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In Meg's Eyes

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From the moment her father, Azazel, tainted Sam with demon blood, Meg knew about Sam Winchester’s dark destiny. He was her father’s chosen one; the favorite of her father’s special children. Thus her family kept a close eye on the Winchesters in the ensuing years. Meg watched as John Winchester became consumed in a quest for vengeance… teaching his two sons to hunt the monsters of the night. But Daddy Winchester was not her focus; Sam was. As she watched Sam grow and mature, she agreed with her demonic father’s assessment of their target. There was something special about the youngest Winchester son.

All of Azazel’s followers observed Sam Winchester grow from a boy to a man. He went from a timid boy to a fearsome hunter. They watched and rejoiced when Sam rebelled from his father and rejected the life John Winchester planned for his boys. The moment Sam got out from his father’s thumb left him open for some demonic influence.

Meg also knew there was only one concern her father worried about that could interrupt their plans for Sam… Dean Winchester, Sam’s older brother. Though the two brothers were similar in many ways, they were also polar opposites in others. Where Sam rebelled against his father, Dean remained steadfast loyal to the old man. The eldest Winchester son was a trained dog torn between two masters. Anyone could see his obedience to John, but Meg also noticed the unwavering devotion Dean had for his little brother. Meg stored that information for later use. Maybe Dean could be useful in getting Sam to accept his destiny somehow.

At last, Sam finally pushed away from his family, and he struck out on his own. Azazel was so pleased by this, and he immediately ordered some of his followers to insert themselves in Sam’s life. They were like his demonic guardian angels, and Meg laughed at the thought.

Worry began to creep back in to the demons when Dean showed up at Sam’s door. Her father reassured them all that is was all part of his plan. It was time for Sam to return to hunting, but this time he would not have his father to guide him. Azazel made sure Sam could not return to a normal life by killing Sam’s girlfriend. Once again Sam did not disappoint. He was an excellent hunter, and he and Dean made a fearsome team. Maybe there were a little too good.

At last, Meg had her chance to interact with her father’s chosen. Sam had left Dean, and it created the perfect opportunity for Meg to worm her way into his life. As soon as they met for real, Meg wanted to the young man; he was good looking with evil lurking underneath the surface. She wanted nothing more than to taint him even further. Before that could happen, Sam was running back to Dean’s side. What a disappointment! What was so special about Dean anyways?

Of course she finally got the chance to meet the infamous Dean Winchester. At first she did not think he was so special, but Sam was still stuck to his brother’s side like glue. It was all very curious. Meg made her father proud by delaying the Winchester family reunion. Silly hunters thought they were after John. Let them think that for now.

It came time for part one of Azazel’s plan. The Winchesters had the Colt, and the demons planned to steal the gun. Azazel’s plan was a masterpiece. Meg may have lost her brother, but Azazel got the Colt back and John Winchester’s soul in Hell. There was a reason so many demons followed her father.

Sam and Dean clung to each other like glue after their father’s death. Meg wanted to see how far she could push the brothers. It was why she possessed Sam. It was easy to fool Dean into thinking she was Sam who went dark side; maybe it was a bit too easy. Dean did figure it out before he sent her back to Hell… again. Why was he still alive again? Her plan still worked though, and Sam was doubting his nature more and more. Azazel was so proud of his daughter, his right hand demon. All Sam needed was one more push to accept his true destiny.

Then came the battle royal, the moment they had all been waiting for. There was no way that Sam would not come out on top. But then Dean got in the way again, and that Jake dude killed Sam and took first place. Meg finally questioned her father’s faith in Sam Winchester, but he told her she would see.

Dean being needy and dependent as he is made a deal to bring his dear brother back to life. And Azazel was right; Sam was the one. He was different after being resurrected, darker. Meg liked this new Sam. She hated Dean though because he killed her father; Meg wanted Dean to suffer in Hell.

