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A Father A New Life Start Book 2

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Welcome to A Father A New Life Start Book 2, as we know Harry or should I say Hadrian was adopted by one Severus Tobias Snape due to almost being killed by one Vernon Dursley.

His new name being Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape.

We know that Hadrian is somewhat of a shy young man after what has happened to him but he is getting more and more confident as the story went on.

We also know that Ronald Bullius Weasley has been cast out and has become a Muggle, his magic bound so tight that he would never be able to use his magic again as well as any of his children in later years, he also has a new family as well, we might be seeing them again over the course of chapter/years/books not sure yet.

We also know that Ginvera Molly Weasley has now become a slave to the Weasley family as her magic is also been bound, she in other words is a Muggle slave, I don't condone slaves in no way shape of form it's only for the story ok!!

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is now in prison after being brought to court I wonder what is going to happen to him now, will he stay there or not??, I have plans don't worry

Hermione Jean Granger is now a werewolf which no one wanted and I thought it would be a twist and how I'm going to plan it is going to be fun so watch out. She has been a bully to Hadrian since he was adopted and it was all because of what Albus had wanted Hadrian to be, a sacrificial lamb.


We also can see some blushing relationships starting we all know about Wolfstar 🐺🎆 and everything but I wonder what is going to happen to Remus John Lupin and Sirius Orion Black?, how is their relationship going to go?

We also have Sniddle if no one knows it's Severus Tobias Snape and Tom Marvolo Riddle relationship which I think we need more of, it's a nice relationship in my book. Tom is known as Tomas Malakai Sötétség and he's been living in Hungary before coming back as a Lawyer and then he becomes Headmaster.

He also have a blossoming Darry relationship starting and I think it's kinda cute sadly I won't go through anything sexual as this is not one of those stories where I will write it all.

I hope you all like this book 2 when I get up and writing it as this is just a quick review of book 1 mind you.

I'll be drawing new front covers for the stories as I'm trying to find one where I can put our SMOL bean on as well.


sorry it's short but thats book one in a nut shell

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Harry had been staying over at Malfoy Manor for the first half of the summer holiday as Severus had something to do i.e. potion collecting as well as planning Harry's birthday surprise as everyone had been keeping it all hush hush from both boys as it was going to be a joint birthday present to the two, even Otiz had been told to keep it a secret in his child form, mind you he was told in his teenage form so they all knew he would do.

Severus was out for a few weeks collecting his potion ingredients while Harry enjoyed his summer holidays with his friends.

Draco had managed to get Theo and Blaise to come to join in the fun, they had been playing 2 on 2 Quidditch which had Harry and Draco on opposite teams as they were the best of the best out of the school anyway plus it wouldn't be fair if they were both against poor Theo and Blaise.

"Ok so me and Theo against you and Blaise, Hadrian if that's ok with you?"

"That's fine Draco", soon all four were up in the air playing they were being watched over by Severus and Harry's house elves Boris, Mink and Yahtzee as Narcissa and Lucius were working, Otiz was curled up under the table where their snacks were waiting for them.

The game lasted for three hours ending in a draw which didn't please either side but they did have fun, Otiz was flat out on his back snoring which made the four boys laugh when they saw him.

As they were eating their snacks Otiz changed form and stole Blaise's coffee and his biscuits.

"Oi give my coffee back fur ball!"

"Nah it's more fun to take it from you when you don't expect it, plus in this form I am older than you lot" he sat down drinking the coffee and eating the biscuits.

"Who knew a hybrid animal like Otiz who drinks blood and changes into a child and teenage form likes coffee" said Theo to them hoping said hybrid didn't take his drink as well.

"Not going to take it from you Theodore honest I don't like tea, plain black coffee is lovely" and he smiled at him.

"You got that off dad and you know it Otiz" this made everyone laugh as they knew it was correct as they had many a times that he would steal Severus' coffee at breakfast in the great hall.

Soon the adults had come out Tom was holding Severus' hand which made poor Severus blush at it all, they had now been dating for a good few months but only ever showed it to their friends and family and never at school, they didn't want the students to have a heart attack that Severus Tobias Snape had a heart even though they knew how protective he was of Harry.

"Hadrian me and Tom have something to say to you and I hope that you are ok with this" said Severus catching his son attention even though he was blushing up a storm.

"Oh oh can I tell, pretty please?" said otiz only to get look of Harry to say 'whats going on'

"No you can not Otiz" said Tom to the now pouting hybrid, "it's something that me and Severus need to tell Hadrian as it's a two part present"

Harry perked up at this, it had taken a while for him to understand that it was ok to get presents or even to ask for something he needed but after Severus as even the Malfoy's explained to him that it was ok he was slowing getting on board with the idea.

"What's happening?" asked Harry making his father smile including Tom.

"Well I hear that their are two birthdays coming up soon and we thought to take these two boys out for their birthdays as on is in June and the other is in July and we thought we could go on holiday between said birthdays" said Tom as Severus smiled a genuine smile.

"Yes I thought we could all go for a few weeks between said two boys birthdays, yes we know said two boys will be fourteen but still I think they would love to go" said Severus not completely confusing poor Harry while Draco was more intrigued at the possibility of what this surprise was all about.

Lucius set his cup down and sighed "just tell them where we are going".

"Lucius this is meant to be a surprise for the end of June beginning of July for their birthdays we need to make it special!" said Narcissa

"By confusing one boy and he other is practically out of his seat with excitement, you mean dear?" he points to the boys.

Tom smiled at this he loved Draco like a nephew and he was beginning to see Harry as a son and hopefully soon he would be calling him dad or any other form of dad by this time next year if their plans all worked out that is.

"Hadrian son, I know you never had much growing up with those muggles but I thought it would be a great chance for you to experience something wonderful and oh so magical, not in the sense of magic but you will see what I mean when we get there honest.

I know about all the hardships you have been through as I have been through them myself in some way or another and I want you to remember that you are no longer there, you are my son Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape and you will always be.

Me and Tom throught it would be a great idea to take you and your friends to somewhere that lets you experience joy and laughter...." he let it hang in the air for a bit.

"What's going on? I'm so confused by all of this" said Harry looking at his friends and family, Otiz was beside himself really to explode if he could that is, Harry wouldn't put it passed him to some how combust.

The adults sighed and soon they all turned to Severus to deliver the final bit of information.

"Well Harry we are taking you along with the Malfoy's, Remus, Sirius, Bella, Rodolphus and Rebastain and the Weasley's not including the two youngest I might add, their youngest son is no longer apart of the magical world and their daughter will be brought here to be taught more by the house elves as she is now a slave...."

"I did wonder where She Weasel was as well as Weasel, now I know" said Blaise.

"....yes thank you Mr. Zabini for that. Now as I was saying we will be spending a fortnight there and Lucius knowing him has already booked my events for all of us to go and see when we are there"

Draco's eyes lit up he had a feeling he knew where they were going he hadn't been to that place since he was a little child, he must of been about six the last time be was there Lucius had started to get busy with work so they could go much anymore so if he was right he would love to go again and this time to share it with Harry!

"Hadrian we have decided to take you to Walt's Wizarding World Attraction Holiday Theme Park!, two weeks away of pure joy and relaxation as well as celebrating two soon to be fourteen year old birthdays!" said Tom to him

"I know it why didn't you say of sooner! I loved that place!" said Draco to everyone.

"Because you're bad at keeping secrets Draco that's why" said Theo to his friend making the blonde blush, this in turn made everyone laugh.

"Is it something like Disney World?" asked Harry only for Tom and Severus nod as they knew what it was..... after much research that is.

Harry's face lit up he had always wanted to go there after Dudley had gone many times over the years and told him about it laughing in his face as he never got to go as freaks aren't allowed there but now he was going to go to the Wizarding World one and he couldn't wait!!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, this is the best present ever!!" said Harry getting up and hugging not just Severus but Tom as well.

In parseltongue Harry his a thank you as well but he added papa onto it making said man blush but didn't say anything to the pre teen.

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Harry was beside himself, he just couldn't wait to go to the theme park, when Draco's birthday was upon them Harry just couldn't sit still as it was soon going to be the day that they would spend at the theme park with his family and he just couldn't wait for it to come.

Draco's birthday 5th July rolled around and he jumped on my one messy haired green eyed boy and he wasn't happy about it and so threw him off making Harry land with a thud, he had no idea why the boy would get up .... no wait due to his up brining Harry would normally wake early and Severus had tried to drill it into him that he didn't need to but he still did any way.

"Hads please it's what..." casts a tempus charm to check the time, "'s 5.30 am go back to sleep please" said Draco trying to draw the covers over his head but was stopped by said boy.

"Come on Dray get up, please" said Harry whining at the end of it all, he may be shy and withdrawn but he was stubborn as hell and everyone was finding out just how stubborn he really was.

"Hadrian please it's too early, I know it's my birthday and all that but I didn't go to bed until 11 last night as I was having trouble with my homework and I wanted to mak..." he was stopped by a stinging hex to his back.

He glared at his boyfriend who wasn't happy that he wasn't getting up but he then walked out of the room with a comment of 'jerk' and then slamming of his bedroom door.

He just moaned it was going to be one of those days where Harry was going to be hyperactive but then very stubborn if he didn't get his own way like now at 5.30am, he decided to roll out of bed but when he did he was attacked by a slime ball.


But said boy was laughing and everyone was woken up by his laughing, Otiz' barking and running of feet, they weren't happy but it was either get up now or be pranked and with a pranking hybrid it was safer that they got up.

Once everyone was downstairs and having their morning cup of coffee and tea but as they drunk they all noticed something strange Harry wasn't there..

Lucius tried to say something but it just came out as animal noises, Tom tried as well but he too made animal noises which didn't please anyone which made Severus scream but all that came out was quacking noises.

Over an hour later and the prank finally wore off and they had finally started eating there meal but still no sign of Harry or Otiz for that matter.

They had finally finished their meal and headed to the lounge where Draco's presents were but they noticed that the wrapping paper everywhere and Harry and a teenage Otiz was now playing chess with Draco's brand new chess set.

"What took you so long? I got bored of waiting" smirked Harry to them knowing he was the reason.

"Hadrian what have you been up to?" asked Tom to his soon to be soon if everything worked out right.

"Nothing besides I woke everyone up as I woke up at 3am and I got bored and then I woke Dray up at 5.30 I think, then slimed him as a quick birthday present, woke everyone up, you all made strange noises while you ate your breakfast is everything alright?" he tilled his head to the side to ask if they knew it was him.

The Malfoy family sighed at it all and sat down in the love seat (Luc and Cissa) and on the matching chair (Draco) while Tom glared along with Severus who pinched his nose and sighed.

Draco did manage to unwrap some of the gifts he had left after Harry went to "look" read open out of boredom for something to do, they didn't mind really as it proved that he had completely settled down into family life that he never had before.

"I wish you wouldn't open someone else's presents or go through our personal belongings Hadrian, you are now almost 14 years old you don't have to do what a child would" said Narcissa as she drank another non potion laid cup of coffee.

"I know but I'm just curious what everyone has since I've only just been able to get everything since..." he didn't say anymore as they knew what he was going to say anyway, in the end he was hit with a cushion from Draco which resulted in a massive pillow fight Malfoy against Snape.

By the end of it all Lucius was the only one standing with Harry on his back laughing so hard.

"You all lost me and uncle Lucy won!"

Otiz had joined in trying to help both sides but he just ended up in a pile of feathers.


The next few days was nothing besides Harry and Otiz bouncing around as they were feeding off each other in their excitement about going to their first ever theme park and a Wizarding one at that it was going to be so much fun, from what he could gather his close friends were coming along.

Meaning that it would be the Weasely family, their two oldest Bill and Charlie; who he hadn't seen since his first year about Norberta, were coming to celebrate with them they had managed to get the time off, Theo and Blaise were coming as well as Draco's friends.

What he didn't want was Sirius coming along but after talking to him for a few days about anything and everything he found out what really happened as well as a few very well timed hexes from all five adults in the Malfoy home did Sirius realise he was not James and was just Harry or Hadrian as he was still trying to get the idiot, which Severus kept calling him or mutt, to understand that he was now adopted as well blood adopted there was Severus' blood running through his veins more so than James and Lilly but he still wasn't listening to them until Remus had stepped in a cursed him for a week.

Along with the Weasley's, Charlie was bringing his girlfriend Nymphadora Tonks, so there was a good mixture of people going the four close friends where going to enjoy every last minute everyone had been before besides Harry and they didn't wan to ruin anything for the boy even when he found out that they had been before and tried to get it out of them.

"Hadrian it's not happening we aren't going to tell you so stop asking" said Blaise only to result in him turning into a canary for the rest of the day thanks to the Weasely twins snack boxes and Otiz' magic.

Theo had been slimed more than enough times as he ignored Harry's questions about the park while Draco was out right ignored by Harry which didn't please the blond at all, Otiz had found it fun to stay in his child form and run amok braking anything and everything due to being frustrated with everyone holding back everything from the pair.

The adults didn't get off scot free either, Lucius' shampoo was switched for dye and he was now sporting blue hair, Narcissa they left alone thankfully, Severus and Tom had been tied together with rope that was charmed to tighten if they tried to reach their wands which were just out of reach.

Sirius was somehow locked in his Animagus form and tied up outside in a kennel which Remus was denied his chocolate which resulted in a very temperamental werewolf as he was having withdrawal symptoms.

These only stopped when they finally were able to leave on the 28th of June and they would be back on the 11th July, two whole weeks away.

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Harry couldn't believe his eyes at what he was seeing, the thought it would be something like the Muggle one he had seen when the Dursley's took Dudley and he was forced to stay in the car on a burning hot summer's day but this time was different.

Yes he was coming fourteen but that didn't matter to him he was yet again fascinated at the wonders of magic only knowing of it for what... four years and better yet coming to terms with what his family had done to him for all those years after he lost his parents.

He would of fallen but Severus had found out his was appalling at Magical travel means having to catch him many a times when they had apparated a few times as well as Portkey which he was absolutely abysmal at landing and would always throw up if he wasn't holding to Severus at any given time, with the floo he was ever slightly better as he was using it more due to coming and going from Malfoy Manor but still bad.

Severus wondered if he would be ok with the Knight bus as it was kind of like a normal but except it was invisible and could travel so fast you could barely blink and it would be off, he was an ace at riding a broom so why everything else did he have a problem with he would never know.

As they landing after the Portkey which Harry held on for dear life Severus greeted some of the others that where waiting for them, he spotted the Malfoys right away and whispered to Harry that Draco were there which made the boy perk up more even if he was still looking very green.

"Still not used to magical transportation?" asked Lucius to Severus as he was still rubbing his son's back.

"No Lucius and I don't know what to so with it all, we have tried potions but he still ends up being ill" sighed Severus finally letting Harry go and he went to hug Draco and slightly gave him a kiss to his cheek which ended up with both of them blushing Weasely red which earned a muffled laugh from Narcissa.

After about ten minutes of waiting Harry was scooped up by twin red heads..... the Weasely's had arrived.

"Did I see what I saw brother?"

"I think you did Gred"

"Our Haddy-kins is growing up so fast" the finished together, only to be tackled to the floor by Otiz in fox form.


This made Harry laugh at it all, after Draco Otiz loved the twins the best and he always helped with their pranks.

"Boys really running off on us the moment we land" said Molly to them but laughed slightly seeing her twins boys being "attacked" but a blue fur ball as everyone had nick named Otiz.

Otiz sat on the pair pinning them to the floor to say I have them trained in no time.

"Molly, Arthur welcome I see you brought everyone else but please introduce everyone if you don't mind" said Severus trying to get Otiz off the twins.

"Well this is my oldest Bill then Charlie with his girlfriend Nymphadora, you know everyone else" said Molly pointing to the three people Harry had never met before.

Bill and Charlie looked a tad scary with Bill with his long hair and dragon tooth necklace and three claw marks across his face and Charlie with his weather beaten face calluses and blisters all over his hands which didn't seem to bother him that much at all.

The female Nymphadora was strange her hair kept changing every colour of the rainbow while Charlie kept hold of her.

Sirius and Remus stood off to the side slightly so not over whelm him like last time and they got "punished" in Harry's eyes of no chocolate and being trapped in Animagus form for a week, Harry was talking to Draco's friends Theo and Blaise jumping on the balls of his feet that was until he noticed Ginny in the background holding onto some luggage not saying anything, she was in a plain grey dress, hair in a bun she was looking at the floor.

"Hadrian don't worry about her she won't be able to do a thing with us here, she will be place on the magical reins so she won't be able to spoil yours and Draco's birthday treat" said the twins as they were still pinned by Otiz as he was now lying down on them looking like he was asleep.

Harry just nodded and stayed close to friends and boyfriend not wanting to be near her after what she had said and tried to do to him since she was only a first year.


They were soon unpacking for their two weeks stay, everyone had a room to share, the Snape family (Severus, Tom, Harry and Otiz), Weasely's (Molly, Arthur, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny who would be sleeping on the floor), Malfoy's (Narcissa, Lucius, Draco, Blaise and Theo) Bill, Charlie and Dora as she liked to be called all roomed together like Sirius and Remus were.

They had a whole floor to themselves which had six rooms, the last one they decided that if the boys wanted a sleep over that would be the room for them to do that.

Harry was bouncing around looking at anything, everything he couldn't sit still for a matter of what 3 minutes until he was up and looking at something new again, Otiz wasn't really helping much either he was now in his child form and was climbing everything and jumping all over the beds an sofas.
"Hadrian calm down we will be going out into the park soon but we aren't going anywhere until we are unpacked and had lunch" said Tom as he came out holding Harry's things and tried to march him into the room he would be staying for their stay but he was almost ball dozed over due to a hyperactive hybrid turned 6 year old human.

"Wheee! Tommy Tommy we go pways nows?" he asked jumping up and down his blue hair flying about.

"Otiz soon but first we have to put our things away neatly first then we will have lunch, then we will go out and explore the park we have two weeks here" said Severus finally able to catch both his son and familiar at once which had taken him about 20 minutes so far.

"We goes now, now, now!" said Otiz as he wriggled out of his grip taking some clothes with him and into the room.

"Thank you Otiz, now Hadrian... get down from there!" said Severus noticing Harry was now hanging off the ceiling, some how getting his magic to work wonders yet again.

Tom laughed at it all and hid his wand from Severus and winked up at Harry who laughed at his father's sigh.

Soon everyone were waiting for the Snape family to make an appearance only to here "Harry get off the ceiling, don't go and jump on the sofa or the beds, Otiz don't encourage him!" everyone outside laughed it looked like Harry was going to make this trip fun but was it going to be in a god way or bad.

Some of them have had a back experience of a bored Harry but never and hyperactive, excitable Harry before.

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After lunch Tom really thought that letting Harry pick anything sugary was a bad idea as both him and Otiz were now completely hyperactive and would not stop running off to look around but he was glad that Severus had seen what was going to happen and so placed a location spell on both of them so they could find them if somehow they got lost, but knowing Otiz he wouldn't let that happen even if he was now a six year old.

They were looking at maps and were trying to make plans on where to go as the park had many different area's to explore and rides to go on but for now until lunch it was just exploring and trying to keep Harry and Otiz off things before the could tomorrow.

"Hey hey Haddy-kins we have to go on this" said Fred as he pointed at the parks map in front to them as the adults were looking over one on the table, he pointed to what was called the Oblivion and the George pointed to another called 13.

"What are you three up to?" asked Draco has he had gone off to get them some drinks with the help of Blaise, Theo and Percy who seemed ok to him, a bit stuck up but other than that fine.

"Trying to scare uncle Luc into going onto some rides and knowing Sirius would love them as he had told them about his magical motorbike that flew and could go invisible at a push of a button, it was then the Slytherin children as well as two Gryffindor's started planning.

Remus looked up and saw them "should we stop them?" he pointed to the group and everyone looked up and laughed.

"What could they get up to?" asked Sirius making them look at him he just "oh'ed" recalling hat Harry could do with the help of Otiz, Fred and George were on the level almost as the Marauders back when they were in school, so adding complete pranksters into the mix they were doomed.

After about half an hour of debating on where to go during the two weeks the children had gotten bored and had went to try their hands as a shooting game where they had to knock down some stuffed niffler's.

They all tried and only Harry and Draco managed to get one, they came in a set of four and each one was different, Harry's one was holding a fake pearl necklace while Draco's was holding a gallon. The other two had a crown on it head and the other was holding four different coloured rings which represented the houses of Hogwarts.

Severus and Tom both knew Harry would be back for the three others he didn't have them and he had a thing for collecting things if they were in a set, it must of come from Petunia always neat and tidy and if something as part of a collection she had to have it so then people would envy her, so then she would be the talk of the neighbourhood.

"Here Hadrian have the other one" said Draco handing his one over making the brunette smiled brightly as was now becoming the norm for the boy after being adopted by Severus in his second year he was now slowly healing but he still had appointments with his mind healer but they were getting less and less and it was all thanks to his new friends and his extended family.

"I wish we could see that type of smile more Sev" whispered Tom to him only to get a nod from him.

"Ok you lot what are you up to and can uncle Padfoot join in?" asked Sirius as he headed over to them.

"I should put him on reins" said Remus making everyone else laugh all knowing how back Sirius could get at types of fun and pranking was right up there.

"Are you sure he's related to the Black's as he doesn't act like it" said Lucius looking at his wife.

"I'm sure, he was and still is my favourite cousin after Regulus died at nineteen" said Narcissa as she took a sip of the drink Draco had gotten her which was called if she recalled a Slushie.

Otiz was climbing all over Sirius as he was tall and started pulling his hair to make him move to have a look around more which he happy obeyed they fox turn boy as it was him that had locked him into his Animagus form, they were soon whispering about what pranks to pull on everyone.

Percy had been reading next to Bill, Charlie and Dora had gone to look at other stalls as they didn't want to sit around on this fine day waiting for everyone to make up their minds on where they were going to go next.

As they got further away somehow Sirius and Otiz managed to dump some goo over them and ran off.

"SIRIUS!" shouted Charlie making everyone look at the young couple and the sighed, it looks like it was a bad idea to bring four pranksters with them on this trip and made a note to themselves not to do it again.

Ginny tried to move away from her parents as she was stuck sitting on the bench listening to them but every time she moved she knew she would get into trouble, she wasn't allowed to speak to anyone and could only have the bare minimum to eat and her clothes were now an awful shade of grey which she hated.

Narcissa saw what she was going and pointed it out to Molly and Arthur as they wanted to know what she would do.

She managed to get off the bench and rushed over to the group of friends and hugged Harry from behind making he go stiff as a board at being touched unexpectedly and from behind as well, it reminded him of what Dudley would do before he got either kicked or punched by him or if it was Vernon it would be whips onto his back.

He gasped in pain and shock making everyone come to him as he panicked due to his past, Otiz came out of nowhere and picked her up by the neck.

"I warned you stay away from him" and he growled throwing her.

"We are meant to be together!" she coughed out as he tried to get up but with Otiz' magic swirling around her it was impossible everyone could see his type of magic.

"Calm down" said Tom trying to help but he was just flung back and into Severus' waiting arms, "ouch".

Otiz was again out for her blood but knew it wasn't the best time or place to do that so he would wait for his time and being the type of animal he was he could wait as long as possible.

The twins and Draco were trying their best to help Harry over come his shock which took about half and hour but he was soon calm enough, he was holding onto Draco as he tried to get up but he was shaky but otherwise fine.

"Molly I think we leave Ginevra somewhere where she can't get into trouble and away from us for the two weeks but still here" said Arthur to his wife as he got up from the bench and grabbed hold of his once daughter and brought her to stuff members at the front of the theme park so then they could put her to work.

"There is always a blip in the road, the good comes with the bad it seems" said Remus getting up whacking Sirius with his book on his head and smiled slightly.

"I agree" said the adults

Chapter Text

It was becoming the norm for them on holiday at the park, get up, wash and dress for the day and then head down for breakfast, order that they wanted, either talk mushy to each other aka Charlie and Tonks as she liked to be called instead of her real name Nymphadora no one minded much but is was kind of a bit to much.

Ginny was taken away for the day so then she could 'earn her keep' which everyone was happy about as she in Draco's terms which were a waste of space, out of sight out of mind in everyone else's view and Harry was happy about it the same with Otiz, he had decided to be in teenager form as he wanted to go on some of the faster more exciting rides that the park had to offer.

"Oh hurry up" whined Otiz which sounded like his child form which made harry laugh non stop making everyone smile, since Severus had decided to adopt the boy back in his second year they had seen more and more smiles and laughs coming from him then any of them knew what to do with him. he was really coming into his own person.

Yes he was James and Lilly's son, yes he looked like a spitting image of his father James but he was Lilly more than anything he could see it in all the little things he did and Severus was proud to have his hated bully's son as his own. His own flesh and blood so to speak... he was after all blood adopted so he was his own son, if only Harry's parents could see him now after what he had gone through he bet that they would be happy with his decision.

They all headed out to the park, they had made a progress of going from the slow and careful rides as not to over whelm Harry as he had never done anything like this before and to gain more experience on them, today would be the ultimate test for the boy which he couldn't wait for he was practically jumping up and down even at almost 14 years old.

Everyone laughed at this but seeing Harry happy was still something that they had to get used to.

Soon they were at one of the smaller coasters which was a hanging glider coaster called the Glider, simple enough and something to ease the boy into.

"This will be boring" said Blaise but he knew it was just the start and didn't want to take much away from Harry and soon all the children were on the ride.

Little did anyone know it was going to be one of the children's favourite rides out of the whole park, the adults waited down at the bottom while all ten children and a familiar went on the coaster, all you could hear as they came down were screeches of joy, or in Blaise, Draco and Percy a cry in fear and they just hoped that they wouldn't be ill afterwards.

Once they all got off and gave a potion to settle their stomachs all they heard from Harry was "again, again" over and over, it appeared that he loved anything fast well he was always going beyond the limit of how fast his own broom went so that wasn't much of a surprise that he wanted to go on something even faster than the norm.

"Hadrian calm down for a few minutes, my stomach has to settle a bit more" said Draco who smiled weakly at his boyfriend but it didn't help calm Harry down much all he did was whine but stayed put for a moment until the others felt fine and they were off onto the next ride.

The Oblivion was up next.

"That one!" pointed Harry as he practically dragged not only Draco with him but Sirius as well, this made the man gulp at it all.

"Off you go Padfoot you shouldn't be so scared you have your motor cycle" said Remus chuckling at his best/ boy friend.

"Um... yeah... ok" he gulped to Remus as the three got onto the ride and where soon strapped into it.

As the ride took off with the twins, Charlie and Tonks on board as well none of them noticed a certain blond Aristocrat on the ride as well, the had left his cane on the railing making the rest believe that he was down with them until...

"Where's Lucius?" asked Severus holding up the snake cane (SNAKEY THE SNAKE CANE), everyone looked at him.

"No I thought he was here" said Arthur looking around for the blond.

"He was here a min...." Bill was stopped when he looked up, "sweet mother of Merlin!"

Everyone looked up and saw him.

"This is freaking awesome" his blond hair had come out of his leather tie and was all over the place screaming in joy.

Everyone looked at him as he flew passed them on the ride.

"Never expected that..." said Severus

Soon the ride was over and everyone got off and Lucius did a spell to make sure he was presentable once again smiling the how time.

"I think I lost my hair tie but oh well" everyone looked at him like he had grown a second head but stopped when they heard someone being ill.

Sirius wasn't liking the whole thing and was now nursing a very unwell stomach as he was throwing up, "never again".

"And he drives a flying motor bike of all things" laughed Molly which made Narcissa laughs as well.

"So true and he prides himself on it" said Remus helping him.

"SHUT UP REMUS" said Sirius once he had stopped.

"I want to go on the Drop Tower, the Smiler and then Saw" said Harry listing off what he wanted to go on, this made Lucius smile while Sirius went green.

"Ok ok cub calm down for a moment and we will all go on them with you" said Remus trying to calm down his godson but it was short lived even when they had lunch, Harry was up and gone before they could even finish eating, good thing he had Otiz and Lucius with him and by default Sirius.

"Pup listen I don't think these rides are good for me" said Sirius only to make watery green eyes look at him, "that will be the death of me Hadrian and you know it, fine I'll go on them".


"A true Slytherin if I ever saw one" said Lucius to Sirius as they got onto the Drop Tower and were soon strapped in for safety.

Within seconds they were crawling to the top of the tower and then it dropped, Lucius and Harry screamed in joy while Sirius screamed in terror at it all and mumbled "let me off" over and over again not liking it.

Soon they were on the ground, Sirius falling out of his seat once they were realised from said ride.

"Oof! I'm going to be sick, just leave me here and go on without me" and he laid down on a bench, only to be pulled up not five minutes later by Harry and Otiz.

"Next is Smiler and then before dinner its Saw and I'll leave you alone then" said Harry as both him and Otiz dragged him off to the Smiler which was just around the corner both smiling like crazy and Lucius following behind them, they were met up by everyone else.

