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A Call In Need

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    'Rasplin, if you can hear me, I need some help. I don't know what else to do or who to call. Hell, I don't even know if this works. But, you're the only one I can trust. Please, I need you'.

    Rasplin sat upright in his nest, claws kicking up pieces of bracken and twigs aside easily. His breath caught in his throat, fur clumped with sweat. It had been a while since he had dreamed at all and certainly been a few moons since he had heard from Castiel. He knew that time was different in StarBound than it was on earth, making it only been a few days there. Rasplin still felt guilty that he had left so abruptly and forced Castiel to make it to the bunker on his own, even if he knew that he had made the right choice. If he had stayed, he would've sent StarBound knows how many creatures on Castiel's scent trail. It had been for the best.

    That hadn't meant that Rasplin didn't try to look in on the former angel. He often found himself attempting to reach out in his dreams to see if those he had left on earth were alright. Unfortunately, he didn't possess that power as some other healers did. The best he could steal was glimpses and feelings from them. He had begun to grow restless with the urge to check up on them, but feeling as though his paws were tied. He may have spoken a tough game to Nikita, yet Rasplin wasn't sure he was ready to take anymore risks with things going the way that they were.

    It was times like these that Rasplin longed for Meadowslip to be at his side. She would've had excellent advice and managed to talk him down from the ledge he was teetering dangerously on. He could just imagine her weaving around him at night and telling him that everything was going to be okay. She had that way about her that Rasplin missed now more than ever. She would be there for Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Mina would've been too. Unfortunately, they were stuck with him and he was worse than a consolation prize.

    However, that was before Rasplin heard Castiel crying out to him. Castiel had never prayed to him before. Actually, Rasplin was sure that Castiel had never prayed to anyone. The fact that he was choosing Rasplin to cry out for showed how desperate he really was.

    "Castiel, what have you gotten yourself into this time." Rasplin shook out his fur once he had pulled his claws from the thick pieces of bracken that had lodged themselves there in his sleep. There was no denying the agony in Castiel's voice in how he cried out for him. Rasplin couldn't turn his back on him.

    Letting out a deep sigh, Rasplin tensed his tired muscles and fluffed out his fur. "If I’m going down," he declared with the vision of Castiel flashing in his mind. "Then you're going down with me."


    Rasplin sat outside the strange looking establishment in front of him. It was nearly midnight and the last customer was leaving the building with the words Gas-N-Sip etched on the roof. He wore the cover of darkness like a second pelt, keeping him hidden from view. Even his usual bright red eyes were sullen and shadowed. He had been watching Castiel for hours now as he worked in the small gas station. Rasplin couldn't believe what Castiel had been reduced to.

    When the final customer left, Rasplin decided that it was time to show himself. He padded across the street and over to the door. He gazed through the glass to see Castiel cleaning some sort of machine with foamy blue liquid sloshing inside.

    Rasplin pressed his head against the door and stepped through, a bell ringing to signal his arrival.

    "I'm sorry. We're closed," Castiel called over his shoulder without looking in the same direction.

    Rasplin never thought that he would be so excited to hear the gruff voice of Castiel. His heart thumped in his chest as he straightened. "Now is that how to speak to someone you called for?"

    Castiel straightened, hands fumbling with the machine in front of him. He pulled back with the metal mechanism coming with him. The machine began to empty, spewing bright blue foam down the front of the machine and onto the floor. Castiel sprang back with his hands lifted to the hole where the liquid was gushing from in an attempt to stop it.

    Rasplin bounded over to him. The cold foam sliced through his paws, making him almost stick to the ground. Rasplin wrinkled his muzzle in disgust as he forced himself forward. He had no idea what he could possibly to do help, but Castiel seemed overwhelmed as it was and he wanted nothing more than to offer any support that he could.

    "Sorry. Sorry." Castiel shoved a trashcan under the liquid to catch it. "It's sticky and it's getting all on your fur. I'm sorry."

    Rasplin glanced down to it, lifting each sticky paw in turn where the foam was already starting to dry on his fur. "Do humans eat it?"

    "They drink it. It's actually not as bad as it seems now that I must eat food," Castiel explained.

    Rasplin stretched out his tongue to taste it.

It was sweet, much sweeter than anything Rasplin had ever tasted before. He shoved his paw back down, deciding that filling up on human food wasn't the best idea. "If you say so. I will never understand what humans eat. Do they even realize what they put in their bodies?"

    Castiel tilted his head in confusion. "I believe it is more for quality of taste than nutritional value."

    "I'll bet." Rasplin looked around the store filled with snacks and other convenance items. His gaze then landed on the vest Castiel wore with the name tag. "Steve."

    Castiel looked at his nameplate, tapping it with an outstretched finger. "Oh yes. I thought it was an interesting name to call myself. My boss seems to like it."

    Rasplin pulled himself from the floor, feeling his paws become almost rooted to the spot. This foam wasn't quite what he thought it would be. "I never thought that I would see you like this. Having a human vessel is one thing; actually being a human is a completely different."

    "I know." Castiel reached out to grab the paper towels that were strewn on the counter beside him. His fist bumped them and they fell, rolling and unraveling against the liquid soaked ground. They continued to roll until they bumped into Rasplin's paws. Rasplin looked up, unsure of what to say or do.

    Suddenly, Castiel's face began to crumple. He lifted hand over his eyes as his shoulders shook with silent sobs. His other free hand wrapped around his midsection while he slumped to the floor, sitting in the sticky liquid. Sniffles and whimpers could be heard under Castiel's hand that still covered part over his face.