Out of the ashes came Lilith. It turns out Azazel was a servant of Lilith, and Meg was quick to share that loyalty. Lilith continued to manipulate Sam as her father did. Like Meg was Azazel’s most faithful follower, Lilith had one named Ruby. Only a select few were chosen to know Ruby’s ture mission, and Meg was one of them. Ruby was a Trojan Horse. She appeared to be a demon betraying Hell, but she was meant to push Sam further into his destiny. After all, she could gain the brother’s trust and make Sam see wrong as right.

Lilith’s plan centered around Dean’s deal. She was the one who possessed Dean’s contract, and there was no way she going to let Dean out of his deal. Lilith informed them that Dean’s place was in Hell, and Meg wanted to be the first in line to torture that self-righteous hunter. Lilith, however, refused and said Meg will never get the chance to lay even a single finger on Dean. Was Lilith saving Dean all for herself? The queen just told Meg wait and see. Dean was the key to all their hopes and dreams.

Because of Ruby’s mission, Meg was not allowed back on the surface and interact with the Winchesters, so Meg had to watch and wait to understand Lilith’s grand plan. So the demon silently watched as Ruby gained Sam’s trust… and eventually Dean’s. It was certainly unexpected; Dena was so straight and narrow with the line of good and evil. The relationship between Dean and Ruby was weird though; the two almost appeared to be vying for Sam’s affections like Ruby wanted to replace Dean, which was making the older Winchester jealous. Meg could not believe what she was witnessing, and Sam was loving it.

Speaking of Sam, he was the one changing the most. Ruby’s plan was working, and their target changed more and more Ruby gained Sam’s trust. The demonic minx, as Meg liked to call Ruby, convinced the younger Winchester that he would not be able to save his brother as a hunter. If Sam truly wanted to save Dean from Hell, then he was going to have to accept his hellish destiny. Then came the demon blood, and even Meg could feel Sam’s growing powers in Hell.

At long last finally came Sam’s introduction to Lilith.  The Queen of Hell was so strange around the dark Winchester. In Hell, Lilith bowed to no one, but she was bowing down to Sam, a human no less. It threw Meg and every other demon for a loop. Lilith led Sam to the throne, and he took his seat. Then Lilith bent the knee and before the king; every other demon followed suit, including Meg. Meg could not help but think of how proud Azazel would be at this moment.

Of course, Lilith and Ruby kept Sam from the rest of the demons as they taught him the necessities of being king. Meg longed to see him before he returned to Earth. It was not time for Sam to be in Hell; he apparently had other business to finish on Earth. Their eyes met right before Sam returned to Earth, and Meg knew Sam recognized her right away. Their story was not finished, and Meg could wait now for the time being. Sam would seek her out, and she would be waiting.

The time had finally come, and Dean’s deal came due. The Hellhounds tore through his flesh and dragged his damned soul to the Pit. As soon as Dean was dead, Sam returned to Hell. Immediately when Sam arrived, the King went to collect his brother. While waiting for her king, Meg was beginning to realize how important Dean was to accepting Sam’s destiny. Without Dean being damned, Sam might have never willingly gone to the throne.

Sam walked hand in hand with Dean into the palace. Staring at Sam and Dean, Meg finally understood all of Sam’s feelings toward his brother. Sam was in love with Dean, and he wanted to intimate with his big brother. Well that certainly explained a lot. When Meg possessed Sam, there were so many conflicting emotions tied to Dean; it was hard to make sense of them. Over all, Meg had no issues with Sam and Dean’s relationship. If Sam wanted to fuck Dean, then he should go for it.

The only outlier in this equation was Ruby. Meg observed Ruby insert herself more and more in Sam’s personal life. It started with the demon blood, and then it led to Lilith. The demonic minx thought she was all that and on top of the demonic food chain. Meg wanted to cut the smile off of Ruby’s face. There was no doubt about it; the two of them were fucking. Right under Dean’s nose, Sam’s mate… bold. Of course the older Winchester brother hardly left the rooms he shared with Sam; he was probably still struggling to adjust to life in Hell. It gave Meg such a naughty idea….


