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じゃあね See ya~

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As Eichi looked out the window of the hospital, he admired the cherry blossoms from under his window, the light pink twirling down onto the floor with each breeze. Spring had finally come to wash away the horrible winter. Eichi always felt better around this time, yet his chest felt heavy. Maybe it was from coughing so much or maybe the uneasiness looming over him. He knew soon it was time to leave the idol industry, yet he decided to ignore the inevitable future that was approaching and still admire the beauty of spring.

It didn’t become easier for Eichi after this, he couldn’t brush it off, it would only pile up. Managing Ensemble Square and preparing to become the heir of the Tenshouin company was already enough for his fragile body, yet being an idol only made it worse, and it was visibly taking effect on him. Wataru, his long-time boyfriend, was especially concerned.


As Wataru walked to Eichi’s office, skipping along with his hair in a ponytail and holding a tray of two tea cups for him and his beloved to drink, he spoke out as he opened the door. “Eiii~chi! You’ve been working so hard, you need to relax you kno-”

He was cut off to the sight of Eichi who had dozed off on the desk, his exhaustion finally caught up to him. Wataru tried to grin to hide his concern, yet he couldn’t keep watching the blonde shorten his already limited lifespan. Placing down the tray onto the desk and gently picking Eichi up, he spoke again, more gentle but more serious,

“My dear, I’m so worried about you. You are so fragile yet you treat yourself like you are as strong as a diamond, you are only a human as I am. You must take care of yourself, and certainly I can tell your work is bothering you too, I can read my emperor’s feelings as if they are my own.”


“I can’t do it anymore.” Eichi mumbles into his lover’s chest, “I can’t be an idol anymore.”

Wataru looks down at him, “Oya, is that what is bothering you? You’ve been an idol for so long, it’d make sense to retire, it will be relieving for you-” Wataru was going to continue until he noticed the soft snores of his boyfriend and saw he had fallen asleep again. Upon seeing this, he smiled, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead and taking him to his apartment to let him enjoy a well deserved rest.