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じゃあね See ya~

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Wataru supported Eichi as he worked through retiring from the idol industry. Tori and Yuzuru were, of course, the first people to learn. The four held meetings and discussed what to do with Fine. Yet, it was easily decided, Wataru would retire soon after to pursue his growing theatre career, while Tori and Yuzuru would both pursue their own solo careers.

“Though, I refuse to let Eichi-sama leave the idol industry so easily! We should have a big final performance! One as sparkling as Eichi-sama himself!”

Eichi only grinned, “I was hoping we could do something like this, I don’t think I’d enjoy leaving in such a quick manner.” Eichi paused for a moment as if he was storming an idea, before squeezing Wataru’s hand in excitement. “We’ll have an extravagant final performance. It will commemorate all of Fine and celebrate how this unit has grown. We’ll call it; Graduation live.”

“Kyaaaaaa! Eichi-sama always has the best ideas!”

“Fufu~ It’s not to say all of your helpful ideas over the years haven't helped me grow my creativity.” Eichi complimented the younger boy in return.

Tori beamed with happiness, yet before he was to say anything else, he prevented himself from doing so and cleared his throat, “E-enough of that! We should focus on preparing for the live!”

And so they did, preparing for the final performance ever was surely emotional. It was weird when Eichi graduated from Yumenosaki, yet he knew he could still be an idol. Back then being an idol still felt new to him, but now, he felt the curtains of the show were slowly coming to a close.


After a dance rehearsal for the live, Eichi walked with Wataru to his car like he had done every day, yet Eichi seemed disturbed again. Noticing Eichi’s upset expression, he stopped walking, causing Eichi to stop as well. Before he could ask Wataru why he stopped, Wataru was quick to speak.

“Is something bothering you, my dear? Do you suddenly wish to not retire?” Wataru asked, his grip on Eichi’s hand getting tighter.

Eichi looked away, “It-it’s childish of me to think this way.” He stuttered. Pausing for a second, he exhaled. “Tomorrow we’re announcing my retirement and...It feels like rather than wishing me well everyone will finally be able to celebrate the fact that I will be gone. They will finally get to give me the revenge I deserved for so long, I don’t blame them, yet I would be lying if I said I don’t feel upset to accept this. Though my guilt is much stronger than that feeling.”

Wataru chuckled, “Ever so childish, my dear. The revenge would’ve been delivered to you long before, if you had deserved anything more than what you already have gotten. Does my mask not prove that?” He asked

Remembering that confession one night on the Yumenosaki rooftop, Eichi smiled, looking down at him and his lover’s hands.


As they continued to walk, Wataru had gotten a bittersweet idea.