If Ruby got to have fun with their king, then so should Meg. After all, Meg had so much more of an intense relationship with the Winchesters; her and Sam were one for those lovely two weeks. Maybe besides Lilith, no other demon knew their king as well as Meg. Sam may have chosen Dean as his mate, but he could still have others to satisfy him. And Meg desired to be to one. She was a demon after all, and it in her nature to covet what was not hers.

It was hard to get Sam alone. When their king was not in his rooms with his chosen mate, then Ruby was always clinging to his side. Meg finally found Sam alone in one of the open corridors overlooking the Pit. “Hello Sam,” she casually greeted, “it’s been a long time.”

Sam turned his head and studied the demonic woman for a moment. “Meg? Is that you?” he asked with a slight tilt of his head.

Meg smiled and nodded her head as she moved closer to the Boy King. “I wanted to offer my congratulations to you. My father was always right about you, and I’m glad you have finally taken what is rightfully yours.” She made sure to stick out her chest and press against his side.

Hazel eyes darkened with lust as he appreciated her form. He cleared his throat and responded, “Well it was just a matter of time, right?”

She licked her lips and slowly caressed his arm. “Dean makes a lovely mate and Consort for you. But are still only satisfied with Ruby as your only concubine?” she wondered.

The Boy King raised a curious eyebrow. He turned his body and rubbed her collarbone with his thumb. “What did you have in mind?” he asked her.

She turned his head and brought their lips almost together. “I can think of something very pleasurable,” she whispered on his lips.

Before the Boy King could give into his desires, he had to be sure of one thing. He opened his eyes and demanded, “You will belong solely to me. You swear your loyalty and fealty to me.” Meg was a demon, like Lilith, Sam needed to have bow down to him. The more powerful and connected the demons, the better.

Meg gazed into hazel eyes and goosebumps arose from her skin as she felt his power brimming underneath the surface. “You are my king,” she stated, “your will is my own, and I belong to you.”

Satisfied by her response, Sam was quick to bring their lips together in a hungry kiss that was all teeth and tongue. He slammed her roughly into the closest pillar, and Meg wrapped her legs around his waist. Her hands gripped his hair as he forced his will onto her body. The dress she wore was already hiked up, and she wore nothing underneath. Sam reached down between them to unbutton his pants and free his cock.

Sam was not one to draw out his love making with anyone else besides Dean. Holding onto the base of his member, he quickly thrusted himself completely inside her. Meg squeezed her eyes tightly shut and groaned at the rough penetration. He hardly gave her any time to adjust before he was pulling out of her and thrusting back in. His pace was hard and fast. The demon could not form any words that were more than one syllable. Her hands squeezed his shoulders tightly as she just held onto him for the ride.

Soon his hips were stuttering as he neared his release. Right before he came, Meg was pushed over the edge; she cried out as her orgasm washed over her. She loved it hard and rough. Sam groaned as he came inside her wet and clenching channel.

As the two panted and caught their breaths, Sam softened and slipped out of the demon wrapped around him. Meg unwrapped her legs around her king’s waist as he tucked himself back into his pants. Before glancing back at her king’s form, Meg adjusted the bottom half of her dress. When their clothes were back in order, the two finally glanced at one another. Sam cleared his throat and promised her, “I will come see you again soon.”

Meg was honored to be one of the Boy King’s concubines. She knew her role and what she was to him. “Anytime my king,” she responded with a devious smile on her face.

Sam nodded his head; he was grateful she fully understood her place. He turned his back on her as he planned to head back to the palace. He managed to take one step before Lilith appeared. The white eyed demon glanced at the two lovers before raising an eyebrow. “Seems like the two of you had some fun,” she commented.

The Boy King crossed his arms over his chest. Meg knew from experience that he did not like to be told what to do. “What do you want Lilith?” he demanded answers.

Lilith placed a hand on her hip. “I wanted to talk to you about Dean,” she began.