Soon they were on the Smiler which made Sirius full on ill as he was going through loops and that strange smiling face wasn't helping him at all they others loved it and found it funny, they were soon off the ride, Remus had to help him off with the help of Arthur.

"Now lets leave my "poor" cousin alone while he rests in his room until tomorrow as I don't think he would be able to eat or drink anything until tonight or better yet tomorrow morning" said Narcissa to them as the two of the carried Sirius to his and Remus' room to rest for the night.

Lucius had loved every minute of watching Sirius be dragged around by his future son in law, if he had his way the two boys would at least have a consort ring on their fingers but alas Severus didn't want that to happen at the moment they were only 13 and 14 at the moment, maybe next years and before the start of their fifth year, but he would see them have those rings on sooner rather than later in his book.

After dinner the adrenaline of Lucius and Harry has faded and they were soon asleep on the sofa together, they had been running around the park like small children and going on any of the rides they deemed worthy of them and their thrill seeker ways, Harry they could understand but Lucius it was different they had never seen this side of him before it was quite refreshing to be honest.

The stern stoic man acting like a children which he never got to do when he was a child thanks to his father and grandfather but today they saw him happy and let that stupid Malfoy mask down and they finally saw the man that they became friends with as well as fell in love with.

They all hoped that they would see this side of the man more, Harry on the other hand they were just happy to see him fully enjoying himself like any normal child would regardless of their up bringing, yes he had one of the worst but seeing him acting like the other boys and Tonks they were happy.

Chapter Text

The boys weren't looking forward to going back to the school, Harry was grumbling while he was packing which was slow going as child Otiz was taking the stuff out gain which wasn't helping he was also hiding all of it.

"Otiz stop that right now" said Harry picking up the clothes that he had thrown on the floor only to make the hybrid laugh and run off only to be picked up by Tom with a new ring on his finger, it was the Prince consort ring Severus had the Slytherin ring, it looked like they had finally gotten more forward with their relationship unlike him and Draco but they were now only 14 so they had a while left but smiled.

His father had finally someone to love other than him but they were father and son nothing more, they had spent a whole night talking and it turned out that Severus had known his mother and they were best friends until he had called her something that he had promised never to repeat to another living soul as it was a very dirty and derogative word to any living soul that he came across if they were born to non magical parents which happened to be..........

........... mudblood ........

He wanted to know what it meant but one look from his father including Tom he thought better of it, he might just ask his friends what it meant but knowing both of them already like he did it would of gotten to his friends parents so then they couldn't tell him either.

It looked like his father regretted his choice of words to his mother to this day, it was the day that his mother stopped talking to him and started dating his father back in 6th year (A/N not sure) and then four years later he was born and then everything fifteen months later that Tom also regretted leaving poor Harry alone.

He wanted to know that one word but he had promised so he was going it alone to the best of his ability.

"I can see this monster isn't helping you Hadrian" said Tom sitting down on his bed and placed Otiz on his lap and started helping him pack for the year, nine months without being at home but at least both his parents, could he count Tom as his parent, he wasn't sure yet, were going to be at the school so he could always visit but that wasn't what he wanted, he wanted to be able to see the Weasley family even if that meant he was near Ginny, yuck!

He also wanted to be with the Malfoy family he loved baking cookies with Narcissa or Cissa as she wanted him to be called and because of that it also meant that he got to know Draco's cousin Dora more as well as her mother Andromeda and her husband Edward Tonks, it looked like he now had a huge family that all loved him unlike the Dursley's which he had a feeling that Tom was up to something with them.. that or he had his snake Nagini do something.

That snake loved him as well as Otiz, she wasn't so sure about Draco but as she had said "mate is mate" what ever that meant to him, he didn't care he was just happy that he could have private conversations with her and she wouldn't tell as soul or at least she didn't tell Tom he hoped.

"So how come is it taking you fore..." Otiz threw some clothes out again " I know" said Tom as he sighed at the child hybrid.

"He's been like this since I got up today he said and I quote "I'm bored so lets annoy as many people as possible" and since I've decided to pack or at least try too in case at hand and each item I put in, he throws out" sighed Harry as he again placed his uniform into his trunk only for Otiz to grab one and tried to throw it out but Tom caught him.

"Don't even think about it or you go into the corner and Severus will take away your treat that he has made for you two" his made him pout and leave the stuff alone.... for now that is.

Tom helped Harry pack everything making sure or doubly sure that he had everything, Otiz by then had left the bedroom and headed to the potion's lab where Severus was checking everything off that he would bring with him for the new term as not to waste them and he put everything else under a very powerful stasis spell he would ask his House Elves: Yahtzee, Boris and Mink to check on them every month to then they could send them over to be used if the spell was weakening.

"TEV TEV me bored! Tommy no funs!" came the voice Severus was hoping he wouldn't hear for the day as Otiz was being a pain and not matter what they said he wouldn't calm down.

Severus placed a spell on everything that the child hybrid could get his hands on, thanking Merlin that his magic wasn't powerful enough unlike his teenage form was but still it was powerful, accidental magic or not it was bad if you upset him.

"Ok Otiz I'm done here for now lets see what we can do until tomorrow while Hadrian packs his things, have you seen Tom?"

"Tommy wif Haddy, ups pwease Tev" holds his arms up to be picked up, he was getting sleepy.

He picks him up and right away he curled into the broad shoulder and was almost asleep before they hit the living room, thanking Merlin that the child was sleepy he took up place on the sofa and conjured a warm blanket and draped it over the child who was now almost asleep on his shoulder, his legs bracketing his own.

Ten minutes into just sitting there relaxing with some coffee and a potions books, Otiz was in the land of nod and wasn't going to be waking anytime soon.

Tom at that point decided to come in holding Harry's trunk that was finally packed after the "help" of Otiz and smiled when he saw that the child was taking a nap.

"I see he came to you for a nap" laughed Tom as he placed Harrys trunk by the Floo and sat down carefully next to Severus.

"Yes he came into the lab and wasn't happy that you were boring and no fun, then then asked to be carried and here we are ten minutes later" he brushed Otiz' hair out of his eyes the child snoring slightly.

"Hadrian is reading his potion book that we got him at Diagon Alley when we went, he's been reading ahead which I think is really going to help him now, he's really listened to what we have told him and he's growing into a fine young man" and Tom kissed Severus's head making said man blush.

"EW~" said Harry as he came into the room, this made both of them smile at him.

"Oh hush you, it's not like you don't kiss Draco and don't say you don't Nagini has seen it" laughed Tom rubbing Otiz' back as he whimpered in his sleep.

Harry didn't know what to say but he knew what Tom was on about the snake in question had caught them a number of times, it was like her personal mission to spy on them.... unless.....

"You told her to look for me and Draco, Tom that's just mean! how could you do something like that I don't spy on yours and dad's relationship".

"We are protecting you Hadrian" said Severus.

"From what?" he glared at his father which was a cuter version of his own glare.

"Just keeping you innocent until you're at least sixteen or if I had my way until you're twenty one but Tom said I need you to spread your wings and let you grow" he sighs.

"Still I think I'll spy on you lot then" walks over and takes Otiz waking him up, him going full on fox form growling.

When he saw nothing he wondered what happened and saw an angry Harry making him sigh, he nudged his elbow making Harry leave the room.

"I'm going to change for bed" and he stormed off slamming his door.

"I think we are in trouble about mentioning about the kissing" sighed Severus as he leaned into Tom more.

It was finally time for Harry to get onto the train, they had floo'd over to platform 9 3/4 where his friends were waiting for him Crabbe and Goyle had gone ahead to get a compartment and save another for the three friends and Otiz.

It was time to go to Hogwarts and start of a whole new year but Harry had a feeling that something again was going to happen like the Stone and Sirius but what he didn't know.

Chapter Text

Harry and the gang were enjoying a somewhat quiet day as it was now the weekend after the new school year had started back up, Otiz was loving getting free stuff when he was in either fix form or as a six year old and when he was in his teenager form the girls seemed to hit on him so much he hated it, this made Harry and everyone laugh every time he ran off and hide behind Harry.

The gang were outside by the Black Lake having a picnic as Harry had become close friends with the house elves for some unknown reason and they really didn't want to ask as he was doing so tell and not having panic attacks which had improved since Dumbledore, Ron and Ginny out of the picture and Hermione now hiding away from everyone since she had gotten bitten at the end of last year everything was going along nicely.

As they were enjoying their picnic, Otiz had somehow managed to get Harry to lie down on his lap and was feeding him grapes making everyone laugh like crazy did someone approach them with a scare person behind her.

"Well if it isn't Looney Lovegood" said Draco only to get hit on the back of the head not only by Harry but Otiz as well.

"Ouch that hurt, who hit me?" he looked around only to see everyone playing innocent Harry and Otiz more than normal, this made both the new comers laugh slightly.

"Oh hey Luna who's your friend there?" asked Harry as he moved in between Otiz and Blaise knowing full well Draco wouldn't attack him when he was next to Blaise even if it was just in fun.

"Hello Hadrian this is Sarah Morning-Glory, she's a first year Ravenclaw, everyone has been picking on her, sad news I know but I thought she would like some friends and a family..." she said no more and sat down on the picnic blanket puling Sarah down with her.

"Help yourself to the snacks, Hadrian can just get more as he's best friends with the elves here" laughed Theo after getting a mock punch from Harry himself after calling him mean.

"Don't worry about Theo there, I'll just hide his books later" smiled Harry

"Don't you dare Snape! you are not hiding my books!" glared Theo to his friend

"I won't if you help me with Arithmancy Theo, please!"

Everyone laughed at this making shy Sarah laugh as well.

"Anyone find that the DADA professor seems close to the Headmaster or is it just me?" asked Blaise making everyone look at him.

"He's with Sev so don't worry about that dear old Tommy won't miss that up again" said Otiz who was now leaning over Draco trying to steal a biscuit off him.

"Get off me!"

"He's a student here?, Slytherin right" said Sarah quietly looking towards Luna who nodded in her own way.

"That's right and wrong at the same time, Sarah was it?" asked Theo who got a nod in turn at her name.

"This is Otiz, he's a Kitsune cross a Bakeneko, hopefully I got that right... a nine tailed fox cross a two tailed cat..." said Theo

"But.... but I thought we could only bring a cat, toad, rat or owl how come he can have him and not one of the others?" asked Sarah quietly.

"Well you see Otiz is a familiar which is allowed it doesn't matter what animal they are if they are a familiar, I found him in second year at Christmas believe it or not, oh how terrible of us we haven't told you our names, I'm Hadrian Snape and that's Otiz my familiar".

"Draco Malfoy"

"Blaise Zabini"

"Theodore Nott, call me Theo everyone does"

"Fred and...."

".....George Weasely"

"Other way around for those two and you know our dear friend Luna Lovegood here" said Harry to her.

"Otiz, at your pleasure" he was soon in fox form curled into Harry's side.

They spent all day out doors having Harry's elves Yahtzee, Boris and Mink to get them food and drink from the kitchens when harry asked for more, sandwiches, pie and cakes with pumpkin juice for lunch but when it was time for dinner they all headed inside.

The Great Hall was now set up so the students could sit with their friends and not have to worry about rivalries between the houses as now the classes were a complete mix of all four and the students and teachers couldn't be more pleased since tom had taken over from Albus last year, Hogwarts was not completely different it was now offering extra classes like politics, wand lore and making, inheritance, money and many more that Albus had taken off the school books over the years and it was helping the students since it all came in.

Sadly this didn't help the graduates of the school sadly but Gringotts had offered to help them if they so wished which many jumped at the chance of improving themselves and hoping they could improve themselves and get into better jobs.

Chapter Text

It wasn't a typical day today for Harry and his friends due to Hermione still being at the school and she was being worse than ever before and saying that just because she had gotten bitten didn't mean that she would be kicked out her 'grades' where still top of the class or that's what she thought, sadly she was now at the bottom of the school year.

Otiz was in his animal form and had shrunk to fit on Harry's shoulder, he as the size of a kitten it was something they had found out not too long ago that he could do that and wanted to be carried everywhere since which made his friends laugh.

They were heading into DADA for their first lesson of the year with one 'Alastor mad Eye Moody' aka Bartemius Crouch Jr, who had to make a dramatic entrance after taking a swig of his flask that held a potion that only he knew about and maybe Tom but no one else, he had stolen from Severus which would not please the potion master at all.

"Names Alastor Moody ex Auror fought in the first war against You-Know-Who" his eye spun around "if you want somewhere to discard your gum Mr. Thomas it better not be under your desk!" everyone stopped and he threw his chalk at Dean hitting him square between the eyes.

"Today we are going to learn about the Unforgivables, the Ministry doesn't want you to learn them but I say hah! If you want to keep your heads in this war you need to know what you are going up against, now can anyone tell me what they are and what they do?"

He looked around the class until Hermione of all people raised her hand making everyone sigh they knew that they would be in for a lecture yet again they swore she got worse and worse over the years and they had really hoped that after last year after she had been turned, yes it all got out that she was a werewolf but not Remus being one which was a bonus in itself to be honest.

Remus was helping out in the library now part time while taking care of Sirius back at Grimmauld Place he was doing much better in his sessions; Severus and even Tom had been helping him clean it up, with the help of both parties they had managed to get Sirius cleared of all charges after they had given in Pettigrew to the DLE and the wills read.

Turned out Sirius wasn't the secret keeper Peter was and that he had joined Voldemort as he was spineless and wanted to somehow make a name for himself but it was all for naught as Tom hadn't died and he was never there to kill the Potters he was in Hungry working as a Lawyer he had freed most of his Death Eaters after he realised what was going on after the Potters had died.

Once Tom knew what was happening he went to change everything he had collected his Horcruxes and had become sane once more sadly he wasn't or better term couldn't get rid of the one inside Harry as it would most likely kill him and neither him or Severus wanted to kill the boy he was just too sweet.

Back to the lesson now, Hermione's hand was up and so Barty had to call on her because the others weren't going to answer the question given if she was practically out of her seat waving her hand around like she had done in her first ever potions lesson back in first year.

Barty had been warned about her from Tom and he reluctantly called on her with a sigh making most laugh.

"Oh he's not happy Hads calling on her, belly rub me?" said Otiz in his smol form on the desk which Harry did.

Hermione glared at him "sir can't that thing be left outside, it can't be sanitary to have that think in here?" she snarled she couldn't yet control her wolf even with Remus helping her it had only been three months roughly since she was bitten and she had had only two transformations since so she was barely a pup in the age of werewolves and she was such a pain in the butt that Remus was thinking of giving her to Fenrir to teach her.

"Sadly I can't do that Miss Granger as he is a familiar, an unusual one mind you being a hybrid and all that, two different species being able to change forms as well as change size I can't just kick him out because you don't like him. Now answer my questions or get out, I don't like people in my class demanding things off me".

She shrunk back in her chair and after what appeared to be an eternity she finally answered the question.

"They are Unforgiveable for a reason as each one is dark and dangerous, one to control, one to torture and the last one so deadly... it kills" she sucked in a breath to calm herself even if she was stuck up and like to bully people didn't mean she wanted to talk about this kind of stuff at all.

"Well done, took you long enough for it all girly but I'll give you a point, mind you just a point nothing more", he turned away from her and wrote them on the board as everyone started to write them down.

"You brats won't be using these at all, they are the very and I mean the very last..." a thump was head Otiz had fallen off the desk in his smol form and walked up to Barty and sniffed him causing him to glare at the man the hybrid smirked at him knowing he was hiding who he was but he wasn't going to say and he skipped off back to Harry in his normal size and sat next to him looking freakin proud.

Barty smiled he knew he wouldn't be able to hide from the familiar of all things but he could hide from the teachers and students for a while at least.

He soon showed everyone the curses making insect dance around on the students making them either laugh, scream or cry, he almost killed it by drowning it with the Imperio Curse but didn't do any of it, he brought it back to him and infected pain using the Crucio Curse making Neville look away remembering what and who made his parents end up in St Mungos for the rest of their lives and lastly he killed it, making everyone look away from it using Avada Kedavra Curse.

"There was only ever been one person to survive this curse and he's in this very room, Mr Snape it seems has survived and only came out with the scar on his forehead, lucky if you aske me even now after thirteen years we still don't know how" he smiled slightly towards Harry.

Otiz growled making people look it was rare that he would do something like growl it was more towards the three idiots when they were all at Hogwarts but it now only being the Know It All they couldn't careless but at a teacher there had to be a reason for it all.

Class was soon over with Hermione pushing everyone out of the way hoping to get to another lesson Harry was thankful that he and his friends had a free lesson to catch up with his homework or at least that's what he thought until he was asked to stay behind for a moment, making his friends go ahead of him.

Chapter Text

It was finally time to choose the champions for the tournament after the twins had tried to pass by it by using a potion to make themselves older but it back fired on them as they gained forced aged bodies of old men this made everyone laugh making Otiz fall off his chair.

Hermione had to be the big know it all yet again saying that Tom had created an age line around it but most likely it was all fake and that he was cheating about it all as he was no Dumbledore this made everyone groan they were getting really annoyed with her why couldn't she just leave and never come back? sadly that was too much to ask for.

As the twins were fighting Viktor, Fleur and Cedric all put their names into the cup while dodging a now animal Otiz as he danced around the cup liking the colour the flames turned each time a parchment was added to it, Coco was on his head the whole time loving the feeling of wind in her wings when she was still the Hogwarts students laughed.

It was now Halloween and Tom was waiting by the cup Harry was sitting on Otiz lap for some unknown reason but he was happy enough not to move the Hall was alive with anticipation on who would be the champions of the schools no one could wait.

*"Sit down please, now the moment you've been waiting for, the champion selection.." Tom magics the flames low to draw in an atmosphere making everyone every more eager to find out who the three would be.

He went up to the cup hand drawn to catch the parchment that was going appear from the cup everyone eagerly watching Otiz' eyes were trained on it, he had a feeling something bad was going to happen to Harry and he was going to protect him at all costs.

The first name appeared out of the cup Tom catching it right away.

"...the Durmstrang champion is Viktor Krum" the students of the school went wild clapping and cheering patting him on his back Tom shook his hand and showed him the way to the way to the off side room.

The cup spat out another piece of parchment grabbing it he announced the second champion.

"...the champion for Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour" again the students went wild he shook her hand and showed her the way in which Viktor went.

Lastly it was Hogwarts turn for their champion, the cup spat out the last and final name.

"...the Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory" the whole of the Hufflepuff table went crazy clapping him on the back and shaking his hand as he went he too was show the way to the room where the other champions were waiting, Tom clapped him on the back some wolf whistled as he went cheering.

"Excellent! We now have our three champions but in the end only one will go down in history, only one will hoist this chalice of champions this vessel of victory...", Minister Crouch brought in the chalice.

"...the Triwizard cup!" everyone went crazy but Otiz growled but no one heard besides Harry and his friends, this was an Otiz that was angry and was getting annoyed the longer it was going on.

Soon the cup started to glow and sputter Severus knew something was going on and was getting worried and so he stepped forward making Tom worry and so he looked towards the cup noticing acting strange and headed towards it as the fire went crazy.

The flames turned red and Tom had to shield his face as he didn't want to get burnt by how powerful and intense the fire was, Igor looked on proud as the flames shot out upwards releasing a forth and final parchment into the air.

Tom grabbed it and read out the name "Hadrian Snape?" he looked around and called out his name again "Hadrian Snape" this time more forceful, no one said anything, Severus was shocked how did his 14 year old son get passed the age line how even Tom was shocked at it all, his soon to be son had somehow been entered into the tournament.

Again he called everyone looking around Harry tried to hide in Otiz more as said familiar held him tightly and growled angrily to everyone close by.

Tom screamed his name this time "HADRIAN SNAPE!" he hid more into Otiz but the familiar got up carrying Harry to the other champions the boy was now crying in his arms, the boy as so scared, everyone else in the Hall glared at them as they walked off.

Some called out "cheat", others called out "he isn't even seventeen years old yet, Severus was shocked by what had happened Minerva tapped Otiz on his shoulder and let him go to the other champions.

Inside the room the other champions where waiting for the staff to come down and weren't expecting Otiz carrying a crying child in his arms.

"Otiz I don't want to be in this I don't, I don't, please I don't want to do this" he burst into tears even more while he clung to his familiar tightly.

The staff came in shouting all at once making the students look at them as they all came in and went up to Otiz who growled and hid Harry more in his arms turning away from them growling loudly making Harry whimper making himself smaller in Otiz' arms.

Tom went up to Otiz hoping and praying he wouldn't get bitten by the familiar, "Hadrian, Hadrian did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire?" but this just made Harry whimper and Otiz to growl more.

"Did you ask one of the older students to do it for you? you're absolutely sure?" asked Tom only to earn another growl from Otiz as Harry cried louder, Madame Maxime called him a liar this earned her a massive growl from Otiz changing from into a giant Kitsune standing over Harry who was sobbing and calling for Severus more and more, his magic whipping out as Otiz was angry.

Barty stepped forward saying "to the hell he is, the Goblet of Fire is an exceptionally powerful magical object only an exceptionally powerful confundus charm could have hoodwinked it, magic way beyond a 4th year student".

Igor stepped forward "you seem to have given this a fair bit of thought Mad Eye" they stared each other down neither wanting to get close to the irate familiar as the way he was now he was most likely going to attack anyone to protect Harry.

"It was my job to think as a dark wizard's do Karakaroff perhaps you remember" said Barty in his role as Moody.

"This doesn't help Alastor, I leave this to you Bartemius" said Tom walking pass the pair and looking at the Minister as he said the last part.

The Minister looked at everyone and finally said "the rules are absolute, the Goblet of Fire constitutes a binding magical contract, Mr Snape has no choice he is as of tonight a Triwizard champion".

Harry just cried he didn't want to lose his magic he didn't want to lose everything that he had grown to love, he just wanted one normal year and he couldn't even have that even after he got a family nothing was ever going to be normal, he just wanted to be normal that's all he ever asked for since his time at the Durslys.

He was brought into strong arms and he knew right away who it was and he held on tightly not wanting to leave he was so scare and all he wanted was his father close by. Severus just took him out and back to his room to stay until he had calmed down.

Chapter Text

It was the last lesson of the day double potions which Harry now loved and he was now in the top 10 of the school, Draco being the 1st of course but Harry was happy with were he was he was getting EE and O's as he now had a quiet place to study and no one hitting him over the head with books or making him procrastinate by playing chess even if he was getting better at the game with help from his father, Tom and Draco he would never be as good as them which he was happy about.

"Today you will be making an Aging Potion which will temporally make you older for at least until you go to bed tonight if and I mean if you brew it correctly" sneered Severus to the class making the shudder they hated him sometimes.

Otiz was in his human form and was getting the ingredients already mumbling about how Severus liked to scare people but at home in his own personal space he was nice as pie really and if you really wanted him on his good side give him chocolate.

"What are you waiting for get to work!" it seemed like Severus was in a bad mood sadly, he just waved his wand and his spidery writing appeared on the board.

. Newt Spleens, Bananas (strange everyone thought as they read the ingredients), an Orange Snake and a Green Leaf

Soon everyone got to work and for once the lesson was going as planned or so thought one Severus Tobias Snape but with everything that was going wrong today this was going to take the cake and completely destroy it all in a matter of seconds.

It was coming to the end of lesson which Severus was grateful for, he wanted a nice black strong coffee and his leather recliner and his book of Sherlock Holmes, he had the complete collection mind you after all they were the classics and he was yet again re reading the books, he was half way through the first book A Study in Scarlett.

He was snapped out of it when he heard bubbling, damn it why did he have to day dream about it all but it was now too late, he had managed to shield everyone or at least he thought he did until he heard...

"Oh yuck it's all over me Hadrian it's gross" said Draco.

"You smell as well Dray" said Harry stepping away slightly holding is nose this made Otiz laugh but stopped when he noticed that Draco was shrinking and becoming animal like.

"What's happening to me Hadrian? Otiz?..." he was going to say uncle Sev but he was soon buried under his clothes this made the whole class scared they had no idea what had become of Draco Lucius Malfoy, they snapped out of it when they noticed the clothes moving and out popped a tiny pink nose followed by a furry silver blonde head.

Everyone jumped and the girls screamed thinking it was a rat until Draco came fully out of his clothes he was an adorable silver blonde ferret!

Otiz being who he was burst out laughing as he picked Draco up, awe so smol Dray but oh so sweet looking like this" which resulted in Draco biting him on the finger and jumping to Harry's shoulder as if to say save me from your familiar.

"GET OUT ALL OF YOU! THOMAS! FUNNIGAN! SNAPE STAY!" the other students ran out leaving their potions there but within seconds of waving his wand everything was cleaned up and put away they will be doing this potion again but he did leave Dean's and Seamus' potion to see what they had done to do this to Draco.

"Hadrian go and sit in my office please Otiz if you don't mind keep him there for me while I deal with these two idiots!" said Severus making Otiz just guide Harry to his office and once the door was shut he snapped.

"WHAT IN MERLIN WERE YOU TWO THINKING! YOU WERE MEANT TO CREATE A POTION OF AGING AND NOT THIS!..." waves his wand over the now cold potion trying to find out what they had done it wasn't an Animagus potion that was for sure and it wasn't Polyjuice he knew both of these very well so what in merlin's name had they done!

"We... we don't know" said Dean getting scared.

"We followed everything.... I think" said Seamus but he wasn't sure if they had or hadn't and now they were paying the price for it all.


Once they had left he went into his office, Otiz holding Harry on his lap knowing full well he didn't like shouting but in this case it was needed, Draco poked out from Harry's lap.

"Hadrian sorry about the shouting but I needed to get it through your friends heads that it's not ok to mess with potions that all" this made Harry nod and held Draco close to him.

"We need to get Draco checked out in the Hospital Wing as I will most likely now be spending my night as well as the weekend trying to figure out what Mr Thomas and Mr Finnigan has done to their potion to result in Draco becoming a ferret as it's not the animagus potion or the aging potion that I asked everyone to do I have no idea what it is, so for now Draco is stuck in that form" this made Harry gasp his Dray was stuck as an animal no way!

Soon they were heading to the Hospital Wing to get Poppy to check over Draco just to make sure and when she did everything was ok he was just stuck as a ferret and very cute ferret that was now draped across Harry's shoulder asleep, Otiz was curled up in fox form on his lap Coco was on Draco's head hissing at everyone.

"Severus do you know what caused this it's a potions accident but that's all I can work out he's completely fine but I can't reverse it at all" sighed Poppy to the potions master.

"Mr Thomas and Mr Finnigan seemed to have messed up a simple aging potion by doing who knows what to result in this and it's sadly not the animagus potion either I have no idea what they have done and it looks like my evening and the weekend seems to take place of looking up with what went wrong" he sighed.

"Dad you have to tell uncle Luc and Aunt Cissa they would like to know about Dray and how he got like this" said Harry petting the animals on him.

"I have already done that Hadrian" sighed Tom as he came into the Hospital Wing after getting word of what has happened to Draco and the detentions of Dean and Seamus.

"I have given them detention as well, they will be having them with me in my office for three days for a fortnight after their suspension id over which is also a fortnight and what ever you think is also reasonable Sev" explained Tom.

"They will have detention with me for a month and around your detentions Headmaster" he was still annoyed his weekend was now ruined but at least his godson was safe, the two idiots were suspended for the time being, it gave him a fortnight to find outcome and hopefully change Draco back.

He also had to deal with Harry in the blasted tournament which he might add he could lose his son it was such a dangerous tournament why in the hell did the bloody well Minister think a good idea to do this anyway he would rather not find out to be honest, he sighed today just wasn't his day he now needed a firewhiskey but first dinner and then him and his son can retire for the night.

Chapter Text

It was one morning in November that Harry had gotten of all things Hedwig had delivered it to him, she dropped in front of him and hooted to get his attention as he was talking to Blaise and Theo about a charms project that they had been assigned and hadn't seen her.

"Hedwig! oh girl how much I've missed you you didn't come home with me over the summer and I'm so sorry that I didn't visit you" he hugged his feather friend and she hooted in delight of it all and then nipped his ear and looked down at her leg and to his bacon on his plate to say "open this and bacon please".

Everyone laughed at his owl but knew he was just attached to her like he was with Draco sadly he was still stuck in ferret form but he was smol so he was clinging to Otiz' back and Otiz, he took the letter after seeing if it was ok and when his friends nodded he did and inside was bad handwriting to say the least and many many crossed out words it was hard to read but he did manage to decipher it all.


Come to my hut after dark, bring your cloak it's important come along no fox


Harry looked at it and re read the whole thing again and again not really sure if he should do that but Hagrid did seem to worry about it all so he might as well go and see what it was all about after all Hagrid was one of his first friends when he started at Hogwarts anyway, the others seem to of disappeared, turned into a slave or werewolf so... not much love lost in this case really when he thought about now after two years with Severus and about a year with Tom.

"So who sent it then Hadrian?" asked Pansy when though Harry hated her he was polite enough to her.

