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nothing better than a hate fuck

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They say there’s nothing better than a hate-fuck. Two individuals exhibiting nothing but raw lust and passion; being nothing more than mere puppets, slaves, to their emotions. Desire overcoming their entire beings, as they spit out the meaningless phrases “I hate you” over and over while both their bodies collide over and over again, until they both reach a high before crashing back down again.

That’s the exact predicament Madara Mikejima found himself in.

It’s not easy being an idol vigilante; your hands are always a little stained with a certain red colour. Between his dealings in the dark with fellow unit mate, Kohaku Oukawa he has most certainly seen the worst of all humanity. He has taken down the villains plaguing the idol industry; how can he sing again with a beaming smile on his face? He is not a clean man. His entire being is stained red.

So, when you came into New Dimension’s office trailing behind Tsumugi Aoba as a newly hired assistant, he was enticed. There was no way you had experienced the hardships of how he led his day-to-day life, so why did he feel so uneasy around you? Why did he feel like you were always watching his moves, eyes staring straight into his impure soul? Why was it that whenever he approached you, you always seemed to be trying to avoid him? His keen eye noticed how you acted towards the others though. You were always there for everyone else at New Dimension; being used as Ritsu Sakuma’s lap pillow, helping Tsumugi with paperwork, running after the eccentric Leo Tsukinaga, listening to Izumi Sena’s feedback (even if he was being not very nice with his choice of words), you became a pillar in New Dimension’s foundation. It’s like you singled Madara out and decided you disliked him.

Naturally, he brought this up to Kohaku, who was also very weary of you. He knew of Madara’s reputation, especially among the more corrupt higher ups so who's to say you weren’t working for one of them? Madara, on the other hand, was not so sure. He saw right through your skittish little act. He knew you were pure; never having to do the dirty work that he did. He envied you. Being so pure, so beautiful, and so helpful, why were you stuck at an agency like New Dimension? Hell, he thought you should produce the hero unit Ryuseitai; surely that would fit your character much better?

You, quite frankly, hated Madara Mikejima. Your parents always told you about the Mikejima family, and how... monstrous they could be; especially their oldest son. They’ve heard about the tales of his dealings in the dark, as they are very influential in the Idol Industry; even working with Godfather before his death, and GFK. The four of them spun horrid tale after horrid tale, painting Madara Mikejima in none other than the blood red ruthless evil villain they wanted you to believe. You did everything in your power to avoid the male, thinking of him as a ruthless villain, destroying the idol industry from the inside. Being the idol-loving naive girl you were, you despised him for trying to destroy the very thing you lived and breathed.

Naturally, this led to a confrontation. One spring day, Madara Mikejima himself would burst into your office, wearing quite a serious expression.

“What would you like, Mikejima-san?” You asked, your tone sharp and cold.

“Why are you avoiding me, and me specifically.” He demands, his eyes cold and harsh.

“Why would you accuse me of such a thing?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Cut the bullshit, y/n-san. I know you dislike me for some reason.”

“Ever the keen eye Mikejima-san. I’ll applaud you for that.”

He glares at you, his normally cheery demeanor no longer there. All you can see is that same cold eyed man your parents warned you about.

The tension, both sexual and not, can be cut through with a knife. The air is thick, you feel like you’re almost suffocating.

As much as you absolutely despise his guts, you cannot argue with how attractive he looks right now, glaring at you with deep green eyes.

You get up and walk towards the tall, brunet male.

“Dislike is too light of a word to convey my feelings towards you, Mikejima-san.” Your pointer finger jabbing at his toned chest.

“You’re one of them, aren’t you.” He spits, grabbing your wrist with his hand.

“You’re a monster.” You spit back, harshly glaring at him.

His face contorts into rage. He roughly shoves you up into the wall, those same piercing green eyes staring down at you, narrowed into slits.

“Would you like to say that again, bitch?” He seethes.

“You monster.”

Your heartbeat starts to pick up, as you register how close his body is to yours. You’re trapped between the wall and his arms, his face mere inches away from yours.

“Kiss me and prove me wrong then.” You whisper, breathless.

Moments later, his lips were roughly placed on yours. Teeth and tongues clashed with each other, like a sword duel. Passion, lust, and hatred drive both of your bodies.

“You know, you say you hate me, yet you kiss me like that. I’m starting to doubt you, Y/N-san.”

“Fuck you, Mikejima-san.” You half mean it, half used it in anger.

“I will.” He huskily whispers in your ear.

Giving into your sexual desires that day was probably the best and worst decision you made in your entire life.

That’s how this whole ordeal started. The lips on lips, the rustling of clothing, the pure emotion put into each slap of Madara’s hips, it was addictive. You could not get enough of him. Every waking day was plagued with scenarios of him and his cock, while the two of you continued to bicker day in and day out. You would let him claim you over and over, yet you both of you continued to claim your hatred towards one another. During the day, you would say how much you hated his guts, yet during the night you would be using your mouth to choke around his cock. You hated his entire being, yet why did everything feel so right while he was balls deep in your dripping cunt?