Meg had never seen Sam stiffen so quickly before. Was Sam feeling a bit guilty perhaps for looking got some pleasure outside of his chosen mate? Well he should not be feeling that way. Why be king if one cannot enjoy the perks that come along with the throne? “What about Dean?” she heard him respond.

Lilith stole another glance at Meg before completely brushing the other demon off. “Is he still hiding out in your rooms?” she continued to prod for answers.

Sam nodded his head in confirmation. “He still doesn’t like being around other demons yet,” the king answered.

The former Queen of Hell took another step closer to the current monarch. “I think I have a way to get our dear sweet Dean out of his hidey hole.”

The king raised an eyebrow at her words. He responded, “I’m listening.”

By now Lilith was circling the hazel eyed male. “Let Alastair take him under his wing. Dean can learn the tools of the trade in the Pit,” she suggested.

Meg could see her king weigh the options and possible outcomes if he agreed to Lilith’s suggestions of Dean studying under Alastair’s tutelage. Meg grabbed her king’s arm lightly and offered, “Maybe this is a good idea. This will give Dean something to focus on, and it will also make the others respect him more.”

There was a surprised look on the Boy King’s face. It was there for only a moment before it was gone. Then he was grabbing her chin, forcing their eyes to meet. “Thank you,” he spoke before softly kissing her on the lips.

Inwardly, she was beaming with pride; Meg would support Sam in any way that she could. She then said nothing was Sam and Lilith took their leave… most likely heading to Dean to tell him the news. With a smile on her face, Meg headed in the opposite direction.

As she re-entered the inside of the palace, Meg came face to face with Ruby, the demonic minx. It seemed as though Ruby was sulking around and waiting for the other demon, and she most certainly appeared not happy to see Meg. “Sam is mine,” the demonic minx growled, attempting to be intimidating.

Meg cruelly laughed at the lesser demon. Ruby was nothing; she was a foot ant while Meg was a leader. “Sam isn’t yours,” Meg cruelly mocked, “you’re just a whore for him to sink his cock into.”

Ruby’s eyes narrowed hatefully. “No, that’s you,” she responded, “he needs me. We are a partnership.”

Was the lesser demon serious? Was she even listening to herself? What Ruby was describing was Sam’s relationship with Dean. No matter what happened in the past, Meg respected Dean’s place in Sam’s life. It was Dean that brought Sam to the throne, and Dean kept his brother there. Meg would not fuck with that or change it. She replied to the other demon, “You are seriously deluding yourself. You are his concubine, not his Queen Consort. And you never will be.”

It seemed like Meg struck a nerve with the demonic minx. Who would have thought Ruby was so jealous and threatened by Dean? “For now, maybe. But Sam will soon realize how much he relies on me and how better suited I am for the title,” she continued to delude herself.

Meg just waved off the other demon. She had more important things to do than deal with this crazy bitch. Ruby would learn her place one day.


It was easy to settle in her new routine. Being Sam’s concubine was fun, and it certainly had its perks. True, her king did prefer the company of Ruby more, but at least Sam would talk with Meg. Whenever he did not bring Ruby to play with both of his concubines at once, Sam and Meg would always talk after they fucked to their black heart’s content. Every now and then, the Boy King liked to be reminded of his past, and Meg has known him the longest. It was one such occasion that Meg made the mistake in asking, “Why don’t you invite Dean for some. I’m sure he would enjoy it.”

Sam slapped Meg so hard in the face that her face was already bruising. “Dean belongs to me and only me,” he warned her in a dangerous tone.

Meg immediately learned her lesson; she lowered her gaze and bowed before her king. “Please forgive me,” she apologized. She had a feeling Sam would kill anyone who got too close to Dean.

After taking a deep breath, he responded, “You are forgiven. Just remember your place.”

She nodded her head as she was properly chastised. It confirmed her thoughts that Dean was the only one Sam truly cared about. It made the demon wonder how things were going to end with Ruby.