"Oh just Hagrid really says he hasn't seen me much and would like to catch up", Otiz knew that was a lie as he had read the whole thing over his shoulder but said nothing if Harry didn't want to elaborate he hoped that it was nothing dangerous but knowing Harry it most likely will turn dangerous.

As it was the weekend Harry had completed his homework always and was well on his way to keep in the top 15 that he was in and he hoped that he would someday soon be in the top 10 students of his year but maybe after Christmas if he continued like he was doing and so he headed to the library to get another book so he could do some recreational reading as he had read everything Tom had lent him and as he was busy grading he didn't want to disturb him same with Severus.

As he entered the library Otiz on his shoulder he got slapped across the face by Hermione leaving a bright red mark that was most likely going to bruise like hell but he didn't care he pushed or tried to push passed her but she slapped him again and dragged him off to an unused classroom.


"You are repulsive little witch, you stoop so low as to hit someone as they don't go with you're plans, just show you will never grow up, plus I have called your Head of House as well as the Headmaster to see what they think about you hitting someone for no reason besides your ill forgotten gain" and he growled and didn't let her go.

Soon Minerva and Tom arrived and they noticed right away the bruise on Harry's cheek getting worse it was now black and looked very painful Otiz was growling and making sure he wasn't hit as Hermione was kicking him or clawing at him with her hand.

"Miss Granger what have you done now?" asked Minerva with a sigh she was getting annoyed with this girl and she so wanted her to get expelled from the school but it hadn't happened just yet and was hoping even praying that Tom would do it before Christmas next month.

"Nothing I only defended myself what ever this freak..." Harry flinched at the word somethings were still hard for him to forget sadly "...attacked me and won't let me go and Harry hasn't done anything to get this thing off me!" said Hermione to them lying through her teeth hoping that they would believe her and not the freak fox thing.

"It looks like something more has happened her then you care to admit Miss Granger, for once Mister Snape here has a hand size bruise across his face which if I had to guess was caused by you" said Tom his blue eyes flashed red only for a moment.

"I would never do something like that!" screamed Hermione to them but they knew she was lying.

"Care to say that to everyone who has come to us teachers saying that you have hit them because you are saying that what they have written for their assignments is wrong and what you have written is correct that or if they talk out of turn say like they were called on in class you aren't happy and so after class you hit them with your books, don't lie to me Miss Granger I have seen their memories about it all and I have also questioned their friends and teachers that have seen you hit them and I'll say this now no one is happy with you right now" said Tom angrily.

"But I would and haven't hit anyone they lie!"

"Says the girl that hit Hadrian twice and was going to hit him a third time if I hadn't changed form" lets go of her making her fall Draco was perched on his head and was squeaking in anger, he had a smol Slytherin scarf on as it was cold.

"You beast! you did that on purpose! I'll have you removed..." looks at Tom "... the both of you that is you were never meant to be Headmaster and that thing isn't meant to be here! stated in Hogwarts A History only a cat, rat, owl or toad are meant to be here not some freak..." Harry flinched again and ran to Tom hiding behind him as Otiz growled.

"Enough stop! come along with me Miss Granger and we will talk while Headmaster Sötétség takes Mister Snape to his father as it appears that he won't be letting go until he's there, if that is ok with you Tom?" said Minevra.

"It's fine I'll see you in my office in about ten minutes" and he left and headed towards Severus' chambers and once he entered Harry bolted to Severus clinging to him.

"What happened" glared at Tom while Otiz with Draco on his head sat beside his recliner while Harry tried not to cry.

"Miss Granger again Sev to be honest I now have to do something about it, he got hit twice by her and will need bruise salve to take it down", Severus looked and it was bad and accio'd the potion and slowly and gently put it on Harry's cheek making him whimper.

"She called me a freak as well" whispered Harry into Severus chest making him nod.

"Hadrian you aren't a freak remember that well my son" and he kissed the top of his head, "you better got Tom before a hybrid familiar seeks out revenge" said Severus and Tom soon left and headed up to his office, he said the password which was now kígyó which meant snake.

"Ah there you are Tom, your pet has been very upset with Miss Granger being here" said Minerva as Nagini wrapped around Tom waist and place her head on his shoulder facing them.

"Yes she knows what Miss Granger has been up to and isn't happy" he sighed and sat down in his chair.

He glared at Hermione making Nagini hiss in displeasure, "Nagini leave it she won't listen to us" said Tom making Hermione look on in disgust.

"That thing is against school rules as well! when professor Dumbledore comes back I'll make sure he kills that thing as well as Harry's freak animal" snarled Hermione her brown eyes flashed amber.

Tom's eyes flashed red making Hermione eep, she so didn't like that at all her wolf was still a pup of all things and was still new to everything and it submitted right away.

"Well this is how we are going do this, you Miss Granger will not be expelled at this moment in time but I think someone watching over you and that temper of yours and the wolf pup inside of you and I can think of only one person patient enough and hopefully he will be able to help that wolf pup as it appears to be an omega while he is a beta.." Minerva was shocked he was going to ask for Remus of all people that would mean Sirius would be along as well, it was better than Fenrir for the time being but knowing Tom he was the last resort on the whole thing.

" will be brought to and from lessons and to your shared room with Mr Lupin and Mr Black as Mr Lupin is helping him after 13 years in Azkaban he has been cleared he will just have to see a mind healer, back to you Miss Granger as I said Mr Lupin will being you too and from lessons, to the Great Hall for your meals, you won't be allowed in the library without supervision.

You will be sat at the back of the class or on your own desk depending what class it is, you will do all your homework in your shared chambers and he will help with your wolf. If you don't like this then it's being expelled and I will get into contact with the Alpha that I know and he will sort you out right away. Do I make myself clear?!" said Tom he had had enough of her now and it was only November just the start of the new school year.

"I'm being babysat by a werewolf of all things?!" she wasn't happy.

"It's that Miss Granger or being expelled, your memory wiped and wand snapped" said Minerva not caring that she might be going to Fenrir if she didn't straighten up.

"I'll take her to her new room after I floo call Mr Lupin he has already said he would be happy to help us" said Tom as he went to the floo, Minerva stayed with Hermione so she wouldn't get into more trouble like stealing Tom's books that he has spent years collecting.

Remus came through with Sirius in his Animagus form as he felt better and less nervous in this form, "come along Miss Granger and we can get this sorted, the full moon is in three weeks and I want us all on the same page before then" said Remus making the girl get up with a command.

"Follow me Mr Lupin" said Tom, "please it's Remus and you know Sirius, change back love ok nothing is going to happen honest" said Remus helping Sirius with his anxiety and soon there stood Sirius.

Soon they arrived at their new shared chambers, Remus happy with it all he right away he noticed the parental locks and things around around only keyed to the staff him and Sirius.

Chapter Text

It seemed that one student other than Hermione had a problem with Harry and that was Cormac McLaggen he had such an attitude problem at the moment... no wait he always did he was so full of himself and he was trying out for the Keeper for Gryffindor he wanted to show Harry that he was better than anyone even though Harry was now in Slytherin and kind of playing or he was but it was between him and Draco for each game it was so each had a turn.

Harry was heading to he pitch to practice with his team as he had taken over from Draco until he was turned back to normal the team was thrilled to have Harry play for them more as everyone knew he was the best out of the school and they hoped that when he left he would become a professional Seeker but with everything that had happened to him he might not.

"Oy Potter get here!" yelled Cormac to Harry as he walked passed him, Harry ignored him.

"Oy!" again Cormac was ignored by Harry, said boy was being pushed by his familiar more.

"Keep going Hadrian don't listen to him" said Otiz making Harry nod until he was grabbed by Cormac and thrown into the wall hard.

Harry coughed up blood when he was slammed into the wall by Cormac who placed a barrier around them which Otiz tried to get in but couldn't.

"Now that that pest is gone lets me and you talk Potter oh wait isn't your name now Snape of all things, why did you get that slimy git to take you in weren't you happy with your own family that you had to go with someone like him of all things, stupid if you ask me and that freak of an animal just put the damn thing down if you ask me he's a waste of time and energy and a freak of an animal shouldn't be alive" Cormac laughed as he has seen Harry flinch each time he said freak.

"My dad isn't slimy even if he's a Slytherin and Otiz isn't a freak! he's a wonderful animal and my best friend besides Draco, Blaise and Theo!" he breathed painfully he might of broken a rib or that his back was badly bruised he didn't know until he went to Poppy.

"Nah the damn thing needs to be put down and I'm happy enough to do it for you" Cormac smiled, "better yet lets make a bet beat me in a small game of keep away and the first one to score 5 goals and if you lose the freak gets killed which I won't" he smiled ruefully ((is that even a word?))

"No not Otiz please Cormac! you were fine when I was in Gryffindor why are you like this now? I've never done anything to you before I didn't really know you to be honest you're a year older than me. I'll do this honest just leave Otiz out of this please" he was now crying.

"Really the almighty Potter crying over a freak of an animal really, you're so lame its embarrassing having known you in when you were in Gryffindor, the famous boy who lived reduced to tears the one who is meant to defeat you know who and he's crying like a little baby. Lets settle this Potter you me on the pitch now and first to 5 wins" he took Harry's broom and he sped off laughing.

Once the barrier was down Harry cried more and Otiz was right there in fox form and and went into support mode and let Harry hug him tightly.

"I don't wanna do it Otiz but if I don't I think he might try to kill you" Harry hugged him tightly and slowly got up.

"He will never be able to kill me Hadrian remember that, I am a Kitsune and a Bekeneko two very powerful Japanese demons and I will protect you no matter that I am your bonded familiar I will protect you!" growled Otiz this made ferret Draco squeak his reply as well he too would also protect Harry at all costs!

Taking a deep breath even though it hurt like hell due to being crashed into the wall by Cormac, Harry hurried to the pitch where his team were standing around watching Cormac fly around on Harry's Firebolt.

Urquhart was annoyed as hell watching Cormac flying around on Harry's Firebolt he knew the boy wouldn't let anyone on it even if they were a close friend ie Draco, Blaise and Theo those four were never apart since Harry joined Slytherin all four had become great friends but this was strange and so he went up to talk with Cormac.

"MacLaggen give Hadrian his broom back we all know you won't be able to fly it" glared Urquhart to the Gryffindor but Cormac just last and sped off.

Graham, Adrian and Cassius all went into the air to try and get the broom back off Cormac but they just weren't fast enough and by the time Harry got to the pitch he was coughing up blood due to the pressure on his lungs and promptly passed out making everyone stop what they were doing.

Everyone rushed to Harry's side and went to check him or run off to get Madam Pomfrey, Cormac was laughing in the sky saying how weak Harry was now and that a little push like that would cause damage he wondered how he even got onto the pitch in the first place.

Otiz by now had had enough and so went onto the attack no one hurts his Harry and gets away with it, he was in the air in less than a second and was chasing a now scared 5th year around the pitch.

He now looked to be in a human hybrid form of some kind spirit foxes around him also chasing Cormac he was completed out numbered.

Otiz didn't care if he would get into trouble he would submit his memories to why he was doing this and it all came down to a familiar protecting their bonded human he wouldn't be getting into trouble a telling off by Severus about scaring the stupid boy but other than that nothing.

As he was chasing Cormac, Poppy and Severus appeared on the pitch, Severus growling his displeasure while Poppy got to work.

"He's got two broken ribs,one has slightly punctured his left lung and he has bruising to his back like he's been slammed into the wall, we need to get him to the hospital wing right away" said Poppy making Severus nod at this while he watched and thought gleefully I hope that hybrid catches you MacLaggen because if he doesn't I certainly will.

As Harry was taken to the hospital wing and hopefully not St. Mungo's, Otiz finally caught Cormac and dragged him physically down to Severus.

"Well mister MacLaggen it looks like my son's familiar has done what any familiar would do attack the attacker of their bonded human, shame I can't let him do more harm to you sadly but I can give you detention after we have viewed all of your memoires that is", Severus grabbed Cormac by the collar and dragged him to Tom in his office, Otiz following behind he could feel that Harry was going to be ok.

In the office Tom sat behind his desk doing paperwork, paperwork that he was still catching up on thanks to Albus-I-hate-paperwork-Dumbledore, he only stopped when the Gargoyle moved and his door was slammed open and someone pushing someone in and growling.

"What in Merlin's name is going on here!" he jumped.

"It appears headmaster that mister MacLaggen here has assaulted another student and sent them to the hospital wing" snared Severus as he walked in with a now growling animal of Otiz by his side.

"I prove it!" said Cormac, he knew it wasn't they right way to go about it but he didn't care.

It took over two hours for Cormac to finally break and tell them everything from taunting Harry to pushing him into the wall breaking his ribs to stealing the broom, needless to say he was in detention for a while as well as being expelled for a while and it wasn't even Christmas for Merlin's sake.

In the hospital wing Harry was recovering slowly again but thanks to the Slytherin's quick thinking and Otiz protecting Harry he was going to be fine if not a little sore for a while after wards.

Draco had curled up on the pillow next to Harry to protect him the best he could but as a ferret he couldn't do anymore he was stuck bloody well stuck in this form and he hoped he would change back soon.

Harry's creature was also helping in healing him the Phoenix in his was being helped by the skelo-grow to repair his ribs and to fix his lung, the basilisk was playing at being an antibiotic and was burning any potion given to Harry as they would no longer work for him since he had his inheritance.

Chapter Text

The time had come for the four Champions to have their wands weighed, Harry had been out of the hospital wing for what four days and not he had to go through all of this he still left awful but he knew he had to do this.

The staff and students looked out for Harry the best they could after they found out what Cormac hand done to him and saw how protective Otiz was being and it was worse than before he would snap at anyone who he deemed attacker and it was like that even for Harry's friends the only one allowed close was Draco who was normally seen wrapped around Harry's neck or on Otiz back, other than that no one was allowed close enough to the boy in Otiz' eyes.

Harry was brought in with the rest of the schools for breakfast he was still sore but with what had happened not long ago it was all due to Cormac and his friends; Cormac's that is; was trying to get to Harry like he did but Otiz kept them at bay.

What Harry didn't to do was go into the tournament but he was bound by magic to compete in it or lose his magic which he didn't want to do as he would kill Otiz and wouldn't be allowed to stay in the Magical world and would most likely have to go back to the Dursley's even though they were in prison but still he might go to Vernon's sister Marge and that dog Ripper who she loved to use to attack him.

He sighed as he entered the hall everyone stared at him only to have Hermione come to him demanding him to go back to Dumbledore and that he should really be with his family and not Professor Snape of all things, he was going about this all wrong and that he was going against the great and wonderful Albus Dumbledore. He should be following Albus Percival Wulfic Brian Dumbledore and not this Tomas Malakai Sötétség person who was nothing against Dumbledore.

"Just leave me alone Granger, we aren't friends anymore please" said Harry as he tried to get passed her but she took hold of his arm and started to drag him out of the Hall with everyone watching.

"That's it I've had enough let go of Hadrian now or so help me I'll bite you Granger!" snarled Otiz he was in his teenage form dressed head top toe in black he really did look like a blue haired Severus like this, he pulled her away and threw her out of the hall.

"Touch him again and I will do much worse!" he dragged Harry over to the Slytherin table and away from the crumpled wolf pup on the floor who whimpered but everyone ignored her.

She got up and headed to her table but they had all closed rank and wouldn't let her sit down and because of this she glared at the head table waiting for them to do something but all Minerva did was wave her hand and a small table appeared at the back of the hall for her to use as she couldn't sit at the Gryffindor table anymore.

Tom sighed it was going to be a very long year, he stood up clapping making everyone look at him, he had an easy going smile on his face.

"Please sit down Miss Granger, Professor McGonagall has transfigured a table for you as everyone else isn't letting you sit with them so that will have to do" he waited for her to sit down so he could continue it took a while but she did finally sit down he knew for a fact that she would be up in his office to complain that is if she knew the password as he had changed it once again, from Család meaning family to kígyószívű meaning snake heart, yes he went Slytherin this time around and it was always in Hungarian but it would open to English anyway he didn't want to use Parseltongue as everyone might know it was him Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort but he hadn't been him for years.

"Welcome to another new day, yes its rainy and groggy out there but I would like to ask the champions to follow me after breakfast to get your wands weighted so then we can start off the Tri Wizard Tournament!" he clapped his hands showing he was eager to start it all because he wanted it to be finished as soon as possible.

"Harry shouldn't be in it and she should follow Albus Dumbledore you are a fake and shouldn't be here!" shouted Hermione from the back of the hall making everyone sigh she was still going on about this, it was getting annoying now.

Harry held onto Otiz the best he could without hurting his poor ribs, Otiz knowing that if he moved badly while Harry was holding onto him he could do more damage to his still healing ribs, it made him sigh at it all.

"Well miss Granger from what I remember is that I was asked to be the new Headmaster back when I was in Hungary at the same time as helping Potion Master Snape and his son in a court trial, I was moving here anyway to start anyway and your government asked me to take up this role. I had no clue when I represented both of them that I would be going up against Mr Dumbledore and then take his position sadly to say I was surprised.

If you have a problem with me being here I would suggest that you write a letter to Minister Fudge about it all better yet he will be here to over see the wand weighing which sadly we are now all late for so if the champions would follow me please" he got up and had the four students and Otiz follow him out of the great hall.

The four older students closed rank around Harry Otiz was back in his animal form and Draco was clearly on Harry's head and coco was on his back.

"When is my human going to be back to normal not that I mind he's cute like this" Otiz laughed when he heard that and Draco squeaked angrily as if to say 'I'm not cute'.

"Awe hatching don't worry you will always be cute to me no matter what from you take" said Coco hugging Draco the best she could while on his back again Otiz laughed again making everyone look at him.

"Don't worry Coco just wants to know when Draco will change back and she called him cute twice and he didn't like it" said Harry but he got a nip on his ear by said ferret, "ow that hurt Draco" places him on the floor making him walk he pouted.

They got to the classroom where Cornelius Fudge was waiting for along with Ludo Bagman and Bartemius Crouch Sr and lastly Garrick Ollivander who was going to be doing the wand weighing, Rita Skeeter was in the room again to get her scoop like normal after the lies she had done already Harry didn't want her there.

"Shall we start with the youngest in the weighing?" asked Ollivander to everyone and then looked at Harry who looked like he was about to have a panic attack but he felt a calming hand on his shoulder and looked up to see who it was and saw onyx eyes staring down at him who nodded to him that it was ok.

"Ok Mr Ollivander" and he went over, this made Ollivander smile "very well Mr Potter or should i say Mr Snape?", Harry nodded to him when he said Mr Snape but said nothing more.

He soon checked his wand "11 inches, holly wood with phoenix feather very good Mr Snape very good I told you your wand would do great things, now onto the next one" he handed back Harry's wand and went onto the next one which was Cedric's "12 1/4 inches, ash wood with unicorn tail hair, very well next one" he handed the wand back and started on the foreign wands which he remarked as remarkable.

"Well onto the only young lady in the group Miss Delacour if you please" she gave him her wand and he stared for a bit and smiled "unique I must say its 9 1/2 inches made of rosewood and veela hair as you are 1/4 veela so it works remarkably well for you I must say Miss Delacour" he hands it back and Viktor Krum went up to Ollivander.

He took the wand and felt its power "strong I will say and loyal to you Mr Krum well lets see, yes yes as I thought 10 1/4 inches hornbeam wood with dragon heartstring, very good wands all of them well gentlemen and young lady I have done what is asked of me I should be on my way none of the wands have had anything bad cast from them" he soon left the group and headed home.

"Can we go now please" said Harry who was no behind Severus as Rita Skeeter's eyes gleamed she now knew the wands and was wondering how she could twist it all.

"Can I do some interviews with the darling champions?" she looked towards the men in the room, Tom just sighed at it all.

"If they want it let them if not leave them alone better yet sign this contract about twisting the truth of four under age witches and wizards I as head master will not let you get away with it all and a teacher or parent will sit in on the interviews" his eyes flashed red very briefly no one noticed but a contract was written up beforehand so she just had to sign it and then she could have her interview.

Chapter Text

Rita waited patiently for the champions to agree to have their interviews but she had her eyes on Harry of all people she wanted to rub his name through the mud with her twisted views and lies that she makes up.

"Stop staring at my son Miss Skeeter I will make the final call on whether or not my son has an interview with you" said Severus to her making her huff her quick quill writing down everything that was said, scratching as it wrote down everything it heard within the room.

"Yes all the champions must have a teacher or parent's consent for this interview and you ill not lie Skeeter, I have heard of you even in Hungary about how you write, a bunch of lies all your twistedness to make what you believe is correct but is in fact complete and utter lies now sign this or no interviews with anyone!" said Tom he was getting annoyed and fast.

The other champions looked to their teachers for support in this all, they knew this was best for it all but two didn't have their parents here and so it was down to their professors.

"I want my father to be here if you please head master Sötétség I think it would be best that he is here or that you stay I know that you are a busy man after all" said Cedric to Tom who only nodded, "I will call Amos for you Mr Diggory what about you Mr Krum and Miss Delacour?"

"I vould like Madam Maxine please" said Fleur to Tom who nodded to her and then looked at Viktor.

"Headmaster Karkaroff if you please Headmaster Sötétség as we can't have our parents here our headmasters would be best if you ask me" Tom again nodded at him and then looked at Rita.

"Miss Skeeter if you would please sign this contract then and then you can start" smiled Tom but it didn't reach his eyes the way both Severus and Harry knew.

She huffed and signed the contract if this was the only way she would do it even though she wasn't happy about it all, "there signed happy now lets start with the youngest" she was about to grab Harry and pull him away but Otiz stepped in front of her and growled to say touch him and I will bite you.

"What is that thing?" asked Rita only to have Harry look at her lightening bolt showing for the first time since his adoption well blood adoption that is, there he was the 'boy who lived' the one she wanted to interview and slander most of all, the one she could twist and turn the way she wanted, she needed to find out the reason why Severus had Harry no matter what.

"Leave Otiz alone" Harry grabbed hold of him the quick quill still writing about everything that was happening.

"Is she allowed that quill?" asked Fleur to them making all of them look to the quill it was her chance Rita grabbed Harry and went into a closet locking it after he quill followed her in a rush.

"Finally alone, you must feel right at home here" said Rita her eyes sparkled at the thought of dragging his name though the mud.

"Not really" he tried to get away but with it being a small space it wasn't going to happen anytime soon he didn't have Draco, his father or even Otiz he was alone once again.

"Well lets start then, a child of only 12.."

"I'm 14"

"... a child of only 14 joining in one of the most dangerous tournaments ever known how do you feel? how did you get your name in the goblet? how did you get passed the age line it was set by you head master of all things, so how did you do it? my readers all want to know how the 'boy who lived' managed to get passed an age line? please Harry Potter please tell us just how you did it" she fired off so many questions Harry just couldn't answer them the only one he did was answer the one regarding his name.

"My name is Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape now I was adopted and the blood adopted back in my second year".

"Yeah yeah we heard about all that how did that all happen didn't you love your relatives we all heard that your were treated like a prince due to saving us when you were nothing but a baby from he who shall not be named, how does it make you feel that your loving relatives wonder where you are and hope that they return to them as soon as you can, oh wait you managed to get them arrested by the Muggle Auror's of all things. Why did you do that when they love you so much?

Why did you get adopted by Professor Snape of all people he was excused of being a part of he who shall not be named army the death eaters is that what you want to become a death eater? what would your parents think? they died so then you could live.

You also managed to get Headmaster Albus Dumbledore fired from his job, how could you he was just looking out for you, shame on you Harry Potter shame on you".

Harry didn't know what to say, what could he say about his relatives and what they did to him for eleven years after his parents had died that once fatal night when he was only fifteen months old and that his soon to be papa did it all ((yep they are going to get married its part Sniddle)) he was so confused by it all now and just wanted his father and Otiz more than anything but before he could say anything the door to the closet was ripped open and there stood and pissed off Otiz of all things.

"Hadrian come here now" said Otiz which he did hiding behind the hybrid he was shaking.

"You have out lived your welcome here Miss Skeeter if I catch you around Hadrian I will dispose of you but before all that..." he held up a fire ball which was a blazing white with light blue around the edges, "... meet my fox fiendfyre, a blue white flame tells you its much much hotter than your normal fiendfyre" he set the quick quill and parchment notepad on fire, it went up in less than a second.

"Hey you owe me a new pad and quill!" she glared at Otiz but his normal calm ocean green eyes were now glowed a bright as the killing curse.

"You think I care about a quill and paper, think again I am Otiz the familiar of one Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape heir to the Potter linage as well as the Black's and soon to be the Snape line..." he wasn't going to say about Severus being the last Prince before he adopted Harry that was in the future, "... I will protect my bonded human from people like you mark my words I am protected as I am a familiar if they kill me they kill Hadrian and vice versa, so leave him alone" he slammed the door on her locking it with his kitsune magic.

Everyone had been looking for Harry for an hour and when Severus saw Otiz bring Harry to them he went into full parent mode scaring Cedric as he had never seen it before.

"Hadrian are you ok what did she do to you?"

He said nothing he was shutting down again which was bad as he had made such progress on everything Rita was going to pay big time, he was going to get his son's memories and send them to the Daily Prophet and get his own back on one Rita Skeeter, Otiz would be able to help as he had seen everything through Harry's eyes so they had both sides.

Yes Rita would pay.

Chapter Text

Hagrid was waiting outside his hut for Harry to come to him like he had wrote in his note even though it was spelt badly but he did try very hard to write this note to him, he was very please with himself and when he saw Harry along with Otiz and a white ferret on his shoulders looking very pleased with his little self.

Harry waved to him as he headed to the hut at midnight and once he got to Hagrid they headed to the forest so then Hagrid could show him what he would be facing in the very near future.

"Harry I asked you to come alone, why do you have the animals?"

"Um... Otiz comes with me as he's my familiar and the ferret is Draco he's stuck at the moment, why are we here Hagrid, did you comb your beard?".

"Got your cloak?", he avoided the question but blushed.


"Good put it on already Harry".

"His name is Hadrian, you should remember that half giant. Now tell us where we are here" said Otiz he wasn't happy that they were out after curfew he didn't want Harry to get into trouble for being out invisibility cloak or not.

"Well he's quite rude now as he can change into a human why couldn't he stay as the fox thingie that I first met?"

"Oi! be warned half giant I maybe in human form but I can and I will bite you and for your information I'm a kitsune cross with a Bakeneko thank you very much, I'm not a thingie" he growled at him only to be flicked on the nose by Harry.

"Otiz behave already so then we can get this all over and done with then I can go to be, dad will kill me if he knows I'm out here after curfew that or Tom will".

"When are you going to call him dad, papa or even father, you know him and Severus are an item and he loves you just as much as Sev does".

"I don't know Otiz, I really don't".

"Quiet now under the cloak and follow me don't make a peep".

Otiz shrank and climbed onto Harry's shoulder so then they could all fit under the cloak, they quietly moved to the edge of the clearing and they could hear roars and saw fire, this made Harry jump back at it all Otiz snarled this in turn made Draco squeak and dig his claws into Harry's shoulders making him hiss in pain.

"Hold them!" he heard a voice that he hadn't heard since first year it was Charlie and his friends from Romania he wanted to go over and say hi or something but Hagrid got in the way and pushed him back this in turn made him fall over again Otiz and Draco hissed or squeaked at what Hagrid did.

Charlie heard the noise and went to see what it was and Hagrid stepped out smiling.

"What are you doing here Hagrid I thought we asked for no one to be here as we get these mother's settled before we trade the eggs around so then the can get the golden egg and move on to the next task" he stepped out of the way as a fire ball headed to him.

"Nasty little bugger that one I will say she was quiet sweet as a baby but now she's vicious as hell!" and he smiled and dodged another blast of fire.

Harry was scared he was meant to go up against something like that, how the hell was he meant to do that?! why him of all people?! couldn't he just have a normal year for once sure his second year was ok and everything but it was more him healing than anything really after that his uncle did to him and getting used to having a loving and caring father figure in his life, he had to deal with everyone looking at him because Severus had adopted him, his friends turning against him due to all of it, Ron going missing, Ginny being turned into a slave.

Going to court didn't help him at all he had to face Dumbledore in a court room full of people which he hated but he knew it had to be done but he would of never thought Dumbledore would be arrested he never wanted that, he just wanted Dumbledore to see what he had done wrong but it all turned out badly in his book. He did wonder when his relatives be brought to the court room after eleven years under their roof and everything that he had gone through since that faithful night that his soon to be papa killed them but it wasn't his fault or so he had told Harry that but he wasn't sure about it all.

Third year he met his godfather of all people and had to deal with him trying to attack him and dementors a rouge werewolf and his other friend being turned into a werewolf at that it just hadn't been his years but now it was ten times worse he had no idea how his name was pulled out of the frickin' cup in the first place as he hadn't been anywhere near Great Hall he was in the common room the whole time doing homework, he had improved his grades so much that he was now in the top 20 of his year and he was happy compared to his first year where he was in the bottom.

As this was all going through his mind he hadn't realised that his cloak was being pulled off and someone helping him breath due to the mass panic attack that he was now in.