Over the more time you spent with him, the more you saw of his true personality. You saw how much he cares for his friends. You saw the upbeat, happy, and outgoing Madara Mikejima. Through the weeks, you realized that you were manipulated by your parents. Madara Mikejima was not the monster you first thought he was. Madara Mikejima wasn’t actually a bad guy actually. You saw how much he cared for his friends, and how he was searching for a found family he could call his own. You learned a lot about Mikejima in the few weeks after that day. Quite frankly, you respected Madara.

However, you were in a dilemma. Would you tell him you didn’t hate his guts anymore when the hate sex the two of you shared was absolutely mind-boggling? Would you stroke his ego? Did you want to compromise such a hate-hate relationship? It would be such a blow to your own pride, admitting something like this.

So the weeks continued of you pretending to hate Madara. You continued the bickering, even though you wanted to do nothing more than apologize for the way you viewed him. You started to hate your parents for feeding you lie after lie; but how were you to bring this up to Madara? The two of you were sworn enemies.

Meanwhile, Madara was also feeling conflicted. He knew you were one of them, he knew he despised you, yet he couldn’t bring himself to hurt you. He was starting to question whether or not you truly hated his guts, or if you were just saying that because of your pride. You claimed you hated him sooo much and wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, yet you were asking him to go harder and deeper the next night. You kissed him the same way lovers kiss each other. He had already looked into your family, and found out the connections your parents had with both Godfather and GFK. He knew your parents were very influential in the idol industry, yet he couldn’t bear to hurt you or let Kohaku hurt you.

It happened one night after sex. Usually, Madara leaves once he can manage to get up, but that night was different. After basking in both your post-orgasms, Madara rolled around to face you.

“Do you hate me?” He asks, his green eyes gazing into yours.

“I can’t say I do.”

“I looked into your parents,” He starts, and you scoff.

“My parents are the monsters,” You whisper, barely audible.

“Were they the ones who told you about me?”

You silently nod, remembering how horrible they made him out to be.

“Haha, they probably weren’t too far off.” He weakly laughs.

“I have to disagree there, Madara-san. You are so good to all of your friends...and...I respect you for that.”

“I’m not clean, Y/N-san. My soul has been tainted forever.”

“Who gives a damn about that, Madara-san. We all have done some unthinkable things in order to protect the ones we love. Virtue is dead in this world.”

He stays silent for a moment, thinking about what you just said.

“I just want to protect those I’m closest to.” He whispers, staring back up at the ceiling.

“We all do, Madara-san.”

The room goes silent for a few minus, the two of you relishing in each other’s presence. Something in the air changed that night.

“Let’s be friends, Madara-san. If you’re uncomfortable by our...arrangement, we can always stop.”

“I agree, let’s be besssst friends☆”


The warm spring air hits you as soon as you step out of the ES Square building. Your ‘friends with benefits, no strings attached’ thing with Madara has been going on for a few months. During those few months, the two of you and Kohaku have grown impossibly close. They often came to your place after a Double Face mission, and you would take them in, clean them up, and let them stay the night. It’s going to be summer soon, and you were more than ready. Lately you’ve been drowning in New Dimension’s work, especially for Knights’ gigs. Tsumugi was grateful for your help, saying over and over how he wouldn’t have been able to do this all by himself. You only listened half heartedly to what he had to say, as your mind was wandering to a certain brown haired male-

“Y/N-SANNNNN☆” A familiar voice calls out of nowhere. You barely had time to process anything, you were being picked up by none other than Madara Mikejima.

“Madara-han, quit runnin’ away, or I’ll cut yer head open.” The pink haired boy calls after him.

“Isn’t my kid so cute? I really feel like a proud Mama♪”

“First of all, put me down, Madara. Second of all, what brings the two of you here now?” Madara just laughs off your first request.

Both Kohaku and Madara exchange glances.

“We have t’eliminate yer parents, since they’re corrupt and all.” Kohaku says.

“And we would like your help.”

“Would I-”

“No, yer not goin’ t’get involved in t’actual thing.” Kohaku explains to you, still glaring at the way Madara has you in his arms.

“Fufu. I would never put my dearest friend in danger☆” Madara pats your head as you scrunch your nose.

Could you really do this? To your own family?

“I’ll have to think it over, as much as I despise them, they’re still my family.”

The setting sun paints the sky an orange-pink, kissing every inch of your skin. With you in his arms, it was at that moment when he realized he fell in love.

