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Dean Winchester Is Saved

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The night was never meant to end up like this . They had plans . They was going to take miricalto the grand canyon since dean had never been . Dean had tried to convince sam that it was for the dog but sam knew why dean really suggested it and he agreed because it was what dean deserved.


Now he stood in front of his brother , holding him up by the shoulders so he wouldn't crumble to the ground .

Dean's heart had stopped minutes ago but even sam hadn't moved from the spot . He wasnt ready to lose his brother like this . He wanted dean to grow old and settle down .Have a few kids and have the life that he deserved but dean himself knew that he was never going to have that life. That life was for sam , not for Dean

Even with Sam and Cas , dean was always going to go out like this . At the hands of the mark of cain , or a ghoul ... or some rusty rebar impaled by a vampire that their dad couldn't even stop. The irony of that , even one last time , their dad had failed them and gotten dean killed


It was another few minutes that sam even gathered the will to slowly pull dean of the rebar and lay him down on the ground. As he did , dean started to bleed which of course sam tried to stop . Even in death , dean deserved some dignity . By the time the man was lowered to the ground ,sams hands and clothes were coated in his brothers blood , the scent of blood thick in the air


" Dammit Dean" Sam mumbled , as he wiped his hands on the fabric of his jeans in attempt to rid of the blood but it was useless , the blood seeming to stain the younger hunters skin , like a sick twisted reminder of what the last hour had brung


Sam looked towards his brother . If you didn't pay attention to the blood pooling around him , dean almost looked peaceful . ' At least dean finally got what he wanted' was a thought that crossed Sams mind and he hated himself for thinking it but it was true

Dean Winchester was a damaged man.. a man that was only glued together with the love of those closeted to him . Sam , his brother . Jack, the boy who was like a son to him and Cas .. an angel that fell so hard for the righteous man that he would have destroyed heaven for just five more minutes

Sam mentally shook the thoughts away and pushed himself forwards. He crouched beside him brother and carefully picked the man up . He looked at the man limp in his arms , expecting him to grin and laugh at the joke he pulled on his younger brother but nothing happened . His eyes remained close , his skin beginning to turn cold to the touch .

If sam was sure of anything in this moment , it was that dean Winchester was dead .


It took a while to get back to the bunker , taking the back roads so that no one would see the bloody body of his brother in the back seat. When he has finally got back , the sun wa starting to come up over the hills and a new day was begining for everyone exept dean


He went into the bunker , the room how feeling empty . Even the dog wasnt there to greet them with excited barks and nudges to the knees. Dean had left him at a dog day care . the man had been so worried if the place was good or not and now that hardly mattered . When miracle would return , there would be no dean he could run too in the mornings


Sam couldnt even stand to be in the bunker that long , the crushing silence was unbearable . He grabbed the stuff he needed and left as quick as he could and headed back towards the impala . He looked around to see if anyone was watching before he placed a blanket on the ground and carefully lifted his brother down into it and covered him up , making sure the fabic was tightly wrapped around the man. Once he was satisfied , he lifted his brother back into the impala , quickly changed the clothes that he was wearing and wiped his skin clean of blood before getting into the impala and stated to drive to the same spot where they said goodbye to charlie and their mom


When he drew closer to the clearing he felt unease and as he drove down the dirt tracks , he started to see more cars then he had ever seen parked in the bushes and along the road. If there was space , cars parked there.


He kept on driving , hoping that the cars would start to disappear but as he finally made it into the clearly , he saw them. dozens of people where gathered around an empty pyre and as sam rolled up and cut out the engine , everyone stopped and looked towards sam . They parted and towards walked jack and cas


Sam couldn't hardly believe it . For all he knew , jack was else where being god and cas was supposed to be in the empty


" Sam " Cas greeted sam like nothing had happened and jack looked towards the back seat where dean was


" I'm sorry sam, I wanted to stop this but this was deans time , the pages in billys book said so " he looked sad and cas placed a reassuring had on the boys shoulder


" how ... why are you all here " sam asked , only just managing to speak


" For dean " Cas said simply , his voice full f emotion


Sam looked towards the crowed of people who were gathered . He had recognised Most of the faces which belong to hunters , friends that they had made along the way , hunters that had become family .


Sam took a moment and nodded before heading back towards the car and with the help of cas , took dean out of the car and slowly started to walk towards the pyre . The hunters around them fell silent


Dean was placed down and sam and cas took a step back


Sam turned towards the crowed even though he didn't really know what to say


" uh... thank you for coming , you didnt-"


" If you are about to say what i think you are , im going to hit you " Jody said as she stepped towards sam , her eyes red and raw like she had been crying.

" Dont you dare say that we didnt have to come . Of course we did , this is Dean Winchester , the man that would move mountins for anyone who would ask .You and dean are like sons to me ... " Jody voice cracked a little

" Dean deserves more then just his brother at his funeral . He deserves to be surround by people who love him . Dean was a man who never realised how many lives he changed "

As Jody talked to , people started to come up to the pyre to say their goodbyes to dean . By the time everyone had said what they needed to say , it was late afternoon and everyone had fallen silent again


" Sam , did you want to say anything " Cas asked as he stepped forwards towards the pyre but sam shook his head.

" I've said my goodbyes " He said simply


Cas nodded in understatement and turned towards dean . For him , dean was hardly dead . It was cas himself who had met dean in heaven at the moment of his death , told him about how he and jack had restored heaven to how it should have been ... and it was dean who had finally said the words cas never got to hear before he was sent to the empty. Cas placed the mix tape that dean had made him those years ago on top of dean and stepped back from the pyre and nodded to sam .


Sam took a deep breath and lit the match in his hand and dropped it at the base of the pyre and soon flames were surrounding dean.


Cas smiled , closed his eyes and made one last announcement for dean over angel radio


" Dean Winchester is Saved "