"Oh Hadrian come on little brother breathe for me, keep going, there" said Charlie to him as he helped him through it all, Otiz growled but let the young man help Harry.

Charlie turned crystal blue eyes onto the half giant "how could you of brought Hadrian here you know he's sensitive to something like this due to you not thinking this through he's so deep into a panic attack I might not be able to help him".

Hagrid looked ashamed by it all "I'll go and get help now" and he started to walk off.

"I've sent my patronus to Severus he should be here soon" said Charlie and then looked at Harry who had passed out and Otiz was in his animal growling and was in between them as if to protect anyone who were going to hurt the two boys, Draco sat on Harry's chest.

Severus and Tom appeared right away and glared at Hagrid but said nothing to either men and took hold of Harry and headed back to the school and into the dungeons where Severus kept a close eye of his son for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

As Severus was taking Harry back into Hogwarts someone was watching this all happen with a kit sitting on her lap purring away, it was a pale blue kit that happened to look like a certain kitsune but nothing was said and was soon left alone just outside the forbidden forest whining but no one could hear it crying and so it was left alone.

Inside the dungeons Harry was in a full blown panic attack and wouldn't answer anyone no matter how hard they tried it was like he was back at the Dursleys again which wasn't good.

"What in Merlin's name set him off?" Severus was upset that his son was back like this again it had been months since his last meltdown or panic attack and here it was back with a very heavy vengeance Harry was shutting down.

"No no no no no" it was all Harry could say for the moment at least he had started breathing properly which was a bonus but other than that nothing, his eyes were glassy and dull.

"What in merlin did he see out there with Hagrid? why was he even out there in the first place that's what I want to know?" said Tom stroking Harry's hair, they had managed to change him out of his clothes and into his pyjamas but no other words or what even happened to be voiced by him and so they both sat on his bed wondering just wondering what in Merlin's name had happened to the poor fourteen year old.

Otiz came in wearing Slytherin pyjamas holding Draco in his arms who looked like he was crying, "we know what happened."

"What?!" shouted Severus to him.

"Hagrid asked Hadrian to meet him tonight to show him something asked him to bring his cloak of all things, he was surprised at what he saw".

"What was it Otiz" Severus wasn't in a forgiven mood at the moment he had the right mind to throttle the half giant.

"Alright alright you bat calm the heck down and I'll tell you, Hadrian got a note from Hagrid to meet him tonight at midnight I don't know why that time ok so don't ask but he was asked to bring his cloak and to follow him into the forest and we came to a clearing after Hagrid had a go at Hadrian about bringing me and Draco along.

He wanted Hadrian to go alone for some reason, he wanted us to go back but as a familiar I go where ever my bonded go and Draco was with us anyway so... we went into the forest and as we came to a clearing Hagrid told us to cover ourselves with the cloak and made us go closer than we really wanted to.

It felt to me that Hagrid was under a compulsion charm as we know he's a loveable giant and would never want to put anyone in danger but he seemed to want to put Hadrian in danger, it's just a feeling well back to everything.

Well as we were watching Hadrian he started to go into a panic attack which watching the dragons breathing fire at Charlie Weasley as he dodged them, it was by then that Hadrian went into his attack and the cloak fell off, Charlie tried to help but couldn't and so sent his Patronus to you and Tom and now we are here".

"We will have to have Hagrid checked for spells because we know he wouldn't make someone do something so dangerous like that and he knows how Hadrian is with his mental health and with his its set him back badly I wonder if he will be ok" said Tom.

"Lets put him to bed and go from there, he needs to rest and if he can't sleep I can give him a dreamless sleep but we will have to wait and see" said Severus as he tucked Harry in bed more as he was now asleep but for how long they didn't know, Otiz stayed with him as the two men went to the staff room and called everyone thanking merlin that it was the weekend but no one were going to be happy about it all and both knew it.

Half an hour later the staff entered the room no one was happy to be woken up but it needed to be worked out now rather than later the two men were thankful that they had placed monitor charms around Harry's bed as well as the quarters and having Otiz and Draco there was a bonus in itself.

"Why couldn't this of waited until tomorrow" yawned Pomona

"What's happened" blinked Filius

"The boy formally known as Harry Potter will die!" said Sybil making everyone look at her in angry and sleepiness.

"Sorry about calling everyone out in the dead of night but I thought that it couldn't wait until tomorrow and I'm sorry about that" started Tom to everyone.

"It has come to my attention that tonight Hadrian Snape was asked to go and meet Hagrid tonight at midnight, he snuck out of the Slytherin common room and went to meet Hagrid, somehow he knew what the first task was all about and asked Hadrian to join him which sadly to say he did.

He was asked to hide underneath his cloak with his familiar and the turned Draco Malfoy who by the way is still a ferret and as they watched the dragons almost kill their handler who is one Charlie Weasley, Hadrian started to have a panic attack which has resulting in him having a full break down and we don't know the damage done to him at this time Otiz and Draco are with him at the moment.

We need to see who charmed Hagrid and go from there as we know he would never put anyone in danger like that and someone in Hadrian's state no one would, the boy has closed himself off for the time being and me as well as Severus are very worried on how this will effect him again" Tom sighed at it all not knowing where to go for the time being.

"I'll go and get Hagrid" said Poppy as she got up and left the staff room only to come across a crying Harry he darted into the room and crawled onto Severus' lap and curled into him.

"Let me check him over first and then I can check Hagrid if someone else wants to get him for me" said Poppy as Filius went to get Hagrid.

Poppy checked Harry over but she wanted to do a more in depth scan but Harry just wouldn't move out of Severus' arms making the adults in the room sigh it had seemed like Harry wasn't going to talk anytime soon and that he was going to be quite clingy to Severus as well, this made him sigh he knew it was bad but he didn't realise how bad it truly was.

"Turned non verbal it seems, he's ok he's just in mild shock but it also seems like he's relived some trauma but we won't know until he talks to us" said Poppy and she lowered her wand and watched Harry snuggle more into his father and he was soon back asleep.

"Sev looks like you've got a limpet tonight he won't be letting you go tonight it seems" said Tom looking at the two, the two who would soon be family and Dumbledore said Tom Marvolo Riddle couldn't feel love do to being conceived on a love potion but that was wrong he could and he did.

He would protect his lover and his son with everything he could.

By the forest the small kitsune cried he was cold and scared but no one could hear him besides one and at the moment he was looking after hiss bounded human.

Chapter Text

Harry was awoken by Otiz poking his cheek which didn't please him and so rolled over and away from the familiar only to come in contact with a bucket of freezing cold water that appeared to be charmed to soak him if he rolled over.

"You jerk Otiz!" screamed Harry bolting up straight coughing.

"Well I've spent thirty minutes trying to wake you Hadrian and you wouldn't so I resorted to this measure, you're welcome by the way you've miss breakfast and you need to be in that damn tournament tent in twenty minutes, I also bring breakfast" he smiled at Harry as he got up muttering about familiars and them being mean.

He went to get a shower a warm one this time as Otiz ate his breakfast after giving Draco his same with Coco who happily ate while waiting for Harry.

He soon came out in his uniform hair slightly damp still, he had soon finished his breakfast and soon the four were heading to the tent where the other's were waiting for him.

"Finally you're all here" said Fudge as he looked over Harry and Otiz who was in his animal form carrying Draco and Coco.

"Mr Snape you can't bring in your pets please leave them outside or with your friends they could get hurt" said Bagman.

"He's my familiar Otiz and my friend who got turned into a ferret by accident in potions as well as his familiar the Occamy" said Harry shyly and stepped closer to Otiz holding his fur tightly.

"I don't want to do this now, I want my dad" in a second Severus was there and hugging him.

Fudge just sighed at it all and then went on about who dangerous it all was.

"Now then you will each pick out of this bag a miniature replica of the dragons that are waiting for you outside of this very tent, we have four dragons, very dangerous dragons I will admit but we have the Dragon Handlers of Romania to help us with them, the task is simple get hold of the golden egg that is in the nest" said Ludo to them making them pale slightly.

"You want us to go out there and get an egg from a nesting mother dragon?! are you insane" said Cedric to them but he was ignored by the adults as Crouch Sr got hold of the bag with the mini dragons in.

Otiz growled as he got close to Harry and the other teens for some reason he didn't trust the adults in the tent.

Fleur went first and put her hand into the bag and pulled out the Welsh Green, then it was Victor's turn pulling out the Chinese Fireball, the Cedric pulling out the Swedish Short Snout dragon lastly it was Harry's turn and he pulled out the Hungarian Horntail the most deadly out of the four, the replicas looked cute and everything but they knew that the real things were dangerous and they could easily lose their lives right at the beginning of the very tournament.

"Dad" he should Severus the dragon and even he paled at what one he had.

First it was Cedric's turn to face his dragon the Swedish Short Snout yes he was nervous and everything like they all were they were all scared that he was going to get badly hurt or even die which no one wanted.

Harry had curled up on Otiz scared but he had to go through this or he would lose his magic for good, he watched as Cedric leave the tent to cheers and a massive aggressive roar of the dragon that was protecting her eggs and was confused on how she had gotten here.

"I'm going to be ok, I'm going to be ok" said Cedric to himself over and over again he was nervous and he would be until he had gotten that damn golden egg to proceed to the second task.

Cedric looked around and saw a twenty two foot slivery blue mother dragon that was the Swedish Short Snout, it looked like she has about five eggs in her next not including the giant golden egg that he had to get.

"How in Merlin am I meant to get that damn thing without being roasted alive or ending up dad, why did I put my name in the fire? I didn't think I would be chosen and it was kind of a dare to be honest" mumbled Cedric to himself as he slowly got closer and closer to the howling dragon.

She heard him getting closer but she didn't really know what area he was coming from and so started to blast away at the rocks with her bright blue flame hoping to find him, Cedric dodged out of the way just in time.

"Damn that was close, now how to get the egg?" the thought as he hid a bit more trying not to make a sound and then it came to him.

"It needs something to chase but what should it chase for Merlin's sake" he sat for a moment and he soon transfigured a big rock into a dog; a great dane; so then it was big enough to be seen by the dragon.

It barked and ran around to get the dragons attention and it worked she started to chase after it hoping to eat the stupid thing in her mind.

"Wow that worked better than I thought" and so he crept closer to the next hoping and praying that the dragon wouldn't turn and attack him but that was wishful thinking that went right down the pan as half way to the egg the dragon turned and saw him this sent her into a rage.

if he could understand her she would be saying to get away from her eggs but sadly he couldn't but in the tent Harry jumped at what he heard.

"Otiz I heard that the dragon wanted to be left alone and they don't want us to touch their eggs" said Harry making Otiz change form.

"I did as well but sadly it's the task you have to get the eggs or you forfeit and lose your magic it's simple but dangerous I know but I will protect you either way ok" he kissed Harry's head.

Back with the dragon she was angry as Cedric had gotten closer to her babies and so blasted him away not caring if he got hurt she just wanted him away that was all, she was protecting what was hers why were they letting people near her eggs why?

Cedric miss judged the flame and how powerful it would be and got burned badly, it started to blister but he carried on regardless.

He stumbled to the nest and picked up the egg and bolted as fast as he could back towards the tent the dragon hot on his heels trying to get the egg back not knowing it was fake, Charlie and the other dragon handlers come into action to subdue her and possibly saving Cedric's life at the same time.

He ran into the tent and Poppy came up to him and told him to sit in one of the beds so then she could sort his face out with some of Severus' burn cream he had made extra just for this task alone as he knew his normal amount wouldn't cut it he had made it stronger as well.

"Ow ow that burns Madam Pomfrey but at the same time it's cooling so thank you" said Cedric as she applied the paste to his face in the places it was burnt, it was over half of his face making it look very painful but they knew that with the paste it would be gone by tomorrow at the earliest two day maximum.

"Well Mr Diggory at least you are alive that's what count now you rest and let the paste do its work while the others do their tasks" said Poppy patting his leg and then moving the egg to the night stand there.

Chapter Text

Next Fleur was called out to face her dragon, she was so nervous she thought she might as well be sick but she fought through the feeling and slowly went out into the Arena the Beauxbaton's cheered for her this in turn made herself more nervous than beforehand.

She turned to face her dragon the Welsh Green stood before her and roared sending out a jet of flames at her she barely dodged it and hid behind a rock.

"Vhat day vant us to with dat dragon of all things! Day are dangerous for a reason" she said to herself but then she thought about her sister Gabriella and wondered if she was in her shoes would she of just ran and lose her magic or fight, she knew her sister her baby sister would never put her name in the Goblet but still she was the Beauxbaton champion after all and Harry was the youngest and he somehow got selected for this it could of been Gabriella instead.

She straighten he back up and slowly went towards the dragon who was curled around the nest it appeared that she was sleeping but she was in protection mode and she was going to protect them with everything she had.

Fleur went slowly around the dragon hoping praying even that she wouldn't get attacked but that was wishful thinking on her part, as she got closer the dragon looked up at the noise and blasted a jet of fire at Fleur who got burnt on her face.

She screamed in pure terror and in pain, she didn't sign up to face dragons of all things she thought she would have to do something less dangerous but here she was facing off against an angry dragon on a war path to most likely kill her.

She prayed to all the gods she could think of that she would get through all of this tournament most though through this first task without being killed again by the dragon.

Fleur looked dragon with egg, shit it was a nesting mother dragon! what in Merlin's name were they thinking?! nesting mother dragons were much more dangerous than any other dragon, the British Government, the British Ministry were complete and utter idiots.

The dragon Daybursun laid down by her eggs and told them that everything was going to be alright and that soon they would be back home where no one would be able to get hold of them again and that she as sorry that they had been captured for something that was endangering them.

She was going to get back at those handlers that brought her and the others here.

She raised her head at the noise of Fleur yet again getting closer to her and her nest, 'does the female hatchling not know how dangerous it was here' she thought to herself as she rose to her full height which was 18 feet, she stared down at Fleur.

'Stupid hatchling you will not come near me or my babies' and she blasted another jet of fire at her burning this time her arm causing her to cry out in pain 'sorry childe I really don't want to hurt you but I must protect them'.

Fleur again screamed and grabbed her arm in pain, she raised her wand and took a deep breath and waved her wand towards the dragon and said the spell.

"Ad somnum" she waved the wand in the right movements and slowly the dragon started to drop off, at first she swayed and thank Merlin it didn't land on any of the eggs which Fleur was thankful for.

Sighing and slowly going over to the now sleeping dragon she was afraid that the dragon was going to wake she hoped that her spell lasted for her to get the egg and return to the tent with it.

As she stepped closer and closer as quietly as possible she finally reached the egg and the now sleeping dragon five minutes later as she reached for the egg the dragon moved in its sleep.

She froze the best she could leaning over the nest to grab the egg and let out a breath and the dragon settled down again, as she grabbed the egg and was on her way back the dragon snored in its sleep sending out a jet of flames towards the retreating girl.

As she was half way to the tent the jet of flame burnt her skirt making her scream and almost dropping the egg but she managed to keep hold of it and enter the tent.

Poppy was on her within seconds pushing everyone out of the way to get to the poor girl, "let me through now, come on dearie over to the bed next to Mr Diggory if you please and we will get you all patched up with some burn paste and a pain potion or two" she practically dragged the poor girl with her, this mad Otiz laughed.

"You can stop that or I'll let Hagrid on you, Mr Snape please keep your familiar away from the others while I heal them" said Poppy to the pair, making them gulp.

"Otiz be nice and was it me or did I hear the dragon speak?" said Harry to Otiz who was sitting on his hunches looking up at him who nodded.

"Parseltongue Hadrian, your gift to speak to snakes and when you think about it dragons are just huge winged snakes with an attitude problem" laughed Otiz as he changed into his teenage form.

"Well thanks for that really Otiz now I'm more scared than I want to be" said Harry who slipped down and hugged his knees.

"I never put my name in the damn thing and if I don't do this I will lose my magic which I don't want to happen to me, I'll lose dad, and Tommy and I could you Otiz but worse yet I could be sent back to them" he started to cry only to have Otiz hug him whispering that everything was going to be ok he would help in anyway he could.

Chapter Text

As Fleur was getting medical help Viktor looked out and saw that the Welsh Green was switched out for the Chinese Fireball and he smirked at it all.

"Da good" was all he said and waited for his name to be called and he stepped out making Drumstrung all cheer when they saw him but not only them but practically the whole stadium went wild it included the teachers which made Viktor smile it was excellent he had the audience that he wanted and more it wasn't just about his Quidditch they they were going to be talking about it was going to be him and winning this tournament Drumstrung were the best here and in academics and he was going to prove that to all of them here.

As Charlie and the other handlers left the stadium so then his turn could start Viktor just smiled and walked towards the dragon causally like he completely owned the whole stadium, yes he was bigger and more muscly than the others but he knew he was going to win the whole thing within seconds.

He looked around and smirked he was so going to win this tournament just like his headmaster had said he would do Igor Karkaroff proud.

He walked towards the Fireball and smirked again and dodged the jet of fire aimed at him, he hid behind the rocks and thought about how he could get this egg, what was so important that they had to get the damn thing in the first place who knew but he just wanted the damn thing so he could move on and complete the tournament and so he pulled his wand out and came out from behind the rocks.

Again he smirked and started the incantation "oculus infectio" and he pointed his wand at the dragons eyes and soon she couldn't see, "wow didn't think the conjunctivitis curse would work on the beast but it has" said Viktor to himself but because the sonorus charm placed all around the stadium everyone could hear him making them all cheer.

"Well now I just have to get the egg and then onto the next part" again everyone cheered.

Hermione was happy that Viktor was winning at least in her eyes and she desperately hoped that she would be asked to the Yule Ball by him if so she was going to ask her parents to by her the most expensive dress around she was going to be the bell of the ball, little did she know was that that particular night was a full moon so she wouldn't be able to make it.

Theo, Blaise, Luna, Neville were all sat together watching and wondering what Viktor was doing until they noticed that the poor dragon looked like it had a very bad case of conjunctivitis.

"Ouch that has to hurt" said Blaise making the rest all nod at it all they all felt sorry for the dragon.

"Daddy says I had it once quite painful haven't had it since" said Luna making the others look at her, she got picked up and placed on Fred's lap.

"Alright little fourth years" said George sitting next to his twin making Luna sit on both of their laps, she didn't really care.

Back with the dragon Viktor just walked right up to the nest and picked out the golden egg "too easy" and as he was walking back the dragon started to panic screaming in pain that it couldn't see so then it could protect the nest and it precious cargo inside it all.

As she thrashed about she swayed about trying to clear her eyes so then she could see her eggs but every time she did it only made it worse, her eyes were itchy and painful and all she wanted to do was have her eggs nothing more she didn't care about the human hatchling she would eat him anyway.

Viktor just scoffed at it all and continued to walk back little did he know was that a tail was going to knock the wind right out of him.

"Uggh" he went flying across the stadium and into some rocks he managed to keep hold of the egg at least which was a bonus in his eyes.

"Stupid things" muttered Viktor as he slowly got up and took a ragged breath holding onto the egg and his side, he knew he most likely had a fractured rib or two but that wasn't important this stupid golden egg was.

He again started to walk back but he stopped when he heard a crunch and turned around wondering what in the hell that could of been and when he looked he saw that the dragon had smashed some of her eggs.

"Po davolite!" shouted Viktor making all of Drumstrung look shocked that he had just caused his dragon to destroy some very precious dragon eggs and the handlers weren't happy about it all from what they could see.

The handlers shooed Viktor off and went to help the dragon and he went into the tent showing off his egg, Poppy descended onto Viktor making Harry jump back he knew she would be on him next because it was his turn in the next ten minutes at least as it was going to take a little longer for Charlie and the other handlers to help the dragon and dispose of the now dead unborn baby dragons.


po davolite - bulgarian for damn it

Chapter Text

Soon it was Harry's turn and he was more than nervous he was about to pass out due to it all but he didn't want to do this stupid tournament but he didn't want to lose his magic, he didn't want to lose the family that he had finally found, he didn't want to lose Otiz of all things he really didn't, Otiz was the best thing to come out of finding out that he was a wizard!

Yes finding out about magic was hard for him due to his up bringing but it only got better after Severus took him in and adopted and then blood adopted him he was 100% his son in all blood and magic, Lady Magic said so.

But standing here watching Charlie swap out the Chinese Fireball for his dragon the extremely dangerous Hungarian Horntail, it was huge much bigger and the other three dragons that he had seen the others all face, 'why am I the one to have the most dangerous of them all' he thought to himself.

He lent forward as someone leaned on him arms around his neck, "Hads it's going to be alright honest, I'm here with you and they can't stop me as I'm a familiar and if they do I'm well in my right to charge out there and get your arse out of there, trust me" and Otiz hugged him.

Draco was wrapped around his shoulders and gave him a tiny lick to say I'm with him on this I'll come and get you as well.

This made Harry smile until Ludo and Crouch came over.

"Who in the heck are you doing here boy?" asked Ludo to Otiz who was still hanging off Harry.

"Nothing much just hanging around and helping Hadrian here not bloody well pass out from idiots who could get him out of this but won't but hey never mind about that" said Otiz looking at them like he would and could kill them even hugging Harry like he was going it didn't stop the scare factor he was doing.

"Go back to the stands Mr..., who are you anyway?" said Crouch to Otiz who by now had let go of Harry and was staring at the two Ministry men.

"Well my name is Otiz Hadrian Severus Snape if you must know I am one a kitsune and Bakeneko hybrid mix that can change for from animal to child to teen" he turned into each one to show them who and what he was.

"So you're the familiar then well as you know younger Mr Snape will have to do this task without anyone's help so you will have to stay here or he will lose and come in last and if it happens in another task he might just lose his magic" said Crouch to him making Harry go pale.

"Otiz leave it ok I think I can do this without you helping me.... I think" said Harry to him making Otiz sigh and nod at it all.

"Fine Hadrian just promise me and your father at least you will be safe if that's a possibility that is I know Poppy will help you afterwards but if you get too hurt I'm allowed by law to take revenge" he smiled which made the adults shudder as they knew he was right by law if a familiars person got hurt the familiar in question could and most likely would take revenge.

So Harry stepped out and into the arena everyone cheered but it was mostly the Slytherin's that cheered for him.

He slowly went forward almost getting burnt alive due to how hot and fast the fire ball was, it missed him by an inch this made Otiz growl from the tent Severus had to hold him in place.

"Let me go!"

"No due you want Harry to lose his magic Otiz be reasonable, wait and watch for the right time to go and help him" said Severus to him only to receive a nod from the hybrid.

Harry was pale, 'that was so close' he was behind a boulder almost having a panic attack, he knew he had to do this he didn't want to lose his magic he didn't want to return to the Dursley's he knew he wouldn't but the idea was still there in his mind.

He took a deep breath and a few more hoping he wouldn't be sick or better yet pass out from all of this and squared his shoulders and walked out from where he was hiding and walked towards the dragon, gulping.

The dragon looked at him, she recognised him but from where was the problem and so he threw another fire ball at him in warning this time.

"You will not take my babies off me" she snarled at him making Harry stop and poke his head out from the boulder he had been hiding behind from before.

"I don't want your babies! there is an egg there that isn't meant to be in there it's golden not white!" he hadn't realised he had slipped into Parseltongue.

She looked at him and took a moment to regard him she differently knew this boy the voice was strangely familiar but from where?!

She was getting so worked up that no one noticed that the chains holding her were beginning to weaken and soon she was lose and chasing after Harry who by now was screaming his head off.

"Get away, get away, get away" he screamed at her as he ran for his life, he wanted to get away from her as fast as possible and then he remembered the spell his dad and Tom had taught him.

He darted behind the boulder again and took a deep breath and tried to remember the spell... what was it again he thought to himself... he sat there a while and then it clicked it was the summoning spell.... it was Accio!

"ACCIO BROOM" in seconds his Firebolt came zooming to him making everyone cheer finally Harry was doing something!

He mounted his broom and he was off in a flash the dragon following behind him screaming at him about the egg and everything but Harry was too scared and so bolted from the arena making the dragon smash into the stands narrowly missing everyone the twins cheered "yeah go dragon" even though they were almost knocked out by said dragon.

Harry was flying this way and that way trying to lose the dragon the best he could but it being over 15ft long he just couldn't shake the dragon away, he was so focused on getting away he almost ran into a wall from the castle but being lightening quick he dodged at the last minute but sadly the dragon didn't have time and crashed right into it.

As the dragon fell he raced back to the arena and grabbed the egg from the waiting nest

when Harry flew with his broomstick. Harry tricked the dragon by making the dragon clash with the wall of a structure and thus retrieving the egg.

He flew to the tent and was grabbed by Otiz even in his human form he could nuzzle Harry at the best of times, he was a teddy bear in the that respect making Harry smile.

"I did it Otiz I really did it!" he had a smile plastered in his face, his eyes alight with fiery wonder as from what Otiz could tell was also mischief at it all.

Chapter Text

Harry was brought into a tight hug by Severus, "I was so worried about you Hadrian are you hurt anywhere son?"

"No I'm fine I think?" he wasn't sure if he had heard the dragon or not and he didn't get burnt by the dragon at least, yeah he almost knocked himself out when he flew at the wall but other than that he was fine, completely fine, he was pulled from his father's grip and placed on a bed and now he had the over bearing Poppy Pomfrey to deal with, he loved her she was something like an aunt or a kind grandmother type but she could be so annoying he hadn't been really hurt since first year and when Severus saved his life at the beginning of second year so why was she acting like this he would never know.

"Now sit still and let me have a look at you Hadrian you gave us quite the scare when the dragon got loose and you almost flew into that wall, what were you thinking about doing something like that?" she asked him as she ran her wand over him.

"I would also like to know about that as well son" said Severus as he sat down on the bed, Otiz was curled up at the end and Draco was on his lap.

"Well it was either get crushed or let it be crushed?" he wasn't sure if that was a good answer but he was buzzing with adrenaline which was making getting a health reading from him almost impossible.

"Well I can say that from just minor burn marks he if completely fine but he's just got an adrenaline rush from it all, I'll have to take another reading a little later once he's calmed down most likely when he falls asleep but other than that he's fine doesn't need a potion or paste just some well deserved sleep that's all I recommend Severus, you can take him back to your room after Minister Crouch and Mr. Bagman tally the scores up" said Poppy as he tapped Severus' shoulder as she left.

"Dad, dad did you see me did you? did you?" it was like he had a tonne of sugar and was bouncing around like crazy aka a child Otiz that was.

"Yes Hadrian I did see and I'm thankful that you didn't get hurt but how about you stay there for the time being and rest you must be exhausted" said Severus to his son who had tried to get out of bed twice so far.

"I'm fine, I'm fine honest can I go please, pretty please?" he wanted out of the damn tent and for some reason to run around the Quidditch pitch ten times.

"I think not mister stay here and rest and we will soon find out who's first in a minute" Severus sighed and waited for them to announce the winner of the first task.

Crouch came up to the stand and to the mic giving it a wipe clean, he was a slight germaphobe, he coughed slightly getting everyone's attention, "well done to all of our champions, none of the dragons were harmed badly as well as our champions which is very good news. Now I would like to give the scores of our champions... in first place is Viktor Krum with his Conjunctivitis Curse, sadly he lost points due to the dragon destroying some of it's own eggs and Harry Potter with his use of the Accio Summoning Spell as well as out manoeuvring the deadly Hungarian Horntail.

In second place we have Cedric Diggory with his Transfiguring Spell Canem Mutatio (dog change) and last place sadly goes to Miss Fleur Delacour with her Charm Spell Ad Somnum (to sleep), now that you have your eggs the next task will be in three months that being said for some people that would be the 24th February, I bid you fair well and I will see you all at the Yule Ball choose your partners wisely" and he soon left.

As the day passed by Harry had fallen asleep a few time ad the adrenaline rush was soon over and done with which was a bonus for Severus and Tom they have never know how hyperactive Harry could be, they were so going to make sure he didn't get like that again he was a monster.

They had let him go for a walk in the fresh air to help wake him up a bit, he had Draco and Otiz with him as well as Theo and Blaise so they didn't have to worry about them that much as long as they were back in time for dinner and curfew at least.

Harry made a beeline for the dragons Draco holding onto his head and shoulders as he ran off poor Otiz had to run to keep up with him, Theo and Blaise went their separated ways once they knew where he was heading.

"Not to be funny Hadrian but I don't think that's a good idea those are dangerous animals, I think I'll go and read in the library if you need me" said Theo as he walked back into the castle.

"Yes Hadrian I don't think it will be mio amico (my friend), too dangerous, molto pericoloso (very dangerous), I will leave you two and the fuzz to your own devices and I will see you at dinner tonight" and Blaise soon left as well.

"Ok those two are boring" said Otiz as he finally caught up to Harry who was now standing in front of four angry dragons.

They looked at him and Norberta and then realised who it was and smiled a dragon scary smile, this made Otiz back up slightly but Harry just stood there smiling at her.

"Norbert?" he asked only for her to laugh at him.