After that escapade, Sam spent a little bit less time with Meg, and even more time with Ruby. They were not even subtle as they fucked around the palace in every nook and cranny. Sam always drank Ruby’s blood whenever it was just the two of them. Meg could not wait for when Ruby was shown her place.

At the same time, Meg met Lukas. Lukas was something else. She first saw him while he was in the middle of an orgy with Belphagor and two other demons. By Lucifer, Lukas was most certainly attractive. He was absolutely delectable when he was getting fucked, but he most certainly knew how to pleasure a woman as well. When their eyes met, it was like electricity. Of course, Meg could not stick around to talk with this delectable demon since she felt her king summoning her. But they would hopefully meet again eventually.

Dean had become Alastair’s star pupil when Meg saw Lukas again. Sam hardly spent any time with Meg, and if the rumors were true… Dean as well. In fact, it seemed that Sam was never without Ruby at this point. Meg had just returned to the palace when she ran into Lukas, literally. “Sorry about that beautiful,” he apologized to her as he helped her to keep right on her feet.

Meg brushed his kind gesture off; she never needed a man to save her. “Watch where you are going,” she growled at him, but it was all bravado.

Lukas was unfazed by her bitter attitude. He took a moment to study her, and then he finally recognized her. “You are one of the Boy King’s concubines,” he stated with wide eyes, “please don’t tell him I touched you.” He would no longer look her in the eye.

She knew about Sam’s reputation beyond his inner circle; he was very possessive of what belonged to him, which included Meg. As Sam’s concubine, Meg solely belonged to her king, and she could have no other lover… besides Ruby, which was a hard no. She could not be with any other unless Sam gave permission to share her, which was the only drawback to their arrangement. So she lifted Lukas’ jaw, so their eyes could meet. “Hey, don’t worry about it,” she reassured him.

Her words put the other demon at ease, and he relaxed in her presence. Quirking his lips, he eyed her form. “Of course the most beautiful belong to the King…. I wonder what it’s like to be his,” he mused aloud.

Licking her lips, Meg teased, “I never have been fucked as intensely as with the King. Trust me, he knows how to take you for a ride.”

His eyes darkened with lust as he imagined. Before he could flirt with her anymore, Alastair and Lilith entered the hallway. Meg hated for her time with Lukas to be so short, but Lilith was Sam’s eyes and ears. “See you later,” she whispered to Lukas before continuing on her path. There was no way that she would not see him again soon, and the next time would be longer.


Meg was not one to snoop, but she could not help but overhear some things. She spotted Sam and Ruby in Sam’s council room. Meg was not up for a threesome with that bitch, so Meg did not wish to be spotted by either one of them. Because of this, she overheard Ruby plead with Sam, “Why can’t we take this to your chambers?”

Even Meg could hear the frustration and annoyance in his tone, “You know why. Those are mine and Dean’s rooms.”

It seemed as though Ruby was not ready to give up this fight though. “But Dean is hardly there. He is always in the Pit with Alastair, and I am the one always here for you.”

Was Ruby actually going to worm her way into Sam and Dean’s relationship and bed? Meg could hardly believe it. She knew she needed to get out of there before she got caught spying. She turned around to leave and spotted Lilith standing in the doorway. The white eyed demon was smiling as she raised her finger to her lips in a ‘shushing’ motion. Then Lilith turned around and left, and Meg was quick to follow suit.

It was not long after that when things really did take a turn. Meg entered the throne room; Sam was already seated on the throne and in a deep conversation with Lilith. Hopefully Lilith was not informing their king that Meg had been spying, but so had Lilith. Meg’s dark eyes scanned the room and spotted Lukas and Belphagor flirting. Meg wanted Lukas so bad, but it seemed like she would never get the chance. Sam was satisfied with the way things were with just Ruby and her as his concubines; he did not seem like he was searching for any more.