The realization that he was in love hit him like a tonne of bricks. He knew the precautions of getting involved with a man like him, and he didn’t want you to suffer any of the consequences. He knew the only way to protect you from him was to avoid you. How ironic it was, for him to be the one ignoring and avoiding you, months and months after the two of you made up. Every time you asked anyone where he was, he would mysteriously disappear. The best way to protect you was to withdraw from you, right? Everyone he was close to always ended up getting hurt, so it was better not to get involved with him. Right? Maybe it was better if you went back to hating each other. Maybe it was better if he never walked into your office that fateful day. Maybe it would be better if he went overseas again.

On the other hand, you thought Madara was mad at you. You genuinely had no idea what you did wrong, confusion swirling through your thoughts. Everyday you tried to drown yourself in more and more work, only to think about him. He was the song stuck in your brain, no matter how many times you played it, it wouldn’t come out. He plagued your mind day in and day out. You couldn’t take it anymore. Why did he all of a sudden withdraw from you? Everything was going fine, so what went wrong? Why did it have to turn out this way? You decided to confide in Leo Tsukinaga, who knew his friend was doing this to try to protect you. You didn’t understand why you even cared if Madara talked to you or not. You didn’t understand why you felt incomplete without the male. If only it was as simple as hating. Nothing made sense anymore.

One day while hanging out with Arashi Narukami and Ritsu Sakuma, you told them about your internal struggle, when you received the news.

“Oooo, our Y/N-chan is in love!” Arashi squeals, clapping her hands.

Your jaw dropped. You? In love with Madara Mikejima of all people? Yeah right. Only a fool would be in love with him. A few months ago you could barely stand him; how on earth could you be in love with him? Impossible.

Yet, the more you pondered over your feelings, the more you realized you were in fact in love with Madara.

While you came to this revelation, Madara was already trying to find ways to cut you out of his life. However, it wasn’t as easy as he thought. There was no possible way he could cut someone out as important to him as you. You understood everything he was going through, his way of thinking, how much he gives. How would he ever find someone as perfect as you?

Suddenly, he found himself at Kohaku’s dorm. He had to talk to the pink haired male about the unit work, until he found his thoughts drifting again.

“Yer thinkin’ of her again, Madara-han.”

“How’d ya know, Kohaku-san?”

“Ya always get this look in yer eye ‘n ya smile when she comes to yer mind.”


“Yer wastin’ my time, Madara-han. Go make up with her then we can talk.” He sighs, waving him away.

He doesn’t need to be told twice to leave.

Meanwhile, you were in your office, going through piles and piles of paperwork; drowning yourself in heaps of work seemed to take things off your mind. You had so much, yet you could not finish a single page. You felt distracted, everytime you would start something, your mind would immediately wander to him.

All of a sudden, there’s a knock at your door. Before you can answer, a familiar voice calls out.

“Y/N-SAAAAN! Get ready, we’re going out!”

Madara Mikejima, acting like he didn’t just ignore you for an entire week.

You open the door, and Madara hands you his helmet with a grin.

“I hope you like motorcycles, I’m taking you out.” He says.

“Took you long enough you idiot,” You say, poking your tongue out.

“Mama always comes back!”

“Well Mama, where are we going?”

“It’s a surpriseeeee☆”

He took you to a festival. The people bustling around you makes you feel giddy, almost forgetting the slight anger you hold towards the male. He leads you over to a small bench, and the two of you sit down.

“We need to talk now.” You say seriously.

“I’m sorry.”

“You avoided me, idiot.”

“I wanted to protect you.”

“Who said I wanted protection?”

“Y/N-san, you don’t understand. It’s not good to get involved with a man like me. It’s dangerous.”

“Madara Mikejima, you overgrown, selfless idiot. You do so much for others, it’s okay to be selfish for once.” You chuckle, glancing up at him.

“I don’t want you to get hurt though. Maybe it’s better if you don’t get involved with me-”

“Madara-san, you aren’t being reasonable right now-”

“You don’t understand, Y/N-san.” He sighs.

“What do I not understand?”

He takes in a shaky breath.

“I love you,” He says in a barely audible whisper.

“I love you too, Madara,” You whisper back, as he tilts your head to make you look stare into his green eyes. He has the biggest, most idiotic smile plastered on his face.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, glancing at your lips.

You nod, and he kisses you so softly. Compared to the other kisses the two of you have shared, this one is full of pure and honest love. This kiss pulls your breath away because of the amount of love the both of you are putting into this. All of your feelings are raw, real, and pure. You lose yourself in his tender lips on yours, as you tug him even closer to you. There’s nothing quite like this kiss.
“Y/N, do you want to be mine?” He asks as soon as the two of you pull away.

Your eyes light up, as you nod.

“I would want nothing more, Madara.” You throw your arms around him, as he lets out a hearty laugh.

Suddenly, his entire demeanor changes.

“Are you sure you want to get involved with me? I can’t stand the possibility of you getting hurt because of me.”

“Madara, I know nothing bad will happen because you will protect me.”