"No hatchling, Hagrid thought I was a boy but I am a female, he knows his animals but sadly he don't know how to tell us apart sadly, thank you for saving my eggs the same goes for Daybursun and Fonniot, sadly Flaencdra is rather upset as she crushed some of her eggs due to that boy and that curse" said Norberta very gently picking Harry up and placing him on her back.

"Wow so high!"

"Oh is this the hatchling you were on about Norie?" asked Fonniot to her only to make the dragon nod.

"Parseltongue is awesome I can understand you all!" this made the dragons laugh at him.

Flaencdra looked at Otiz and smiled "you are the one that protects this hatchling, guard him well young fox he will need it in the future in more ways than one", this made Otiz nod at it all he knew something was up but he just didn't know what though.

A whimper was heard from atop Norberta next to Harry which made him pick it up, "hey it's a fox kit, can I keep it please?" he looked down towards Otiz who just sighed up at his bonded human.

He jumped up onto the dragon and looked "well what do we have here then?" he picked up the kit who mewed at him which was translated to "bwother" and he curled up in his arms.

"Wow another kit!" cheered Harry holding onto the dragon.

They all laughed at the boy each one flapping their wings, the handlers were in awe at Harry as they watched from afar.


Dragon names are as followed: Swedish Short Snout- Fonniot which means Lady of the Blue, Welsh Green- Daybursun which means Founder of the Daylight, Chinese Fireball- Flaencdra- Queen of the Flame and lastly Hungarian Horntail- Norberta

Chapter Text

"Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

And while you're searching, ponder this;

We've taken what you'll sorely miss,

An hour long you'll have to look,

And recover what we took,

But past an hour — the prospect's black,

Too late, it's gone, it won't come back."

— The song heard when the is open under the water

Hmong Daw (asian)
I'm saying that this is what the Mermaid's speak ...

"Tuaj nrhiav peb qhov twg peb lub suab suab,

Peb tsis tau hu nkauj saum av,

Thiab thaum koj nyob nraum searching, ponder no;

Peb twb noj dab tsi koj mam li nco,

Ib teev ntev koj yuav tau saib,

Thiab zoo li cas peb muab,

Tab sis yav tas los ib teev twg — tus prospect dub,

Lig dhau lawm, nws yuav ncaim, nws yuav tsis rov qab los."

Chapter Text

Harry looked down at the baby kitsune in his arms wondering what it was doing here for the matter of fact was it even male or female, he didn't want to check or ask, could he talk to Harry like Otiz does or would it just bark at him, he just didn't know.

He again looked at the kitsune, the snow white and blue tipped fox cub now laying on his bed in the dorm, Draco curled up on the top asleep as well and Otiz.... where the heck was Otiz in all of this?!

He had lost his familiar how could you lose a frickin' blue hybrid fox for that matter even if he turned into a blue haired sarcastic git of a teenager but he was still loveable if you could understand that please someone let him know.

He didn't want to leave the kit alone to be honest it looked about 4 months old but he could be wrong... back to Otiz where the hell was he?!

"Oh stop complaining I'm under the damn bad" came the muffled reply making Harry look under it.

"What you doing there?" he scooted under the bed with him.

"Hiding form the baby brother I hoped stayed at home but it looks like the leader had other plans and brought him here" he curled up head on paws and tail underneath him.

Little blue eyes were seen glowing in the darkness and a 'bwother' was heard from it and then he was on Otiz' back in a hug of some sort.

"Kind of cramped under here now" and he crawled out with the kit on his back, once out he jumped on to the bed sending Draco flying into the air, he changed back.

"DRACO!!!" he was hugged tightly.

"Can't breath".

"Oh I've missed you so much... um Dray you're naked" throws some clothes at the blond and shoves him into the shower, "you smell so shower".

"I'm going, I'm going jeez Hadrian Snape" enters the shower and soon the water could be heard.

"Now onto this problem, picks up the kit who purred at him and then without notice bites him.

"Ow that hurt!" he dropped the kit making the kit whimper up at him and he bolted out of the room.

"DAMN IT why did you drop him Hadrian?! we have to find him and fast I'm so dead when they find out" Otiz ran out in human form calling after the kit but he was no where to be seen "SHIT!"

"You swore bad familiar" and Harry hit him.

"Do you think I care about that right now?! I have to find him before he got lost and you think me as a six year old is bad when I'm no sugar think about an actual six year old being lost!"

Harry ran off completely forgetting about the bond that had just formed between him and the kit and if he did he would of been able to find the baby in no time but alas he forgot.

Harry ran around the school looking for this kit but no matter where he looked he had just missed him, even if he caught a glimpse of him by the time he was in that area the kit was gone and he had no clue where he was.

Otiz do you even know his name

Might do but it won't work


It won't work if I call him I'm his brother in all but blood, he's the youngest Kitsune and you saw he only has one tail so to everyone he's just a blue and white fox not a magical animal, I am a half breed nothing more, he is full Kitsune and will only respo... Harry he bit you right?!

Yeah why? what about it?

FUCK! call him!

How I don't know his name! so how am I meant to call him!

Fine I'll give it to you and I'll tell you mine Otiz is the name you gave me but I have another name but first.... Tsuki no Mori Chikyuu no Sora, it means Moon Forest from where we live and Earth is the clan name and Sky ibut you have to say it in Japanese, here I'll teach you

That's a bloody long name Otiz!

Mine is Tsuki no Mori Chikyuu no Kazuhiro, thank you very much! same as before but Kazuhiro means great harmony, I think they were taking the piss though as I am a hybrid but I don't know I will have to ask at some point... NEVER MIND THAT CALL FOR CHIKYUU NO SORA and he should appear next to you

And he did and once he knew how to pronounce it Harry took a deep breath and called him.

"Chikyuu no Sora" Harry waited for a bit and soon a weight was on his shoulder and a tiny tongue licked his face.

"There you are runt!" Otiz picked him up off Harry and his tail went in between his legs and whimpered.

"So am getting in trouble about that" Otiz hands Sora over to Harry who pet him.

"So that's your full name why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Because in Japan a youkai or demon who knows their full name and it is given they have rule over that person, names have power Hadrian and if anyone knows them it can be dangerous" he sighed and sat down on Harry's bed.

"What in the hell happened?!" asked Draco as he was reading on his bed and jumped when Otiz flopped.

"Otiz' baby brother came and he bit my finger so another familiar it seems Dray wanna hold him? his name is Sora from what Otiz said his name means sky due to his colouring" hands over the kit and he too bit Draco.

"Ow, that hurt" this only made Sora purr and was asleep in seconds.

"Wow shared familiar there boys" this made all three jump and turned to the voice and in the dorm now stood a female, white hair and piercing blue eyes, nine tails all on show, each tipped a different colour.

Chapter Text

"Damn it!" swore Otiz only to have his mouth full of soap but no wands were out and the boys wondered why.

"Well now Kazuhiro or should I call you Otiz as you are a bonded familiar of my family line after all and one to the Peverell, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Black and soon to be Prince lines as well quite a powerful young man you chose to bond with and at some point the Malfoy line as well" looks at the two boys.

"Shocked I see well now I am Tsukimori Sumire, I don't have another name like Kazuhiro oops sorry Otiz and Sora here, I spilt into the four elements and Earth is closer and it's Chikyuu no before their name but never mind you can call me Sammy as it's easier to say with an English tongue I fine".

"You can speak English?!" Harry was surprised by it all, "you're not bonded to anyone right?"

"I can young Hadrian Snape or should I call you Harry Potter but you have been blood adopted after all and the one with a destiny so dangerous but an adventure all at the same time I wonder if you can really do what you are tasked to do" she tilts her head to them.

"Can oo et oap out mouth peas" asked Otiz to her and she just looked at him and the soap was soon gone from his mouth.

"Thank you Leader" and he kneeled to her and she pet his ears that had shown in her presence along with his now four tails.

"You are growing young heir and soon you will be into your eight tails in no time but grown and learn with the human heir and your bonded and soon you will be ready" and she just disappeared like she appeared.

"Ok" said both boys to each other while Draco pet Sora who was now napping.

"Kuso kuso kuso!" swore Otiz as he punched the wall making his knuckles bleed "ow"

"Idiot Otiz really?!" Harry looks at Otiz hand and sighed dragging him out of the dorm and to Severus' chambers and without knocking just went in good thing Severus was just marking papers and nothing more.

"Hadrian what's up?" he got out of his seat and went over but Harry just pushed Otiz at him, "he punched a wall oh and he's an heir to the family that one" he sat down while Severus looked at Otiz knuckles.

"You're an idiot and I use that term loosely on you Otiz, why in the hell did you punch a wall? you've broken three knuckles" sighed Severus as he cast a diagnostic charm at his hand.

"I don't wanna talk about it" he looked over to Harry who was on the cusp of saying his true name "say it and I won't say a thing" glared at the boy.

Once his hand was healed and the disgusted face had gone Otiz sat down Harry and Draco next to him and Severus opposite him.

"Well I welcome you back Mr. Malfoy" nodded Severus to his godson and then turned to Otiz for his story.

"Fine I'll tell you and I hope no one will take it badly" and so he told his story:

"I was born to the leader of the clan, I am Sumire's son or should I say is that we are all her children we were split into four families the Chikyuu meaning earth, Kaji meaning fire, Kaze meaning wind and lastly Mizu meaning water, but I was somehow born a hybrid, we still don't know how.

Each clan is called Tsukimori then either Chikyuu no, Kaji no, Kaze no or Mizu no and then it's down to the Sumire to name us what she thinks will work for us mine is Kazuhiro which means gentle harmony as I think I'm the link to magic I don't now I will know later on.

Sumire is a nine tailed fox and is millennium old and only a nine tails can create life in some way, she created our forest that no one can enter, Hadrian you might be able but I'm not sure, she named it Tsukimori meaning Moon Forest, each of her nine tails has a different power and she used four of them to create the clans that we are all in.

I was born as I said as a hybrid a fox youkai and a cat youkai, I was powerful right from birth and I had already two tails which scared those of my age and older and the leader of the Chikyuu clan wasn't happy with it and when he went to speak to Sumire she just laughed at them.

She picked me up like she does with all babies of the clans and I guess I glowed our magic singing together it was then that she knew that I was destined to be a familiar but as heir to the Tsukimori line.

I will be Lord of the Kitsune of Tsukimori.

As I grew up I got teased and bullied non stop due to being a hybrid but due to my magic being as strong as it is was able to ignore them and I will admit 200 hundred years of this is hard as hell to keep your magic bound before you explode, oh don't look at me like that I know I look like I'm 14 in human years we age slowly here.

After a while Sumire thought it would be best that me as the heir to the clan go out into the world in disguise if you would believe that me a fox Kitsune having to hide as a red fox I looked stupid but oh well, I went looking for who Sumire had said that I'm destined for, the one I must protect the one that's important to me as a bonded as well as my clan.

I wandered for a few years and then sadly I was caught by people and brought here and they did research into what I was they never knew who I was thank merlin and so I waited until the right person came and you Hadrian are the right person.

Not just for your magic but we were bound by fate herself as bounded familiars, I can't live without you and if I never of met you I would of died in about ten to twenty years but I'm ok now so don't worry about it" he got up and knelt in front of Harry.

It glowed for a faction of a second before it completely disappeared and would only appear again once he was 17 when his magic was fully mature, Otiz stood up he looked so different but yet the same making everyone wonder what had just happened.

"I completed the bond that's all, he knows my full name and the last of what was needed was to make the pledge and let the...., he passed out.......

Chapter Text

Otiz wasn't happy he had been given an outfit that he so didn't want to wear but it was from one Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and as everyone knew The Black's had insanity in their blood plus never cross anyone with Black blood running through their vains.... that also included Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape once known as Harry James Potter.

He sighed as he got dressed in matching robes as Harry the only difference was the colour of the bow tie Harry's was white and Otiz' was the same colour as his hair, "ugh".

The robes consisted of a white shirt black dress trousers and a black waist coat, Harry had a white bow tie while Otiz' was green, the over robe was a deep dark bottle green that looked almost black and polished black shoes

"Don't complain to me about it Otiz, Narcissa bought them for us as dad and papa kept arguing over it all and so went and got it herself, they wanted nothing but green and papa wanted silver snakes all over it which is annoying even if he is dating dad" said Harry as he came out of the bathroom after he had brushed his teeth.

"Fine I'll wear them but I'm not going to like them, it will make my fur itch" he went to get changed.

"Drama Queen 2.0 if you ask me Otiz, you and Dray are just the same as each other really, one night that's all she has asked for us to wear it".

A grumble came from the bathroom making Harry laugh at it all why didn't he realise that he could stay as a animal and not have to go through all of this it was beyond him.

Draco came in to the room "grumbling seems to be coming from the bathroom and as you're here it has to be Otiz in there".


"He's upset that your mum bought us the robes and he doesn't want to wear them" said Harry combing his hair he was so grateful after the blood adoption his hair now sat flat, well not as flat as it took it's fluffiness from his mother well at least that's what Severus said to him but he wouldn't know at least he wasn't a carbon copy of James Potter any more which he was happy about.

Yes James and Lily where his parents but he only had them for fifteen months and then afterwards he had no one and then for the past two years he's had Severus his dad, he just hoped his birth father was happy with how it went.

"No robe Pimpski?" asked Otiz as he came out his bangs were swept to the side and his hair was now in a ponytail, he was dressed in the robes and had just finished tying the bow tie as it wasn't clip on.

"Hey don't call me that Fuzz butt!" said Draco and so it was back to the two arguing and childish name calling he knew they did it for fun and so left them to it all.

"HARRY!" they both cried at him and when he looked up from what he was reading he laughed at them but sad nothing, they looked like someone had combed their hair in the opposite way then it should be but a quick spell that Tom had taught him they were back to normal.

"Why can't you two play nicely with each other, I love you both enough so you don't have to fight over me. Oh Otiz don't you have to pick up Sarah? or are you going with Luna?" said Harry to him making the familiar run out and collect his date.

"Who do you think he will take isn't Sarah Morning-Glory only a first year?" said Draco making sure his hair was perfect and that he was dressed like a proper pure blood that he was.

"You're fine Draco, come on let's go and get this over with" said Harry as he left the dorm room.

Pansy made her way to Draco t ask him even though Theo had asked her to be his date but she still wanted Draco but he just pushed passed her and gathered their friends together for a picture that would be sent to their parents later.

"Dracy poo come on we have to go" said Pansy as she grabbed hold of his arm, only for Draco to pull away from her.

"I have my date get your own, I believe that Theo asked you to be his date for tonight not me" leaves with Harry.

"Dracy no, we have to be together!" runs after them.

"Hasn't realised that Draco and Hadrian are dating has she?" asked Astonia to the others making them shake their heads at it all.

"There goes my date" sighed Theo as he sat back down on the sofa and was about to pull out a book when Astonia came over and asked him.

"Theodore do you mind coming with me, I have this dress and everything and I don't want to be a wall flower" she held her open to him to accept which he did with a shy smile.

Everyone entered the hall to await the champions to arrive with their dates, Harry was stopped by Minerva.

"Mr Snape where is your date? Mr Malfoy please go into the hall so then we can begin" she said but neither moved.

"Well?" she asked.

"Draco is my date Professor, we are after all dating and I didn't want to ask someone to the Yule Ball if I was already seeing someone" said Harry blushing like the Weasely hair colour, she just sighed and got the all lined up.

Viktor was with Sarah Morning-Glory as he found her sweet like a little sister and thought this would be something she would never experience ever again.

Cedric was with Cho Cheng as they were the Hogwarts couple after all, the dream boat Cedric with the charming Cho ((just so you know I love Robert Patterson people)).

Fleur was with Roger Davies and then everyone stopped cheering when they saw Draco with Harry, this made both boys blush like crazy as they were the only same gender couple.

They were brought to the centre of the Hall and taking a breath the music started and off went the four champions to dance and open the Yule Ball.

At the other end of the Hall Tom passed a box to Severus while Severus did the same making the laugh at each and they opened the boxes that they were given but when they did they got bitten making them flinch as they didn't know that they had bought each other a familiar each.

Tom pulled out a gecko of some sort but he was wearing a cloak and hat, "oh you're adorable little one, really Sev a gecko?"

"He's a Bearded dragon Tom not a gecko and for some reason he likes to dress up he came with the hat and cloak, you have to name him" he said with a smile on his face making the Hogwarts staff jump as it was a true smile.

"Well because it's from you Sev I'll call him Asphodel, thank you again Sev for him he's perfect just like our family" and Tom kissed Severus in front of the other staff members and he didn't care one bit.

Severus pulled out a tiny bat, she looked like a constellation due to her colouring, light purple at the top and slowly went darker to blue and then her long tail was a deep rich purple, her wings and inside of her ears had matching patterns, she had white specks over her adding to the effect of a constellation.

"Oh Tom she beautiful thank you" he takes her out and she cooed and flapped her wings at him to say I need a name.

"I like either Nova due to her colouration or Emily as I do like that name" said Severus as he thought for a moment "....Nova, I'll call her Nova she looks so beautiful thank you Tom" and he kissed him back making some students pass out from the shock of their Potion's Professor kissing their Head Master, Asphodel was now sat on Tom's shoulder while Nova took her place on Severus' hair she really stood out on him.

Chapter Text

The Yule Ball was in full swing, everyone had welcomed the champions to the front of the Hall were Tom and Severus had finally split up and were blushing like mad, Asphodel was still sitting on Tom's shoulder he had a strawberry with him and was munching on it happily.

Nova was attached to Severus' hair and wouldn't let go, she wouldn't even move to somewhere safer when she slipped she just grabbed his hair tighter making him wince slightly as his hair was pulled, she was happy where she was thank you very much!

"Welcome students and staff alike to Hogwarts Yule Ball of 1994, we welcome the students of Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, we have all come together to participate in something dangerous but I would hope that in time we all become friends even if for this year" said Tom to everyone as he bowed slightly to them all, making everyone shocked at this.

Minerva stepped forward and smiled "we gather here tonight to enjoy ourselves and make new friends, please champions step forward so then we can open this Ball with the first dance" everyone clapped to this and soon the champions were dancing.

Everyone was surprised that Harry was dancing with Draco and this made Pansy so mad that she almost ripped the blonde from him but one look from Otiz who was close to Luna Lovegood had her rethinking her plan......... least for now that was.

As the four couples danced away to the soft music that was playing everyone watched and Tom and Severus tried to sneak away but Minerva kept them into the Hall which made their new familiars giggle and started to babble at them.

This made them sigh as they were telling them what a cute couple they made which made Otiz laugh, he was holding Sora his back legs handing in front of his stomach he was very content at being held.

Once the champions had finished dancing everyone joined in on the dance floor, Draco was pulled away from Harry by none other than Pansy Parkinson she wasn't happy what she didn't except was Coco popping up from his shirt and biting her which she was then flung to the floor.

"Stupid animal, come on Drakie poo, you don't need to be with Potty anymore, what would your parents say that you were with him when we are meant to be together I can't find why in the life of me why you would find anything nice with Potty" and she tried to bring him into a kiss only for Theo to grab her.

"Pansy can't you see that Draco is with Hadrian, they have been together for a year now, so stop you're going to embarrass yourself as well as your family name if this continues".

"No way Drakie is meant to be with me and not Potty!"

"Pansy listen to yourself for a second, please. We've been friends since we were little and you know for a fact that the contract got cancelled back in second year as your parents saw what you were doing and that Draco had no interest in you at all, he even came out that he was gay of all things, he was twelve when he did and both parties were happy about it all" said Blaise as he came over from the drinks table with the Greengrass girls.

"I don't care we were betrothed since we were five and I won't have something so stupid like being gay will stop me! it wasn't cancelled! OUR CONTRACT WASN'T CANCELLED!" she burst into tears.

Everyone knew that her father Pharrell and her mother Persephone had cancelled the contract as they saw what she had been doing, she was forcing Draco into games and demanded that the Malfoy's paid for everything when the families met up or to chaperone as she was going to become the future Lady Malfoy and no one was going to stop her.

"His name is Hadrian Snape, he isn't a Potter anymore" whispered Otiz into her ear making her jump as well as everyone else, "sorry about that Heir Zabini and Heirs Greengrass, but I just want to make it clear you mess with their relationship I will end you..." spins Luna out and went to dance with her.

"No no no! Drakie is mine" she cried and then ran out of the hall.

"Should we stop her?" asked Daphne to the others who just shook their heads to it all, if she hadn't seen the signs about Harry and Draco dating then she was completely blind as anything, they soon stepped onto the dance floor with their partners and joined in with the dance.

Draco had pulled Harry aside and handed him a box blushing.

"Open it Haddy" he used the nickname he had always wanted to call him making him blush bright red at it all, this in turn made him blush as well and soon harry opened the box.

Inside lay a necklace of pure silver in the shape of a snake in the figure of eight meaning eternity with grey moonstone coloured eyes, the colour of the eyes matched Draco's eyes completely.

"It's beautiful Dray thank you" and he took it out of the box, "it has your eyes" and he smiled to his boyfriend.

"I have a matching one but there is one difference though" he pulled the necklace out and it had emerald green eyes, "I wanted to have something belonging to just us and these work perfectly if you ask me" and he gave Harry a kiss on the lips and then put the necklace on for him.

"Thank you Draco for this I will treasure it" and Harry kissed him for good measure what they didn't know was that Colin was taking pictures and managed to take a picture of them kissing, this was so going to be on the front page of the school paper.

After all the formal dancing, the band finally came in and started playing but halfway through a song Pansy got onto the stage and took hold of the mic.

"I wanna propose to Draconias Lucius Malfoy please become my husband like it is meant to be, I don't care if our parents broke our contract I love you so much! please be my husband so then Potty doesn't get you, you were only pretending to be gay. Come my love!" and she held out her hands hoping and praying he would come to her.

He stepped forward holding Harry's hand matching necklaces on full show for everyone to see.

"Pansy stop please I don't love you and I never will, I found out that I like the same gender when I was eleven it was one of the reasons why our parents broke the contract between us. It was never set in stone that we would marry when we left school" said Draco to her all the while holding Harry's hand.

"Drakie no please we are meant to be!" screamed Pansy.

"No Pansy Tyler Parkinson I will not be with you no matter what I am with Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape, he is my boyfriend and if you were my friend you would understand and leave me alone.

From this day on you are no friend of mine, I don't want anything to do with Pansy Tyler Parkinson so mote it!" everyone joined in with "so mote it" a flash was seen and their friendship was broken there and then.

Draco turned to Harry and smiled to him "Hadrian Snape I will be loyal to you, I will love you and cherish you to the day that I die, from this moment on I am you boyfriend until one of us gives us a ring and declares that we are fiancées and then later on our day of marriage, I will always be with you no matter what I love you, will you take me as your boyfriend from this night on?" he looked at Harry who only nodded.

Tom looked over to Severus "did he just propose to our son?" Severus just nodded to him over it all.

Harry was growing up so fast, he had his son for only a few years but it seemed like an eternity to him and he wouldn't change it for the world

Chapter Text

Everyone had gone home for Christmas break mind you it was only for a week due to the Tri Wizard Tournament, the staff thought it would be good to let everyone at least have a break from it as well as their lessons.

Harry couldn't wait he had been up a few nights in his bed in Severus' chambers trying and failing to come up with a date, it all sounded stupid he was a half blood and was raise by his 'relatives' if he could them that anymore due to the blood adoption and everything.

All he heard was from what Dudley had told him of places where he went and where Harry or what he would call him was 'freak' that word still made him flinch even after all the therapy he had had from the Mind Healers at St Mungo's it was a word he would never be able to forget.

He was now back home for the week and was on his bed trying and failing yet again to plan out his date.

"Ugh why is this so bloody well hard to plan out!" he screamed into his pillow, this made Otiz chuckle as came in holding a kit bean in his arms who was napping.

"Shut up at least you don't have someone you're dating and want to take them out and worse he's a pure blood he was bloody raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. FUCK! why is it so hard to plan something like this" he screamed into his pillow.

"Bad word O'is, bad bad!" said Sora to his brother only to make him laugh.

"Yes it is a bad word but I can agree with Hadrian here he is having difficulty planning a date for Draco" sits down on the floor letting Sora go.

"D'ay?" he just tilted his head and nommed his paw.

"Yes Hadrian and Draco are dating and Hadrian wants to plan a date with him but he doesn't know what to do" he watched his little brother run towards the window and watched as it started to snow.

"S'ow! I p'ay in it?" he looked at Otiz making him sigh.

"Squirt it isn't deep enough but it might give the pouty pants on the bed a few ideas of what to do" pointing to Harry on the bed.

"Fine Otiz you don't have to rub it in that I suck at planning dates ok" throws a pillow at him missing him.

When Harry saw the snow he hoped that it laid so then they could have some fun in the snow, he really, really did hope it laid during the night.

Draco was at home watching as the snow got heavier and heavier he hoped that the date Harry was planning wouldn't be called off, Harry had asked to plan this date himself and he wanted it to be in the Muggle World for some reason, well them only being fourteen they couldn't use magic anyway so Muggle way it was.

"Draco get away from the window and sit down by the fire" said Lucius and he read the evening Prophet about the snow that was set in for the next few days as well as how the Tournament was going.

Draco left the window and sat down with one of his school books, he had finished his homework last week as him and his friends decided to have a study session helping each other, Pansy of course wasn't invited to join.

The following day Draco flooed over to Severus' and was greeted by Sora who ran up to him giggling he jumped right into his arms as if to say save me! he just laughed and held him.

Draco was dressed in black smart trousers, a white shirt with a green tie and a matching green waist coat, he didn't have his coat thinking that due to the snow that they would be staying in but Harry had other plans and when he came out of his room in dark blue almost back jeans, a light blue polo shirt and was holding a black jumper.

"Ok way to pure blood for what we are doing here Dray, so you can borrow some of mine!" he dragged the blond into his room and pushed him towards his wardrobe "chose anything to wear as you need to be warm for where we are going!" and he skipped out of the room.

"Don't bother to argue with him Draco!" said Severus as he walked passed, he was dressed in black jeans a white polo shirt and a dark blue jumper his hair was up.

Soon Draco had changed he kept his trousers on but chose to wear one of Harry's tops with the snitch on that boy had more of them than anything! who needed fifteen different colours of the same top? Harry did that's who, he took one of Harry's hoodies this one thankfully a medium and not nothing like his overly baggy hoodies that he liked, he also took the spare coat that was hanging in the wardrobe.

"Much better now we can go!" said Harry excited with his plan.

Severus had given them matching hats, gloves and scarfs as they would be out in the cold for a bit and he wanted them to be warm.

They had soon left holding hands, Otiz and Sora stayed behind so then the two could enjoy their date.

Harry took him on a bus which made Draco panic as he had never been on one before that also included the Knight Bus.

"Where in Merlin are you taking me Harry" he asked as he got off the bus with him but wanted to ask more but stopped himself when he saw the sign Winter Wonderland.

Harry went in dragging Draco with him laughing at his face of shock and surprise.

"What is this place?!"

"It's Winter Wonderland! I've always wanted to come here, dad said I could and this is where our date will be!" he spun around "it's so christmasy!"

Back at home Tom flooed through and brought Severus into a hug and kiss catching the man as he was heading to the kitchen to get a drink.

"Hey Sev you ready to head out?"

"Where am I going?"

"Date. Me. You. Alone~"

"Oo I like the idea but where are we going?"

"Get ready" looks him up and down "nah you're good we match" pointed to his clothes it was the same outfit but instead of the dark blue he was wearing green.

"Very well Tom"

The pair was soon heading out Tom leading the way via bus and into the West End.

"So we are seeing a West End? nice I haven't been since I was a child" said Severus to Tom as he brought out the tickets and was trying to see what they were going to watch.

"Don't be Mister Impatient and stop trying to look over my shoulder to see what we are watching" hides the tickets in his pocket and placed a parsel ward over it.

"That's cheap trick just because I can't get hold of them doesn't mean I won't try" soon he was trying to get into the pocket but they looked like a normal couple dating and messing around, this made on lookers laugh at the antics.

Harry was in love he was looking around all stalls each one was different and they had everything to do with Christmas which he was loving Draco had a hard time to keep up but loved watching how Harry was so carefree and loving something so simple and then he remembered his childhood, poor Harry had never seen anything like this before.

Harry had bought a few items that he was going to put on the tree later on it was two ornaments one for his family and the other for Draco's family, to him they were perfect! he loved them and was soon putting their names on them, he was very careful with his hand writing and soon they were done and he held them out to Draco.

"Hadrian you know we could of ask one of the elves to make us these right? they are cheap things that will just break" said Draco but he got slapped by Harry who had tears in his eyes.

"Jerk, I've never been here and I thought something non magical would be fun but if you don't want to we can leave" he started crying only to have Draco bring him in for a hug and kissed his forehead.

"Sorry I completely forgot about your feelings there Haddy I'm sorry about that. They are perfect and thank you" this time he kissed his lips making him blush like mad.