Then the doors to the throne room were throne room were open, and Dean walked inside. He was dragging Ruby by the demon’s hair, and the other demons gave their king’s mate a wide berth. Ruby was flopping, kicking, and screaming as she demanded Dean to release her; Meg could only laugh at her fellow concubine.

Meg glanced at Sam as Dean neared the throne. Sam’s eyes were wide as he stared at his mate manhandling his concubine. Lilith had a hand on the king’s shoulder to block him from getting to his feet, and she was whispering in his ear.

Dean shoved Ruby on the rack that Lilith and Alastair gifted Dean in the throne room. Was Dean going to give everyone a demonstration of what Alastair taught him? Meg could not wait to witness Ruby get torn into pieces. Meg was surprised when Dean turned to Lilith of all people, and the white eyed demon nodded her head. Was Lilith conspiring with Dean to get rid of Ruby? What was Lilith’s plan then?

Everyone was forced to watch Dean cut and carve into Ruby. It was silent in the throne room except for Ruby’s wails and screams. Meg was impressed by Dean’s skills; Alastair certainly taught him well. When Ruby was just holding on by a thread, Dean finally turned back to the figure on the throne. Had Lilith been whispering in Sam’s ear the entire time?

Dean’s eyes focused on his brother and mate. Even Meg could see the obvious lust in her king’s eyes as he stared at his brother. “Let me kill the bitch Sammy,” Dean pleaded with his brother, “you owe me that.”

Finally, the Boy King got to his feet. In his hands the demon killing knife Ruby had given the brothers appeared. He then handed the blade to Dean, signaling the King’s permission given. As Sam returned to his throne, Dean finished Ruby with the knife she had given them. Meg felt nothing but satisfaction as she stared at the dead pieces of the demonic minx.

Meg and everyone else’s attentions were drawn back to the throne and the demon beside it. Lilith cleared her throat before proclaiming, “I think Dean just proved himself here today as the one and only. Bow down before your Queen Consort.”

All demons bowed before their ruling monarchs as Dean made his way to his brother. Lilith moved away from the throne, and all demons knew they were to watch their King claim his Queen Consort. When Dean stood in front of his brother, Sam got to his feet and lips descended upon his mate’s; then Sam was pressing his body against Dean’s as his brother wrapped one arm around his neck and the other around his shoulder. Meg licked her lips as she continued to watch; she could not wait to witness Sam claim Dean.

Soon the brothers were ripping the clothes off of the other; in actuality it was Sam who stripped Dean while Sam freed his weeping member. Meg shuddered as she realized that her King was going to fuck his Consort against the throne in front of their demonic minions.

Sam bent Dean over the throne, and he kept one hand at the back of his Consort’s neck. His other hand trailed down Dean’s back to between his cheek, and he was quick to insert two fingers inside his big brother. The moan Dean released was near pornographic as his king pumped his fingers in and out of his mate. Meg was grateful the foreplay did not last long because Sam was removing his fingers and lining his hard cock to Dean’s hole. Her eyes focused on her Queen Consort’s face as Sam slowly pushed his cock inside his brother’s channel. Dean was truly beautiful as he was fucked so thoroughly; this was his place. Meg certainly believed Dean appeared so happy to have his brother’s attention in such a way.

Sam did not draw out this experience; everyone knew he was proving a point. He must have been hitting Dean’s sweet spot based on the submissive male’s moans and cries. Lust consumed the demonic minion as their Queen Consort came untouched on the side of the throne. After that, Sam picked up his pace as he chased his own orgasm. Meg knew her king was close based on her own experiences with him. She was right; a moment later his hips stuttered before he tightly shut his eyes as his orgasm washed over him.

The two monarchs certainly proved their point today. No one was going to get in the way of their love they had for each other again. Meg thought if anyone did try, then they were stupid beyond belief and deserved all the suffering to come.

