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You, Me and Our 2d Gamer Gf

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"What do you mean Lighting McQueen's a jerk? He's the star of the movie."

"So? the whole point of the movie is that he's the worst guy till he learns about friendship or whatever."

"No, No, No, He's the main character. Main characters are always the good guy."

"You could literally not be more wrong. What kind of baby bullshit are you watching?"

Soda scrunched his nose at this, grumbling something inaudible under his breath. Hinata could tell exactly what comeback he wanted to make, and he also knew it would be a horrible, awful decision.

"What? Got something to say bastard." Fuyuhiko glowered in return. Don't say anything soda, Hinata thought to himself, not if you wanna keep your organs.

Soda just scoffed, "Nothing. You're wrong and I'm right. Lighting McQueen is the best animated character ever, you're just jealous of his banging car body." He sighed longingly. "I wish he was real so I could take him apart and sell his car pieces online."

"That's disgusting, Soda." Fuyuhiko retorted.

"What? He's a car! I was joking anyways, no way I would toss aside such useful machinery." This is where Hinata began to tune out. He wasn't supposed to be listening to this-he was supposed to be studying. But these two had decided to barge in and take over under the false claim of wanting to study with him. Hinata wasn't even sure why'd they want to be around here. The rooms at the reserve course were less than adequate, to put it nicely. They were cramped, dark and occasionally emitted unidentifiable smells. A great representation of the importance and value the school put into their Reserve course. Hinata would give anything to not be here, how much more the high and mighty main course.

He sighed as he looked at those bleak walls. A constant reminder of who he was, where he was. Still, Soda and Fuyuhiko traveled all the way to see him, leaving their comfortable, well kept dorms for this mess. Hinata was just brave enough to call them his friends. They sat strung about his room, Fuyuhiko leaning on his bedframe, while Soda stood pacing all over. Their presence would have been comforting if they weren't so annoying.

"Why are you two talking about some random movie for anyways? Don't you guys have home work? y'know like normal high school students would."

Fuyuhiko adjusted his position. "Barely. Nothing I couldn't finish in 30 minutes at most." He smirked. "If I even wanted to." His homework was probably be more threatening or something. He was already great at that.

"I mean all we've gotta do is build up our talents or whatever? Then I've got it in the bag. I'm already working on some pretty awesome technical projects." Soda chimed in.

"You do still have to take normal tests sometimes though, right? Maybe you should focus on that too."

Soda shrugged his shoulders dismissively. Hinata could already hear him begging and pleading for his help on a test he 'didn't have time' to study for.

"A project, huh? Is that why you've been ditching us." Fuyuhiko stated.

"Yeah, and if you guys keeping dissing my genius I might just keep it up. Don't miss me too much but, boy, is gonna be worth it in the end."

Hinata didn't really want to ask but he wanted to know. He just didn't want to hear it, even though he did. He stared down at his paper, ignoring the guilt of not feeling all that supportive of Kazuichi. Hinata said nothing, knowing he would continue talking anyway.

"No spoilers or anything, but since you, my soul bros, are dying to know." "You don't have to-" "Just begging on your knees for this juicy drop." "Oh brother."

"I'm working with a upperclassmen, maybe you've heard of 'em? Their names Chihiro? Yeah well, we are working on a.... drum roll, please?" He was met with silence. "Great thanks so much." He mused.

"We're working on a real-life robot! but not just any bot boy a fully-functional ai." He cheered.

"Is something like that even possible?" Fuyuhiko tried to mask his surprise with a weird, out-of-place disdain. An attempt to seem cool, Hinata guessed. It didn't work, but he couldn't judge. Even he was a thoroughly shocked to hear something like that. A robot was a pretty basic concept, not even a very technical term but knowing Kazuichi's skills this thing had potential to be legendary. Much more meaningful then a boring old reserve course could even dream of.

Hinata shook the thought away and forced optimism into his voice. "Sounds super cool."

Soda frowned. "Just super cool? It's literally a fully functional robot guys. It'll practically be a person." Soda began his pacing a little bit. "I'm working on the more mecha stuff, y'know the actually body building, but Chihiro's Ai is what's really gonna bring this thing alive. We've even got a sort of prototype of the Ai, we had to scrap it though."

"How come?" Hinata asked.

"She was kinda... eh... Y'know?"

"We kinda don't know Mr. Ultimate Mechanic." Said Fuyuhiko.

"Well, to put it simply she was just kinda faulty, she only ever responded like half the time. Impressive though. I looked away for 3 seconds and she re-invented Tetris and was already winning."

"That sounds incredible? All by herself." Hinata questioned. "I mean the science of that must be..." Hajime trailed off, a bit disappointed he couldn't really fully understand how cool it all was.

"Yeah, well she wasn't really what we needed, but throwing her away was kind of lame. Chihiro had this whole moral thing about it too. They know way more about the actual Ai stuff than I do."

Kazuichi looked like he suddenly had a thought.

"You guys want her?"

"What?" They both responded in unison.

"Yeah, you can just plug her into your phone and bam, Ai babe at your service." Kazuichi grinned all toothy. "She's lowkey kinda thick."

Fuyuhiko could only physically cringe in response. "No thank you. I don't want your weird gamer girl."

"Hey, come on! I don't know what else to do with her, she's just sitting on a hard drive somewhere, probably playing like Mario kart or something."

"I'd keep her but I think My Miss Sonia would get all jealous." Soda drooled at the thought of his schoolyard crush.

"More like relieved." Fuyuhiko hit back.

Soda just glared at him. "Well you're definitely not getting her now." As Hinata expected as much as dreaded, Soda turned to him. "That leaves you, Hajime."

Hajime didn't know how he felt in this moment. He kind of wanted to say yes? but he could never take something so valuable from a main course student. He probably be accused of stealing. A part of him just didn't care at all and only wanted to go back to studying.

"Weeeeeeeeell?" Soda prodded him further.

Hinata faltered in answering. "I'm sure someone else in the main course would want it don't you think?"

"But if you had at I could check up with it, see if anything interesting happens." Soda thought more. "Plus, I can't think of anyone else, Akane and Nekomaru would probably break it. I would never in a million years give Hiyoko anything...." He began naming classmates.

Hinata sighed. "Sure. Why not. Just promise you guys will actually let me study for a change."

With no intention of accepting his conditions, Soda grinned. "Alright! I'll tell Chihiro. Man, you are gonna freak when you see what this baby can do, that's a promise soul bro." Hinata didn't doubt that, but he also hadn't really allowed his decision to sink in yet.

"Hey, cementhead." Fuyhikko lightly grabbed Soda by the collar. "Didn't you hear the part where he said beat it." With this he dragged the sputtering Kazuichi out his door, to Hinata's relief.

Before he left he smirked at Hinata, "Hope you don't regret taking favors from this bozo." Hinata hoped so too.