Tom had brought Severus to the theatre that was showing A Christmas Carol and was brought to a box so then they would have a perfect view of the show.

"Well now this is a great view and you've selected one of my favourite shows out there Tom" and Severus kissed him full on the lips.

The show soon started and this was the first time Severus was like a child at Christmas it appeared to him that this was one of his secrets into his real self that he kept hidden from everyone around him but since he had taken Harry in and adopted him he was slowly showing more and more of his true self which Tom just absolutely loved about him.

They enjoyed the show and in some places Severus cried like the part about Tiny Tim but he enjoyed himself not matter what, afterwards Tom lead him to a restaurant around the corner that he had pre booked for them, a privet room as well.

"This is awesome thank you Tom for one of the best nights of my life, I'm truly grateful for it all" and he blushed like mad as they enjoyed their meal of Scallops from the Isle of Skye as a started each, for their mains they had 100 day aged Cumbrian Blue Grey beef for Severus and for Tom he had roast pigeon both were in heaven eating it.

For desert they had a citrus soufflé and caramelised apple tarte which they shared between them as they both wanted what the other had.

"A perfect ending to the night thank you Tom for this" he kissed him.

With Draco and Harry, Harry thought Draco could use a lesson in Muggle fast food and so brought him to Burger King.

"What in Merlin's name is this?!" looks at the Whooper burger meal in front of him, eats a chip finding them quite nice then glared at the burger but when he looked up at Harry happily eating he slowly picked his up and took a bite.

"This is amazing!" he continued to eat it humming and drinking his Pepsi that he automatically loved, "I have to get more of this Pepsi it's lovely! why don't we sell stuff like this in the Wizarding World I do not know?!"

Harry laughed at him and finished his meal, "we can buy some bottles of Pepsi if you would like some?" he asked only to get a nod from Draco who loved it.

"I would like that Harry thank you"

Soon everyone was home and was having hot chocolate snuggled into their boy friend.

Chapter Text

Harry knew something was up with his 'parents' he knew that for a fact as every time he came into the same room as them they would stop talking right away and then just looked at him and then they would just leave him alone.

It was so frustrating to say the least!

By New Year's Eve he was ready to pull his hair out and so he flopped onto his bed locking the door to his room even though he knew for a fact that if his 'parents' wanted to they could easily get into his room.

"What's the matter sauerkraut?" asked Otiz just walking in to the room completely bypassing the locking charm.

"Needs more work Hadrian that was weak or that I can get in as we are the same, who knows" and he sat on the floor and pulled a book out that he had stored under the bed from little teeth.

"My brother had been eating the books again" dangles the book.

"He's a baby what do you except from him plus he's too cute and Draco loves him too much to tell him off you on the other hand need to be now and again" laughs Harry.

"HEY!" Otiz jumped on him and started tickling him to get that sour look off his face.

"Stop stop stop!" he cried to his familiar.

"I will once you tell me what's wrong for Merlin's sake" and he glared at him.

"Dad and Tom don't want me around and when I enter the room that they are in they stop talking or start to talk in whispers and then they just leave the room altogether, it's like they don't want me or something since they found each other I'm just a waste of space now that they have each other now Otiz" he sighed and brought his knees up and placed his chin on them trying not to cry.

"And people call me a goof, this time you are Harry, your parents love you and you know that they just have other things on their mind that's all, with the tournament and everything and trying to find out who put you name in it as well, they just have other things on their minds right about now don't worry they still love you" and he kissed his forehead and gave him a cuddle letting Harry cry if he wanted to.

And so he cried his heart out on his familiar's shoulder.

Soon Harry had fallen asleep and so Otiz pulled the cover over him and left the room and went in search of the 'parents' which happened to be in the study on a sofa cuddling and watching the fire.

"You two are complete and utter idiots!" hits them on the back of the head making them look at a very pissed off familiar.

"What did we do?!" said Severus leaning away from Otiz as he knew he was going to hit again.

"What didn't you two do, idiots!" and he hit them again.

"Ow what the hell Otiz stop hitting us!" said Tom now standing up, they were all the same height which was scary in it's own right.

"Have you any idea how upset Hadrian is right now he thinks you're leaving him and don't want anything to do with him now that you two are together, you two are bloody idiots. Your son has PTSD as well as depression and anxiety and you keep going on whispering like that in front of him is making him worse do you want him to be like he was back then, back when you first adopted him Severus?! because that is the way that it is going because that's what is happening right now, he's closing himself off!", he had now changed into an adult his hair was now longer but pulled back into a long pony tail at the back of his head.

"You two will explain everything to Hadrian now or so help me I will touch you alive with my fox fire!" he growled and went to bite them but it was an empty threat, it was more for scare tactics more than anything else and it worked they ran out and up to Harry's room.

They knocked on the door and quietly went in they saw that he was sleeping and so they went over and sat on the edge of the bed, Harry between them, they both sighed at it all.

"I can't believe he thought he would think we didn't want him, we love him more than he knows" said Tom to him while brushing Harry's hair out of his face, showing the very faint scar in his forehead.

"I'm glad we managed to get that out of him, he's perfect with or without it" said Severus kissing Harry's forehead and then Tom on the lips, "let's let him sleep tomorrow is very important as tomorrow we will be married and he will have two parents".


Today was a busy day everyone was running around like mad trying to get everything together even with magic they were panicking like mad but the two that it was for were worse.

"I'm so nervous Tom, plus I'm scared I've never done this before!" said Severus to the equally nervous Tom who was fiddling with his tie only to have his hand batted away by Lucius.

"Tom please leave it alone I know you are nervous and everything but I really don't want to send Narcissa in for her to sort you out" the man paled at the thought of it all.

Soon they were ready, Tom was standing at the front while their friends and family sat in the benches, the Weasely family sat close by Ginny was standing at the back of the hall, she wasn't allowed any closer and Arthur had placed a sticking charm on her so she couldn't get closer to Harry when he came in with Severus.

Bella was next to Tom whispering to him everything was going to be ok and that Severus loved him and that Harry is going to be so happy that he was now becoming his family, he sighed knowing that it as what he wanted for him and Severus as well but mostly they wanted to give Harry a family with the pair of them.

The Malfoy family sat on the opposite side along with Fenrir Greyback, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Barty Crouch Jr, and dotted around the hall was also the twins Alecto and Amycus Carrow, Antonin Dolohov, Igor Karkaroff, Yaxley and lastly Thorfinn Rowle.

Around the hall were Remus and Sirius who sat next to each other holding hands they were happy for Tom and Severus but more so for their pup/cub, Ollivander, Minerva, Filius, Pamona, Sybil, Poppy, Aurora, Irma, Charity Burbage, Hagrid and Rolanda.

It was a pretty big gathering out all sides of magic, dark, light and grey so then if Albus got wind of it he wouldn't be able to say anything as even Fudge, Ludo and Amalia was also there.

Soon Severus came in Harry leading him while Otiz dropped the flowers Harry begged him to be flower fox which with a cup of blood and his favourite food he relented and wore the flower crown and held the basket.

Nova was on Severus' head and being purple she stood out this made everyone laughs and coo at her Asphodel was on Otiz' back and waved his was holding his strawberry plush that Tom had given him as he kept eating strawberries which was making him ill.

The vows were said and it made everyone chuckle at what they called each other.

The vows:

"Tom, I feel like the most blessed woman in the world. I have not only found my life-long companion, the lover of my heart, but my soul mate. Thank you for standing by me and sticking with me through thick and thin; for seeing the person that's before you now. You believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself and for that I love you so much my little Tater Tot" said Severus blushing.

"Choosing to commit the rest of my life to you is the easiest thing I will ever do. You are my best friend and inspire me every single day. I promise to spend every day I have left on this earth looking after you, encouraging you, laughing with you and comforting you. I promise to do these things because I have been given the most amazing gift I could ever have: you. Know that I love you with all my heart. I'm so happy to call myself your husband, my Energizer Bunny!" Tom blushed even more as they didn't know that they would say their private nicknames in their vows it was rather embarrassing, the once feared 'Dark Lord' was embarrassed.

Chapter Text

Everyone was back in school now and were doing well considering that they had just come off Christmas break and the concentration was low but everyone soon got back into studying and meeting up with their friends to tell them about their holidays.

Harry was telling his friends about the wedding if they hadn't been there as it was a New Year's Eve wedding after all, Blaise and Theo were over the moon as Harry's name was now Snape- Sötétség but he chose to just stay as Snape until he was old enough and then he would use it as he was heir Slytherin-Gryffindor-Potter- Prince- Sötétség, but Snape would do for now as he as only 14 and wouldn't be of age until he was 17 at least.

He now had such a long name for crying out loud he didn't know what to do with it all but he was just happy that he now had two parents as well as his godparents and brother and all of their friends and family, he now had something he always longed for since he was left with the Dursley's when he was but 15 months old.

He now had a complete family and he was happy with it all.

He was still having trouble with the damn golden egg that he had gotten from Norberta and the other dragons Flaencdra, Fonniot and Daybursun, he hoped that the other champions had, he thought he was the only one who hadn't figured the damn thing out he was ready to throw it across the black lake even though that was where the next task was going to be he just couldn't figure it all out yet.

"UGH THE STUPID STUPID EGG!" kicks it which it only tipped over slightly, Sora just tapped it with his paw and tried to nom it as he was teething, Coco came flying in landing on it and tapped her tail on it.

"Guys leave the pretty shiny egg alone, Hadrian is still trying to figure the stupid thing out" said Otiz as he picked up Sora and placed him in his bed for a nap.

"Awe, I wan bites!"

"Um.. no mister and you're teething" and he sighed as he made sure he stayed in the bed.

"So what do we do about a teething Kitsune kit then Otiz?" asked Harry as he was now staring at the ceiling of the Slytherin dorm.

"Nothing really"

"Oh, ok then"


Classes had ended for the say and Harry was outside getting so fresh air while Otiz tried and failed to get Sora down from the tree when Cedric came over and smiled.

"Thank you for helping us with the first challenge I would of never thought that they would do dragons, it was so dangerous and if we hadn't of know we would of all died and so I would like to help you with the egg as I think you are having trouble figuring it took me awhile but all I can say is 'go take a bath' and don't forget the egg ok" and he soon left.

"What the heck was that about?" he looked at his friends as well as Otiz who was now also sitting in the tree grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"He wants you to go and have a bath with the egg is he mad?" asked Theo to the others.

"Seems like it the only baths in school are the Perfects baths and you are only a 4th year so you might have to sneak into one" said Blaise as he ate an apple.

"Or ask uncle Sev if you could use it, up to you Hads really".

"I'll think about it", looks up at Otiz and Sora who was on his head "you coming down here or should I leave you two alone?" Otiz jumped down, you could hear the whee from Sora as he 'flew' through the air and onto the ground.

Harry thought about it for a few minutes and then headed inside he wanted to work the damn egg out that had been plaguing him since the first task and so he went in search of his father.

"Dad do you know where the Perfect's bathroom is? I need it to help me find out the clue to the damn egg here" asked Harry as he spotted Severus in front of the fire keeping warm.

"Language Hadrian Snape and I can tell you where it is as long as you don't tell the other's about it".


Soon Harry was in the Prefect's bathroom

Harry had just finished filling the damn thing, why does a bath need that many taps he did not know but he got it to himself which was an added bonus or that's what he thought until two balls of fur dived bombed into the bath soaking Harry who was in his bath robe.

"Otiz Sora you idiots I'm soaked through! Oh well" he then got into the bath after laying the egg behind him, "this is nice and I can soak for as long as I want" he relaxed into the bath more only for Moaning Myrtle to pop up in the bubble suds.

Harry made sure to cover himself even if she was a ghost she was still a girl after all and he was naked anyway, he blushed like mad.

Myrtle looked at Harry and 'jumped' into he bath with him and shimmied closer to him, Harry made doubly sure he was covered even while holding the egg in his hands.

"Try putting it in the water, if I were you, that's what the other boy did" said Myrtle to him trying to get close to him only for him to try and get away, Otiz was being of no help.

"So Cedric placed it in the water?" he asked making the ghost smile at him.

He thought about it for a moment and then placed the egg into the water and opened it as he too went under, Otiz sat by the side glaring at the ghost as well as stopping Sora who wanted to jump in sadly he hadn't learnt to swim just yet.

"Really ghost you don't have to get close to him, he already has someone close to his heart and it's not me sadly".

"Oh poo" she sunk into the water and watched Harry as he listened to the song that was being sung.

"Come seek us where our voices sound

We cannot sing above the ground

And while you're searching, pounder this

We've taken what you sorely miss

An hour long you'll have to look

And recover what we took

But past an hour- the prospect's black

Too late, it's gone, it won't come back!"

Harry came up for air coughing he had been own there too long.

"They're with mermaids?! really why do something like put people in danger with mermaids!" he wondered why anyone would want to do this in the first place, for merlin's sake he was only 14 and this was so scary he just wanted a normal year to be honest but it seems like someone wants to mess it up again like always and it seems that it's Dumbledore more than anything.

From what his papa said about this, he had found out that everything had been set up from the moment Harry had started Hogwarts plans had been in place for tests and trials only for him to defeat Voldemort but that monster had died that night all those years ago, Voldemort was long gone the person known as Tom Marvolo Riddle remained the man he was now was Tomas Malakai Sötétség, number 1 lawyer in Hungry now Headmaster of Hogwarts in Scotland.

"Ah so mermaids are the next challenge Hads, well now we have to get you something to help you as you aren't a strong swimmer and I can't help you and Sora is useless as he is only a baby" sighed Otiz as he washed Sora in the bubbles trying and failing to stop his brother from eating the bubbles.

"Yucky" whined Sora poking his tongue out as he popped a bubble.

Chapter Text

Something strange was up and the staff knew but they couldn't place as of what for now, even the students knew something wasn't right but they didn't comment as they couldn't figure out why they felt that way, it was like someone had placed a charm over all of them to ignore that one of their professors was missing for breakfast of the 24th February 1995.

Harry looked around he felt very out of sorts it was like he was missing someone very close to him but who, he just couldn't remember who though and it annoyed him more than anything to be honest, he sat eating his breakfast when Ludo and Crouch came to stand at the front of the hall.

"This should be fun" said Blaise as he ate some scrambled eggs and looked over to Theo who was reading and not really eating his breakfast only to have him nudge him in the knee.

"Oh yea" said Theo was he finally ate his now cold toast.

Crouch stepped forward and sighed "the next task is in the Black Lake and the champions will have to rescue something that is lost and precious to them, if you would like to come and see them this afternoon I suggest you wrap up warmly it's cold out there".

"As Mr. crouch has said if you all wish to watch meet us at the Black Lake at 2pm not later as that is when the task is to start and you will only have one hour, no more than that" said Ludo and him and Crouch walked off.

'Moody's' eye spun around and landed on Harry and he smiled slightly knowing that he was going to help the boy no matter what, even though he was classed as a 'death eater' in the eyes of Dumbledore, there was no such thing before they went after the 'prophecy' that was completely fake as when Tom 'returned'.

Tom had checked it all out and as it was to do with him and Harry he could be able to pick it up and listen to it but no such thing existed.

Just what was Dumbledore's plan for all of this there was nothing of the sort and it made the 'death eaters' wonder what was going on, Tom really was friends with the Potter's and they were having a get together like they normally did every few months, Harry loved his Tommy but then it all went pear shaped from there.

Tom had put Harry to bed that very night and as he did flashes and bangs could be heard waking up the child and Tom going into protective mode if you could call it that. When he went to look Lily rushed in and said that Dumbledore was downstairs and had killed James, she cried into his arms and as she did the door burst opened to reveal Dumbledore in all of his glory of colourful robes.

"Just the man I want to pin this all on, well Tom I didn't know you were buddy buddy with the Potter's never mind about that...." he pointed his wand at Lilly and said the dreaded words "AVADA KEDAVRA" and she slumped to the floor dead, Harry had woken by then and had watched it all happen and so burst into tears.

Tom stepped forward to protect him and Albus laughed at it all again he pulled his wand at the two opposite him.

"Now that the two idiots are out of the way I'll pin this all on you" and again he said the Killing Curse killing Tom and 'marking' Harry like he wanted.

Tom sighed at it all knowing that he would have to carrying on with the tournament or the four students would lose their magic and he would never want that to happen to anyone he was a spirit for a few years and that was annoying but he was a grown man and not children.

He stood up and clapped his hands getting everyone's attention sighing as hundreds of eyes turned to him.

"As you have heard if any of you want to watch be at the Black Lake for 2pm, I wish you good day" and he left the hall having eating hardly anything.

Harry wondered how he was going to swim in the lake when he struggled so much with his swimming lessons he took over the holidays, he was no where strong enough for this and sighed he was going to look in the library to see if her could find anything.

He stopped Neville at one of the tables reading a Herbology book and smiled at his 'friend' that is if he still was and when Neville saw him he gave him a massive smile and gestured for him to sit down at the desk.

"How are you Harry?" he asked.

"I'm fine just nervous as I can't swim very well and I have a feeling that I would drown before I would be able to rescue anyone or anything from the lake" he sighed making Neville look at him and laugh slightly.

"Being with Professor Snape has helped you in more ways than we thought Harry, is it ok to call you that Harry?, if not I can call you Hadrian if you like".

"No Neville you can still call me Harry, it was the name I was born with after all and you are my friend still, right?" he bit his bottom lip.

"Of course I am Harry even after that the other three have done to you, don't worry about it" he gave Harry a true smile only to look up when a bang of a book was heard, looks like Hermione had found them.

"Harry there you are finally! I've been looking all over for you, why in merlin's name did you put your name in the cup? how did you even get passed the lines anyway?, oh never mind, this stupid Headmaster is nothing compared to Professor Dumbledore don't you agree?" she looked at him hoping he would see it her way, like he 'used to' back in first year.

"Well um.... Professor Sötétség, has done so much for the school from last year and I'm happy with how the school is run like everyone else, they even repaired the wards around the school, it was amazing to watch..." he was hit with her book, "... ow what was that for?"

"HARRY JAMES POTTER! that is no way to talk about what Professor Dumbledore has done for you!"

"He left me in an abusive home Hermione I almost died the summer before second year if it wasn't for Professor Snape I would of died! Dumbledore didn't care and has never cared about me! I'm happy that I have Professor Snape as my father, plus my name is Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape, I'm not Harry Potter get it into your head, or better yet leave me alone!" he turned to Neville "if you know of anything that can help me breathe under water could you let me know Neville I need to get some fresh air" and with that he left.

"The nerve of Harry!" said Hermione.

Neville looked over to her and sighed and continued to read only to again to look up when Luna sat down.

"Anyone know where Sarah is?, I haven't been able to find her since breakfast he was right next to me and then she wasn't I think she got spirited away by something" she read her Charms book upside down.

"You mean that girl that's fawning our Viktor Krum who was and is mean to be mine?" said Hermione glaring at Luna who ignored her.

"Neville I would suggest Gillyweed to help Hadrian with the task" said Ravenclaw to the Gryffindor and he nodded and closed his book now knowing what to look for and most likely Severus had some in his store room, mind you he too was also missing but why were people starting to go missing they didn't know.

Soon the pair left the library after Neville checked out some Herbology books while smiling at Madam Pince as they left Hermione was shocked that they had just left her there without a goodbye or even talking to her, she was the brightest witch she deserved to be acknowledge and so she screamed making everyone look at her.

Madam Pince got out of her seat and headed towards her, "Miss Granger enough, you are being loud and disrespectful to my work place and the others around you and I have said this many times before enough is enough you are henceforth banned from this library, now get out!" she collected Hermione's things and showed her the door.


In an old classroom four people sat gathered to a chair each, each one was brought here by a professor, or should we say that magic brought them there.

The other professors of Hogwarts didn't want to do this but they did, in the chairs now sat one Severus Tobias Snape Potions Master and Head of Slytherin, Sarah Felicity Morning Glory a first year of Ravenclaw, Cho Jiao Chang fifth year Ravenclaw and lastly Gabrielle Adélaïde Delacour first year to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, each one asleep somehow.

They were soon floated towards the Black Lake where the Mermaids were waiting for them and so they were tied up to the statue in the middle of the town in the lake and that's where they would stay for the next hour.

Chapter Text

The champions were waiting on shore in their costumes they were freezing whoever thought it was a good idea to do this in frickin' February was going to die, they all hoped that they wouldn't get hypothermia due to the cold everyone around them was wrapped up nice and warm while they were in nothing but their swimming costumes, they were freezing.

Otiz sat on Harry's shoulders to try and keep him warm but it wasn't helping Sora was in his warms again wasn't helping to keep him warm, he felt kinda bad that he had two foxes to try and keep himself warm, he sighed and looked at the gillyweed that Neville had given him on the way down, he prayed to whoever was out there hoping this would help him breathe under water for the next hour, Neville had taken it out from Severus' stores and harry knew he would have to replace it at some point or he could as his papa after all he is Headmaster.

'Moody' was behind Harry and as he was about to put it in his mouth he knocked him makings sure he swallowed the gillyweed as Crouch was talking about them getting the treasure closest to them within the hour, the sound of a gun of sorts sounded and so they all jumped in or in Harry's case he fell in leaving Otiz and Sora on the deck close to Draco and Neville.

The water was murky and they could hardly see in front of them, as Harry struggle to breathe somehow with the gillyweed now in his system he could see that Viktor had become some sort of half shark type of thing, his head and torso was that of a shark while his legs were that of a person, Cedric and Fleur had cast a bubble head charm just before they entered the water, the three of them were off like a shot from a gun while Harry struggled until the gillyweed was absorbed into his body.

He watched as his hands and feet became webbed like that of a fish he reached up to his neck and found that he had gills, he could breath under water it was amazing and he swum around to get the feeling of it all.

Above the water Neville was panicking he thought he had killed Harry and didn't know what to do, Draco tried to comfort the Gryffindor about it all and he looked towards Otiz that was just staring at the water like he knew what was happening while Sora being a baby tried to touch it falling off only to be thrown back into Draco with a thud as Harry leapt out of the water, screaming in joy splashing back in to continue with the task.

"See you didn't kill him" said Draco picking up Sora who was crying.

"Thank merlin I didn't I didn't want to go to Azkaban for killing my friend!"

"I'm still alive so don't worry about it, I would of died if Hadrian had died but we are very much alive" he had changed form he was pulling his hair back into a pony tail, his clothes were of a white top with red trim on it along with writing on it saying Kit-tastic, a long light purple robe with red trim and dark blue jeans, it was a fantastic mix of muggle and magical clothing.

"At least we now know" said Draco petting a scared Sora.

In the water Harry had managed to catch up to the others but each one was getting caught in the seaweed that protected the town.

Fleur fought her way through the seaweed but sadly due to it all she was pulled right out and away from the town square by the mermaids that were protecting the treasures as well as their home and due to this her bubble head charm broke forcing the mermaids to shoot her towards the surface before she drowned.

They may look evil and menacing but they were told that the eight that happened to come into their world would only be there for an hour and so that if anything happened to the four that were coming for the other four they would be brought to the surface right away.

It was annoying but for an hour they didn't mind they just didn't want surface walkers in their home an hour was all they could bear and that was being kind.

Harry watched what happened and then turned to look at what they had to get and when he saw his father floating like he was dead he began to panic until he heard Otiz.

Calm down will you he's fine he's just like everyone has been given Dreamless Sleep and each one had a protection spell on them that will break the moment they break the waters surface, don't worry he is completely fine.

I know that Otiz I'm just scared I've never done something like this before dad's down here now we know where they went.

I know I can see through your eyes and with that I can help you even if I'm stuck on land.

Can't you come to me?

I can if you call my name and I mean my fall name and I will come to you, do you remember my fall name?

Yeah I do

Call me Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape heir Peverell-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Black-Potter and soon to be Prince, call my name and I will appear to you to do your whim

Tsuki no Mori Chikyuu no Kazuhiro

In a flash Otiz disappeared from the stand and appeared to Harry in his human form

Well done Hadrian we can still talk like this but we don't have much time before the gillyweed runs out, I do have more but that's if you are in dire need of it but I don't think you will be

A few meters away as he saw Cedric grab hold of Cho and swam off back to shore, that meant only one treasure was rescued.

He swam towards the other only to be pushed back due to Viktor swimming passed at speed and breaking the rope that held them in place.

How the hell are we meant to do this, I'm only one person and they're two left I have to get dad out but then what about Fleur's sister I can't leave her here can I?

No you can't and I can give you back my strength that I have taken from you but that means I will be forced into fox form like when we first met and I will be like that for a while but I will be fine

You sure Otiz?

I will be fine now go while I distract the mermaids I hear that they don't like Kitsune as well as Bakeneko and I happen to be both

He swam towards the mermaids and showed them his true form making the swim away while he sent magic back to Harry so then he could save not only Severus by Gabriella as well, like he said he wasn't going to leave an eleven year old on her own and Severus was the one that saved his life he had given him what he always wanted love and a family and now that he had it he didn't want to let it go, he had missed out what ten years or more.

As he broke the ropes and started to swim towards the surface he noticed that the gillyweed was starting to wear off and he was finding it hard to keep going and so pushed them further up as they were almost there, they broke the surface and gasped for breath while Harry struggled to breathe under the water but thanks to a light blue blob he was soon thrust through the surface as well.

Everyone helped them back to shore where Poppy went to check on them running scans this way and that over all eight of them well nine if you count Otiz.

Fleur was over the moon that Harry had rescued her sister and didn't know what to say to him and kept kissing his face, what he didn't know was that Tom was hugging Severus tightly as he coughed more.

Poppy floated eight pepper up potions for all of them but weren't sure if Otiz could have one.

Hadrian tell Poppy I need a pepper up potion as well, I need it to help with my magic if I do I should be able to change back within a week, so don't worry

Harry looked to Poppy, "Otiz said that he would like one, he's stuck as kitsune until his magic comes back he can't change form for the moment".

Poppy spelled one into him and Otiz fell asleep dozing away.

Crouch came over and looked at everyone.

"That is the second task over with and the judges have the points to award and they are 40 to Mr. Krum for his transfiguration into a half shark bringing his total to 80, next is Miss Delacour with 25 bringing her total to 64 sadly she did fail to bring her treasure to the surface but an excellent use of the bubble head charm.

Next is Mr Diggory with 47 bringing his total to 85 again and excellent use of the bubble head charm and lastly to Mr Snape we award him 45 points on the use of gillyweed as well as rescuing of not only is treasure but Miss Delacour's with the help of his familiar. That is all the next task will be the 24th June, thank you" he soon left with the other judges, no one noticed 'Moody' follow them.

Tom helped Severus to his rooms where he was going to get warm and stay in bed, Harry followed as well carrying Otiz who had shrunk down in his sleep to help him.

Chapter Text

Dumbledore was fuming with what he had seen through his 'spy' if he could call her that she was after all only frickin' eleven years old he had promised her to get away from her abusive relationship of her adopted parents if she helped him get Harry back under control but she was falling in love with that stupid Bulgarian, he was six years her senior, disgusting!

He threw the paper he was reading across the table almost hitting one of his 'minions' if you could call the boy that after he was cast out and having his magic bound by Lady Magic herself, he watched for a few minutes at how disgusting the boy was filling his face with food, not even eating with his mouth closed.

Why did he pick this disgusting pig to be the friend of the Boy Who Lived or what he wanted to call him the Golden Boy of Gryffindor but no he turned into a bully and then got cast out, the stupid idiot that he was.

Worse of it all was that his true 'spy' or what he thought was his true 'spy' against Tom was now the father of said boy he tried to make him his! He was meant to be raised to kill Tom, the Horcrux, that he had made sure was made when Tom 'killed' the Potter's that very night and then he was meant to be 'raised' by Petunia and Vernon but no they almost killed the damn boy!

Why did he think these people we the ones to help him, he looked up he heard the door go only to see Ginerva Weasley walk in with Sarah Morning Glory behind her looking sacred, Petunia and Vernon just pushed passed them and sat down, they looked at Ron still stuffing his face.

"Disgusting vile boy, just like that Freak!" said Petunia pouring herself some tea after glaring at the house elf no way was she going to to let that thing pour it for her.

Vernon just kicked the elf out of the way and then looked at his shoe he had used to kick the elf "Petunia remind me dearest to get new shoes that thing touched me" and he too poured himself some tea.

Dudley came waddling in eating chocolate, when was that boy going to stop he was eating his way though everything and Dumbledore's money had kind of stopped growing and was slowly being taken away to off set what he had taken from the Potter vault's damn goblins. He should just kill them when everything was back on track.

He finally looked around the table and saw only four of this Order members sitting around said table that he was at the Head, he noted that it was Sturgis Podmore, Mundungus Fletcher, Elphias Doge and lastly Dedalus Diggle.

He sighed he was hoping that more of the Order of the Phoenix would follow him but sadly it was only these four idiots, the lower than scum Dursley's and three under age witches and wizards, how the hell was he meant to rule the Wizarding World with these idiots he hadn't a clue.