    Rasplin stood rigid, unsure what to do. He had been able to comfort Mina whenever she would cry, but Castiel was something much different. Rasplin hadn't seen him break down many times and he certainly hadn't been the one to offer comfort. He may be a healer, but all of the sympathy and empathy was difficult for a Wolvy that had grown up in StarFire where all emotion was deemed useless except for rage. Rasplin could remember comforting Meadowslip, especially when they found out that Mina had the same glowing red gaze that he did. He remembered that like it was yesterday.


    "Rasplin? Rasplin!"

    Rasplin blinked his eyes open suddenly, fear beginning to drench him. Was there someone trying to break into the cavern? Was Meadowslip hurt? Was Mina sick?

    "What," Rasplin barked, rushing to his paws with his fur beginning to bristle along his spine.

    He felt a wing brush gingerly over his spine, immediately calming him with the simple movement. "It's alright," Meadowslip chided, her voice soft as falling feathers. "Everything's alright."

    "Then why did you wake me," Rasplin asked. Concern still shone in his eyes as he looked at Meadowslip intently. She didn't look injured or scared, but he could be missing something.

    Meadowslip leaned forward to brush her muzzle against Rasplin's thick neck fur. "She's opening up her eyes," she whispered.

    Rasplin's eyes widened in shock. He instantly whipped around to see the pup nestled at Meadowslip's underbelly. Her head was lifting weakly as she still struggled to stand without Meadowslip's help. However, her face was scrunched up while her eyes attempted to open a sliver. Her pink mouth gaped open wide as she let out a frustrated wail.

    "Can't we help her," Rasplin fretted. He hated to see his daughter so frustrated.

    Amusement glittered in Meadowslip's eyes. "Somethings you have to let her do on her own, Rasplin. She was born with instincts. We need to let her use them."

    Reluctantly, Rasplin sat back down with his tail curled around his paws as he watched his daughter in front of him. Her head kept lifting as her eyelids twitched. A look of pure determination passed over her small features while her ears pinned back against her head.

    "You can do it," Rasplin urged, eyes shinning in pride. "You're almost there."

    Mina let out another whimper until her eyes flashed open. They blinked rapidly to adjust to all the new input she was receiving from her new sense of sight.

    Rasplin's heart suddenly plummeted in his stomach when he realized that he was staring at eyes identical to his own. Her irises were bright red, almost the color of blood, and seemed to fill her entire eye. They were the first thing that Rasplin noticed when he looked at her. It suddenly didn't matter about her white and light gray fur or her delicate white wings. All that Rasplin could think of was that these red eyes signaled what she truly was: an offspring of a Hellhound.

    Meadowslip leaned forward to lick Mina between the ears. "The world is going to seem so much bigger for you, little one," she whispered lovingly. "You will learn to navigate it just as we have, my little wing."

    Rasplin couldn't think of anything to say. He stole a glance over to Meadowslip and saw the strain on her features; the way that her eyes flickered down to her paws and her brow threatened to scrunch together. She wasn't disappointed; she was terrified.

    "Meadowslip?" Rasplin stretched out a paw to rest it on top of hers softly.
    Her head snapped up when she heard her name. She looked to Rasplin with tears shinning in her eyes. "She's perfect, Rasplin."

    Rasplin's mouth suddenly felt dry. The love that he felt for his daughter didn't diminish, not even slightly, but he couldn't deny that apprehension gnawed at his stomach. Nausea threatened to rise in him as he stretched out his neck to press his nose against Meadowslip's cheek. "She is perfect."

    A few stray tears rolled down from her eyes and Rasplin quickly licked them away. "Of course she is, because she's ours." It was one of the truest statements Rasplin had ever found himself saying. He didn't care if Mina had been born with three heads and two paws; he would've loved her all the same. That didn't mean that it calmed his nerves to see himself reflected in his daughter's gaze. There hadn't previously been anything that marked her as the pup of a StarFire Wolvy and StarBound Wolvy. That had all changed when her eyes opened.

    "We will always love her," Rasplin continued. "I don't care what anyone says or how anyone feels. She is ours and that should be enough."


    Rasplin jolted himself from his memory, feeling the loss of soft fur against him. He reluctantly padded over to Castiel and sat at his side, remembering exactly how he had comforted Meadowslip all those years ago. It was a little different, but Rasplin could make it work.

    The Wolvy lifted one wing to drape it around Castiel's shoulders. It was different not to feel Castiel's own wings as resistance or at least know that they were there. Without grace, Castiel truly was like any other human.

    Next, Rasplin lifted a paw to rest it on Castiel's outstretched knee. It didn't stop the cries that shook his body, if anything it seemed to ramp them up.

    With a long sigh through his nose, Rasplin lifted his muzzle toward Castiel's cheek. He licked the salty tears away, allowing his nose to touch the corner of Castiel's eye. The angel slightly flinched at Rasplin's sudden touch before leaning back into it gratefully.

"I don't know what to do, Rasplin," Castiel confessed, humiliated that he was showing such weakness in front of Rasplin. He was running low on friends at the moment and Rasplin wasn't exactly the one that he would say was the most understanding. However, this was a side to Rasplin that Castiel never thought that he was see and certainly not regarding him.

Rasplin allowed Castiel to shift so that he was leaning against the thick furred Wolvy. Rasplin's eyes glinted in the iridescent lights above him while the sounds of numerous machines sounded around him. Sticky liquid was still seeping into his fur, making Rasplin want to groom his fur just to get it out. He forced himself to keep still with Castiel pressed against him.

"We'll figure this out," murmured Rasplin, using the same sentiment that Rasplin always told Mina when she was frustrated and having a hard time. "We always do and we always will."