After that day in the throne room, Meg hardly saw her king for a while. He was too busy fucking his Consort’s brains out for him to spend time with his only remaining concubine. The honeymoon period did end though, and Dean resumed his training with Alastair. Once that happened, Sam was visiting her once more. They would fuck, but Meg could tell Sam was not fully satisfied with just her as a concubine. She knew this could go one of two ways. Either he would replace her, or he would seek out an additional demon to join Meg as well. She was hoping for the latter; after all, Sam enjoyed their conversations still.

It finally happened after a particularly rough fuck. Both Meg and Sam were panting on the bed; their nude bodies shone with sweat. After Sam caught his breath, he stated, “I think it’s time I find another concubine. As much as fun as this is, I want someone we can both play with.”

Meg’s ears perked up; it was satisfying to know that Sam as not getting rid of her. She had grown accustomed to this life as Sam’s Concubine and the power the title brings. This opportunity was just the one she had been waiting for. “I have someone that I would think be perfect for it,” she commented.

Sam shifted so he was lying on his side facing her. He raised an eyebrow as he responded, “Oh yeah, who is that?” he responded.

The demon shifted to lying in a mermaid position as she smiled at her king. “I figure after what happened with Ruby, you would want something different… someone content with the role they are supposed to be in,” she began to explain.

There was an unreadable expression on the Boy King’s face. “Who is this perfect someone?” he asked.

At last Meg could have her chance. “Lukas.”

There was surprise evident in the Boy King’s face. “Lukas? Isn’t he Belphagor and some of the others who always lurk in the palace play thing?” Sam responded.

Meg licked her lips in anticipation. She further explained, “Yes, and that’s why he is perfect. He knows how the court works, so he will not expect the title that Dean is always meant to have. Lukas is popular and sought after, which will further elevate your status by having him as another one of your concubines. And he will follow your rules. I doubt he will go anywhere near Dean, especially after what Dean did.”

She could tell he was thinking about her words, and she knew she almost had her king convinced. “Meet him, and then make your decision,” she added.

“Alright,” Sam relented, “bring him to your chambers tomorrow for a trial run.”

The demon was practically giddy. She knew once Sam met Lukas, he would want the male demon as much as Meg.

Later that day, Meg sought out her elusive demon. She found him in the throne room, which was mostly empty. Their king was not there. Sam was most likely in the Pit keeping an eye on Dean. Their King was beginning to grow weary and suspicious of Alastair and Dean’s relationship. Lukas was eying Dean’s small throne of pillows beside Sam’s. “Hello Lukas,” she casually greeted.

Lukas turned around and smiled flirtatiously at the other demon. “Meg, it’s always a pleasure to see you,” he greeted back.

Meg moved closer to the other demon. “How would you like the opportunity you have been waiting for?” she whispered seductively in his ear.

The male demon licked his lips in anticipation, “And what do you think it is I want?” he responded.

The grin on Meg’s face only widened further. Her lips brushed the back of his neck before she moved away from him. “Come to my room tomorrow after court to find out,” she suggested before taking her leave. She had no doubt that he would show up tomorrow.

Of course Lukas did end up showing up to her chambers. In fact, he even arrived before their king did. Meg was lying on the bed, nude. As soon as Lukas shut the door, he stated, “Ok, what’s the big surprise since I know I can’t have you?”

Meg planted her feet on the bed and slowly spread her legs, revealing her wet womanhood. Lukas’ eyes were drawn to very fuckable hole. Because of that, he never noticed the door open behind him. “That would be me,” Sam stated before closing the door.

Lukas whirred around in surprise, and Meg smiled widely. The male demon lowered his eyes as he bowed his head to his king. “My King,” he formally greeted.

Sam took a moment to get a good look at the male demon. Meg could tell by the lust in Sam’s eyes that he liked what he saw. When Sam was standing in front of Lukas again, the king ordered, “Strip.”

The male demon was quick to follow the king’s order. Meg sat up to watch the other two men; she was curious to see how this was all going to go down. Their king took a moment to study Lukas’ form. Then Sam was turning Lukas around to face Meg. “Get on the bed with her,” the king ordered.