He looked at Sarah and she knew she was in trouble with what had happened, she shouldn't of gone with Viktor Krum but he had asked her and she agreed it went against the whole plan laid out in front of her, she didn't want to back to her foster parents, she didn't want that life again.

"Welcome my friends to our meeting thank you for coming all his way I know I had to take some of you out of your very important meetings but we are The Order of Scylla and Charybdis, two very powerful creatures and here we have the best of both worlds, we are Magical as well as Muggle" he smiled to them all.

The Dursley's scoffed at him, yeah they didn't want to be here and everything but they did 'look after' the Freak since he was nothing but a brat of a child when his parents got killed they knew they were going to be killed they just didn't know that the Freak of the Old Man would dump the brat with them, they knew also about the so called 'prophecy' that was a complete fake something Dumbledore had planted.

They also knew that it was Dumbledore that had killed them and blamed someone who happened to be a friend of there's but still to dump the Freak with them, normal people of all things, the man had a few screws loose.

The four order members glared at the Muggles further down the table, Sturgis was under the Imperius Curse still and Dumbledore still needed inside information within the Ministry and he was kind of the best one to do that really the other three were just lackies to be honest nothing more.

Elphias and Delalus were the ones to keep an eye on Harry and they had failed he had falling into the hands of Severus Snape the man who should be hating the boy but no he was now a caring father to the boy, the bloody idiots!

Mundungus was nothing but an idiot and a thief he knew he was stealing from Grimmauld Place and he knew that that stupid cranky house elf was stealing everything back but he couldn't prove it, the man was nothing but an idiot to be honest but he had no one else. Sometimes he hated his life more than anything.

The youngest Weasley's what could he say about them? lots to be honest he had trained them from a young age to be his friends and later on partner when they both became Auror's but no the boy was a brat, he even told him to help Harry ignore his school work, get him to play Quidditch and chess also go exploring and hoped he would get into trouble, like he should of done but no he cared to much about Harry's popularity and fame to really care about the plan. Stupid idiot!

The girl on the other hand was meant to get close to him in her first year but again it was a complete failure! These two were idiots! She was meant to date and fall in love with him then she would go and be a professional Quidditch player and those two were meant to marry and have children, so she could become Lady Potter, making him sign his life away so then Dumbledore could manage Harry's life make him into the perfect political pawn around and he would have the Potter fortune for himself and then once the contract was signed they would kill the boy off and then he would live like he was meant to, rich as hell but again the girl was a failure!

Sarah was completely useless he had 'rescued' her from her 'family' he made sure that she was abused like Harry was but worse he wanted another perfect pawn he again had set it all up, Thaddeus Paige he was a close friend of Dumbledore even if he was a Muggle in his eyes, well technically he was a Squib but never mind that, he was being paid to abuse her as he had his own family to look after, his two sons Ezekiel and Horatio and his apple of his eye his daughter Piper and his doting wife Emily. He didn't need the other girl that wasn't of his blood.

He had told her that he would 'save' her from her foster family if she helped him it was easy to convince her since she was eight years old, in other words brain wash her but she went to that Yule Ball with the one person he didn't want to get close to Viktor Krum she was meant to go with Harry but the boy had defied him yet again and went with the Malfoy brat.

He needed to spilt them up but worse was to get rid of that damn animal that stayed by his side the whole time, it was a dangerous dark creature he just knew it but how could he get rid of the damn thing, it was supposingly a familiar but he knew familiars and that wasn't one in his eyes, on another note where was Fawkes for that matter no matter how hard he called the bird he never appeared to him since he was removed from his position as Headmaster, strange me made sure that the darn thing was under spells and enchantments but he never appeared to him since.

Just what was going on with everything he had planned for the 'Perfect' World?!

Well onto this meeting then...............

Chapter Text

When Dumbledore opened the meeting everyone turned to him like the sun shone out of his arse, they were in his 'glow' like he was 'god' but he was anything like that sadly

"Welcome my friends to our meeting thank you for coming all his way I know I had to take some of you out of your very important meetings but we are The Order of Scylla and Charybdis, two very powerful creatures and here we have the best of both worlds, we are Magical as well as Muggle", the Dursley's scoffed again, they didn't want to be near these 'Freaks' but they wanted to have payment like they did beforehand.

Ron looked up at the 'Headmaster' and smiled his mouth was still full of food as he hadn't stopped eating.

"Ron stop eating, the Headmaster needs our attention" said Ginny only to notice the painful look on her brother's face.

"Gin don't every time you say my name I feel like someone or something is squeezing my heart making me feel ill, you will have to call me that Muggle name I was give which is Maxwell, I hate it but if I don't want to feel like I'm dying it has to be that name, plus look" showed her his wrists and it looked like Lady Magic had marked him as a traitor.

"I have this on my ankles as well but it seems only those with magic can see them as when I showed them to the 'family' that I'm with they called me crazy and I still have to see people and everyone thinks I'm crazy as Hippogriff Shit!"

Every magical looked at the marks and Sturgis laughed at him.

"Those are the marks of Lady Magic you will never be able to get rid of them, your magic has been completely sealed there is no way to get it back, you have created a great sin and by the looks of it you are marked as being cast out as well" he laughed again and then went silent every time he said something that was related to the Unspeakables he would end up paying the price of force silence which depending on the offence could last for days to weeks to even months which suited Dumbledore just fine if you asked him.

The Dursley's didn't see a think and looked at the crazy old man like he was insane, it looked like between the parents that they wanted out and so he casted another spell to keep them with him, like he had done since he created this Order he just wished he could have his Order of the Phoenix back and not this rag tag bunch of idiots.

"Let's get down to business, I am hoping that each and everyone one of you know your places, my dearest Petunia and Vernon I hope that you will keep your home open and accept Harry back with open arms once I get him back under my control, he needs your loving 'care' that you have given to him since he was nothing but a babe" he smiled at them with his grandfatherly smile that he was famous for making them nod at him, he had used his glasses and his wand under the table to place spells on them once again.

"Elphias and Delalus my dear boys I need you to still track what Harry is doing the boy is being drawn to the dark side and we need him to defeat Voldemort", everyone shuddered at the mentioned to the name.

"Fear the name only leads to fear thyself by dear friends" and he smiled making them all relax he loved the spells he had cast over these idiots.

"Now children I want to ask you how everything has been with you in your circumstances, I know you Mister Weasley..." he watched the boy flinch oh he was going to enjoy putting this boy through pain he did have back ups but this was only to be fun for the moment.

"I have no news as I'm stuck in the stupid Muggle World and they all think I'm bloody crazy and have to go to therapy, I'm not crazy at all!" he said through wheezing as the pain was bad.

Dumbledore just smiled 'sadly' at him but the smile was more due to seeing him in pain but Ron didn't know that and thought he was caring, he turned to Ginny it had taken a lot to get her out of the Burrow as she was classed as a slave but Arthur was at work in the Ministry and Molly had gone to meet some friends and went shopping Ginny had been let home in her room that was bare besides her bed and lamp, clothes would appear each morning for her to wear it was humiliating for the future Mrs Potter to wear rags of a House Elf if you could them that.

"I will have you know that I have wrote up a Bonding Contract between our lovely Miss Ginevra Molly Weasley and Mr Harry James Potter, he may have 'changed' his name but I know for a fact that this will work and I will make it all happen at the last task of the tournament, lets look over it all shall we can then we can add in anything else" again he smiled everyone liked where this was going.

The Contract:

Bonding Contract of one Mr Harry James Potter and Miss Ginevra Molly Weasley

Born 31st July 1980 aged 14 and 11th August 1981 aged 13

Parents: Lily Janet Potter nee Evans and James Fleamont Potter

Arthur Septimus Weasley and Molly Grace Weasley nee Prewett

Mrs. Potter will be considered the Head of House and as the Head of House of Potter, Mrs. Potter can take another spouse or spouses.

Mrs. Potter will be in charge of all vaults and accounts, not just the household ones there will be no private vaults, everyone in the house will be on an allowance except for Mrs. Potter. The set allowance will be no more than thirty (30) Galleons per week, with an extra ten (10) Galleons per week during a month of a celebration, when Mrs. Potter decides when a celebration is.

Mrs. Potter will make the rules and if broken there will be punishment, the basic rules are:

*No yelling at Mrs. Potter
*No disagreeing with Mrs. Potter
*No lying to Mrs. Potter even by omission
*No hiding anything from Mrs. Potter she will know
All holidays will be observed with a gift for Mrs. Potter, costing no less than one hundred (100) Galleons, she will know.

Discipline of child/children is up to Mrs. Potter only, Mr. Potter has no say in the matter.

The education of any child/children is up to Mrs. Potter, Mr. Potter has no say in the matter.

Clothing and any child expenses are to come out the main vault, at no time is the cost of living to decrease, Mrs. Potter will live in luxury.

Hogwarts and any other education will be provided for Mrs. Potter.

Mr. Potter will do whatever is necessary to obtain a Professional Quidditch team for Mrs. Potter, the best of the best and no less.

There will be at least one (1) house elf per member of the family, including Ronald Bilius Weasley and any children of his. There will be at least four children per spouse, care coming from the Potter Family Vault and Mrs. Potter decides on the names of each child.

Names include:

*Fiorella Ginevra
*Caradoc Bradbury
And whatever Mrs. Potter can come up with but these will be her first two choices of names and Mr. Potter will agree to these as well, he has no say.

There will be a new wardrobe each year for Mrs. Potter from the best fashion houses, she deserves the best of the best.

Any and all houses will be refurbished every five (5) years with a new house purchased every ten (10) at least. Mrs. Potter will decide where everyone will live and for how long.

Mr. Potter will provide Manors for the following people, Ronald Bilus Weasley, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Petunia Katrina Dursley nee Evans and her husband Vernon Peter Dursley as well as their son Dudley Vernon Dursley.

If not in Azkaban any spouse must have a job deemed appropriate by Mrs. Potter all salary is to be turned over to Mrs. Potter.

There will be no residing in the Muggle World, no job in the Muggle World, and no Muggle equipment in any house unless approved by Mrs. Potter, the Dursley's can do what they want in their on homes but Mrs. Potter's home no such thing.

Mr. Potter will obey Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in regards to anything outside of his marriage. Failure will result in time served in Azkaban. If a life is lost because of this failure, Mr. Potter can be given the Kiss.

Mr. Potter will obey Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in regards to his position in the war if anything happens to Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore, Ronald Bilius Weasley will be in charge in this regard. Failure will result in time served in Azkaban. If a life is lost because of this failure, Mr. Potter can be given the Kiss.

After the war, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has the right to all speaking engagements, speeches, and public appearances, failure to result in obeying will be punishable by time served in Azkaban.

If Mr. Potter refuses this Contract, he will lose his magic, serve twenty years in Azkaban and be given the Kiss after twenty years.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore
Ginevra Molly Weasley
Petunia Katrina Dursley nee Evans


Ronald Bilius Weasley
Vernon Peter Dursley

They all signed the contract, Petunia and Vernon had difficulty using a quill but they made it work and so they were set or at least that's what they thought but above them someone or something was watching one of them was Lady Magic and Death themselves they were going to protect Hadrian no matter what, he was their Chosen One no one else's, they would protect him as well as his family.

Chapter Text

It was time for the last task which Harry was thankful for he just wanted this to all end he had had enough he was in such a state that both his dad and papa had taken to sleeping with him or they would just bring him into their bed as he was having bad nightmares.

Draco couldn't help as every time a nightmare happened Harry would just kick him out of the bed or he was in the dorms and so it was down to Severus and Tom to sort the poor boy out as he only really calmed with them and Otiz also had to sleep in the same bed as them or Harry would of kicked off.

Harry's grades had slipped a few places due to the stupid tournament he was normally on par with Draco and then it was Theo then Blaise, Hermione was fifth and she wasn't happy about it all, Harry had slipped to third place which he didn't care as he knew he would get back where he once was but with everything everyone understood the reason why and didn't hold it against him.

It was now the 24th of June and the day of the last task was here the whole year had been messed up due to all of this and no matter how hard the Ministry had tried they couldn't change it, it was like someone had curse this year so then the tournament took place but they just couldn't figure it all out and so they had to let the tournament continued they were just happy that today was the last of it all.

Everyone was sat in the Great Hall for breakfast wondering what was going to happen now as it had been four months since the last task and everyone tried to keep up with their school work but every time it came to the next task it always went down hill from there.

Ludo came to the front of the Hall like always to talk about the the final task.

"As you know today is the last task, so I ask the champions to follow me and your Headmaster/mistresses out to the Quidditch pitch were it will be held after breakfast, if anyone would like to come and watch you are all welcome to, today we will crown a champion of champions and what ever school wins will go down in history after so long" he smiled but it didn't really reach his eyes like he knew something was going to happen.

After breakfast the champions all changed into their normal kits that they had been using and followed Ludo out to the pitch will everyone practically following them while everyone went to the stands like they would for a normal game the four champions followed Ludo to he centre of the pitch, it was crazy at how crowded and how small they must look to everyone there.

"I will now tell you what you are meant to do in this final task, you four will battle against each other to reach the middle of the maze where Mr. 'Moody' has placed the cup for you to get, once you do I want you to shoot out your colour of flare off from your wand and then we will know who has won, Mr Krum you are green, Miss Delacour you are blue, Mr Diggory you are yellow and lastly Mr Snape you are red, do I make myself clear only when you are at the centre you set the flares off" they all nodded.

"I will say this now you will not be alone in there, many creatures had been added to make this maze dangerous but no one will be getting killed, it is safe but we have made it difficult for you just like the other tasks that you have all cleared. Mr Hagrid has done a wonderful job hasn't he?, a month to grow a good twenty foot tall, well now onto the task at hand that is.

Oh and Mr. Snape your familiar isn't allowed to help you sadly, please can you ask him to stay here, you need to complete this without any help from the outside we need to see how far you have progressed within the tournament and it being the last task it would be considered cheating as the others haven't had any help.

Is that alright with you, if you are in dire need shoot up your flare and we will come and get you right away, do I make myself clear shoot up your flares, Mr Diggory and Mr Snape as you are both tied with 85 points a piece you two will be entering together then Mr Krum with his points at 80 and lastly Miss Delacour with 64 points, so if you take your places we will be able to start".

The champions took up their places Harry bent down to Otiz trying to think what he could say to his best friend and familiar before he headed into the maze that was making him so scared.

Otiz changed form and hugged him tightly to try and reassure him the best he could but he only had about five minutes before the start of the last task.

"Hadrian it's going to be fine honest I will always be with you we can never be apart remember the lake I was on shore while you went in and if you need me call me, we can still speak telepathically remember you remember how to call me right, now that you've called me once we have fully become human and familiar that was the last bond that we had to have and I will come to you when called. I promise you that Harry we will always be together.

I will sit in the stand with Draco and Sora along with your friends remember what I told you Harry even if we are apart I will always be able to find you, we are one, two people sharing the same soul. You chose me me that day just a few years ago, I felt that you were the right human for me hence why you were drawn to be as I was drawn to you, when I took your blood that first time we became one. You Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape are one specially magical human, a very powerful if you ask me and I know you are destined to be great" he stood up bringing Harry with him, ruffled his hair and walked to the stands to sit next to Draco and his friends he kept an eye on Hermione as she was close to where the friends were sitting and he still didn't trust her.

Cedric and Harry stood by the opening of the maze and Ludo shoot of a flare to signal the start of the last task of the tournament.


Dun dun dun......

Chapter Text

The four champions were standing at the entrance of the frickin' arse huge maze, they were meant to get to the middle of this darn thing how?, they were just children, teenagers really but still?!

Harry glanced around he was only fourteen while the rest were sixteen- seventeen years old and they were meant to clear it how in merlin was he suppose to did it without help, they knew for one more spells than him for starters, he knew that they didn't have such a bad childhood as he has spoken to them all one time they all decided to get together and talk about the tasks they had done, in fact they had gotten quite close as friends and Viktor even commented on how much of a talented flier he was and would be happy to help train him if he wanted even if it was just for fun.

Viktor hoped that Harry would chose quidditch for a career but when he told them about his background which Cedric had heard bits and pieces they were shocked at what Dumbledore would do to the poor boy.

Fleur wanted him to carry on with his studies and she started to look at him like a little brother that had to be protected at all times, she was so shocked and surprised that he was able to rescue not only his treasured person but hers as well, she adored him.

Cedric knew part of everything that had happened to Harry but he at first didn't really believe it until the lad told them everything jut after the second task he could see that Harry was beginning to trust more but not completely and he did always hang around with Draco Malfoy and when they all found out that they were dating they were shocked.

They didn't think the shy and highly emotional fourteen year old would be gay of all things, they all thought that he would be into the Greengrass sister's or even the Lovegood girl but never into any boys, it just proved that you couldn't judge a book by it's cover.

"When I blow my whistle you Mr Diggory and you as well Mr Snape will head into the maze first and then it will be Mr Krum and lastly Miss Delacour" said Crouch to them as he looked at all four champions and nodded, he blew his whistle and the two Hogwarts students ran into the maze taking different routes.

A few minutes later two more whistles were heard and that meant that Viktor and Fleur had entered the maze as well, everyone in the stands could only see part of the maze as it stretched for what looked like miles but they all hoped that it was only charmed to look like that and not really like that.

About ten minutes later Cedric encounted his first creature that had been placed in the maze and it was a Blast-Ended Skrewt he remembered that was what it was called thanks to Hagrid's appalling Care of Magical Creature's lessons, he did pay attention mind you but the man just cared to much about them and got overly emotional with the creatures that they were meant to look after and learn about but he would admit the half giant knew his stuff.

Cedric looked at the almost ten foot creature that was pale grey, slimy deformed shell like armour that was in front of him and the damn thing looked like to be in a pissed off mood and Cedric knew that they were very aggressive and the smell of it rotten eggs of all things, it made his eyes water, he looked at it and it looked like it was male, the damn thing had a stinger so definitely a male and a young one at that he just hoped.... he had to jump out of the way as the damn thing shot fire out of it's rear end.

"Damn thing, always with the shooting of the fire!" he was just glad he dodged that one but he knew the Skrewt wasn't done but a long shot, the damn thing spun around and starting shooting in all directions hoping to hit its target as it knew someone was there.

Cedric dodged here and there but the damn thing got him a few times, his clothes were burnt through leaving scorch marks across his body as they burnt him.

"Ow damn things, who in their right mind would let these in here, this burns like hell!"

He heard running and looked up from where he was on the floor and noticed it was Harry, he sighed in slight relief due to the boy not being hurt but then again he stupid boy stepped forward which lead the Skrewt too start to attack him as well, only for the boy to raise his wand and blast the thing so it was now upside down.

Again he pointed his wand at the creature and making it land on his back so then it's underside was showing to the world, he pointed his wand one last time and cast the Impedimenta on it, the Impediment Hex, to render its movements so then they could get away from it.

"Thank you Hadrian for saving me mind you my clothes could use a bit of a repair but that can be done later after this task" said Cedric as he clasped Harry's shoulder only to run off further into the maze and try and head for the centre.

Harry made some twist and turns hoping he was going the right away at these he thought he was at least until he saw something resembling a chest of sorts, heading slowly towards it because he had to go around it as it was the only way, it slowly opened to reveal his worse fear, he felt the deadly chill from last year and he knew what it was, even if it wasn't real... a dementor... truth in fact that it was just an ordinary run of the mill Boggart.

He stilled and tried to get his breathe back he knew it was a Boggart but that didn't mean that what he was feeling was any different, he could 'feel' his soul being taken but then he remembered that they wouldn't really put a Dementor in the maze would they?

No they wouldn't not with all the students gathered here along with the other schools as well, too many were at stake to be honest and after last year with the damn things well...

He gathered his thoughts together and realised that it was nothing but a Boggart but to defeat a Dementor was the Patronus charm, so he gathered all his happiest memories he could with his family and friends and out of his wand shot out his slivery deer which he had named Prongs after his father,, the Boggart/Dementor screamed and ran/floated back into its chest to get away from it all.

Once it was back in its chest and lid firmly closed Harry went around it only for him to step into some golden mist that turned everything upside down making him worried that he was losing the plot on everything but in truth it was just to disorientate him nothing more, as he walked further away the effects wore off leaving him standing on a path further away than he really wanted to be from, he sighed and carried on walking.

With Fleur someone was definitely following her and she knew it but what could she really do it could be one of the boys, so she didn't want to pull her wand on them so she carried on heading towards the centre of the maze but little did she know was that Mundungus Fletcher was following her, he smiled she was alone at least

As Fleur turned a corner he pulled out his wand stunning her, well now that was one of the idiots down, just two more and Potter would be theirs , now who was going to be next?, he crept around for a few more minutes until he spotted Viktor Krum running passed, leaving the now unconscious girl on the floor he followed him.

Once close enough he cast the Imperius curse on him and sent him to look for Cedric so then he would take him out and then Mundungus could take out Viktor and then they would have Harry to themselves and he would sign that contract and he would follow them and defeat Voldemort and once their plan was done they would kill him and all his money would be spilt between them or so he thought that was.

Once married to Ginny, Dumbledore had made sure that he would make Harry seem like the new Dark Lord and so would kill him stating so and he would once again be the most powerful wizard, just like he did with Gindelwald back in the day, stupid idiot now locked up, oh well that was another thing on Dumbledore's list but first Harry James Potter.

It had been about an hour in so far and none of the champions had reached the middle of the maze and so everyone was worried about it all, it was only worse and no one could see where they were anyway as none of the teachers thought about what the spectators needs to watch this play out.

"I wish we could see what's going on" said Theo even though he was reading a book.

"Same here I hope Hadrian is ok" said Daphne as she held Astonia's hand as they were both very worried as they had heard from Hadrian who was in tears at the time tell them what had happened to him and now Otiz wasn't allowed to be near him to help, what in merlin's name were they thinking not letting a familiar help its bonded they were going to talk to their father regarding this as he was a Lord after all.

"Otiz do you know what's going on in there with Hadrian?" asked Draco while looking at the kitsune next to him holding his leg like he was in pain meaning that Harry was as well.

"Well lets say that he's gotten slightly burnt by and Blast-Ended Skerwt, faced a Boggart and no I will not tell you about what it was ok, it wasn't pretty and he also faced a golden mist of sorts that turned everything upside down so that one was harmless, this is getting dangerous and if not sorted out soon I will be going in there myself!"

"You can't do that, it's against the rules, I will tell a member of staff! you know I will" said Hermione to them only to make them roll their eyes at her, she had been commenting through out the who tournament and everyone just wanted to hex her after the first task.

Inside the maze Mundungus had hidden in the shadows and followed Viktor around as he was now under the Imperius and was on his way to look for Cedric to try and get him out of the way so then it would just be Harry left and then to the meeting port via portkey that he had charmed onto the cup to Harry's magical signature and then he would sign the contract and then everything would be theirs!

Ah Viktor had found Cedric as he had turned the corner of the maze that he was walking down, he didn't have his wand out as he was running or in his case slightly limping due to his burnt leg than merlin Harry had found him and helped.

He didn't know why the boy had helped him but he was grateful that he did or he wouldn't of been burnt to a crisp and that was something he didn't want he was just thankful that he did, he then spotted a shadowy figure ahead of him but it was soon gone and so he carried on heading towards the centre of the maze little did he know was that in mare seconds he would be up under a very painful spell that he would wish he was dead.

Viktor stepped out of the shadows as Cedric ran passed him and brought his wand up and said the incantation in a quiet whisper and he was brought down to the ground he was wriggling with pain screaming out like someone was murdering someone or something, the spell didn't let up the screaming got worse until Mundungus heard another set of feet running right for them and so he hid more into the shadows dragging Viktor with him.

Harry shot a spell narrowly missing Mundungus my a centimetre this broke both spells and Viktor ran off not knowing what he had done, he just wanted to get to the centre of the maze first and then be known as the champion Drumstrung would go down in history, his name already was but he wanted to bring more fame to Bulgaria than anything.

Harry shot another stunner hoping he got Cedric's attacker as the spell on him was now broken and so he helped his fellow classmate hoping that nothing was wrong with him.

"Come on Cedric! are you ok?" asked Harry as he watched Cedric regain his movements but he was still in a lot of pain and he twitched every so often but he did seem to be ok at least.

"I'm ok Hadrian, it just feels really painful, well at least I know what curse it was at least, it seems someone cast the Crucio curse at me!"

"The pain curse? why would someone do that?" Harry asked not sure about this anymore he would like to just shot his flare up into the sky saying he had given up but he wasn't sure if that would make him lose his magic and so he kept going.

Once he knew Cedric was ok he ran back off in hopes to finding the centre of the darn thing, he really did wish he had Otiz with him and not in here alone, he was fourteen for merlin's sake the other three were seventeen!

"I just want to get out of here and fast" he said to himself only to scream as something jumped out in front of him. It was a Sphinx of all things.

"I am Mostafa, one riddle I grant thee, answer correctly ye shall pass, answer wrongly and ye life will be mind, are you ready child?" he looked towards Harry who nodded shyly he wasn't good with riddles, Theo, Blaise or even the twins were better at them than he was.

"I'm ready, I think"

"Do not worry child I shall as but one riddle, think about it and then answer" said Mostafa and he sat down wings to his side and tail wrapped around him, he looked like a wing cat sitting like that thought Harry, he laughed slightly as a Sphinx was just that a winged cat.

"Very well child here we go, my riddle set before you is this, what are the next three letters in this combination? OTTFFSS? think clearly dear child, your mind is strong and clear" he wait patiently for Harry to answer the riddle, it took a bit of thinking as riddles were his strong suit but he gave it a good go.

"Um... I think it's ENT" said Harry.

"Your reason why?" asked Mostafa to the boy in front of him, a slight smile on his face.

"Well the first seven letters you gave me OTTFFSS mean one, two, three, four, five, six and seven so the next there you asked me is ENT, so if I go by the numbers again it would be eight, nine and ten in the sequence" he smiled hoping he was right.

Mostafa smiled and jumped out of the way.

"You child are correct in what you have said, I let ye pass but be warned you magical only dangers are ahead, protect thy self young one and remember you are loved by many" and he was soon gone making Harry confused at that the Sphinx had said to him and so he headed once again hopefully to the middle of the maze.

Harry once again clashed into Cedric when they came across one of Aragog's children, it looked like a young Acromantula as it wasn't as big as Aragog himself but it was one big ass spider making both boys shudder, one because Cedric hadn't ever seen one before and two Harry remembering about the one he had seen when he helped Hagrid one weekend and they stumbled upon the nest.

"What in merlin's name is that?!" asked Cedric to Harry who was now pale but just whispered loud enough about it being Aragog's child making the other boy just look at him like he was crazy only to make the younger explain himself all the while dodging the legs of the spider.

"I helped Hagrid one weekend last year with his animals and we came across the nest in the forest, the leader of the nest is Hagrid's pet spider Aragog, this is one of his children, the spider only obeys Hagrid as it was Hagrid that raised him when at school.

Aragog must of let Hagrid borrow one for the maze or a few..." Harry got scraped along his left leg by a fang making him scream out in pain but he managed to get hold of his wand that had dropped out of his hand and cast another stunner this time at the spider so then they could get passed.

They both saw the glow of the cup and bolted for it after the spider was doubly stunned by the both of them they so didn't want to get attacked by that thing again, Harry was feeling a tad unwell but he pushed it aside for now he had bigger things to deal with at the moment.

They both reached the centre of the maze, the cup glowing brightly.

"Cedric you take the cup and go back I'll find my way back don't worry".

"No you should take it, you shouldn't of been put into his tournament you're only fourteen for merlin's sake and what would a 7th year think if he let someone younger find their own way back, no you take it I'll find my way back".

"Are you sure we could take it together get back together".

"We can, as we are the only one's here it appears that Hogwarts have won anyway" smiled Cedric and so they both went to grab it but instead of heading back to the start they were whisked away from the school entirely.

Chapter Text

The two boys were whisked away by the cup the damn thing had been turned into a Portkey of all things, they held on for dear life as if they let go they would have no idea of where they were and that being said they had no idea of where they were going as of now!

"Hold on Hadrian, you hear me don't let go!" screamed Cedric as the wind threw passed their ears and all the younger boy could do was nod slightly at it all, this was the first real time he had ever used a Portkey, yes he had before with Severus but that was with his dad and he knew he would be safe now he wasn't sure.

He had Cedric and he looked up to him as a somewhat brother figure he had stuck up more than once for him when he was getting bullied by Ron, Hermione and Ginny over the past year or so, even now he had helped Harry more than once with the tournament, he was the big brother he never had in his mind.

They landed with a thud both groaning as they landed.

They looked around and noticed that they were in a graveyard of all things, but why would they be here?! was this the next part of the maze? it didn't look like it to be honest or they would of been told.

"Hadrian are you ok?" asked Cedric as he helped the younger boy up and brushed him off and smiled at him.

"I'm ok Cedric but where are we?, the Minister didn't say anything about this and I can't get in touch with Otiz to tell him what happened" he started to panic only to be brought into a hug by the older boy.

