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Outside D*ck!

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Jensen POV


Jensen was taking his normal route home from a long day at his work as a physical therapist at his local hospital in town, in his position; he has had the privilege in working with healing the premiere sports athletes ranging from amateur to professional level and today was no different. The air was crisp and it was a warm spring day so he had let his window down instead of using the AC as he normally does, as he was driving a scent came rushing to his nostrils causing him to grunt and flare his mouth to taste the sweet aroma that is captivating him which caused him to pull over so he could further investigate where the smell was coming from. Once he left his car and started walking in the direction where the scent was strong, he kept walking until he saw a man sitting on the bench enjoying a cone of ice cream. He was a beautiful man with long flowing hair, a nice thick but trimmed beard, tall for an Omega but he is indeed an Omega, I can smell the sweet scent from here.


As he was walking towards the man, the man turned his head and looked in my direction as well, we both caught each eyes and looked inside each other beating hearts. Once face to face with the man, I had instantly voiced “My True Mate” and the other man said “My True Alpha”. Public claiming never been his forte’ but right now all Jensen could think was “All Mine” I need to claim him now so that is what he had did. He proceeded to grab his mate by the waist and kissed him hungrily and thoroughly on the lips while rubbing his hands all around his body with his mate matching the same movements as Jensen was doing to him. Jensen could smell the excitement, the consent for mating resonating from the man therefore he had continued in kissing and grinding his enlarged dick against the man. Then he stuck his finger in the crack of his mate ass and felt the slick coming from his bottom then took said finger and placed in his mouth tasting the sweet apples & cinnamon lavishing every drop with immense satisfaction. His mate pleaded “Please fuck me and claim me now-I am Yours”-So Be It-Jensen said then growled with anticipation as he started taking off both him and his mate clothes and once naked commanded his omega in his Alpha voice “Present to Me Now” and his Omega eagerly obeyed his command and bent over placing both hands onto the bench where once he was innocently eating his ice cream cone now lying on the floor as his mate smiles as he feels the girth of his Alpha dick enter inside him with a harsh thrust.