Meg watched as Lukas gulped before climbing onto the bed. When he was hovering over her, Meg finally threw caution to the wind and brought their lips together in a bruising kiss. It felt so good to do so after all this time. She got so lost in the moment, especially when she felt his hands on her body. His hands caressed every curve of her body before they reached where she wanted them to be. Biting her lip, Meg opened her eyes. Sam, completely nude, was getting on the bed behind Lukas. “Finger her like I finger you,” she heard Sam whisper in Lukas’ ear.

Lukas shuddered as he followed his king’s orders. Meg threw her head back as her desired lover began to tease her folds. Then he was shoving two fingers inside her, which made Meg gasp. Lukas made the same noise, and Meg could only assume Sam was finger fucking the other demon. “Is she nice and wet for you?” Sam was still whispering in the other male’s ear.

Without speaking, Lukas eagerly nodded his head; Meg had to bite her lips while his fingers brushed against the special spot inside of her. She wanted him so badly inside her. Then Lukas was pulling his fingers back as their king leaned back behind him. Meg’s eyes were dark with lust; she understood what Sam had in mind.

Sam was oh so controlling as he lined Lukas up to fuck Meg. As soon as Sam nodded his head, Lukas was pressing his cock inside her. Her legs were folded in his arms, so she gripped her knees as she groaned at the sensation. Lukas got a few good thrusts in before he stilled inside her. The male demon’s eyes practically rolled in the back of his head, and Meg knew Sam was inside the other male. For Meg, this moment was beyond perfect.

With Sam fucking Lukas, the male demon was able to press further inside their female lover. Meg squeezed her knees tightly as she was fucked so thoroughly. She was the first to be pushed over the edge. Meg sucked on Lukas’ earlobe as her orgasm washed over her. It did not take long for Lukas to follow suit. Meg loved feeling his come filling her channel. Then Sam was gripping Lukas harder as he sought his own release. Meg stared at Lukas’ face while he was getting fucked. There was such a satisfied smile on his face; he was happy. Through Lukas, Meg could feel Sam still as he filled the demon between them. What a great ride.

After Sam climbed off Lukas to lie on the bed, Lukas mimicked the actions with Meg. Lukas was still panting when there was a knock on the door. “What?!?” Sam growled.

“My King, your mate is looking for you,” a female voice stated. Meg recognized the voice as Cassandra, one of Lilith’s followers. Meg had seen Cassandra start hanging around Dean recently as well. Too bad Cassandra picked the wrong Winchester.

Sam climbed off the bed and redressed. Of course Sam would always go running back to Dean; Meg was not surprised by this. When he was fully redressed, Sam turned back to Meg. “I expect you to explain to Lukas how things are done,” Sam spoke.

Meg nodded her head. “Of course Sam.” Besides, she wanted to spend more time with Lukas.

After Sam took his leave, Lukas turned to face the woman lying beside him. “So what does this mean?” he asked her.

Before answering him, she stretched her body out. “Isn’t it obvious,” she answered him, “you are now one of the Boy King’s concubines. Your body belongs to our King.”

Lukas grinned at her words; he did not seem bothered by her words what so ever. “Excellent. I wouldn’t mind spending some one-on-one time with the both of you,” he responded.

His words made her smile widen. He was absolutely perfect. “But there is one absolute rule that must never be broken,” she warned him, “under no circumstances are you to approach the Queen Consort. He cannot know about us.” The reason should be painfully obvious.

He nodded his head in agreement. “I would not want to end up like Ruby,” he replied, “but I heard you have known our king and his mate for a long time. Does this rule apply to you too?”

Meg pushed herself closer to the other demon. “I’ve known both our King and Consort from before they came to Hell, and Dean will never see me again because our King expects that of us,” she explained.

Lukas reached forward and brought their lips together in a soft kiss. “I understand. The Consort belongs solely to the King. I can get behind this if we can have our fun too.”

Their lips met again in a much more hungry kiss. Meg was thrilled; she had a feeling this was the start of an interesting era.