They only snapped out of it when they heard people coming towards them, it sounded like a lot of people this made Harry stiffen, he had a feeling that this wasn't going to go well.

Out of the shadows stepped eleven people, six of them Harry knew and stiffened even more knowing that they were most likely after him of all things, three of them were his main abusers of all things.

"Oh lookie mummy daddy, Potty is here!, the Freak is already for us!" smiled Dudley to his parents, Harry hid behind Cedric shaking like a leaf to be honest mumbling about not being sent back to the Dursley's.

"Come now Harry my boy, your relatives have come such a long way to bring you back home, I will speak to the Goblin's and the Ministry to set it all back up so then you are with your rightful guardians. Your parents would be so disappointed that you weren't with them" said Dumbledore as he came fully out of the shadows, his robe was a disgusting neon purple and orange of all things he was stoking his beard.

"Dumbledore" hissed Cedric as he kneeled in front of Harry to protect him from what ever Dumbledore was going to do.

"That's Professor Dumbledore to you!" shouted Ron to them.

"Who are you? I've never seen you before" said Cedric.

"I'm Ron Weasley.... ow!" shouted Ron to them only to get attacked my his sealed magic Dumbledore still hadn't figured out how to take the bind off his magic the same with Ginny but that was another time.

"Harry I have something that you must sign it is of the upmost importance that you sign this right away" said Dumbledore in his most sickly sweet grandfatherly voice he could muster, he so wanted to kill the brats in front of him but alas he needed Harry.

"I won't! I won't! I won't!" shouted Harry to the man only for Sturgis, Mundungus, Elphias and Dedalus to step forward to drag the boy over and force him to sign his life way, literally!

"No stay away from me!" he tried to hide more behind Cedric, this made Cedric back up to a tome stone that read Tom Riddle Sr., this had to be his papa's father as he knew his name was Tom Marvolo Riddle but had changed it all those years ago.

"I'll get Potty!" said Dudley as he waddled over to his once cousin and Cedric.

"Stay away or I will hex you Muggle" said Cedric as he tighten his grip on his 12 1/4 Ash wand with Unicorn hair wand making sure that Dudley saw it.

"Mummy tell the Freak to get rid of the stick!" whined Dudley to her.

Cedric turned to Harry and asked "is he always like that?"

"Sadly yes he can't do anything without mummy dearest over there and his gang" he shuddered at it all.


"Quiet Dudders let the old man deal with it all" said Petunia to his son and looked towards Dumbledore.

"Hey isn't that your old stalker?!" Cedric points to Ginny as she was trying to get closer to them.

"Meet Ginny No-Name, her magic is sealed and she's the slave to the Weasley family, the ash haired one I think was Ron and the girl was the one to go to the dance with Viktor I forget her name".

"I'm not a No-Name.....ow" he magic bit back when she said that because my Lady Magic herself had cursed her until she admitted that her last name was now No-Name it would never stop, Ron was the same as he still couldn't and wouldn't admit it that his name was now Maxwell Ronald Anderson.

Diggle and Doge raised their wands along with Podmore and Fletcher to hex and Imperio Harry into signing the contract as well as killing Cedric.

"Finally I am going to become Mrs Harry James Potter, I can't wait!" Ginny jumped around happily.

"Gin don't forget we get all his money as well, remember what Professor Dumbledore told us we will get his money after you have children and then we kill him and all his money gets spilt between us all, we're going to be filthy rich and no one will be non the wiser" said Ron as he hadn't realised he had just given away Dumbledore's whole plan.

"Dumbledore you didn't say that we were working with idiots and I don't mean Fletcher here" said Podmore.

"Hey that's offensive and you know it" whined Fletcher.

"He reminds me to Dudley" whispered Harry to Cedric who just looked at him and then the small whale by the other two Muggles.

"ENOUGH! THE BOY NEEDS TO SIGN THIS AND THEN EVERYTHING WILL BE BACK TO WHERE IT SHOULD BE, HIM BEATING AND ABUSED, IM AWE OF MY POWER!" said Dumbledore to his group of minions and then he raised his wand, but it went flying out of his hands.

I wondered where I left that, sister you could of told me that the old coot had it said a old but yet young voice, it seemed that it came from every shadow around them

Oh brother please you left the damn thing around and of course the wizards would pick it up after all it's in the story of the Brother's after all said an angelic voice as a light descended onto the grave yard.

It's mine which means only one can ever use it until then no one can and you know it sister! It's your plan to make him mine after all!

Very well brother, have it back then she throws it at him

Oi watch it!, the boy is the one destined for this wand as well as my other two treasures, he already had the cloak after all, he is tied to the Peverell Brothers, he grabs the wand from the shadows from where it was thrown.

"Are you two always like that?" asked another voice as four more people stepped out, they looked kinda ghostly but at the same time not ghosts how was this possible?!

Chapter Text

Slowly the four hidden people came forwards and everyone were in shock standing there were four people that they knew were dead, why were they here of all things.

"Hey we confused them" said Godric laughing loudly making Harry cover his ears mumbling a loud.

"Godric lower your voice" said Rowena to the man all in red.

"I can't believe he's like this" sighed Salazar to the group and then turned to Dumbledore and his group.

"What is your plan with my Heir?" the snakes that were wrapped around him hissed angrily to the group while Helga went over and looked over the two boys who were huddled by the tomb stone.

"Don't worry boys, Ric is just loud and Sal is just upset at the moment, he's normally very sweet, now lets heal you both and then we will deal with the Bee" and she waved her hand over the pair and soon they were feeling much better.

"Thank you Lady Hufflepuff" said Harry shyly.

"Don't be we were called here to stop the Bee and we will" she helped the two up and blocked Ginny and Ron from getting close to them, "you will not hurt our Heir!"

"Oh Helga is mad, now that's bad" said Godric to the others, the group of Dumbledore wondered why that was while the Founders looked kind of scared over their quiet and meek friend losing her temper.

"She's worse than Sal on a good day if you upset her" said Rowena who was writing in her book like she knew this would happen, she even moved out of the way so then her friend could stand in front of Dumbledore.

"Now you listen here young man, you do not ever and I mean ever hurt children or animals! what you are doing is disgusting I thought Hogwarts was doing ok and excepting everyone, creatures including but look at it all! our school has gone to pots! and it's all because of you, You. Stupid. Ignorant. Bastard" with each word she jabbed Dumbledore in his chest she might of been the smallest out of the Founders and looked innocent but she was a force to be reckoned with, the other three Founders shuddered as they had each been on her bad size at least once.

Well Godric more than once but he did it mainly to annoy her and get the reaction as he found it funny but he knew when to stop and this was one time he was happy that it wasn't his fault.

"She's mad, extremely so" said Rowena and she wrote it down in her book as well recording everything like she used to.

Sister I love it when a plan comes together, popcorn Hecate

No thank you brother Mortem perhaps Isis might she is our other sister after all you did invite her right?

Oops I didn't as I didn't think we would need her for this, mind you

Idiot Mortem she is the one that gave young Hadrian this path to take and she will need to be here to see what he chooses

But you know what he will chose Caty

True I do know what he will chose but she would like to know as well, go get her

I'm going gees...

"So what is going on why are the Founder's of Hogwarts here and what does it have to do with me of all things, I just want one quiet year at school is that too much to ask for?!" said Harry from behind Cedric making everyone look at him.

Sadly not young one, you are destined to rule over all of these Houses, you are Heir and Lord of the houses, a women stepped forward she had long brown hair and amber eyes, they were like she could see into your soul a shadow followed her and blended all together to form a man with black hair and bright red eyes.

Hello I am Isis and this is my brother Mortem and our dear older sister Hecate, a flash of light appeared the there stood a white hair women with the brightest blue eyes around.

Hello Hadrian, we finally meet I have waited a long time for you, our new Master, and she bowed to her life Isis and Mortem did this made the Founders bow as well.

"Now see here we need Harry to sign this contract right away it is of the utmost importance that he had to sign it!" said Dumbledore as he stepped forward only to make all the Deities look at the man their eyes glowing.

You Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore have no right to order us around do you hear! we are Lady Magic, Fate and Death, you have no right that contract has bee judged by me and it is invalid, she grew to an enormous height and towered over the old man, I have judged that contract a number of times since you and your group wrote it up it means nothing as the parent/s hasn't even seen it as well as the one that it is about I call it false, this contract with Hadrian is no more! she waved her hand and the contract changed to say that Ginny had to marry Dumbledore as well as Podmore, Fletcher, Doge and Diggle, Ron had to marry Sarah all their funds were gone and that they couldn't work in the Muggle World, the Dursleys had lost their home and work, everyone had nothing.

She's mad and this time not at me said Mortem

Don't get me wrong but I kind of saw it coming said Isis, Mortem nodded at it all

The Founders looked at the three siblings wondering what had happened until they all looked up and saw a new contract that had replaced the other one

Ah that's better now you lot will have to follow through with it all or your magic will be bound just like the siblings there, points to Ron and Ginny.

"No it cant be it can't be Harry is meant to be mine, he is meant to be the weapon that I created with years of planning he was and is meant to kill Tom! he is meant to kill Voldemort!" screamed Dumbledore only to have Salazar burst out laughing.

"Two of my Heirs killing each other it will never work, in my family no member can kill another it's a safety clause I made over 1000 years ago and it proves that they won't ever be able to" and he kept laughing.

"Sal's gone nuts! Row help" said Godric.

"Nah not helping as it's the same for all our families, no member can harm another, if they do they are cast out you know that Godric"

"I do, I just wanted to call the man nuts", this made the two women next to him sigh.

Hadrian Snape and Cedric Diggory we are sorry that you have been caught up in this mess we really are but sadly it had to be done, I would like to introduce you to myself and my siblings I am Hecate, Hadrian you can call me Caty ok, my brother Mortem...

Call me Morty, master

.... and this is Isis our little sister we do have younger siblings but us three are the true Deities that are of the Magical world, I will introduce you to the others at a later date, let us leave for now and you can bring these four youngsters with you, she points to the Founders who had calmed down Salazar she waved her hand and Magic took the Scylla and Charybdis group away to be dealt with when the time was right.

"Thank you for saving us Ma'am" bowed Cedric as he helped Harry up and started to leave but he was confused as to where he was and the cup was missing.

"How do we get back? I can't even contact Otiz..." he he said his name the familiar appeared in his arms injured it appeared that he had been attacking the magical dome that had been placed around the whole grave yard to keep him and anyone else out and keeping Harry in.

The poor thing, she waved her hand over and a glow appeared around him and he howled and called Sumire to him.

"You called me child, Caty I will take it from here I am the one who created him you have no magic that will help heal him sadly" said Sumire as she cut her wrist and let the blood drip into his mouth.

"Blood Magic!" the Founders were shocked at what they were seeing, never before had they seen that someone was willing to use their own blood to heal someone.

"He is a part of me, I created him he is my Heir and he is a hybrid yokai that also happens to be your Heir's familiar, if I don't heal him you Heir will die" once Otiz had drank the blood he glowed and all his injuries were healed and Sumire just disappeared.

She's the same as ever that one, sighed Mortem to them

"I just want to go home now please if that isn't too much trouble dad and papa must be worried about me as well as Mr Diggory has to be worried about Cedric" said Harry grabbing everyone's attention the Deities nodded and soon left but not before they gave him a talisman.

Keep this with you always Hadrian, it will keep you sae never take it off

Master I must go now and in due time I will see you again

Bye bye now, waves

Soon they were all heading back to Hogwarts, the Founders had transported them to the entrance of the maze and when everyone had seen them they were shocked that the Founders were there, Fawkes flew down and landed on Rowena and cooed at finally being allowed to be with his family.

"Fawkes my old friend how have you been" said Godric as he pet his familiar

Rowena called for the giant squid to appear, "Callie it's been too long old friend, how I have missed you and thank you for protecting the students for all these years", the mini squid in her hand have a salute to her.

Helga called the Thestral herds, the leader trotted up to her and placed it's head in her hand "oh Noir I have missed you as well, thank you for looking after the land and the students" the Thestral neighed and trotted around her happy that she was back.

Lastly Salazar called the Basilisk to him "Asmadeyus, my old friend I am so sorry about locking you up in my private chamber when I died, I'm so sorry but now that we are back you won't have to be, I brought some new friends but I think they belong to someone else" he looked over to the small snakes and they were on another snake which was wrapped around a man who was hugging Harry.

Chapter Text


Everyone was shocked at what they had seen, there standing at the start of the maze were the Four Founders of Hogwarts and each one holding an animal of sorts, a phoenix they all knew about it was Dumbledore's after all or so they thought, a squid of all things, a Thestral of all things and lastly it couldn't be could it... a frickin' basilisk!

While the founders reconnected with their familiars Otiz dozed in Harry's arms while Cedric placed his arm over the smaller teens shoulder they were both sitting down on the glass with Viktor and Fleur as they just wanted time to sit back and relax.

They all flinched when Poppy came over to run scans on all of the teens including Otiz who kind of growled at the feeling.

"Madam Pomfrey he's ok now he was healed in the maze by someone, I don't know who those" said Harry as he let her scan him before she left him alone and went to the other champions.

"Thank merlin you four are alright? I have no idea who's idea it was but to let four teenagers into a dangerous tournament is beyond me. I have done what is needed of me and more to say the least but I will file all of their medical records to their parents right away and then they can say whether or not a mind healer is needed, I know for one young Mr. Snape will have to go after what he has been through!"

"Poppy really I'm fine!" moaned Harry as he turned red at her fussing of him, he saw her as something of an over bearing aunt and he hated to admit it he loved her for it she was completely different than his aunt by blood.

"I know my dear but you know I'm right on this"

"I know you're right but do I have to?"

"Yes son I think it would be wise for you to see someone over summer" smiled Severus as he came over with a snake on his shoulder who waved at him.

~your cute what's your name~ asked Harry making everyone look at him as the snake literally jumped down of Severus and up to Harry only to notice another on appear.

~I Solomon and dats Owion! we snakeys~ said Solomon only to have Salazar come over laughing slightly.

"These two have only just hatched, my hatchlings, and their names are Solomon and Orion, Solomon is the rainbow colour and Orion is the jet black one they're twins, I still have no idea how a rainbow python got into the mix but hey Solomon is here" said Salazar as he sat down next to the four teens.

"Sally come back here and help us work this whole thing out" Godric called over to the man.

"Nope Ricky I'm sat down now so not getting up"

"Ro Ro tell him to come and help!"

"Godric please be quiet we are busy explaining everything" said Rowena to the man who only pouted at his friend and tried to persuade Helga.

"He's going to get hit my the horse in a minute" said Salazar as he was now laying on the grass only to hear an ow from the red head, "told you".

"Helga do something about that darn thing!"

"Noir has done nothing wrong you're being annoying Godric Giovanni Gryffindor!" said Helga to him.

"Oo full name there" his familiar laid across his chest and both went to sleep.

"Aren't Slytherin and Gryffindor meant to hate each other?" said Cedric making everyone nod to what he said including the foreign students as they all knew the story about the founders and what had happened to them.

"Bunch of lies if you ask me" said Godric as he laid next to his partner in crime

"Yes we had a falling out over something stupid..."

"You went into my personal private lab and blew it up, potions was never you thing"

".... as I was saying and Sal walked out and didn't return due to falling ill on his travels and sadly dying. I have no idea where what you know came into play".

"From what I can work out was due to you two having that stupid falling out someone twisted it to make it come to what it is today" said Rowena as she sat down the mini squid on her shoulder.

Crouch looked at the founders who were no sitting or laying on the grass not having a care in the world it was completely out of the ordinary and from what they all had learn in History about how the two founding men hated each other and Slytherin only wanted pure magi children to join Hogwarts but here they were just acting like best friends, like nothing had happened to them.

"Let us head back inside for the final scores of our thre... sorry I meant four champions" said Ludo as he and Fudge jested for everyone to follow them back to the school and into the Great Hall.

Once inside they could all feel the hum of Hogwarts itself making the founders smile, the Hall had changed as well behind the staff table was no a round table of sorts for the founders and their heirs to sit at.

The high chair that was in the middle of the staff table, that was once Dumbledore's and had been changed by Tom was now missing so then you could see the table behind.

The Hall's floor now had the Hogwarts crest on it and the tables now what placemats a table runner with all four colours on it as well as their house logo, the benches now changed back into chairs, the tableware now matched the house colours as well.

In other words it was back to how it was meant to be, even their wards flared up and became much stronger than what they normally were, Hogwarts was alive once more!

Fudge came forward with Ludo and Crouch wiping his forehead with his handkerchief.

"The scores are in and after three tests each getting up to 50 points in each task I am here by saying in order of the tasks they stand at:

Leading first at 40 points each her Messers Krum and Snape, second is Mr Diggory with 36 points and lastly Miss Delacour with 35 points, well done to you all for the first task.

The second task is Mr Diggory with 47 points, then Mr Snape with 45, Mr Krum is in third with 40 points and last is Miss Delacour with 25 points, again well done, not lastly the points for the maze.

Mr Diggory is again first with 42 points, Mr Snape with 40 points and Mr Krum and Miss Delacour come in at third place with each at 30 points a piece, well done well done" he stepped back and Ludo stepped forwards.

"As Mr Fudge has said the points are out of 50 so in total that would be 150 points and added up it works out as Miss Delacour of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic has 80 points out of 150, Mr Krum of Drumstrung Institute has 110 points, and so the winners of the tournament is none other than Messers Diggory and Snape of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry congratulations to you two!"

The students of Hogwarts cheered loudly making the founders smile, their school had finally over came this disaster but knowing what Rowena had seen they knew it was just the start of it all.

Chapter Text

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they stepped off the train at the end of the school year, all hoping that nothing was going to go wrong when they started back in September.

Wishful thinking, foolish hope

Harry was following Draco to his parents as Severus and Tom had to finish grading, cleaning up the classrooms as well as stupid paper work that Tom hated as he also had to send everything to the board to be reviewed for the yearly budget of the school, he didn't mind doing it but he kept finding paper work from years back that Dumbles never put through!

The old coot was a menace!

Back with Harry, Pansy was clinging on Draco no matter how hard he tried to get away from the girl she wouldn't listen to him about being gay and that he was was Harry but she kept saying that it was all in his head and that he didn't love the once Potter brat as she had dubbed Harry.

This made the group of friends angry at her and once or maybe twice or it could of been more the girl had gotten hexed and it just wasn't from their house it had been from the other's as well, meaning that slowly but surely the houses were joining together as it was meant to be, Hogwarts students we never meant to be separated like they are now.

The students were meant to be as one, the Founders had no idea when or where the houses got split and where the house rivalries started but they were going to make it stop now!

"Oh Drakey Poo remember you said you'll come and stay at mine, you don't need Potter here" said Pansy as she pushed Harry out of the way only to be caught by the terror twins that were Fred and George.

"Careful there...."

"...Hads we..."

"...don't want..."

" getting..."

"hurt" said the twins as they went back and forth in their normal way of speaking making Harry nod as he was still holding a tiny sleeping Otiz.

They brought Harry over to the Malfoy's and Narcissa hugged him close after what she had seen she needed to make sure Harry was ok normally he would be talking his head off even if it was quietly but this time he hadn't muttered a word on the train only nodded and Narcissa knew something was up with her godson and only noticed Pansy was glued to her son when Lucius finally spoke.

"Miss Parkinson please remove your hands from my son and heir, he doesn't want you to hold onto him like that, as far as I know he isn't dating you he is dating someone else and we have agreed that the person is worthy of being with our son. Now please let go before a scene is started" said Lucius to the pug faced girl who still refused to let go of Draco.

"No he's mine I was promised that he would be mine! he shouldn't be with Potter of all things! I have loved Draco since we were little and now that Potter is adopted as a Snape doesn't give him the right to have Draco!" screamed Pansy making everyone look as they went to their parents or still getting off the train.

Pansy's parents came over Primrose and Steffen Parkinson making Pansy gulp at the looks they were giving her, they weren't please with their daughter at all this wasn't how a Lady of the Twenty Eight families should be acting they had taught her better than that surely.

"Girl let Heir Malfoy go" said Steffen to Pansy and she knew right away that she was in trouble and then and there she let go of Draco's now sore arm he walked over to Harry who was being held by his mother close to her side and kissed him for everyone to see.

"I see young Heir Malfoy has someone that he loves, you young lady I thought I have taught you better than than but I think we can go over your etiquette lessons again over the summer, now come along and we can get started right away" said Primrose to her daughter after she hit her with her fan she was using to cool herself with, making Pansy follow her glumly.

"I am sorry Lucius I didn't think she would turn out like that, I think going over her lessons and attending Summer School will do her justice, hopefully. I would make a marriage contract for those two to make sure that no one else can interfere with them" said Steffen to him only for Lucius to nod at the idea he would run it by Severus and Tom later.

"Thank you Lord Parkinson for helping with your wayward daughter, I hope the lessons will go well" said Draco who bowed slightly while Harry hid behind Narcissa with Otiz out of commission she was the next choice.

Steffen bowed to the others and walked off to catch up with his wife and disrespectful daughter sometimes he wished she was like her older brother Samuel in that he respected personal space and boundary's but sadly him being eighteen he had already left school and was well on his way of being a Runes Expect if the reports he got was a given, that boy was talented to say the least, Pansy on the other hand was bring the Parkinson name down with how she was acting.

Soon everyone had left the platform and were heading home or to friends homes for a few hours while their parents were still at work, the Grangers had managed to corner Lucius to talk to him about how Harry had been acting with Hermione and about her schooling as she was still failing her classes and they were worried about it all and Hermione had told them that he was on the Board of School Governors and was a Ministry Lawyer so he could help them hopefully.

"Um... Mister I mean Lord Malfoy a word if you please" said Hermione's father Steffen Granger as he brought his wife Isabella and Hermione over to him.

"Mr Granger I presume?" said Lucius as he spotted Hermione next to them making both parents nod.

"Narcissa my dear perhaps you take the children home through the floo and get them settled for the day so then they can rest" said Lucius to her making her nod and so she brought the children of Theo, Blaise, Daphne, Astonia, Draco and Harry with her but Hermione had managed to tag along somehow without them knowing.

"We were wondering if possible we could talk to you about Hermione" said Isabella as she glanced over to the fireplaces wondering how they worked.

"Very well we can stop off at a Barista that I am quite fond of even if it is in the Muggle World" said Lucius as he glided out of the platform making the Grangers follow him to Le Cafe Alain Ducasse (yes it's real here and I know Luc in the muggle world).

When the Grangers noticed where they were they were surprise that a well known powerful wizard who wanted nothing to do with the Muggle World would go to a place like this.

"Please sit" said Lucius as he took off his robe and hung it up, it looked like a normal coat to everyone else besides the Grangers of course.

"Now what can I do for you?" Lucius asked as he placed his order of Corretto his usual while the Grangers had a Latte and a tea nothing really special in his eyes but they were Muggle after all.

"It's about our Hermione she has always been at the top of her classes since she was little and we have encouraged her to do her best but over the last year or so he have noticed a decline in it all and when we asked she hasn't ever told us, but he believe something has happened" said Steffen as he drank his over sugary tea making Lucius grimace at the amount.

"Could you perhaps give us a clue as to what has happened, Hermione told us not to contact the Headmaster as he was not trust worthy and only Headmaster Dumbledore would do, but when asked why not the current Headmaster she just stormed off" said Isabella.

"It seems your daughter hasn't told you what has happened over the last year or two, I will explain to you. Your daughter was caught cheating using none school equipment, she had the younger and somehow the older years doing her work she couldn't be asked to do, selling answer sheets do then other students didn't have to study, she would even 'check' their work and tell them it wasn't right because she didn't want to do poorly in her eyes.

We did an investigation and it turned out she was practically failing her classes but in the eyes of one Albus Dumbledore he made sure that she was top of the school, no one noticed until halfway through her second year after my godson rescued her from the Troll that one Albus Dumbledore let into their first year on Halloween.

He was fired from his spot and a new Headmaster was instated she had been badgering him as she doesn't want Tomas there and won't listen to the staff members either on this, her work has declined and she has been given more than enough detentions this past year alone not to mention her 'little' problem"

The Grangers looked at him not knowing any of this including her being a Werewolf.

"What do you mean?" they both asked him watching and waiting for him to drink his coffee.

"She was been verbally and physically abusive to anyone who says she's wrong which results in detention, you didn't know, well now I think we will start to write to parents if students get more than three detentions in a month"

They nodded that was a compromise they were willing to get but now they wanted to know about their daughters furry little problem it was a good thing that Lucius had asked for a private room.

"Did you know that at the end of your daughter's third year she was bitten by a Werewolf, we have something called Wolfsbane to help the Werewolf but one month he forgot sadly and bit her on the night of the full moon, she's been a Werewolf since then".

The Granger's paled at this their daughter was a monster! what were they going to tell their friends now, it would explain while she was home during the summer she would disappear for a few nights but she said that she was at a friends place, it never occurred to them.

"She never told us" said Isabella she was now pale while Steffen looked green their once precious daughter was now a monster.

"Please keep her there we don't want her back, two months a year is enough, let her get her education and from there I don't know, sorry Isa but I don't want a monster in my home. Magic I can handle but this no.... no never" and he stood and walked out of the cafe, Isabella following him.

"And my work is done" laughed Lucius as he paid for the drinks and left the cafe and walked into an alley and Apparited home only to find the house elves in a panic and Harry pinned to the wall by none other than Hermione Jean Granger, wand at his throat she didn't care that five sets of wands were pointed at her and the frightened Harry.


Chapter Text

I thought it would be nice that each founder came from a different place in the UK, I looked up what each place meant, Wild Moor- Weald Moor, Glen, Valley Broad, Fen and tried to find places around the UK that would work for each of them.

It was hard but I think they work in some way for each of them and it will be funny to see them together

The pictures that are here are from the places that I have picked out for them

Their eye colours are important here as they show their magical levels and they tend to glow when mad or using their magic

Name: Godric Giovanni Gryffindor

Age: 1000+, looks 25

Hair: Rusty Brown, looks like a birds nest

Eyes: Purple/Red

Familiar: Fawkes the Phoenix

Born: Shropshire- North Telford, England, Kynnersley Village (between Newport and Wellington)

Heir: Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape (Harry James Potter)- through father James Fleamont Potter- Peverell line youngest brother Ignotus Peverell

Bio: He's the youngest of the group by about two or three years and the other three see him as their little brother, even if he is annoying and they class him as they annoying little brother that they love.

He's best friends with Salazar and only he gets to call him Sally which annoys him to no end but it's all in good humour to be honest

He's best friends with Salazar and only he gets to call him Sally which annoys him to no end but it's all in good humour to be honest

Name: Salazar Saikrishna Sytherin

Age: 1000+, looks 25

Hair: Pale Blond looks silver in the right light, tied up at the nape of his neck.

Eyes: Green

Familiar: Asmadeyus the Basilisk

Born: The Crymlin Fen- Wales

Heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle- through mother Melrope Gaunt- Peverell line oldest brother Antioch Peverell, Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape (Harry James Potter)- through father James Fleamont Potter- Peverell line youngest brother Ignotus Peverell.

Bio: He is the carefree, potion mad, snake speaking man.

He's best friends with Godric who calls him Ricky but it's all in good humour, he's scared of Helga for some reason. He didn't build the Chamber of Secrets to kill Muggleborn's it was a way to escape to with the staff and students if the castle ever got attacked.

He sadly died while on a potion ingredient gathering trip, he was upset with Godric for blowing up his lab in a childish way and so left on slightly bad terms, he doesn't know why someone spread the said rumour about them but it isn't true, he isn't power hungry mad man.

Name: Rowena Rahanna Ravenclaw

Age: 1000+, looks 25

Hair: Black and straight

Eyes: Purple

Familiar: Callie the Giant Squid

Born: The Glen, Cork City, Ireland

Heir: Severus Tobias Snape- through mother Eileen Snape nee Prince- Peverell line middle brother Cadmus Peverell, Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape (Harry James Potter)- through adoption as well as father James Fleamont Potter.

Bio: She's the level headed mediator of the group, somewhat of a mothering type of the group and now and again baby's Godric, she knows she shouldn't but it just comes naturally to her.

You can always see that she had a book and quill in hand for some reason, its either to draw or record everything she has seen or has done, she has a crush on Salazar but doesn't know how to act on it. Her best friend is Helga and everyone calls her Rowe.

Her best friend is Helga and everyone calls her Rowe

Name: Helga Hassanatou Hufflepuff

Age: 1000+, looks 25

Hair: Honey Blond, curly worn in a braid

Eyes: Golden

Familiar: Noir the Thestral

Born: Glen Coe, Scotland

Heir: Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape (Harry James Potter) - through mother Lily Potter nee Evans

Bio: She's the sweet and innocent looking one out of the group but seriously don't get her mad she has a temper on her and Salazar is scared of her.

You can see her in a good mood most of the time, she's either singing or dancing around bringing the animals to her, she's one with nature, more in tuned to it than the others are, she's also the smallest out of the group by about two inches but she is the oldest.