fault he had like flowers and shit, I already thought you  guys were together at the beginning, ya know..” Jeongguk pouts.

“Speaking of flowers, Tae-tae was romantic for giving me flowers.”

Jeongguk’s pout deepened. “I was supposed to bring something. It's just that I was too nervous that I actually forgot ‘cause I was trying so hard not to shit my pants.”

“Can you guys shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch something here,” Yoongi complains from the couch. 

Jimin snickers and signals to Taehyung, “tame your boyfriend, would ya?” Making Taehyung giggle, rubbing Yoongi’s head softly. 

“Sorry, not everyone is as whipped as Jeongguk, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi answers smugly.

Jeongguk’s head shot up from Jimin’s lap, gasping at Yoongi, “I am not that whipped!”

“Tell that to us when you’re not studying about flowers just so you can discuss it with Jimin because you like seeing his, and I quote ‘gorgeous and majestic eye smile that you wouldn’t mind getting lost in’.” Namjoon teases.

Jimin feels his heart skip at the revelation, glancing at Jeongguk who was busy covering his face with his palms, his head back on Jimin’s lap.

“You know Jimin.. Jeongguk actually isn’t a fuckboy, he just looks like one so we tease him about it. In fact, he’s never had a girlfriend or boyfriend not until you came.” Hoseok speaks up from his position on the loveseat. 

“Wait..really?” Jimin pokes Jeongguk for confirmation and feels the other’s head shyly nod.

“Awe, baby..”

“He actually told me the other night that you were his first boyfriend ever and he was sure you would be the last and only one, that is if you get married , which makes you his husband. You get the shiz. He was pretty drunk last night and you’re the only thing on his mind, apparently.” Hoseok adds.

Jimin hums in acknowledgment, too flustered to speak. Oh, if Jeongguk only knew that he was the only one in Jimin’s mind too.

“God..why do you guys like embarrassing me so much?” Jeongguk speaks up, his voice muffled from his palms. 

“That’s what you get when you let your heart win..” Namjoon sing-songs, this time his lyrics were right because it’s true, which makes Jeongguk groan and Jimin giggle. 


“Hey..” Jimin opens the door to Jeongguk’s room.

Jeongguk looks up from his laptop, “Oh. Babe, are you going to sleep now?” He pats the spot next to him, which Jimin gladly took.

“So I was thinking..”

Jeongguk hums for Jimin to continue.

“And I  think I have an idea where you got the idea for our creative writing final project from..” Jimin says slowly, hiding his smile, glancing at the other.

Jeongguk smirks, sensing Jimin’s antics, “..really?” He turns his attention to the latter.

“Yeah..” Jimin nods his head.

"So.. what happens to them in the end?" Jimin continues to ask, already knowing the answer. He plays with the vouchers on Jeongguk’s nightstand, the same ones they received from the restaurant on their “friends but more” not-date before they became official. 

"Isn't it obvious? What do you think happened to us?" Jeongguk smiles at the vouchers in Jimin's hands, replaying the night in his head.

"Hmm..enlighten me," Jimin moves closer than he thought was possible.

Jeongguk takes the tickets from Jimin’s hands, placing them on the bed, and intertwining their hands together. "well..they fall in love in the end."